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Hi there, I'm General Blaze, previously PokemonFireRed. I haven't updated in a long time, but you can be assured that I'll be writing more often. For those of you who are waiting for Pikmin 3 to be updated don't worry, I'll be getting right on the 6th chapter. Ed, Edd, n' Eddy Glitch in the System however will stay discontinued.

Fics in the works:

Ed, Edd, n' Eddy Glitch in the System

One boring summer day, the entire culdisac gang gets sucked into the video game Metal Arms Glitch in the System. Now the only way out of the game, is to beat General Corrosive. Easier said than done...(DISCONTINUED!)

Pikmin 3, Return to Earth

A month after the events of Pikmin 2, Olimar and Louie prepare to go to planet earth once more for 2 years. What will they find? (Pikmin) Chapter 6 coming soon

Don't Get Mad, Get Even

Roy is fed up with the smashers treating him like nothing, so he decides to even the odds... (Super Smash Bros.) In Progress

The wraith of Marth-zilla

Marth isn't a morning person, but one day he gets up on the wrong side of the bed and is really ticked! Help... (Super Smash Bros.) In Progress


The Spartan II's weren't the only super soldiers that ONI created. A new breed called the Spartan Commandos are ready to show the Covenant that humans are going to be harder to beat than they anticipated. (Halo) In progress

High School; Woes and Foes

A Ben 10 AU fanfic. Jack Mickey Alton is now the holder of the Omitrix V2, and is willing to bet that the normal teenager dosn't have to deal with robot armies, magical madmen, and pyscotic alien warlords, along with girls, homework, and the school bully. (Ben 10) Chapter 6 comming soon!


A Cartoon Crossover/ When Ash's parents tell him that they sold his soul to the devil, he becomes the devil's bounty hunters. Watch his crazy adventures with his friends Finn and Double-D as they try to get escaped souls back the eternal-getting their balls burned off punishment. A fanfic based off the new CW11 show Reaper(Cartoon X-Over) Chapter One comming soon!

Well there Ya go. That's my profile. Now go read some fanfiction.

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High School Woes and Foes reviews
AU Jack is just an average 16 year old, until a second Omitrix latchecs itself onto his wrist. It's time to go Hero! OC heavy.
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