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I'm a very big fan of Harry Potter stories, and the X-Men series specifically the Mutant Specie as a whole and Jean Grey and the Phoenix Force are the best. I am also a very big fan of different kinds of powerful and beautiful elves and dragons (especially if they're at least somewhat peaceful or decent) and many other amazing sentient magical beings and creatures. I also like Stargate: SG-1 it's a great show and I'm a big fan of the Ancients though really hate that they wipe them out and the Asgard I love those guys almost as much as I love the Nox.

Oh and I do believe that Extraterrestrials are real in this amazing infinite universe and that some have visited our little planet and probably are still monitoring us. But I do not think they're really all that hostile towards us because if they were we probably would know it by now or maybe not, since we'd either be all dead in the blink of an eye or slaves not that I see why they would need slaves (Humans are weak and not built for that kind of Labor we know that as a fact from the many Human slaves that have been worked to death throughout our history by their Human Masters) being as Advance as they are they could just make advance automatons, nor would they need any resources from this Planet because even uninhabited planets, moons and asteroids/comets have many resources, water included.

Of course there are many others anime, manga, games, books and a few comics that I like.

Story Challenges:

I have a few story challenges for any authors who have the skills to write any one of these stories or all of them, If you are interested pleased give it a shot I would be honored if you did.

(Story: Harry Potter/X-Men crossover)

Story Title: Harry Potter: The Son of Nemesis

Pairing: Harry Potter/Jean Grey "The Phoenix Force - eventually the White Phoenix of the Crown"/Fleur Delacour/Gabrielle Delacour/Hermione Granger/Wanda Maximoff/Ororo Munroe/Kitty Pryde, Crystalia Amaquelin, Sersi and Hela - (Are a MUST and Harry - with his mothers help - would grant them all true immortality and more, except for Jean since thanks to the Phoenix Force she will gain true immortality. All those in the relationships will be equals I want them to be a family or unit I want them to at the very least be the best of friends with the strongest of bonds and I want them to mean as much to each other as Harry means to them or at least close they are going to be together forever after all. In any case Relationships take work (in some cases a lot of work) and as long as they all want to be together and do their part their relationship will work).

PLOT: Lily Potter was far more than she appeared even if she did not remember who and what she truly was while she was in a mortal form. She is in fact an all-powerful infinite dimensional entity and the first being to be born from the infinite Dimensional Void of true Nothingness from which the energies of all creation throughout the Omniverse springs from. She/It is a Infinite Dimensional Cosmic Entity of Unparalleled Creative Forces and Unlimited/Limitless Power that Transcends all of Existence called Nemesis she is everything that there ever was or ever would be. It was she who created most of the Multiverse (and some of the Omniverse) after hating being alone for countless eons. She did this when she split herself into seven gems that eventually became known as the Infinity Gems/Infinity Stones among other names, the power she released in her attempted suicide resulted in the creation of most of the Multiverse (which led to the birth of beings such as the First Firmament, Phoenix Force, One-Above-All, One Bellow All, Oblivion and other similar Abstract Entities). Nemesis wanted to experience life as a mortal at least once so she chose Earth-616 then she had herself incarnated as a mortal Mutant-Witch known as Lily Potter nee Evans one of he most intelligent and powerful witches of her generation.

She fell completely in love with a wonderful powerful young wizard name James Potter - well at least she did after his ego was deflated and he matured and smoothed out his rough edges and became a better person- and he was completely in love with her, they eventually got married and where happy together despite the fact they where fighting on the front lines in a civil war against a power hungry madman and his bigoted, power hungry(without any morals or moderation), bloodthirsty and or psychotic (and in many cases) scared followers. She got pregnant and gave birth to a son that she loved more than anyone or anything else. She had a wonderful family of her own this was the happiest Lily/Nemesis had ever been in her entire existence. But unfortunately it came to a tragic end when her and her husband were murdered by said power-hungry Madman.

Notes: Now the story will follow canon up until the start of fourth year Harry will start to build a strong friendship with Fleur and Gabrielle throughout the year and he will start to realize he cares for Hermione as more than a best friend, also Fleur, Gabrielle and Hermione will become close friends as well and they will start rub off on Harry encouraging him to take his studies more seriously and get him to start reading more advance books that is not a part of the curriculum to learn more about the magical world and learn more Advanced magic and spells in general and learning how to use them and master them. Oh and how you go about handling Ron is up to you, but I would prefer if he remains true to his book self with some alterations of course because the world is about to change thanks to Harry, and because I'm tired of any unnecessary bashing.

Harry's awakening will occur in the graveyard during his duel with Voldemort - who has gained vastly more power(s) than he ever expected from using Harry's blood to the point that he is now squarely in the realm of an Omega Level threat (he will become so powerful from Harry's blood that he can now unquestioningly call himself a God or rather a God of Wickedness) along with gaining new abilities. After Harry's transformation he will force Voldemort to retreat, you can either have Harry deal with all his death eaters that is in the graveyard that night or some of them can escape with their master you can even have Harry bring Cedric back to life with his new Cosmic powers. Now for Harry's appearance he will have a seekers build so he will look slim, sinewy and muscular and thanks to his powers awakening, his body will be completely healed of all damage, scars and malnutrition included but his height will remain the same as canon. In his true form he will have purple skin, his entire eye will be a glowing bright emerald green and his hair will grow down to his back and will literally look like the starry night sky as if his hair was a piece of the universe itself with galaxies in it. His voice in his true form will sound beautifully harmonious, powerful and it will resonate down to every cell and even the very souls of those who hear it yet at the same time sounds so absolutely other-wordly that it leaves absolutely no doubt to the fact that he is not human whatsoever. After his transformation he will have more of his mother's festures and so will look more beautiful than handsome, he will also gain a perfect photographic memory and can analyse massive amounts of information in an instant. He will Have a oval shaped multicolored gem in the center of his forehead that will have all of the colors of his mothers Infinity Gems, however when the seal on his powers is released by his mother he will gain a crown like her with the seven different infinity gems in it. The Infinity Gems will no longer have that ridiculous weakness where they can only work in their home universe. Now because of their connection to Harry as long as he exist the infinity gems will work absolutely anywhere in the Omniverse. While Harry is a Infinite dimensional multiversal entity, he also exists Outside of Reality so he simultaneously exist throughout the Multiverse while at the same time existing beyond reality as an Outer Being in a higher dimension unique to only him and his mother and his wives and future children.

He will also have a golden bracelet on his left hand with his mothers pale-violet Ego Gem in it so that she can be with her son (even if she can't return to her true form anytime soon) and thus neither of them will ever be lonely again they can meet and interact with each other on the Astral plane and inside the soul gem. She was not able to communicate with him until after he awakened which is why she has not spoken with him until now. Voldemort's soul fragment in Harry's scar will be destroyed during his transformation.

Now as for his powers he will have a much weaker form of Reality Warping (Multiversal and Omniversal Level when at full power), Cosmic Awareness (will become Omniscient once he's powerful enough), Omnipresence, Invulnerability, Infinite Stamina, Beyond Human/Supernatural Intelligence, Reactive Adaption/Evolution, Matter Transmutation, Organic Manipulation, Chlorokinesis, Mutant X-Gene activation and X-Gene Completion/Flaw Fixing, Pure Energy Form (Can turn into a pure energy form at will that is a combination of Cosmic, Psionic, Magical and every other kind of energy known and unknown), Flight, Power Amplification, Precognition, Psionic Energy Constructs/Psionic Energy Weapons and Armor, Plasma/Lightning Elemental, Immeasurable Speed, Immeasurable Strength (The energies that his body constantly generates completely negates Newton's third so when he uses his strength against something or someone all of the force he's using is directed into whatever he's using it against and not redirected back into him unless he chooses to allow it and this also obviously applies to anything that he tries to lift as well using his strength his energy field supports the structural integrity of the object so he doesn't just punch right through like a bullet unless he wants to), Empath, Regenerative Healing Factor (heals both body and mind), Mentifery, Gravity Manipulation, Energy Absorption, Magic, Psychometry, He doesn't need to breathe oxygen to live he can survive perfectly fine in the vacuum of space, Some Immunity To Reality Warping (He can't be wiped from existence or have his power stripped or if things are altered like when Scarlet Witch did the whole M-Day thing he would remain unaffected, stuff like that), Allspeak, Immeasurable Cosmic Powers...Etc and every power that the Infinity Gems/Stones can give just on a much much weaker level, at least until he becomes more powerful. Harry will eventually have the powers to do virtually anything his powers will be without limits however right now his only real limitations are that he's young and weak. And as a Multiversal Cosmic Entity himself he will be truely immortal and indestructible in body and soul like the Phoenix Force, he Cannot be permanently killed (only temporarily) by anyone or anything even if the Multiverse or Omniverse was wiped out He would still survive his mother has made sure of that. He won't be all powerful right away his power will slowly continue to grow over time throughout his immortal life, but still it will take centuries before he is even half as powerful as his mother however after his awakening his full power will be Beyond Omega Classification, his current starting power will equal that of the most powerful of the Celestials their leader named One Above All, but once he's old enough and comes into his full powers in all their glory he like his mother will be a entity of infinite unparalleled creative forces.

But some of his power will be locked away by his mother's Ego Gem until he gains full control of them, which will take years of constant training so that he won't accidentally lose control and hurt or kill those around him or accidentally atomize the entire planet just by walking. If Harry is in desperate trouble she can unlock the part of his power that she keeps locked away and if it's still not enough she can give him some of her power to give him a boost and can even temporarily take control of him. Harry is the only one that can use all of the Infinity Gems to their full potential if he collects all of them and uses them his mother along with all of her other selves/sets of Infinity Gems/Stones throughout the Multiverse would permanently and perfectly fuse with him and they would become one being, they would become an all-powerful infinite dimensional being, the most powerful being in the Multiverse and one of the most powerful in the Omniverse. Only are there infinite dimensional entities of power like the Phoenix Force(I am of the opinion that she at full power is just as powerful if not more powerful than the One Above All that The Living Tribunal works for), the One-Above-All (as in the one the Living Tribunal works for), Fulcrum, massive armies of Beyonders, Oblivion and other entities/beings of similar existence and power would have the slightest hope of defeating him and his mother, and even in this fused state his powers would still continuously grow over time. But he would never use his mother's Infinity Gems in such away unless it was an absolute last resort. And Harry obviously won't take kindly to anyone trying to use his mother's Infinity Gems, to use the parts of her as if she was a mere tool or weapon. and Harry like his mom will feel emotions more deeply than any human ever could much less understand.

When Harry's awakens he will also unlock his Mutant genes, the X-Genes will come from Lily and James (She was a Touch Empath and could create psionic armor and James was a Lightning Elemental however his Mutant power awoke a day before the fidelius charm was cast) so Harry is a Multi-dimensional Multiversal/Omniversal Cosmic Entity, Outer Being, Mutant, and Wizard. Harry's mutations gives him the power to give powers to dormant mutants by awakening their X - Genes (or rather the almost incomprehensibly complex mutant DNA structures triggered by the x-gene), he also has the same Energy Absorption powers as the Phoenix Force which means he can directly absorb, manipulate, and fully control any and all type(s) of energy. And Reactive Adaption/Evolution, he also has all of his parents Mutant powers.

Witches/Wizards and other sapience magical creatures can learn the Mystic Arts (the kind of sorcery used by those like Dr. Stephen Strange) and when they do, they will gain the ability to absorb ambient magic and thus gain a permanent boost in power and because they are born with magic this boost in power will further slow down their aging and further increase their life spans. However ever since the statue of secrecy was implemented there has been very few witches and wizards who even know about the existence of mystic arts let alone know how to use it. I want there to eventually be a school on Azrium that not only teaches all the magical subjects of the wizarding world but also the mystic arts along with all other known educational subjects kind, a massive campus that is from grade school all the way to University.

Harry will Not abandon the magical world because of a small minority of bigoted idiots (even if they have the most wealth in magical Britain or because of a few corrupt or bigoted politicians) the people of the magical world are his people after all and so are Mutantkind. Harry will be the ruler of Azrium - or Omnia in latin if you prefer (Land of endless potential) since it belongs to him. And eventually large populations of Mutants and the magical world (from all over the world) will move to the island of Azrium. Azrium will have extremely powerful self-repairing barriers around it that even blocks the toxins in the air from getting inside Azrium, when Nemesis created the island and the barriers she warped space around it in such a way that inside the warped space which is inside the barriers it's the size of Pangaea (so it's a pocket dimension of sorts and the controls for the barriers is inside of Harry's massive Palace/Castle) so it can comfortably hold every mutant, magical being and creature and plant in the world with a whole lot of room to spare, Yet from outside the warp space it looks to only be equal in size to do United Kingdom. She also created multiple new flora and fauna species that are of her own creation that lives only on Azrium. And since Harry is ruler of Azrium he can insure that bigots never again gain a foot hold in the governments to the point that they can pass bigoted laws, Azrium will have equality for all the sentient species that live there. Harry will on his mother's advice also rule over the criminal underworld that will inevitably be created in Azrium with an iron fist. The scientific name for the Wizard/Witch species is Homo Magi and they were created in Africa, by magic itself like most other sapient/sentient magical creatures throughout the Multiverse and Omniverse.

The way the government will work is that the various Ministries/MUCUSA would still rule over their communities that move to Azrium but they would become pretty much become part of a elected council, this council however will also have members from all sentient beings that live on Azrium (so that means Wizards/Witches, Mutants, Veela, High Elves, Fae, House Elves, Morlocks, Goblin, Mermaid, Merpeople, etcetera). Harry would be the ultimate authority in Azrium above them, in short he is the emperor. This allows him to stop any unjust laws from being imoplemented and if they are made without him knowing he remove them from the system and punish those who implemented them. The only laws Harry and his chosen spokeswoman/spokesman would be able to make without any input from the council are laws that guarantee and protects the rights, freedom, and equality and in general the welfare/high standard of living of the citizens of Azrium regardless if they are Magicals, Mutants, Inhumans, Humans, Deviants, Eternals, Extraterrestrials or some other sapient/sentient. However the committee would be the ones that run the day to days things in Azrium and propose and vote on laws (a copy of the proposed laws is always sent to Harry or his spokesperson to read over). So Harry would not be heavily involved the day to day running of Azrium he would leave that to the council and only does his part on the most important issues dealing with Azrium's society as a whole on all levels and to look in on the council every now and then just to make sure everything is working properly (However if this form of government does not appeal to you, you can create your own form of government for Azrium).

Anyone (Magical or Non-magical) who lives on Azrium can open up doors of various sizes in the barriers to enter or leave and bring anyone through that they wish. However their are powerful intent wards that are apart of the barriers so if anyone they bring in plan to or try to do harm to the people of Azrium they cannot go through and if said person(s) are inside the wards they will be teleported out, this is to make sure no citizen or visitors of Azrium can be force to or willingly open a doorway so that Azrium can be invaded by their enemies. Once someone has crossed the barriers once they can freely pass through them to enter or leave Azrium, they can also bring any objects they want through as well. The moment Harry goes to Azrium it's barriers and Azrium will be visible to the world at large. Harry will create wards that extends thousands of miles beyond Azrium in a circle out into the Pacific Ocean that vanishes all plastic, chemicals, toxins, and all other garbage that humans/muggle's have been dumping into the oceans. The wards will also nurture the water inside of the wards ensuring that it is filled with the proper nutrients that all of the life in it can thrive there by ensuring that the water is filled with plenty of sea life which is both good for fishing and potion ingredients without causing too much damage from overfishing. The barrier around Azrium or Omnia is actually 360 Degrees all around so it goes underneath the ocean and underneath the the ground in a non-invasive way so it causes no damage to the ground however this provides ultimate protection so as a result even if planet Earth was vaporized everything within the barrier from the ocean full of sea life to the creatures and citizens that make up Azrium will be completely unharmed.

To the outside world (the base of the barrier will be the only part that is invisible, the part that surrounds the ocean off the coast's of Azrium) the barriers will look like a massive dome of barely glowing bluish White shifting transparent energy twice the size of the United Kingdom and if those who aren't keyed into the barriers try to touch it they will be either blasted back or atomized (it depends on how much force they touch it with). And Azrium will be located in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean. So as the ruler of a Empire Harry will have political power as well to back him up against other governments and organizations and he will be able to help and to bring the Mutants to Azrium. So the story will take place in the magical world first and after Harry has killed Voldemort permanently and his death eaters and their other supporters that be identified have been sent to Azkaban. that's when things will start moving into the marvel world specifically focusing on Mutants since Harry is also a Mutant and Witches/wizards and Mutants are very similar, Inhumans as well even though they require the terrigen mist in order to awaken their full abilities.

And I'm sure your wondering how will they live comfortably when their technology doesn't work around Wizarding Magical Energy. Well magic interferes with natural electricity and thus any technology than runs on it will be destroyed, however there are quite a few super genius mutants around the world and I know they can come up with alternative energy sources and so problem solved (eventually at least). Heck them and Magical researchers/inventors working together should even be able to create more techno-magic. Azrium was created by Nemesis two thousand years ago to be Harry's home. And in case you are wondering how? Nemesis is beyond time/space and dimensions, in short she is not a linear being and she exists outside of reality an outer cosmic entity.

And I would prefer you have Nemesis created a very large floating city ship capable of comfortably holding hundreds of Millions of people full of advance technology on Azrium. Not only would this nicely solve the problem of magic interfering with electricity but it would insure that the nation of Azrium would quickly grow into a world power especially since alot of people would see a nation full of Mutants and Magicals as a threat that needs to be destroyed or controlled. But the City would be where the Mutants, Humans and other who move to Azrium would live. Since I know the Magicals who move to Azrium will create their own communities and some will even move their entire houses and businesses to Azrium and some of them wouldn't be too comfortable around all the technology in the city, though I'm sure some muggleborns and half bloods and purebloods will choose to live in the city. Also Harry will generally hate most of the Demon Horde most of the demon horde that he comes into contact with he will kill and when he kills them their Essence will be absorbed by the Soul Gem/Stone and all their powers will be absorbed by the Power Gem/Stone, and those that he doesn't kill will submit to his control and rule.

Side Note: Wizard - Mutant Hybrids are unaffected by technology design to suppress mutant powers and they're also immune to most Magic's designed to suppress a wizard or witch's powers. The way their magical genes and mutant genes combine allows them to be very adaptable this makes them immune to almost all poisons, viruses and bacteria, this also allows them to develop spontaneous perfect secondary mutations (meaning these secondary mutations have absolutely no ill-effects on them) in stressful situations where their life is in danger this happened to Lily and James as well however the killing curse killed them before they could use their new powers. This also means they can safely gain new abilities from outside energy or chemical sources - like how Mutates such the Hulk or Fantastic Four were created - that would otherwise have killed them. The can also turn certain parts of their bodies such as their arms, legs, head into either pure magical energy or a combination of magical energy and whatever energy related mutation(s) they have. Also all of these benefits minus being able to gain a spontaneous secondary mutation, also applies to Wizard - Inhuman Hybrids, however Eternal - Wizard hybrids and Deviant - Wizard (or Witch) can turn into a full energy beings at will and they do not they have any of the weaknesses of the Eternals or Deviants.

Veela are all female and they always breed true however they do take any traits from their none Veela parent that would be beneficial to them (so Fleur and Gabrielle are full blooded Veela), they are able to breed with each other through the use of a secret ritual that all Veela are innately born knowing how to do. They are also more powerful than you would think since they are magical beings of Fire, Air, Sex, Love, Beauty, Passion and Anger. In their human forms they have a powerful healing factor(to maintain their super natural beauty if they are injured) and full control of fire and air elemental magic (they can only use a weakened version of this in their human form), and they are two times as strong and durable as a wizard. And in their transformed state aside from their fire & air elemental magic they have Super Human Strength, Healing Factor, Super Durability, and a deadly Sonic Screech that can shake apart atoms, and their talons can cut through reinforced steel like a high powered laser through butter.

Harry will eventually create massive livable space stations and spaceships for space exploration, colonization, extraterrestrial alliances and defense against extraterrestrial hostility and when necessary defense against any military on or from Earth that attacks them. The military and Auror/police forces of Azrium will wear a powered armor that is comprised entirely of nanomachines for protection this armor will be mandatory for those that don't have super durability or invulnerability. Though those who have either of those abilities will still wear this armor it is similar to the Iron Man armor but can take the form of armored clothing, battle robes or a slimmer version of the Iron Man armor and focus more heavily on defense it has multiple energy shields, stun weapons, laser beams, and high-powered plasma cannons that are all assemble out of the nanomachines that make up the suit. The nanomachines can also heal most injuries done to its wearer and if those injuries are beyond its ability to heal then it tries to sustain their life until they can be brought to a hospital in Azrium, which it can do through a one-way teleporter that transports back to Azrium only. It has a sophisticated VI interface to assist the wearer along with communication arrays and a wide variety of visual spectrums among other features.

Azrium is a name that Harry will come up with on his own and it has no direct English translation and the closest approximate translation in Latin would be "Mutantur ones de terra" which directly translates to "Land of the changing ones" in English. This is in regards to the infinite potential that Mutants and Magicals have for versatility, variety, adaptability and altogether biological advancement as a whole. And because of the variety, adaptability, versatility and powers of its citizens I suppose a good secondary name for Azrium in latin is Omnia. Azrium or Omnia - if you prefer - has a abundance of Natural Resources from every resource found on Earth (and many that are unique to some extra terrestrial planets) every crystal, precious gems, metals and ores including all forms of adamantium and vibranium along with multiple other crystals, gems, ores and other resources that are found nowhere else in the universe except on Azrium/Omnia.

Another thing about the economy/society of Azrium is it will make sense it will have logic/reason and the well being of its Citizens behind its designed specifically for the benefit of its people and nothing else to ensure that they have the best standard of living possible and ensures that standard is not only maintain but enhanced as time goes on, in short it would be an emergent Society not an established one, so it will constantly improve for the betterment of its people and their environment. And this is just another key step they will be taking to further separate themselves from Muggles/Humans as much as possible. Anyway they will use the same gold standard as the Magical World, and because of the Magic and advanced to extremely technology they will have access to, work days will be short at 4 hours at the most for most citizens and all menial labor jobs and so on will be done by sustained enchantments and or technology. Because of this they will obviously be a very high standard of living, because of the abundance of resources and so all basic needs of food, water, clothing and very nice housing will be taken care of the people will not have to work for those because all of their Needs will be met. The jobs will pay well and that money will be used by the citizens to take care of the Wants that they have. The citizens that will work the longest hours will be those that work in the government, military, law enforcement and scientists and that will vary depending on the situations. This won't make people lazy because everyone has a passion(s), something that they enjoy doing and with a free schooling system (Magical and Non-magical) they will be able to learn what they need to enter their chosen fields and obviously and reasonably they will want and do whatever it takes to maintain the system that is taking care of them and their families and loved ones. This system in itself though is a transition phase so that eventually years in the future money will be entirely removed from the system because it won't be necessary anymore. Azrium is creating its own society and thus its own mindset and culture and worldview, the Human/Muggle or old Magical Society will not dictate how they do things eventually. And Harry will be on very good terms with Gaia as in the Elder goddess herself especially since she, Morgan le Fey, Merlyn, and Magic itself is worship in one form or another by many Wizards and witches around the world. Harry's mother will teach Harry all of the alien languages that she knows. However a new language, english and latin will mainly be what is spoken by the public in Azrium so everyone can understand each other regardless of where they come from or what they are. The new language, english and latin will be automatically uploaded in their minds when they come to Azrium to live however all children born there will have to learn the language the old-fashioned way however those two languages will eventually deviate from the rest of Earth as new words are created to describe new objects and Concepts as Azrium's culture develops. And Harry's influence will spread beyond Azrium to other islands that he himself will create cities on populated by wizards/witches, mutants and others. His influential also spread to the rest of the world that has large populations of mutants and magicals living there.

Azrium we'll have different environmental zones that how it is unique flora and fauna some that are from Extinction planets or planets that are still around and some that are you found only on Azrium because they were created by Harry's mom or by Harry himself. These different environmental zones will be separated from each other as not to affect one another and there will be radically different from Earth environment both in regards to the atmosphere and even the gravity in that area depending on what is required by the Flora and Fauna that live there as a result when the citizens of everyone's to Vivid these particular areas depending on which are rated is they'll require protective suits unless they are a particular mutant or magical that is unharmed by that areas environment.

Harry will not be able to enter any current Muggle/Human City on the planet under normal circumstances without creating complete chaos and death, because of the massive amounts of Wizarding magic that his body constantly generates his magic will easily disrupt all non-magical electricity throughout even the largest muggle/human city and destroy every electrical device in the city. And this is despite the fact that most of his current available powers are sealed away by his mother. In order for Harry to enter a muggle city without causing any damage he will have to suppress his wizard magic to a manageable level.

Harry will no longer have a remotely human mentality while he still understand the humans are and understand how humans think his mind will be radically different because he is no longer remotely human and there's no way he could still have a human mentality with the vastly different way he perceives not only universe but the Omniverse, because of what he is and what his powers are, as time, space, and dimensions are immaterial. He will remain the Harry we love for the most part (at least on the surface which is all the readers and even the writer would be able to perceive) but he will also be different - for instance he will be much more cunning and when necessary ruthless to his enemies - with vastly greater depths to him and the simple fact is no human no matter how super intelligent they maybe could ever begin to grasp the way his mind works, not even me because I am sadly human. And he will not be the only one that would be this way others will as well, those like Jean Grey once she fully embraces what she is as the perfect host of The Phoenix force and properly begin to train and master her powers and the new awareness she will have of the universe around her the way she perceives things will will alter her mentality which has to be altered to begin with in order for her to properly coup with her power. It will be thanks to Harry that Jean will fully Embrace what she is, fully Embrace herself and her powers and begin to really and truly practice and master them so does she no longer has to fear of losing control of of them and herself and ultimately becoming something she is not and once she begins to do so she will begin to truly accept herself and the Phoenix Force and so they will truly become one. And because of this she will begin to not only unlock more of her own powers but find a greater variety ways to use them and because of this she will begin to not only unlock more of her own powers and find more versatile use for them but also be able to use more of the Phoenix Force's powers and so she will begin to walk the path that leads to fulfilling her full potential in every way that she can. As a result of this Jean will be the last host of the Phoenix Force in this universe, her perfect host and as such she will have no need or want of another.

Harry's very presence in Azrium will have an unintended side effect on the mutant and magical populations that live there because of how powerful he is and the amount of power he constantly exudes It will cause the X-genes and the Magical Gene's/M-genes (I guess) to respond to Harry's presence In a Primal way - Power begets Power, I suppose - so each generation born on Azrium (and on Earth or any planet they are on with Harry's influence really, this is just greatest on Azrium because that is where he lives mostly) whether they be mutants, magicals, mutant - magicals or other such hybrids, will be more powerful than their parents in an attempt to Protect themselves. So more Alpha level, Omega Level and even Beyond Omega level mutants will be born - including more secondary mutations - along with equally powerful magical beings and creatures all in a pointless attempt to try to match Harry's Power which is impossible since his powers will continue to grow for eternity. But essentially this forces them to evolve more and more with each generation becoming more powerful and more intelligence and also leading them further and further away from there Hominid/Homosapien ancestry.

Harry's body Generates his own power so all of the energies that he can use his body is able to create all that enormous power on its own the only exceptions to this is when he chooses to absorb the magic around him or from magical items and especially when he receives power directly from his mother. His body will also not be organic his cells will be made up entirely of his energies, they will merely mimic how his cells would look if he was an organic being.

(Story: Naruto)

Story Title: Transcendence Of The Uzumaki Clan

Pairing: (Uzumakicest) Naruto Uzumaki/Kushina Uzumaki/Kaguya Ōtsutsuki/Karin Uzumaki/Mirai Uzumaki/Hinata and Shion (are a must anyone else is up to you)

Plot: Mirai Uzumaki one of the most brilliant scientific minds in the world and one of the fifteen last remaining Uzumaki's left in their now destroyed homeland of Uzushiogakure after the unprovoked attacked upon them, has just finished her greatest creation that is the culmination of all of the advance technological knowledge given to them by their progenitors the Ōtsutsuki Clan and their understanding of has been improved upon over the millennia by the Uzumaki clan. Her creation is a golden ball the size of an average peach with a very tiny Uzumaki crest on it is, and this golden ball is actually comprised of hundreds of millions of Nanites (microscopic robots that she created) something that she was working on since she was a teenager in order to make her clan more powerful to ensure that they don't get wiped out like so many other Clans have in this cruel, cold world they live in and was close to finishing it shortly before they where attacked.

The nanites was created in order to rewrite the whole genetic structure of the Uzumaki Clan members and removing all the unnecessary human DNA they have gained over the thousands of years of mating with humans and bringing out all of the genetic traits that they got from Kaguya Ōtsutsuki thanks to being one of her direct descendants, it would turn them into pure blooded Ōtsutsuki's, and after the near extinction of her clan and the destruction of her homeland (what she feared from the beginning) she became more determined than ever before to succeed and makes sure this never happens again even if they where facing every single shinobi village large and small in the entire elemental Nations.

However after successfully and safely inserting the nanites into her body and then doing the same to her other fourteen clan members and activated them all fifteen members were encased in a cocoon of pure unknown energy that is black, green, blue and red in color. The nanites immediately set to work doing what they where created to do along with some drastic alterations they where not intended to do (or Mirai even imagined they could do), now the Uzumaki Clan is back with powers never possessed by anyone on their planet before not even by their progenitor and the elemental nations will fear them now more than ever.

Notes: This is a Uzumaki Centric/Uzumakicest story. So after the transformation is complete they will be pure blooded Ōtsutsuki's. Anyway the transformation does come at a cost but they will gain new powers in return, stronger powers. Now appearance wise both male and female now have straight hair which is now red and white and the males look more more beautiful than handsome, in Naruto's case after his transformation he is going to look more like Kushina and Kaguya and he will eventually grow a pair of brown horns that looks just like Kaguya's and the females on the other hand are all unnaturally beautiful similar to Kaguya.

Now the cost of their transformation is that they lost the ability to mold Chakra like other shinobi/kunoichi and they cannot use genjutsu or ninjutsu or nature transformation which means no Fire Release, Water Release, Earth Release, Wind Release, or Lightning Release jutsus they lost all that, but in return they gained a Dojutsu some of them gained the Tenseigan and some gained the Rinnegan and a rare few will gain the Rinne-Sharingan. And the only jutsus they can use are those of their respective Dojutsu that they have and the only nature transformation they can use is the "Truth Seeking Ball" and Yin - Yang release because it's tied to their Dojutsu (though this isn't much of a limitation since they can use Yin/Yang release to create Elemental attacks) and special chakra, the only ones who will gain the Rinne-sharingan will be Kushina, Naruto (and the All Killing Ash bone), and Karin (because they have the most Otsutsuki blood out of the remaining total 47 Uzumaki Clan members), they will still be able to use fuinjutsu though since it is different from ninjutsu and genjutsu and it is practically in their blood, they can use senjutsu as well.

They now have a second energy source in their bodies that freely flows through the entire of their body unlike chakra that flows through the Chakra network. This energy is far more powerful than Chakra and is the reason they can only use bloodline jutsu's and fuinjutsu now. Mirai Uzumaki calls this new energy cosmic energy because it gives of the same signature as stellar radiation and once they gain enough control they can at will stop or turn on their cosmic energies ability to generate deadly radiation. This is the birth of the Uzumaki Ōtsutsuki Clan.

Also Kurama will be released from the seal once Naruto's transformation is complete and the Uzumaki's will return Kurama his Yin half to him from the Shinigami's stomach, Naruto is the partial transmigrant/son of Kaguya Ōtsutsuki in a somewhat similar way to how she created Black Zetsu but in a far greater way (She split off a small piece of herself using Black Zetsu when Madara summoned the Gedo Mazo she then choose Kushina as the best person to give birth to this part of herself because she is one of her direct descendants, a pure blooded Uzumaki, the extreme potency of her chakra, and she held Kurama. This small part of Kaguya absorbed all of Asura when he entered Naruto's body (technically her son's body). This in effect makes both Kushina and Kaguya Naruto's mother's) so he isn't going to need Kurama's Chakra/Yoki because he is going to have all of Kaguya Ōtsutsuki's kekkei mora's and kekkei genkai's.

This is a list of the new abilities they gained:

Super Durability: The molecular density of the Uzumaki's is now insanely strong this is mostly due to the permanent invisible powerful cosmic energy field around their bodies (created from their internal cosmic energy) even their eyes are almost as dense as the rest of their bodies, they can also subconsciously put up a telekinetic energy field around their bodies for added protection. It takes extremely powerful A - ranked Techniques and up to have any hope of even bruising their skin or put a scratch on them much less actually wound them (respectively). And in the same vein weapons have absolutely no affect on them, it would take a weapon of incredible power or charged with a massive amount of Chakra to put even a scratch on their bodies.

Regeneration: They can regenerate from any wound in seconds or minutes, even if you manage to cut their head off some how or destroy their brain's or heart. However they're only able to regenerate that fast because of the nanites in their bodies if those nanites are removed or some how destroyed their regeneration speed would slow down, they would still be able to regenerate any part of their body whether it be head, brain, heart or limbs but it would take longer making them more vulnerable. Now in order to kill an Uzumaki you would have to reduce their body to ash or disintegrate her/him.

Functional Immortality: They now have eternal life they never age beyond their primes, this is thanks to their healing factor which endlessly rejuvenates their cells an ensures that their new cells are perfectly healthy copies and are always born faster than their old ones die and because of this their body never suffers from the accumulated damage of aging because any damage they incur is immediately healed and so their bodies will always perform at peak efficiency forever, unless their bodies are damaged beyond their ability to regenerate from and they die. And they do now have their full/near full Otsutsuki biology (and more) which allows them to live longer the more energy they posses and so they no longer even have the aging gene. Even if the nanites where inserted into an old Uzumaki they would return to their prime after the transformation is finished.

Matter Manipulation: They gain the ability to manipulate Matter both organic and inorganic, so they could turn a rock into various kinds of materials even diamond if they wanted or a daimond sword or change its size and weight the only limiting factors they have are their Knowledge of a materials molecular composition, control and how much power it takes to transform a particular object into what ever they envision. The manipulation of organic matter is normally limited and can only be used on themselves, it allows them to shape shift into whomever or whatever they want and even freely change their arms, legs, and hair into any kind of weapon be it physical or energy based.

Lightning/Plasma Manipulation: They gained the ability to generate and manipulate electricity and plasma.

Cosmic Energy Manipulation: They can create constructs made out of pure cosmic energy that are black, green, blue, and red in color they can fire blasts of energy shaped like weapons or creatures like dragons and phoenix's, and battle avatars like the Uchiha's "Susanoo" except unlike the Uchiha's who can only create one kind the Uzumaki's can create a variety of them. They can also create a variety of energy shields and can fire small or enormous beams or orbs of energy from any area directly around their body meaning they don't have to shoot energy from just their hands or eyes, but they can gather and fire the energy from anywhere on their body, they can also produced deadly radiation.

Telekinesis, Telepathy, and Psychic Illusions: These are the psychic abilities that the Uzumaki's gained after the transformation the ability to moved objects with their minds and once their Telekinesis becomes powerful enough they'll even be able to manipulate different forms of energy and also disintegrate matter on a atomic level. Telepathy the ability to read the minds of all those around them on a massive scale and allows them to do amazing or terrifying things to the minds of others and most importantly it also allows the Uzumaki members to stay connected and always be able to understand each other on a spiritual level so their is no misunderstanding between them. And obviously their brain's are now far more advance than before and can now process/analyze/calculate information at incredible speeds (to bad it wasn't able to get rid of their short tempers). Once they become masters of their telepathic Powers they gain the ability to project their thoughts into reality (So for instance they could imagine a lightning ball and that ball of lightning would be projected into reality through their telepathy, they could even project their mindscapes into reality around them So this would be the ultimate telepathic base form of attack and defense and only those who have mastered telepathy to it's higher levels can use this ability).

And Psychic Illusions allow them to trap others in Illusions that are easily as powerful as those of the Kurama Clan because if you get hurt or killed in the Illusions then it happens in reality because their brain's believe it to be true and with their Telepathy they can make the illusion almost unquestionably believable to their victim(s), this power is very helpful since they can no longer use genjutsu (the only exception being Naruto, Kushina and Karin since the Rinne-sharingan comes with the Tsukuyomi, infinite Tsukuyomi, Izanagi, Izanami and Kotoamatsukami and other genjutsu techniques that are apart of the Sharingan) plus it makes them immune to genjutsu's and unlike genjutsu which can only be used on those with chakra, psychic/telepathic Illusions can be used on any lifeform with a brain with no way to block them except by having a advance complex brain and being immune to psychic attacks or have their own powerful physic powers or both.

The only Uzumaki with a extra psychic ability so far is Mirai Uzumaki she is a "Technopath" which means she can instantly understand and control technology with her mind (a very fitting ability for her).

Energy Form: This is their most powerful ability and it allows them to literally transform themselves into pure cosmic energy (this is NOT like their Chakra modes for the Tenseigan and Rinne-sharingan that just covers them in a cloak of Chakra, their energy form literally turns them into pure cosmic energy). They are immune to most physical attacks in this form only very powerful energy techniques/attacks can injure them.

When they are in this form they can dish out massive amounts of destruction that would make the Otsutsuki proud, all of their abilities are at their strongest while they are in this form. When they are in this form they can directly absorb and use massive amounts of cosmic energy to fuel their attacks, but this form is hard to control and the maximum amount of time any of the Uzumaki can stay like this is only one hour but is completely exhausted afterwards to the point that they fall unconscious once they transform back.

Their appearance in this state is that of a humanoid shape of glowing black, green, blue, and red energy that constantly shifts around with no discernible traits except for their eyes, hair (their hair is made of red energy so you can see it flowing behind them) and the outline shape of their bodies which clearly shows if their male or female. Naruto however will have his rabbit horns in this form as well as three eyes.

Flight: By using their telekinesis or cosmic energy they are able to fly at extreme speeds they don't know what the maximum speed is so far in their energy form but Mirai theorize that they should be able to easily move at the speed of light because in that form they are pure energy.

Super Strength and Super Speed: Only Tsunade could hope to match their maximum physical strength, they could easily punch a mountain into rubble and in their energy forms could easily equal or surpass any of the biju in terms of physical strength. And at their maximum speed everything around them moves in slow motion and they are faster than natural lightning (chakra lightning is slower than nature lightning). And of course they also have the immense dexterity, endurance, and reflexes to balance out their super strength and super speed.

Passive Energy Absorption: Allows them to subconsciously absorb the ambient energy from the seemingly empty space around them to restore any lost energy so they are able to recharge relatively quickly.

Teleportation: They can instantly teleport themselves, person or objects as long as they can visualize where they are going or sending the person or object.

Rinne-sharingan, Tenseigan, and Rinnegan: All of the members of the Uzumaki Clan gain one of these three Dojutsu's after their transformation it is the only way they can use their Chakra now aside from fuinjutsu, but Naruto, Kushina and Karin are the only ones who have gained the Rinne-sharingan, However Naruto will also posses the Tenseigan since he is Kaguya Ōtsutsuki's transmigrant. The only jutsu's that they can use are the ones belonging to their respective Dojutsu.

Ex. for story-

The story starts at the final minutes of the sealing of Kurama, the Uzumaki's have been busy training their new powers so they won't accidentally kill anyone and also creating new techniques since they have to start from scratch because they can't use ninjutsu or genjutsu anymore and rebuilding/improving Uzushiogakure. And they have only recently finished which is the reason why they are just going to make contact with Kushina, not to mention because of her position in Konoha they had to make sure that they where ready to face any consequences that would arise from making contact with her.

Now Mirai and two other Uzumaki's get there right as that idiot Minato seal the yang half of Kurama into Naruto and drops dead from the Shinigami devouring his soul, Mirai immediately approaches Kushina and inserts the Nanites into her dying body which in cases her in a cocoon of cosmic energy saving her life and starting the transformation process she then goes to Naruto and does the same (the nanites don't affect the seal or Kurama in any way just Naruto) she then tells one of the Uzumaki with her to go remove everything from the Uzumaki shrine in Konoha while she and the other Uzumaki teleport Kushina and Naruto back to Uzushio so the changes can finish, Hiruzen and his ANBU get their in time to see them teleport away.

From there on words it all up to you to come up with and if you want bashing that's up to you, the they will not enter into any alliance with Konoha gain not after how they abandoned them in their greatest time of need and they will remove everything from Konoha that belongs to them and demand their Clan and village symbol (the swirl in the leaf head band and the red swirl on the backs of the chunin jounin flack jackets) be removed. It will pretty much be the Uzumaki Clan against the shinobi world they won't be allied with any village in the elemental nations they don't trust them, the only ones they will trust are their fellow Uzumaki's (obviously) and any people/Clans that are allowed to live in Uzushiogakure with them.

The Nanites can be used to transform any Uzumaki regardless of age even if they where as old as Mito when she died, if they are old they will be returned to their prime during the Transformation and will never age beyond that point. Also recovering all Uzumaki's scattered around the world will be the main objective of the Uzumaki Clan, that means Karin (and possibly her mother) and Honoka (from that ultimate summon beast Arc), Nagato and whatever OC Uzumaki's you want to come up with to complete the 47 members.

(Story: Naruto/ID - The Greatest Fusion Fantasy)

Story Title: Uzumaki's Magic

Pairing: Naruto/Lamia/Nina Uzumaki (Naruto's twin sister)/Kushina/Karin (and anyone else is up to you)

Plot: Kushina just finished giving birth to twins both of them looks identical with a little turf of straight red, white and gold hair on their heads and pale moonlight skin like their mother, the only difference between them is that the baby girl for some odd reason has long pointed ears and small brown horns on top of her head. She also has a slit on her forehead and her eyes were a amethyst blueish color with no pupil and her hair was a mixture of white and gold but her overall appearance looks very much like a royal High Elf. The baby boy on the other hand has beautiful amethyst eyes like his mother (his eyes turn gold whenever he uses his dragon powers) and currently unknown to his mother even though he was just born his skin is as tough as the scales of a baby gold dragon, yet despite this his skin is as soft and smooth as you would expect from a baby, his hair is red like his mothers. Their names are Naruto Uzumaki and Nina Uzumaki the twin children of Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze.

Now we get the sealing of the Kyubi and Minato has finished summoning the Shinigami and has in reach into the Kyubi while it's wrapped up in Kushina's chakra chains, the Kyubi is split in half and as he was about to seal the Yin half into himself a bright white light shines behind him and the Yin half of Kyubi instead of going into Minato merges with Kushina and the Yang half of Kyubi changes into a small red orb and is absorbed into Nina, both Kushina and Minato are shocked at this and when they looked towards their kids they see a glowing ethereal woman with wings of pure energy on her back, she could only be described as a Goddess hovering over the both of their children on the sealing alter and smiling at Kushina then hears a melodies feminine voice whisper in her mind that she was the new Kyubi(Kushina's original chakra will be the replacement for Kurama's Yang chakra that was absorbed by Nina) which shocked her greatly, the women then faded away.

Kushina looked around at her husband and saw that he was dead his soul devoured by the Shinigami as per the price from using the dead demon consuming seal and while she was greatly saddened at this she was also happy that she would be able live and raise her children and protect them, she walked over to her kids and picked them both up trying not to disturbed them but when she did she noticed that Naruto had a beautiful golden, blue, and silver/platinum colored bracelet with a gorgeous jewel in the center of it(the bracelet is Lamia's physical form she can shape shift into any form) but she didn't have much time to dwell on it because Hiruzen and his ANBU had arrived.

Naruto is not only the Transmigrant of Asura Otsutsuki (Naruto will not have chakra but magic and all of Asura's chakra will be converted into dragon magic and obsorbed by Naruto) but the reincarnation of Chunhwa aka. ID and Greydrone's will all powers (a golden Dragon and the most powerful dragon) and Naruto will have Lamia inside of him, he won't summon her sword until Lamia gives him back all of his memories, he is half dragon and have god. Naruto's twin sister Nina Uzumaki will be the reincarnation of Irlina the High Elf (if your wondering how she is there Lamia brought her to this world along side ID and Greydrone because of how important she is to ID) and she is also the reincarnation of Kaguya Ōtsutsuki (I like Kaguya and don't blame her for losing faith in humanity she has every right after all she has seen them do and even though she could have vaporize them she didn't, and I don't place much stock in that crap about her wanting to turn everyone into white Zetsu's that's stupid what use would those weak things be to her when she could have just created her own powerful army that was powered by natural energy alone instead of chakra, with Banbutsu Sōzō the same way she created Black Zetsu. Anyway she escaped her seal when Madara summoned the Gedo Mazo by using Black Zetsu as an anchor and them reincarnated herself through Kushina Uzumaki), so Nina is essentially a young goddess.

Naruto will have all of ID's abilities, power and skills absolutely everything that means his chi, magic, and dragon energy he will also be able to transform into Greydrone's dragon form and he will also have all his martial arts skills since once he and Nina are 8 years old Lamia will give them back their memories of their life as ID and Irlina so Nina will have her magic back also along with all of Kaguya Ōtsutsuki's abilities. Nina/Kaguya will not have chakra on the magic when Kaguya reincarnated into Nina/Irlina all of her chakra was converted into magical energy and from now on whenever she absorbs chakra from someone or something it will instantly be converted into magical energy. So Nina (Irlina/Kaguya) as i said will have all of her abilities once she rehains her memories including all of her Kekkei Mōra powers, however those Kekkei Mōra that are not related to her Rinne-Sharingan, Byakugan or her All-Killing Ash Bones she will recreate as spells.

So this means that Kaguya will not be the final villain that will be the real Madara as the Jinchuriki of the mostly complete Jubi (since Kushina is the new Kyubi and the other half of Kyubi has been permanent absorbed by Nina. However you could say edo tensei Madara managed to steal some of Kushina's chakra) or whoever you want but it can't be any villain from the ID manhwa since ID already finished of his major enemies before his crossing over into this world and having his body disintegrated during the passage was a result of him killing the last one. Oh and Lamia, Naruto, Nina, and Kushina are immortal I'm sure it should be obvious why they are considering what they are.

Note: This will be a Uzumaki-Centric and also Uzumakicest, they will not join Konoha's ninja academy (you can come up with a reason why they didn't if you want) Kushina will teach them the shinobi arts herself and they remaster their original skills and abilities when their not training with her. They will not like Konoha at all because of the way Konoha trait them because of their appearance (and if you want you can have Hiruzen announce Nina to be the Kyubi Jinchuriki) as a result Kushina has grown to dislike Konoha for that and because she is an empath (like Kurama) so she knows exactly how the people of Konoha feels.

And she doesn't have reason to be loyal to them any longer after all her children are everything to her and if they don't want anything to do with Konoha neither does she, especially since the night after Kurama's attacked when she went to sleep they truly became one and Kushina gained all of Kurama's memories so she knows why Kurama and the other Biju hates humans and she knows the truth of Chakra and why it was given to humans and how they abused it she also knows the truth of her ancestry and knows she wasn't entirely human to begin with. And a not to mention how they would view her if they knew what she had become neither she nor her children have anything to prove to Konoha or any bigot human. Especially considering her husband tried to turn her children into weapons for the sake of protecting this very Village (as a Hokage who's number one priority is his village his decision was admirable however as a father and as a person is decision was horrible).

So after Naruto and Nina's twelfth birthday Kushina and her kids leave and goes to Nami no Kuni and Kushina deals with Gato while their and take some of his money (while returning the majority to the people of Wave) and then they head to Uzushio after a while in order to rebuild it and create their own place to belong where they can be themselves without discrimination, plus I can't see Nina Aka Irlina a High Elf doing anything for a place like Konoha and Lamia would never allow her precious master to be ordered around by some Kage. Oh and Kushina knows the truth about who and what her children are they told her as soon as they regained their memories and naturally she is perfectly fine with it she gave birth to them after all.

Appearance wise Naruto will look a mix of ID and with some of Kushina's looks mix in, so others will think Naruto is a girl he will also wear the same hair style that Id does including using Lamia as a hair pin, Nina on the other hand will look like a mix of Irlina and Kaguya. Also I'm sure you have realized that you need to have read the ID manhwa to even know what I'm talking about.

(Story: Harry Potter)

Story Title: Harry Potter And The Rise Of The Dragon Elves

Pairing: Harry/Fleur Delacour/Gabrielle Delacour/Hermione Granger/Susan Bones/Luna Lovegood/Ginny Weasley (anyone else is up to you)

Plot - Magic has grown very worried about her children on Earth both magical beings and creatures alike (Witches and Wizards AKA Homo Magi are considered magical beings along with Veela, Mermainds/Merpeople, House Elves, Goblins, Centaurs and all the other intelligent magicals all over the world) the non-magicals are becoming more and more dangerous. They have already force her children into hiding themselves in order to avoid a idiotic war of attrition and extermination. And they have advanced their technology over the years, created powerful and toxic weapons all for the sake of being able to slaughter each other in even greater numbers more easily and that can affect the entire planet possibly destroying all complex life on it. Not to mention in their endless greed, arrogance and short sightedness they are killing the the biosphere/environment of the planet seemingly forgetting or ignoring that they need the Earth to survive just like every other living thing on the planet. No she will not stand for this, not anymore (she has already had to see some of her other children on other planets be exterminated or enslaved by non-magicals) she will not allow her children to be wiped out or enslaved, Not by non-magicals and certainly Not by her foolish children whose hearts and minds have been twisted and consumed by wickedness, and this foolish bigotry is weakening them further by keeping them divided and at each others throats, It Must Stop. She will create a new race of immortals who will protect their kind, their fellow magicals from any non-magical threat or from any foolish magical who wishes to inflict harm/kill the innocent/undeserving unnecessarily whether they are magical or non-magical. Their tremendous power will continue to increase as long as they live to ensure they will be able to fight against the ever increasing power of the non-magicals weapons or against other magicals, they will be magical beings of true cataclysmic destruction but only when they deem it absolutely necessary, and she knows just the family to use to create this new race.

Magic starts the transformation process after Lily willingly sacrifices her life to invoke ancient magic to protect her son. As soon as Voldemort hits Harry with the killing curse an unbelievable amount of magic is released (this pulse of magic is felt by every magical across the world) it rebounds the killing curse on Voldemort turning his body to ashes and vaporizing the entire roof of the cottage his soul rises from the ashes and sees Lily and Harry covered in a cocoon of crimson and crimson and black magic respectively, he screams in rage and flys through the wall unkowinging that a piece of his soul breaks of off him and tries to latch on to Harry but as soon as it comes into contact with the cocoon it is destroyed releasing a inhuman scream.

Down stairs James is covered in a cocoon of black colored magic, inside the cocoon magic is transforming Harry into a Dragon Elf and Lily and the Fetus she is currently pregnant with (the baby Lily is currently pregnant with will be a girl) and James are being revived and transformed into Dragon Elves themselves. After fifteen minutes the transformation is complete and the cocoon disappears Lily wakes up to the sounds of Harry crying she rushes over to her baby and scoops him up in her arms and he stops crying immediately and she starts shedding tears of joy a couple seconds later she sees James rushing into the room and enveloping her and Harry in a hug. Neither of them are surprised by changes in them or Harry because Magic place the knowledge in their minds and even their very essence/genetic code about what they now are and why they were created and what new magical abilities they now have and what their new nature/behavior is like.

They are now Dragon Elves (though they look very similar to High Elves) with Lily having the incredible Elfin beauty that can rival a Veela and the lithe shapely body to match (then again Lily is described as being incredibly beautiful so her new Elf body would only enhance that to inhuman levels) and long elegant ears and softly glowing vivid emerald eyes and long silky crimson hair. James has the elegant long ears, Elfin handsome face, softly glowing hazel eyes, and tall swimmer muscular elven male body and dark silky untenable hair. Harry is still just an adorable baby with long ears, eyes just like his mother's glowing and all, and hair just like his father's, once he is older he will look like his father but with some of his mother's delicate facial features. They all have small Dragon horns on their heads made of white crystal.

Some of their behavior is now different they are no longer really capable of unchecked greed or abusing those they see as innocent, nor could they ever take joy in the suffering of others (since they now have empathic powers and thus they can feel the pain of others), they are also now incapable of ever betraying and fighting against each other, this new behaviour is now embedded in thier very magic, genetic structure and their souls, this is so they will never become like the twisted people they fight against and can never turn on and fight there fellow Dragon Elves with intent to kill. Their minds will also not suffer any negative side effects from their immortality, and their healing ability also heals their minds if they ever suffer any mental damage. As I already said they are immortal both in body and soul and if they are injured they can regenerate from virtually anything either instantly or in minutes depending on how severe the damage (however injuries inflicted by powerful dark magic may take longer to heal), they can even reform if their bodies has been atomised. They can enter into a long hibernation that can last for thousands of years during which if they choose to they can watch events unfold all around them, also if they choose to their souls can past into the realm of limbo and call their dead love ones to them while they are there, and return to their bodies when it's time to wake up.

In their normal forms they have super strength, super speed, agility, reflexes, (all around more efficient and superior nervous system and blood flow, denser, tougher and more efficient organs... excetera excetera) and are super durable, but they can be injured through the use of powerful offensive magic or very advanced destructive muggle weaponry and will obviously try to avoid getting hurt because they feel just as much pain as anyone else, they also have innate limiters place on there physical strength that they have to consciously release in order to access their full strength. Their long elegant ears are covered in tiny jewel like scales that while soft to the touch and flexible are in fact many times harder than diamonds they also glow when they're hit by light. Their eyes are slitted and covered in a transparent lid that is almost invisible to the naked human eye it is there for protection and is incredibly tough and can reflect any harmful kinetic energy not even a bullet from a standard armor piercing rifle would be able to damage it. They can also zoom in clearly on things that are miles away from them and see in the entire electromagnetic spectrum, including being able to see magical energy down to its truest Indescribable and unfathomable form. They are extremely powerful Telepaths and as I mentioned before they are also Empathic (which also means they feel emotions more deeply than any human could possibly fathom) so they can feel the emotions of others and thus is very sympathetic to others as well, but they can dim this ability to some extent so they aren't overwhelmed by the emotions of others, and the range of this ability depends on their power and control, (oh and Veela also have Empathic abilities). They have great control of all aspects of nature including the weather, and the ability to instantly grow and control all plant life both non-magical and magical, they could turn a desert into a vast thriving rainforest in hours. They can transform into the elements themselves such as water/ice, fire, air/gases, lightning/plasma, earth, all forms of metals and crystals, and especially a immeasurably powerful magical energy form. And they have the ability to control space, so they can open portals to anywhere and even create pocket dimensions for storage or to live in, and they have a powerful touch healing ability. They obviously still have their normal magic but now their magic is vastly more powerful. And once they have practice they will be able to wield the most complex Magics with just their minds they will need no incantation, hand gestures or wand movements to help them.

When they turn into their Dragon forms they have six limbs (four legs and one pair of massive beautiful scaly leathery wings) and can use their Dragonic magic, their scales will look like beautiful gems and are relatively flexible but many many many times harder and stronger than hexagonal diamonds and will constantly grow more durable as long as they live and adapts to whatever damages them and so will their hide/skin, their scales and skin is able to absorb kinetic energy and releasing it for offensive or defensive purposes. For their breath weapons they can breath fire (their flames will stick to anything it touches and burn it until there's nothing left) that is a mixed color of their eyes and scales both in the form of a stream, beam, or as exploding plasma spheres and they can fire large purple colored with rainbow colored particles inside it beams of destructive magic from their mouths that annihilates anything it touches on a subatomic level and those are only a few of the many destructive and chaotic Dragon magics they are capable of. Their tails are longer than their bodies but can increase in length at will and is fully prehensile and the tip is shaped like a trident that can unleash multicolored Eldritch lightning bolts that can bend and turn at will and only destroy what they want it to in its entirety, this Eldritch lightning can also be unleashed from their horns, spikes, and claws. And their physical strength is immeasurable. For their colors James is As black space and seem to drink the light around him except for his stomach which a softly glowing eldritch rainbow color, Lily is crimson and Harry is black as space with glowing crimson vines running all over his body, their stomach are the same sofly glowing eldritch rainbow color. Their claws, horns, teeth, spikes and tail trident look like they are made of white crystal, their Dragon forms will be able to grow to a maximum size of around 500 meters (give or take) in about 100 years after that their growth will slow down but they will never stop growing, however they can change their size to anything in between a cat and their maximum size at will. Despite their Dragon forms a highly nutritious meal or two is all they need to properly function in their normal or Dragon forms, also when they are in their Dragon forms if they get hungry they can receive their nutrients by absorbing ambient energy similar to how plants use photosynthesis. Even though they grow to be larger than any of the other dragons around the world, just like all other dragons their magic and extremely powerful bodies makes it so they have no problem flying and immeasurably fast at that and being very agile and flexible in the sky and on the ground. When in their Dragon forms in battle they are ferocious to their enemies.

Another ability that the Dragon Elves have is that they are amplifiers for all magical beings and creatures all of them the world over will have their magic slowly increase over the course of a few years until their powers reaches its full potential. This will also result in some permanent alterations to all magicals affected by the amplification in the form of greater longevity, in the case of Witches, Wizards, Goblins, Centaurs, Veela and other similar sapient and sentient magical beings and creatures (that share a similar lifespan to Witches and Wizards, however those whose life spans were originally greater will have even greater longevity after the change) will now live anywhere from several centuries to at least two thousand years naturally and their minds being altered to adapt to this. They will remain in their prime for most of their life looking like a 22 year old at the most, however once they approach the last century of their natural lifespan they will begin to age. They also have the power to unlock a squibs magic (or anyone who has has their magic somehow suppressed) and heal obscurials returning their magic back to its proper form. They have a great deal of influence over dragons and can also talk to them Telepathically.

The females have a birthing cycle of every 160 years and they remain fertile for 2 years once those two years are up they have to wait for another 160 years to have more children. The only exception to this is a female Dragon Elf that has been recently turned into a Dragon Elf and a naturally born female Dragon Elf they will remain fertile until the first time they get pregnant after that their 160 year cycle begins. As I said Dragon Elves can turn other magicals into Dragons Elves but only those their magic deem to be fully compatible with them since Dragon Elves mate for life (they will feel a pull on their magic in the directions of their potential mates) their mate can be a Witch or Wizard, Veela or some other compatible magical being. They will also keep the magic of the race they use to be apart of, for instance Fleur and Gabrielle will after becoming Dragons Elves keep their Veela Allure, Beauty, and control over air and fire. Also the body of the female Dragon Elf form is longer and more serpentine than the males. A Dragon Elf can only have Dragon Elf children with another Dragon Elf, if they have children with any other magical beings the child would be a hybrid of High Elf and whatever species the other parent is.

Lily and James are also going create and sell a bracelet called a core bracelet it is covered in runes and has a small blue crystal in it that has a beautiful multicolored Eldritch soft inner glow at its center and stores a massive amount of raw magical energy. The crystal will be something James accidentally creates when he was trying to create a spell that was suppose to create multiple permanent super fast, strong and durable crystal golems that followed the casters every order. However a large piece of this crystal is all he created, and when Lily examined it she discovered that it could store extremely immense amounts of magical energy (theoretically enough to rival a current muggle thermonuclear explosion). So she got the idea for these bracelets and place runes on them that binds the bracelet to the wearer not only to connect to it owners mind but to ensure only its owner can remove it. The core bracelets can be worn and used by any sentient or sapient magical being or creature.

The core bracelets functions are to constantly keep up a comfortable unobtrusive near skin tight invisible barrier around the wearer (the barrier becomes visible when it's hit) that is powered by the magic in the crystal. The barrier also absorbs kinetic energy and ear busting sounds from anything that it blocks. Since the bracelet is connected to the wearer's mind the barrier will not block things that the wearer sees as being safe, so they can touch other people and pick up objects without the barrier getting in the way. But the barrier is still always on so it will protect the wearer from attacks they don't see coming like someone trying to attack them from behind or say a muggle trying to kill them with a sniper rifle.

There are also runes on it that constantly absorb ambient magic directly into the crystal to recharge it. If the core bracelet is ever completely drained of energy it would only take three hours to completely recharge. The wearer can also pull magic directly into their body from the bracelet to increase their power at will (so it's a extra source of power, a literal magical core they can use to boost their power). This process of channeling magic into the entirety of the wearers body can unlock the magic of squibs. The barrier can be increased in size to surround the wearer in a dome and the more damage being done to the barrier the faster the crystals energy is drained. The braclet should be worn on the opposite hand to your wand hand, it can also be used as a focus however this feature is best used by those who are experienced with wandless magic.

Note: Magic will also give them a extremely powerful Grimoire that is sapient to a degree and most importantly filled with all of the knowledge that The Potters/Peverells and Magical Evans line has learned over the years. But will also contain knowledge she put their of extremely powerful magics of all kinds and knowledge of technomancy so advance that it even includes how to create magical spaceships, City-ships, Planetoid ships and other devices/machines that can easily create planets or destroy them. The knowledge she has placed in this Grimoire is so valuable that even some Gods, Goddesses, and a few lower Cosmic beings would destroy planets and even galaxies to get their hands on it. The relatively small amount of information she has added to the grimoire will take them literally hundreds of Millions of years to truly comprehend and master but they have eternity to do so.

I'm also thinking that the larger crystals can be used as a power source for ships that are going to be created by a techno-magic company in Japan that are created to fly in the atmosphere and in space and to compete with muggle fighter aircraft if necessary. Lily and James would make a partnership with this company they would provide the power source for the ships. The ships would be created as comfortable and safe long-distance air and space travel (mostly for space travel though since Wizards/Witches alreadyhave the ability to travel instantly all across the world), they would be about a little bigger than a bus and the normal one would have have rooms for 30 people and a luxury one can comfortably hold a 100 people thanks to space expansion enchantments. Some of the ships will come with powerful magical energy cannons and other weapons but those would mainly be for the magical law enforcement and the ministers of magic and heads of other magical governments. In order for others to have ships with weapons they would need a special license from their government and no criminals or suspected criminals can get these licenses. All of the ships however would come with powerful magical shields powered by the massively powerful crystals. Or if you want you can have Lily and James create the ship themselves or come up with the idea but hire Techno-Mages with the knowledge and skill to create them. They will also move on to make massive ships eventually, because they can be used as very comfortable mobile villages.

Lily will also create a very powerful charm called the "Doppelganger Charm" that crates a doppelganger of the caster. The doppelgangers knows everything the original know and are just as magically powerful and skilled as the original and just as physically tough. They can last for a maximum of seven days after which they will vanish in a shower of magical energy. The maximum number of doppelgangers one can create using the charm is dependent on how powerful the Caster is. The doppelgangers will perfectly follow any instructions given to them by the caster off the charm. And the caster gains all of the memories that the doppelganger has gained once it vanishes whether it was killed by someone or ordered to dispel by it's caster, the caster can even directly connect to the mind of the doppelganger in order to see through its eyes. However a homo revelio spell will reveal that the doppelganger is in fact a doppelganger and not the original person.

Another charm that she will create is the Expecto Proelium Avatar "I await a battle Avatar" or the "Avatar charm", she will create it based off of the Patronus charm but instead of creating a guardian that fights off certain dark creatures the Avatar charm will create a battle Avatar that is unique to each individual. The avatar like the Patronus charm will be made of pure energy and will have the ability to fight against anyone that the Caster sees as their enemy and fire blasts of energy or attacking physically or using any unique abilities off that Avatar. The Avatar can take on a small form the size of an average human or it can turn into giants that protectively envelops the caster, it all depends on what form the Caster wants their battle Avatar to take.

James on the other hand will create his own cutting spell inspired by the Vanishing spell (Evanesco) and the Severing Charm (Diffindo) and he will combine both of their characteristic into a spell called Scindo Spatio or Diffindo Spatio, which respectively means "I rip, tear apart, or cut open space, distance, or location", or "I split, cleave, or break off space, distance, or location,". Or perhaps I should call it Vanishing Cutter "Evanescens Circumdatos". The spell will be a instantaneous area-of-effect spell, when the spell is cast it creates almost translucent 200 Meter wide sphere of distorted space and almost immediately after the sphere appears countless rips in space or blades made of space itself that's sever's an atomises any physical matter that they touch. This spell can be used at both close range and long range, at close range the caster can stand at the center of the spell unharmed because it's created using their magic but only they are immune anyone else that can't defend themselves from it will die. However when used at long-range it is a line of sight spell, meaning the caster can only use it on something or someone that is in range of their vision. So if they're able to see something that is say 200 miles away then they can attack it instantly with this spell. Only extremely powerful energy shields or extremely powerfully Enchanted indestructible or near indestructible objects could withstand this cutting spell.

(Story: Harry Potter/World Of Warcraft)

Story Title: Harry Potter the Mana Elf

Pairing: Harry Potter/Gabrielle Delacour/Arko''narin/Jessir Moonbow/Sylvanas Windrunner/Onyxia/Alexstrasza/Ysondre/Kudrii/Kirygosa/Azeroth (eventually) (anyone else is up to you)

Plot - A dying nascent world soul named Quasia (the planet was destroyed by the burning legion) finds Harry in limbo after he finishes talking to Dumbledore. He communicated with Harry asking him to help him by allowing him to fuse with him so that he may survive in some form. Harry agrees to the fusion as long as his personality will remain intact after the fusion, the world soul accepts and they fuse together becoming one new being that will hopefully in time become greater than either of them separately would have been. Harry does not physically change until the final battle between him and Voldemort. Harry will look similar to a Night Elf accept he will have sky blue skin, starling beautiful glowing emerald eyes, a Eldritch glowing nebula colored diamond shaped gem in the center of his forehead, and black hair and eye brows with stars moving around in it. He will have a second form that he can turn into a deep amethyst energy form with rogue stars of all colors, nebulas and seven Galaxy's shifting around on his body ( the Stars can detach themselves from his body and turned into powerful weapons and creatures that follow his every command ), with eyes that look like bright burning amethyst stars, the same eldritch diamond in his forehead and six bright amethyst energy Lekku that protruded from his head for hair, In this form he is at his most powerful ( in this form Harry looks a lot like combination of an Anodite and Celstialsapian from Ben Ten: Alien Force, his powers will also be similar for the most part, meaning he will have all of their combined confirmed and potential powers and abilities and he is a being of pure energy just like them ). Harry will Not be anywhere near as powerful as the Titans because the world soul that he fused with was not matured and so he is essentially a child or a preteen by their standards.

However he will get stronger over time and once Harry's powers fully matures he will become more powerful than Quasia was meant to be once he had matured and awakened as a Titan, once he reaches that point he will even be able to devour stars in order to massively boost his powers, but it will take at least a million years for Harry to reach that point and even then his power will continue to grow as long as he lives. Harry's blood while he is in corporeal form is the same as any Titans in other words he bleeds pure magic just like the Well Of Eternity. Harry's powers are now centered around Arcane, Mana, Magic, Elemental Manipulation, Life/Nature, and Reality Warping (the range depends on how powerful he is and he won't be able to use it for centuries to come when he has mastered his powers). He can also shape-shift into virtually any form Dragons included.

And another of his new powers is his ability to grant others functional immortality ( or true immortality once his powers fully matures ) through altering their bodies physically and mentally which gives them a powerful healing factor that is genetically passed down to any of their children, Harry will give his blood to Gabrielle and this will not only make her a full Veela but also greatly increase her magical powers, speed, durability, strength, stamina, but also give her complete elemental control of fire and air. Harry will leave for Azeroth because of the Knowledge that Quasia was able to get about that world from the demons that invaded his world. Thanks to this Harry knows that he looks very similar to the elves of Azeroth and thus would fit in better there and also his new arcane magic is also used in that world, and he does not want Azeroth to suffer the same fate as Quasium. And Azeroth is a world overflowing with magic, a world where magic is dominant and magicals do not have to hide from muggles, so ultimately Harry feels he belongs on Azeroth more than he does Earth. Ginny and Harry do not get back together because after they talked and laid out their plans for the future they realized that what they want are now too different, since Harry is going to go live on a new planet. And while he knew he could ask Ginny to come with him it wouldn't be fair to her to ask her to give up her dreams and come with him to a new planet where he will be involved in more fighting and death. And he would be asking her to leave her family after she had just lost one of her older brothers, so they decided it was best to remain friends.

Harry will help rebuild Hogwarts faster and stronger thanks to his new powers he will then finish his last year at Hogwarts. It is during this time that Harry and Gabrielle (Gabrielle and Fleur will be half Veela, and she will be a year younger than Harry and she and Harry had struck up a friendship at Fleur and Bill's wedding) will get to know each other far better and get much closer to each other thanks to them visiting each other regularly when they can and through letters to each other. During this time Harry falls in love with her and her feelings for him grows stronger, this is why she leaves with him to Azeroth and why Harry wants her to come with him. Gabrielle will be a prodigy in charms (the same as Fleur) and runes and on the path to gain a Mastery in both, and she wants to be a mistress of enchantments and a technomage so she can create/invent amazing magical devices and Technology.

Also I want Harry to convince Tyrande Whisperwind to allow him to settle Azshara, so that he can build a city there that would allow Highborne, High Elves (the Blood Elves that join his City will return to being High Elves because he will provide a extremely powerful and pure Magical Manawell for the Kaldorei and all Elf groups derived from them to safely absorb magic from, and this will not only return their immortality but also increase their magical power, make them all even stronger, faster and wiser and grant them the innate ability to create personal humanoid battle avatars created from their own Magic. The energies of the Manawell would also cure Harpies of their cursed nature and mentality) Night Elves, Nightborne/dark elves, and Void Elves to live together as equals and work together to reach new heights. And obviously other species would be welcomed in the city as well.

And maybe make a portal to Earth that opens up somewhere near Diagon Alley or place it on a Potter property. He could then tell the entire magical world or all over the globe (or just those he chooses) about Azeroth and allow the magical races who wants to go to Azeroth to settle in the city he has built. The magical creatures would have to be brought to Azeroth by him and Witches/Wizards and other sentient magical races though, no Dementors though they stay on Earth I don't even want to imagine how much more deadly they would become if the Burning Legion, the Lich King, the Old Gods, Void Lords or Fell magic in general got their hands on them. I'm sure plenty of people would take him up on his offer, Azeroth is absolutely overflowing with magic and magical beings and they don't have to hide anymore and the planet isn't being polluted and being destroyed by non-magicals. Not to mention the non-magicals technology is getting more advanced and the risk of exposure is ever increasing along with the inevitable war that would result if they found out about magicals. Though I'm sure there are those who wouldn't come to Azeroth specifically those in a position of power or bigots, and they can stay on Earth since that will cause less problems for those who do come. Of course becuase of Muggleborns if nothing else they can not abandon Earth completely. Harry will keep in frequent contact with Andromeda and Teddy and once he has a home in Azeroth that is protected by powerful wards, they will come their for visits, the same goes for Hermione and Ron and Luna and his other friends. And Gabrielle will obviously keep in contact with her family as well.

You can either have Harry and Gabrielle arrive on Azeroth either during Arko'narin's capture or you can have them arrive before that if you want. Oh and the technical name for wizards and witches of Harry's world will be Homo Magi. Because a member of the red,green and black Dragonflights are three of Harry's mates, those three Dragonflights will gain new powers. However this will not happen for the black dragon's flight until Onyxia becomes the new Aspect and their leader. These three Dragonflights will remain as powerful and eventually even more so in the future. Also and this is important Ysera will live. Oh and this story was inspired after i read these stories called, Wizard Runemaster written by plums, Harry the Blue written by Ignisami, Hadrian written by Pottanatom, A New Earth Warder by Teon and A Wizard's Respite written by ASilver Dolphin.

Oh and please no idiotic bashing of The Wizarding World in general or Magical Britain or witches and wizards, seriously it is cliched and idiotic especially when most of the bashing don't actually make any sense. Now I'm not saying that the magical world governments aren't corrupt actually no I can't say that because I don't know about the magical world in its entirety the most we know about is magical Britain and even then not everything, with a tiny tiny amount of information about magical Bulgaria and magical France and the magical School in Africa along with the fact that most of the magical world prefer to use traditional wandless magic and while they wands as useful tools they are only truly popular in magical Europe and America. Now as i ways saying the most we know about is magical Britain and while it's definitely corrupt (which goes for every government and privately owned organization or institution on this planet, generally speaking that is) when compared to the rampant corruption and stupidity of the Muggle World, magical Britain seems like a paradise in comparison. At least that's how I see it when I truly pay attention to the problems in muggle society and compared our flawed society to the flawed society of magical Britain but that's just my opinion on this particular Trope or cliche or whatever you want to call it that I keep seeing popping up in Harry Potter fanfiction. So let's go with that old saying how does it go "don't throw stones while living in a glass house" and not idiotically bash The Wizarding World or wizard and witches or any other magical being in it by all means point out their flaws and corruption if you choose to but please do it in a sensible way. Now I'm not saying I don't read fanfiction with bashing in it i do. And I love the good ones (in my opinion anyway) because some of them are definitely spot-on and some that are not so much bashing but just pointing out blatant flaws and Corruption that seemed to have been ignored or just glossed over, however some bashing is just idiotic and unnecessary and those are the ones that can ruin a story for me sometimes.

(Story: Harry Potter/Stargate: SG1)

Story Title: Harry Potter And The Rebirth Of The Alterans

Pairings: Harry Potter/Fleur Delacour/Luna Lovegood/Hermione Granger/Ginny Weasley/Aiyana (please change her name to something more Alteran like), OC Nox female, and Susan Bones

PLOT: Janus did not want his people on the lower planes to become extinct and that is unfortunetly exactly what will happen if things are left as they are. The few of his people that remain are either adrift or in stasis and slowly dying. And all of their descendants in the Pegasus Galaxy have been diluted by repeatedly mating with humans until only the activation Gene remains in the few humans that descended from them and even then that Gene is so incredibly weak in them. But fortunately for him and those among his ascended kin, there is one place that there direct descendants not only exist in great numbers but also retains their Alteran/Lantean blood and the gifts that comes with it, they have even had another evolutionary leap in some ways when it comes to their abilities. On Terra their descendants now call themselves Witches and Wizards and there abilities have grown overtime and have even gained magic, a power that he and the others did not fully gain until they were on the brink of ascention and even some new sentient magical races have evolved on Terra (on the land masses that will become known as Africa and Antarctica) that were created by some of the Alterans (some of the magical creatures such Unicorns and Phoenixs and so on was created by magic itself) during the reseeding in hopes that they would be immune to the plague, this had come as a shock to some of the ascended when they realized it, except for the dedicated seers among them like Ganos Lal who already foresaw that this would happen.

This was his chance to see his people rise again he will help them regain the Knowledge, Philosophy, Beliefs and Technology of their ancestors and through them they'll rise again and in time become even greater than ever before, it is better off in their hands than in the hands of others who it doesn't belong to or will misuse it, the Goa'uld are a perfect example of this. And he will give them all the tools and and abilities they need so that never again shall they be brought low by an enemy or forced to flee, With his descision made he descended in secret from the others and retained a tiny amount of ascended knowledge to help him accomplish what he's about to do. He started the creation of a new City-Ship greater than any that has been created before, it will be 15,000km across and made from a new crystalline material that he's created from the ascended knowledge he retains called Aetherium. This crystal like material gives off its own very strong and unique energy signature because it's essentially solidified higher dimensional energy and it looks white and purple and mixed in it are moving tendril like shapes that are made up of Otherworldly colors that seem to defy description, this City-ship will shine like the brillant of stars as it moves through space.

It takes an enormous amount of power to even fracture this material about as much as a supernova ( and even then it can repair itself ) and it can only be made by a special device that absorbs Higher Dimensional Energy or (in its weaker form) Zero Point Energy from their native universe and converts it into Aetherium the device can also be used to create other materials and even entire fully functioning devices/machines, it is a more advanced version of their energy to matter converters. He created the new City-Ship which he has named Liber out of this material but it also has a very special properties that allows it to contain the radiation and reality warping properties from project Arcturus. The ship and all those like it will also be surrounded by to massive rings made from aetherium and they will be used for defence, offense and even life support in an emergency. The main energy source for Liber is from project Arcturus and so the city will literally never run out of power, he has also improved upon shield technology and energy generation technology such as the Potentia (A Zero Point Module as the Tau'ri call it) to the point they're 75% more powerful and 9 of these and the most powerful fusion generators he can create will act as a backup power source for Liber just in case. This city ship will have triple-layered upgraded multi-phasic shields (the exotic energy that makes up the shields also vibrates at superluminal speeds which allows it to disassemble anything whether it be matter, energy or both that comes into contact with the shield that isn't powerful enough to break through) to provide maximum protection, since if one Shields goes down the others can hold off until the first shield reactivates. The City-ship will have matter and food replicators, pocket dimension biodomes, nanite constructors and everything else including potentia, ship, and drone creation facilities as well, the drone weapons will also be enhanced to be even more powerful.

The Liber will have a massive amount of Drone weapons, Plasma Beam weapons, Matter Disintegration Canons, Particle Beam weapons, Dark Energy Ray, and the main weapons (which are located on the petals of the Liber) are called the Aether Cannon and Superluminal Psionic Energy Cannon that when either is fired at full power can easily wipe out an entire star system in one shot. And of course it like all Alteran/Lantean technology will be designed to be easily upgradeable when new technological advancements are made in the future. The Liber upon completion is without a doubt the greatest City-ship created to date, and the start/crowning jewel of the new Alteran empire, it will be vastly more powerful than Vis Uban was going to be upon completion, and it will be the new capital city of the new planet they will claim as their home world. This city-ship would be able to fly across the event horizon of a super massive black holes that is at the center of galaxies without harm as long as its shield are up, also all future City-Ships will be made of the same material as Liber and have the same specs. The Shield's of all the City-Ships and all other ships will be multi-phasic in natutre making it extremely difficult if not impossible for any unauthorized people or devices to try to use hyperspace or any other known and hopefully unknown form of teleportation to bypass the shields and attack.

Janus will also create new heavily armored (this new extremely dense alloy will be able to easily take multiple direct strikes from naquadria enhanced nuclear weapons or powerful plasma weapons without a single scratch) and self-repairing warships/exploration vessels (you could call them the Dreadnought Hypernova class). These warships and exploration ships will be half the size of Atlantis, the front will be shaped like a rounded triangle (where a secondary control room and Observatory will be located), the middle of the ship will be shaped snowflake like similarly to a city-ship which is where the main command center will be (deep inside the ship) along with most of the living quarters and most other scientific facilities, medical wards, recreational areas, and multiple other facilities will be located, and the rear of the ship will be shaped like the Destiny. And the warships (and all other ships) will have a sleek smooth look since they are one massive piece of this extremely dense alloy with seemingly no visible openings (there will be energy shielded windows in certain places that are used to enjoy the view with their own eyes) and no visible engines, none of their weapons will be revealed until it's time to defend or attack. And will be capable of spinning on their axis almost instantaneously even in the atmosphere of a planet because of the incredible advance Anti-gravity field that the ships creates and have perfectly controlled AI (that are bonded to the ships captain) and VI systems and will of course come with their most advanced electronic countermeasure and cyber warfare capabilities.

The ships will be equipped with triple-layered multi-phasic shields and and the a weaker version of the same two massive multipurpose rings as their city-ship counterparts, run on a small artificial quasar and have a back up of three potentia and enhanced plasma generators and emergency plasma ramscoops. The ship's AI system will automatically adjust the frequency of the shields to better defend against the weapons that are attacking it. All Ships will also be equipped with internal shields and stasis fields to make it impossible for internal explosions or harmful fires to occur and to easily render on board enemies harmless. Their weapons will consist of multi-phasic drone weapons, Point defense pulse cannons, plasma beam weapons, multi-phasic matter disintegration beam weapons, plasma bolt generators (that at full power can fire dozens of lightning bolts powerful enough to glass the surface of a planet), and the most powerful multi-phasic super luminol particle beam weapons that they currently (on the lower planes) possess the technology to create. The Aurora class ships will also reconstructed and upgraded with triple layered multi-phasic shields, redundant power sources, armored hull made from this dense new alloy, and weapons but the the ships will mainly be used for exploration, scientific research and medical assistance. All Ships will be equipped with cloaking and phase shifting capabilities.

The warships and City-ships will be equipped with a special main weapon called a Superluminal Psionic Energy Cannon, this weapon is extremely powerful and very unique because it can fire either a Incredibly powerful beam of energy or a solidified/compressed energy projectile (the energy projectile is more limited because it is less powerful than its beam form and can only be controlled within the range of the control chair) that even at 10% power can easily destroy an entire planet the size of Terra. But what makes this weapon truly unique is that it is just like the drone weapons and is connected to the control chair and an Alteran/Lantean can control the beam/energy projectile and maneuver it like a drone weapon in order to strike their enemies and avoid their allies. This was one of the last creations of Janus before he ascended. However the downside of this weapon is that it completely exhausts the one who uses it only once. And that is partially why Janus created this serum that he has altered with some of the ascended knowledge that he has so that it would change the genetic structure of a Alteran/Lantean and there direct descendants on Terra who take it. It will make them physically multiple times denser and durable, stronger ( they can lift anywhere from thousands of tons to tens of thousands of tons ), and faster than a human and most importantly give them an advanced regenerative healing factor, extremely adaptive and strong immune systems and increase their lifespans indefinitely (They can still die if they are damaged beyond their ability to heal, but thats where their Advanced exoskeleton body armor, medical technology and advanced personal Shields comes into play, and even if they do die they can be revived) thus making them functionally immortal, making them full-blooded Alterans/Lanteans, give them the ability to quickly adapt to different planetary atmospheres and environments, and increasing their magical powers and psychic abilities. The stronger telepathic abilities will also give them a hive mind connection between all Alterans - though they can shut their private thoughts off from the collective at will - and they will also gain full shape shifting abilities that will give them almost complete control of their molecular structure allowing them to not only take the forms of other beings/creatures but even turn in living metals and crystals. All of their senses have been increased tremendously and have even gained new ones allowing them to perceive much more of the universe and multiverse than they ever could before.

So giving them a stronger mind and body to contain and properly use their greatly increased powers and thus they'll be able to use the psionic energy cannon a lot more before they finally exhaust themselves making it a far more effective weapon. He will also created to versions of upgraded satellite weapons platforms that have powerful triple layered shields, self repair capabilities and a self-disintegration protocol in case their enemies or any other authorized people or species disable all of the satellites defenses and captures it. Also when enough of these satellites are in orbit of a planet they can form a shield around that entire planet, the satellite weapons will also be capable of firing beams of dark energy. Version two of the satellite weapons platform uses an artificial condensed Star as its power source and fires multiple condensed superluminal energy beams.

Once Janus is finished with the construction of the City-Ship Liber he will create three of the war/exploration ships, docked them on Liber and send it to orbit Terra above the Antarctic Outpost where it will then go out of phase and cloak itself to keep hidden until the time is right. He will repair and upgrade Atlantis and fully restock it. Once that is finished he will recall the destiny and once it arrives at the shipyard he is using he will send all the data it has gathered to Genesis and then update Destiny with the latest Technologies and create new seed ships and stock the Destiny with the newest Astria Porta and send it back on its journey. All of these and other future ships will be created at the 20000km across and 24000km high (it is shaped like a crystal flower) state-of-the-art Orbital Construction Shipyard created by Janus that is powered by a artificial quasar at it's heart, and is capable of creating structures larger than itself using its energy to matter construction capabilities. This Shipyard will be cloaked and out of phase and stationed in the void between the Pegasus and Avalon galaxies, and surrounded by hundreds of millions of self-repairing, cloaked and out to phase satellite weapons. The Shipyard will also be equipped with a Star Drive and it, Liber, the warships/exploration vessels, Aurora class ships and all future ships and outposts will be equipped with new transporter Alteran technology, a new beaming technology with greater range and speed than any known teleportation technology. Most of their technology will also be DNA lock in other words you have to have actual Alteran blood i.e DNA in order to used their technology not merely the ATA gene, in other words you must be part Alteran not just a very distant descendant of an Alteran/Lantean. However the DNA of some of the Magical beings such as Veela, High Elve's (yes they exist and was created by magic itself and based on Alteran DNA. Anyway they live secluded from the muggle world and from any part of the magical world that has strong bigotry against other magical beings and creatures), Mermaid's and Merfolk's and hybrids such as a half Gaint or Goblin - Wizard Hybrids so that they can use Alteran technology because they will be apart of the new Alteran civilization.

When he is finished with all of that he will create a special probe that has a built-in reusable Repository Of Knowledge, and once that is done he'll take the probe to the recently created Hogwarts that has just been completed by Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw, Godric Gryffindor and Salazar Slytherin. He will then hide the probe in the Black Lake where it will remain their cloak monitoring all of the students that come to the castle waiting for Harry James Potter who is a direct descendant of Ganos Lal and an High Elf on his father's (when Harry takes the serum he will gain a more High Elfin appearance especially his ears), that his friend Ganos Lal foretold to him would have great impact on the Magical World one day over a thousand years from now. With his objective finished he ascended once more knowing that he has helped his descendant as much as he could and if all goes as planned the Alterans will rise again and in time will be greater than their ancestors ever were on the mortal plane and never again will their enemies make them flee their home or bring them to the brink of Extinction.

Ex. For Story - During the second task of the Triwizard Tournament Harry runs into Fleur while she's being attacked by Grindylows and together they fight them off and continue to work together as they went to rescue their respective hostages all the while being unaware that they're being watched by the probe Janus left a millennia ago was secretly scanning them both. Harry and Fleur surfaced with Ron and Gabrielle and Fleur hugged and kissed Harry on the cheek and then whispered into his ear to meet her by the Black Lake tonight. When they eventually meet by the Black Lake the probe eeing iys chance surfaced out of the lake and approach Harry and Fleur they both saw it approach them and took out their wands just in case it was going to attack them. Once it got close enough to them it shown at bright multicolored light directly into both of their eyes instantly dumping the entirety of the repository of knowledge into both of their minds. Onced the download finished the both of them drop to the ground with a massive headache that started to quickly subside, the both of them staring at the probe wide-eyed at the massive amount of information and responsibilities they have just gained about their true Heritage from their ancestors.

Side Notes - The Astria Porta's will be upgraded throughout the Avalon Galaxy and the Pegasus Galaxy they'll have more security features among them is that they will no longer produce an unstable Wormhole that can disintegrate any matter that it touches. the internal computer in the gates will be upgraded and they will be equipped with a shield that prevents someone from walking into the gate in the wrong direction which would result in them having their atoms scattered across the Galaxy if not the universe. The security around the Astria Porta that is in the city ships or on planets that they rule will be far more heavily secured both to block unwanted guest or to let them through but instantly transmit them to a secure holding facility contained in a pocket dimension. Also stasis pods will be upgraded to completely hold anyone in it in complete stasis they will not age slowly like the current stasis pods do, it doesn't matter if they're in there for tens of thousands of years or millions of years as long as the pods are working correctly the person in it will be in the same condition that they were when getting in it.

There will also be plenty of other upgrades to technology and introduction of new technology that the series didn't really go into and in short the kind of mind-boggling beyond human comprehension technological advancements and knowledge you would expect from a hyper intelligent and super naturally powered species that has been a spacefaring civilization for possibly 70 million years if not more and throughout that time they have constantly strive for progress to increase their knowledge and understanding of the universe and all of the wondrous life-forms within it, and has constantly advanced their technological capabilities and has been considered a very enlightened and peaceful race for the most part, despite some mistakes some of that has cause long-term suffering for some of the younger sentient species in the Avalon and Pegasus Galaxies, but hey no one is perfect and the Alterans/Lanteans/Anquietas never claimed to be.

Oh and please do make sure you make galaxies like the Avalon Galaxy bigger than is commonly believed because and even today I highly doubt that human astronomers truly know the size of our galaxy I simply don't see how they could since we are inside of the Galaxy not outside looking in and our science and technology is still so primitive. And I'm just going to address this point in case it does come up Wizards and witches and some other magical beings do have higher intelligence (or perhaps brain potential would be a better term) compared to Muggles because of the Alteran/Lantean blood that flows through their veins they have higher processing power than Muggles and they have better memory even without practicing the mind Arts. while they don't have the same sense of logic or even common sense as muggals do which is to be expected they have their own Society an cultures and they possess a power that is able to alter reality at its most basic fundamental levels they wouldn't get very far if they have Muggles logic and Common Sense.

However the reason why you would not be able to notice their higher brain potential compared to Muggles is because they are focus on Magic rather than technology. The only time this intelligence is really demonstrated in what muggles would consider hard science would be with the Technopath's which are based mostly in Japan and China with a few in Africa, America and Germany are generally the only magicals that focus on creating magical technology which is essentially them creating their own technology from the ground up that runs on Magic completely and they have created amazing devices that surpasses anything Muggles publicly and possibly secretly have created. And the cities that will be built on the planet will have Shields and weapons including enhanced ion/plasma cannons to protect them. And their armies will be made up mostly of Advance Automatons controlled by VI's.

(Story: Harry Potter/A Song of Ice and Fire)

Story Title: The Birth Of the Targaryen Dragonoids And The Quintessence Dragons

Pairings: Harry Potter "Haerion Magicborn Targaryen"/Rhaella Targaryen/Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen/OC female Ifequevron/OC female Other, Aegon Targaryen/Rhaenys Targaryen/Leaf, Viserys Targaryen/Jaenara Paenymion (OC female Paenymion)/Saerys Pendaerys (OC Lyseni Noble)/

PLOT: Harry is hit by Voldemort killing curse in the Forbidden Forest and wakes up in the limbo like space that looks like a perfectly cleaned King cross station. Rather than Albus Dumbledore appearing before him a woman of indescribable supernatural beauty will and she will introduce herself as magic itself the mother of all magical beings and creatures. she will explain the situation to hurry about how he ended up here and show him the mangled remains of Voldemort's soul fragment once that is up the way she'll ask him for a favor. She explains to him that there is a world in Another Universe where magic is dying and magical creatures there are being wiped out at the hands of mughals and soon magic and soon magic will and soon magic will eventually disappear from that planet altogether eventually and she does not want this.

And so wants to send him to be reborn in that world as a part of a old and once very powerful magical family and he and them would no longer be human but reborn as something greater and more magically powerful and that threw him his new family would be safe and thrive more than ever before along with the magic and the magical creatures and other sentient creatures in this world, and that these changes she is trying to enact in this new world can it happen without her chosen and he is the one that she chooses above all others. And if he agrees to do this she will also create a perfect copy of him to send back to life to finish Voldemort and live the life he would have lived in this world. And that she knows his heart's desire and that everything that he desires he will have with his new family in this new world despite the many challenges they will face as they walk through eternity together. Harry agrees to do it overjoyed at the thought that he'll have a loving family with him in this new life and he'll be able to help his fellow magicals rise to new heights in a world in which they are being persecuted without seemingly any true way of fighting back, and allow magic to flourish and reign supreme in this world rather than live in hiding. And thanks to the other him he knows that his loved ones in this world will be taken care of.

When Lyanna is six months pregnant with Harry a magical bond will be forged between him, Aegon, Rhaenys, Rhaella, and Daenerys. And through this magical Bond magic from Harry will transfer over to them to begin their transformation. The bond between them is also a hivemind with Harry at its center and because of this it will allow Rhaella to have a certain amount of Harry's knowledge and so she will be aware of what she and Daenerys will be transformed into she will also have knowledge of a few basic spells so she can protect herself and the children. Now we moved to the sacking of Kings Landing and when Gregor Clegane and Amory Lorch tries to kill Elia and her children Rhaenys he terrified by what is going on and subconsciously uses her magic on a large scale for the first time teleporting herself and Aegon (because of her hive-mind connection to him) to Rhaella on Dragonstone because of the hivemind between all of them and she is currently the oldest and most powerful member. While Elia is still horribly raped and murdered her children survives. When Rhaenys and Aegon arrives on Dragonstone Rhaella is already aware of what happened and is expecting their arrival and she takes care of them. After Rhaella is transformed her body will be healed of all injuries and blemish and restore to what she look like when she was 21 years old.

Haerion/Harry will be born the same as in the books in 283 AC and when Lyanna goes in to labor she will glow a violet/emerald green and a blast of magic will spread across the entire planet invisible to all without magic and will strengthen the magic of magicals all across the world and create new magical creatures in certain places in the world and ultimately transform the world in ways that make it more magical and wonderous yet it's also more dangerous. Even the red comet well fly across the sky burning brighter than ever before. He will have the otherworldly ethereal Valyrian features and is pale and with a small turf of silver hair that reflects the light, but the biggest difference will be his elegant pointed ears and his beautiful softly glowing slitted eyes(Rhaella, Aegon, Rhaenys, Daenerys, and Viserys will all have long elegant pointed ears and softly glowing slitted eyes of varying hues being Violet, purple, lilac, indigo, and amethyst), the area right around his slitted pupils will be a startling inhuman emerald green and the rest of his iris will be violet. Another surprising thing about him is that he has a white crystal chain around his neck with a small black and red colored crystal attached that is in the shape of a book, this crystal necklace appeared around his neck as soon as he was born. When Eddard Stark arrived at the tower there you will fight until only Arthur, Eddard, and Howland Reed remains and Lyanna using all her remaining strength the crawl over to the window will be the one to put an end to their fight. Once that is settled and Lyanna dies, Arthur will take Harry with him because he cannot stay in Westeros at all with his looks and he will had for Starfall to meet up with his sister and resupply and from their to Dragonstone by ship with Ashara coming with him.

Rhaella orders Ser Willem Darry to have all of the wealth of Dragonstone to be loaded on their best ships manned by their most trusted men who are willing to leave with them because she does not know when or if they will ever return to Westeros. And when it's time for Rhaella to give birth her whole body starts to glow with violet colored Magic and no one could come near her because her body was firing off Violet bolts of magic that terrified everyone around her. Viserys scared by what is happening to his mother manages to run towards her and is struck by one of the bolts of magic and hit a wall but it did not kill him the both of magic from his mother was transforming him into what she is and connecting him to their hive mind. Once Daenerys is born the reaction stops and Ser Willem Darry despite being scared orders the terrified maester and a handmaid's to help the queen. This is when Arthur, Haerion, and Ashara will arrive to the island and after Rhaella quickly heals from the aftermath of the birth and takes care of Viserys already knowing what has happened to him. And once all of this is taking care of they immediately set sail (escaping the worst of the storm) for their private mense in Lys just missing the assault on the island by Stannis Baratheon.

(Story: Harry Potter/Winx Club)

Story Title: The Pheonix Dragon of Balance

Pairings: Harry Potter/Bloom

Plot - As The Great Dragon had began creating all the different Planets, Stars, Realms and Energies in the Magic Dimension. Their was a a massive clash between his energies and that of the Shadow Pheonix

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Crossover - Naruto & W.I.T.C.H. - Rated: M - English - Chapters: 49 - Words: 395,843 - Reviews: 480 - Favs: 1,067 - Follows: 1,098 - Updated: 9/18/2020 - Published: 5/4/2018 - Naruto U.
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Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Fantasy/Adventure - Chapters: 19 - Words: 119,810 - Reviews: 156 - Favs: 777 - Follows: 1,112 - Updated: 12/24/2018 - Published: 7/26/2017 - Harry P., Fleur D.
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Naruto - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 5 - Words: 31,798 - Reviews: 163 - Favs: 1,508 - Follows: 1,197 - Updated: 6/8/2017 - Published: 7/12/2013 - Naruto U., Tsunade S., Kyuubi/Kurama, Kushina U.
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