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Author has written 7 stories for Code Lyoko, Pirates of the Caribbean, ElfQuest, and NANA.

To many peope have smoked marijuana. If you haven't, write this to your profile.

Note: For the profiles I'm gonna leave Dreams up and take others down. For people won't get confused with my stories and get them mixed together.

Name: Tiena (TY-ea-NU) Sanchez

Nickname: Eluru, Elu

Oragin: Red neck girl (mom's side), Port Rican (dad's side)

Hobbys: Horse back riding, archery, gymnastics, I like mostly to write in note books and write a story within' them and/or type them on the computer.

Fav shows: Code:LYOKO, MASH, Will & Grace

Fav music: TheDresden Dolls, Likin' Park, Green Day, Eminem, Good Cherlette (Can't Spell Corectly), Ciara, Simple Plan, Bowling For Soup,My Chemical Romance, Modest Mouse, Hillary Guff (1 song),T.M. Revelution.

Fav songs: Linkin' Park "Breakin' the Habit", Green Day "Holiday", Eminem "Mocking Bird", Good Cherlette "Anthem" (can't spell that great), Ciara "1,2, Step", Simple Plan "Addicted", Bowling for Soup "Almost", My Chemical Romance "Helana", Modest Mouse "Float On", Hillary Duff "Wake Up" (I like how she travels the world in that music video), T.M. Revelution "Invoke", The Dresden Dolls "Girl Anachronism", Evanescence "Haunting",

Religion: Christian

Fav character(s)

Azu Manga Diaoh: Osaka, Sakaki

Tokyo Mew Mew: Zakura, Ichigo

Elfquest: Skywise, Cutter, Ember

Will& Grace: Jake/Karen/Grace/Will

Code:LYOKO: Odd/Ulrich/Yumi

The Three Stogges: Curly, Larry

MASH: Hawk Eye, Bj, Hulahand

most fav charter(s)

Will& Grace: Jake/Karen

Code:LYOKO: Odd

The Three Stogges: Curly

MASH: Hawk Eye

Fav Movies

The Chronicals Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch , and The Wardroboe

The Incredibles


Ace Vicheroe Pet Ditective 1&2

Brother Bear

Chicken Run

Willy Wonka and The Chocalate Factory

Shark Tales


Lion King 1

The Bible


I, Robot

Popi (Spanglish)

Spiderman 1&2

Nepolian Dynamit

Space Jam (Micheal Jordan)

You Got Served

Pirrattes Of The Carribian


Goerge of the jungle

and others I can't think of.

Fav video games

Blinx 2

Spyro (All)

Spider Man 2

Crash Bandicoot

Dead or Alive 3

Dead or Alive: ULTAMITE

Sims Burstin' Out

Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis

Halo 1&2

Fav book


The Black Staillion (The whole sieries)

Peter Pan

Black Bueaty

Stuart Little

Mrs. Frisby and the Rat's Of NYMH ( The Secret Of NIMH)

Things Not Seen

Lemonie Snicket: A Sieries Of Unfortunite Events: the sieries.

Return of the Wolf


Fav Mangas:

Fruit Baskets

Tokyo Mew Mew

Tokyo Mew Mew A La Mode

Wolf's Rain

Case Closed

Azu Manga Diaoh

Ranma 1/2

I don't own these fraces

Fav Fraces

Wolf's Rain:

Tsume: "That was quit a stunt."

Kiba: "I was protecting myself. that's all."

Tsume: "Don't be so quick to kill."

Kiba: "What's wrong with killing!"

Tsume: "I don't know what moutain you came down from but you're in the city now there are rules to follow."

Kiba: "Rules? Is running around with a pack of idiots one of the rules!"

Tsume: "I'm only using them."

Kiba: "Your rules stink like this city! what's the point of living if you can't even show your pride!"

Tsume: "You have a pretty big mouth for someone half dead!"


Odd: "Hey me and my friends thought you looked farmiliar."

Talya: "That is the oldest pick up line."

Odd: "Hey who said i was trying to pick you up!"

Brother Bear:

Koda: "I told ya before my names Koda, say it with me 'Ko-Da'."

Kini: "Sure Your mom didn't ditch you KO-DUH?"

Koda: "Hmm."

Happily Ever After

Batsoe (A Bat): "What Do the doggy's want?"

Scowl (An owl): "Dinner,"

Batsoe: "I thought you were BAD?"

Scowl: "I am,"

Batsoe: "Then why do the doggy's want BAD food?"

Super Gals!

Ran(Ron): "I'll come to you two if I was desprate!"

Aya(I-YA): "Are you talking about money or amotions?"

Miyu (Me-YOU): "With Ran it's both."

My OC's

Dreams (The Series):


Hair: Ravan Black

Personality: Tough, spunky

Hobbys:day dreams and travels

eyes: violet

Spiecies: human

Gender: female

Part Of Book: The series but shows up in the second book.

Rocky (Jacks stallion):

Mane: blonde

tail: blond/brown

fur: dark chestnut

marking: black hind stocking and a white sock on his front left hoof

Peronality: Prtective and tame

hobbys: grazing and galloping with his master on his back

eyes: brown

speicies: Horse

gender: male (Stallion)

part of book: the seventh


hair: brown with a bit of blonde (dirty blonde)

personality: punk/goth

hobbys: traveling from orphanage to orpahange, knowon as a runaway

eyes: blue/ green

speicies: Human

gender: male

Part of book: the seventh

Blackfire (Odd's friend, the Stallion of Dreams)


personality: comidian, wild, tough

hobbys:galloping alone plains

marking: A large rope scar going around his neck and a large rope scar areound his snout.

eyes: emerald

Speicies: Horse

gender:male (stallion)

Mya (The Husky)

Coat: black

marking: one white ear

personality: comidian, caring, protective

hobbys: protecting owner

eyes: blue

spiecies: dog

gender: female

Nami (Yumi's Mare)

Mane: White

Tail: white with it half blonde

Coat: white with brown/red stockings a black blotch on her back grey spots on her neck and a black blaze

Markings: None

personality: Protective, tame, careing, acts like Yumi.

hobbys: Gallopiing with her master and communicating to Blackfire at times

eyes: brown

spiecies: horse

gender: female (mare)

part of book: the second and the rest of the sieries

Whitefire (Regina's mare)

Mane/tail/coat: white

Markings: scars over her her back from a whip. Looks like a stripe.

personality: protective,caring, tough

hobbys: helping Regina to find a home.


spiecies: horse

gender: female (Mare)

Killer (The Doberman)

coat: black

Legs: brown

personality: protective, caring, wise

hobbys: protecting owner

eye: brown

spiecies: dog

gender: male


Hair: brown with a bit of grey

personality: wise, caring, acts tough

hobbys: horse training, horse riding, owning a ranch

eyes: brown

spiecies: human

gender: male

book: 3


Mane: white

tail: white

coat: black

marking: white stockings, grey hoves, white muzzle and blaze, and grey spots on her rump.

personality: spunky, has racing in her heart, acts just like her father Blackfire and has the beauty of her mother. Whitefire

hobbys: playing with other horses, playing with Odd, running

eye: emarald

spiecies: horses

gender: female

Book: 4 and on


httphttp://youtube.com/watch?v=sO5APfKnR50 I love THe Dresden Dolls

(Charlie...CHarlie...charlie...WHAT? We're on a bridge charlie!)

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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Sad Girl
Stories summary inside this fanfic.Its about love. Shin and OC
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Skywise has a daughter what more can I say? THere is more!
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