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Author has written 13 stories for X-Files, NCIS, Stargate: SG-1, and Buffy: The Vampire Slayer.

I am reposting my fanfiction stories although I have no intention of continuing with fan-fiction. I am contemplating a few Kindle projects, mostly to raise money. So there may be a few non-fiction ebooks if I come up with anything useful.

For the most part I am focusing on my action projects. I have a couple queries letters to LA I am still waiting on responses to. More info there as I have it. The biggest on is probably Polaris Alexandria. I'm hoping to leverage a movie/TV show to arrange to have an arm's length University corporate entity created that would design and build submersible helo carriers for military and scientific use past the 200 mile limit.

Thanks again to all those who enjoy my writing!

SGCBearcub (aka Natalie Marilyn Durdle aka Wintersong)

So I am uncertain what is going to happen now. I had no idea just how extreme the damage the nano-implant was covering was and how the implant was being used. To say I'm worried is to put it mildly. I'm assuming based on what would be reasonable design that there were several disabled to severely disabled helpers attached to various parts of the input/output ports of the implant structure in order to replace the parts of the brain not activating based on damage.

The theory would be to trigger whatever function the brain had and maximize neural development. Theoretically, all the helpers would have damages that would be matched to the various needs so to maximize their development too, especially prior to age 25. So, someone who is deaf for example would be tied ion to hear speech in their head and prompted to repeat it in order to maximize speech center development.

Those people would have been there most of my life and since my personality was consistent all my life, it suggests that except for whenever they attacked me surgically after using the implant to knock me out, the implant structure stayed the same most of my life. likely using custom profiles to link everyone and sitting on US and Canadian military servers given there wasn't any real downtime.

That's assuming though it was done properly. It's clearly medical in intent, but I'm not sure that was how it got used.

The goal would have been to shift some people around based on aptitudes and interests until about teenager-hood and then training. Unfortunately I have a feeling something else might have happened. The goal should also have been to incubate another full set of goa'ulds in order for them to support the disabled helpers when myself and the mildly physically disabled were healed and dropping out of the system. These would have been former walking arounds with mostly intact neural development.

The extra helpers would be there to hold the extremely disabled together as they went through their healing with tissue engineering. Given that Australia outlawed stem cell cloning for research purposes in 2002 and Canada in 2004 it's like they are deliberately taunting those who need the stem cell technologies. They are within reach, but they are a good ten years out I'd suspect since they have the skin and nerve growth but they are still creating scaffolding and nerve glue and stitching techniques. They also seem to be focusing on the wrong areas for what we would need for short term success - although this is due to different priorities.

The right amount of money would get that moving and truthfully i think given Canada'a population situation we would be best looking at capping our resident population at about 10 million to allow for growth as we increase of our lifespans due to the tissue engineering. And in order to preserve our medical plans and provide treatment for all, we will need about 4 million medical professionals within 20 years and a change in how we compensate them. The US likely needs about 20 million.

We'd be best off looking at training those doctors for them as a side industry but it would require a massive change in how we do things as well as some serious convincing that my country has my best interests at heart. They haven't gone public with the implant and it needs to be politically open and transparent in order for law enforcement to deal with it.

However the accreditation issue may be an issue for people although not from my point of view. i know what I believe. However, No one is talking about what is involved here, if this was done right, if they planned to screw me over to make a point of some kind or if my injuries are the result of personal malice against me for some unknown reason.

I am not a criminal so unless there is a religious atrocity happening, there seems to be something happening automatically. There is also hardware activating in my body that needs to be addressed as to it's affect since it affects my blood pressure mechanically and this is not something that should ever have been done to me. I've been healthy most of my life and they have actually adjusted my bone structure to make it look like I have been in a car accident.

This is not a case where I am a former immersive or something and just woke up. The scars I've acquired over my life are still there. But they have damaged me further, and seriously. As much like a stalker as it makes me sound, I'm hoping people are willing to consider refusing to act as vigilantes and are willing to report the misuse of the nano-implant to the authorities.

In retrospect, my life was scripted. And many of those memories may have been based on other people's lives. It's also obvious that actors like Keanu Reeves are involved but I don't know to what extent and if my injuries are any indication, if they aren't the perpetrators, they could be the victims as well of community based revenge. There appears to be the possibility he has several body doubles who lacked whatever training and awareness a couple of them might have had as part of some milestone training program and who may have been blamed for something he did not do.

The reason i am worried is that while this may just be a game the wealthy play, if it is not, and the patterns or events that don't seem to be milestones were mysteries for the FBI or something to solve, people may have mixed them up with actual crimes or reported crimes. As a result of people not signing petitions and going public about the implant to demand ethical laws and national policy, what we can do is limited to the resources of those who know us or support us.

I am unaware of who to call for help on this issue. All my helpers need to be tracked down based on my implant code over the years, the gestalt structure reassembled after consultation with everyone. Although the situation needs to be stabilized so that we don't stop breathing or lose our memories just because we change cities or someone forgets t log in some morning. The burden should also not be borne solely by family since except for children, adults could easily be handled by a nationwide volunteer effort.

Unless this is a religious effort, volunteers should be easy to find, so stealing helpers should pointless. As well, a call center trained to deal with problems cannot be created until we can address everything publicly and build in public warning systems, etc. While long term gestalts will become a thing of the past once the tissue engineering is a reality, short-term gestalts will be needed. But that will not require personality erasure.

I do not know how people have been handling this in the past. Hopefully not some first person shooter game that is tripping hardware that is either used wrong or may be getting overridden (like medical shunts and stints for example where the commands look legit but need to be assessed by an ethical and knowledgeable doctor)

So, while I am hopeful my action writing career is still a possibility, I am hopeful people will consider informing whoever they know that there is a problem for me and possibly for the actors down in the US like Keanu Reeves who may have body doubles whose helpers may be getting moved about on purpose or accidentally if they were incubating helpers to fill in training gaps and using the similarity of their lives to test for personality compatibility. (assuming he is gestalt of course, which i do not know). I would also request that if people have made them targets, to check and make sure no one is attacking them.

If they are gestalt, they may have a messed up gestalt structure if they didn't know who to call or someone overrode their name on their profile. There may also may be people in comas or who seem like they have dementia or amnesia or personality problems that are implant related who need to be helped. The military was likely responsible for the lists, but they may not be able to fix lists that people keep disassembling trying to put other people back together. And if people are shooting at others in games or hugging people, or blowing a kiss, etc. Please do not assume these phrases are harmless.

The reason I am worried about Keanu Reeves is specific is because several things that happened in my life coincide with events in his or his movies. It's not proof, I'm not claiming he is involved. I'm just worried he's vulnerable if everyone thinks he's okay and he isn't because he can't get answers. And if his money is locked up in property or T-Bonds, he may not be cash rich when he's in the middle of production, so people might assume he or his cousins have resources they don't.

I'm reposting my stories in case something in them made people think I was involved. I'm trying to inform people I didn't have a clue so they can reevaluate the situation if they need info. I did use a lot of names from Keanu Reeves movies. If the helpers weren't doing it subconsciously, someone may have been leaving breadcrumbs, but I myself never saw most of those movies. I didn't even realize until i started looking. It may have been well intentioned or it could have been revenge. I do not know.

This is why the police need to investigate.

And I do realize some of them may have attacked me if they thought they were being attacked. I'm less concerned about that then the fact they may be being attacked physically as well. It implies the police are not in control of this situation and that the laws of Canada and the US are being subverted. And if a couple of theme were brought up overseas, they may be vulnerable if they can't get visas in or their profiles are being scrubbed.

To anyone who has access to the system, please request that all archived profiles be saved, not scrubbed even if they look like duplicates. We may need them, especially if we have some patients in comas because their profiles got damaged or lost.

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