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Posting this September 10, 2017 by the clock on the library computer here in Ottawa. It's smaller than I remember from my high school field trip. Granted, I don't remember much about that trip. That was probably 30 years ago or so. I have come to believe in the last year or so that time may have sped up after '89. Funny how the mind can be played tricks on. And seriously, are they stuck on repeat or something 'cause no one makes any sense here at all.

I've pretty much decided against reposting my fanfiction. I apologize to anyone who may have been waiting. I support fanfiction in general, but I've been reassessing my views on the use of trademarks within fanfiction and I agree not only is this a grey area ethically, it could actually get an amateur writer in trouble completely by accident. To be honest, I'd really like to see a move by the industry towards supporting authorized fanfiction by way of programs like KINDLE WORLDS which allows for fanfiction but also protects the author by giving them access to editors knowledgeable enough to avoid legal grey areas and where the holders of the marks have actually defined what they are willing to accept. I believe that would be a win-win for everyone actually.

Feeling nostalgic for the old days. The University Crew in Bow Crow. 265 alpha specifically. Regretting I never thought to get a few phone numbers back then. Then again, cell phones hadn't been invented yet. Or GUI internet. Or blue Gatorade.

I seriously regret every horror movie I ever made the mistake of watching.

Some of my memories may make for interesting fiction given very recent events that have altered my outlook on - oh - my whole history, but it was the best summer of my life. To shit-kickers and diesel sneakers. And the fake crab salad the cooks made for us for the party. And 1 litre apple juice containers you can rip open by hand.

Gain a fair bit of weight in Nova Scotia and never ever did visit Newfoundland. Couldn't believe how much younger I look now that's it's starting to go back down again. You could actually mistake me for being 30 or so instead of the 47 my birth certificate is convinced I am. Anyway, thinking I might go skiing out Sunshine way after Xmas. (It'll take that long to save up the train fare). Last time I was there was right after one of the cable cars fell off the ski lift so I only had a chance to ski there the once and it was a bit icy on the ski-out because they'd had to use the artificial snow machine. At least that was the reason they gave for only being able to ski directly out that day. No lifts. Only took about twenty minutes to get down to the parking lot though.

Best Regards,

Bearcub (aka Natalie Marilyn Durdle)

I'm probably not the one and only but I'm the only one of me I've ever met. Although there's at least three more in the phone book recently in Guelph (not me) and there was one out in Newfoundland via short hop from Dubai. Also not me. I mean really - who would ever believe I'd be a music teacher. Teaching kids. I think I only ever took 2 classes with the recorder in NS and some kid pleaded with me to stop playing when I was practicing on the deck of our trailer in Stanley Estates back in grade four. Plus, I lost the damn thing at least once. I did better with the Ukranian Easter eggs in Fort McMurray. Well, except for the one that my aunt said exploded in her house when they went away for a week:)

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