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Hello and welcome!

It's been five years since I've updated my profile so I thought I'd do a little revamping. It's a little hard to believe that it's almost been 10 years since first started frequenting ff.net so here's me lately:

My usual haunts around here (the various fandoms that I am interested in) are:

Lord of the Rings & the Silmarillion
Harry Potter
Doctor Who
Spirited Away
Thor/Avenger-verse (Tasertrickster!)
Van Helsing
Phantom of the Opera
Star Wars

I'm more of a fanfic reader than a writer (My muses are very fickle, they go come and go whenever they please. I sincerely wish they would come when they're called). I'm sorry to say that all my stories are now sadly unfinished. Maybe someday I will pick them back up and finish them, but not really in the foreseeable future. I've imagined them out in several ways in my head at times for fun and they're sort of my head-canon characters, but I don't really feel like they're substantial enough to put to paper.

So for now, I read, I ponder, and I dream. Because this addiction to fanfiction I picked up so long ago will never ever go away.


1) For the Life that never was
I'm currently working on my story "For the Life that never was". If you have read the poem "The Evening Star", you may have guessed I got the name from that poem. Its a rather embarrassing story, but I found discovered it in the "Twilight and Shadow" piano music (ROTK). I thought it was beautifully tragic and was then inspired to write a story

Anyways, this is an AU story because of Elenna's identity, though I am still undecided in following movieverse or bookverse. I am still feeling it as I go along so I can't tell you much about how the story will turn out. However, the plot will definitely take a darker turn as it progresses.

My story follows the story of Elenna, an elleth in search her whole life for the family that she never knew. Her wanderings takes her by chance to the woods of Lothlorien, where she chances upon the answer that she seeks...and more besides.

A note: I am unsure about whether to complete this story or abandon it forever. I began this story when I was 15 and it being a first work and all, it now seems awfully silly to me and not a little mary-suish. I also have no idea where to take the story next. However, out of consideration to my readers, I will keep it on the back burners for now, and give it some thought when I have the time. To all who have stuck with this story, thank you for all your encouragement, you always made my day :)

2) The Singer
This story is set in the time before the War of the Jewels (Silmarillion) and will continue into the time of the Lord of the Rings. I have created a new character called Merlassë who will be my protagonist in this story. If you have never read the Silmarillion, Merlassë is of the kin of the Valar, although of lesser power. I have made her the sister of one of the Valar, Tulkas. I don't want to say too much here without giving the entire story away, but Merlassë is sent to live in Arda by Eru after her brother decides to leave in the cause war against Melkor (otherwise known as Morgoth, who was the great enemy in the Elder Days, and lord over Sauron). The story will develop from here, although how I am not quite sure.

Note: Yes, there is in fact a chapter 9 in the working. Not a lot, mind you, but enough to keep me going from time to time. Again, I am unsure as to where to take this story.

3) A Feast for a Goddess
Short vignette suppliment to my most recent story "The Singer". Humourous exchange between Merlassë and Lenwë. In which Merlassë discovers the pleasures of eating for the first time. Originally written as a challenge entry for "But its my first time!" on OSA. Like? or not? drop a review and tell me.

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