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But so I've quit writing stories. End of story. \

Those Few days- And so what happens is that Bella has been SO happy being with Edward and all, like REALLY happy, and so she's crying all so forth, only when no one else is there though, whenever she's alone or sees the picture of the two of them together...Edward however, lying to her that he was on a hunting trip, spies on her instead, deliriously happy that she finally agreed to marry him...except what he sees this time loses everything he ever had hoped for in the past year when he sees what Bella's been doing, and in spite of himself, believing that she doesn't love him is it that he leaves her again...and her, going to the awaiting arms of Jacob, to a point where he DOES come back...and apparently her heart isn't open anymore, since it's no longer there.

I'm gonna make it hard for you- This one was actually kind of funny, by the number of people SERIOUSLY turned off by the first chapter of an all suicide Bella, except they didn't even THINK about it for a moment, for what would Bella be without Edward, seriously? And then my lonely mailox is filled with complaints of how they didn't think Bella would ever stab herself because she thought Edward was leaving (she didn't do it though). And then Bella- this is an all emotional story- goes to his house after he finally agrees to change her, but when seeing it's empty...is it that she's driving back home in her '53 Chevy, and that it completely blows up on her, her seconds away from dying. Alice changes her though, and now Bella finds herself ina completely new position...waiting for Edward. Except he doesn't know that she exists...and now Bella, confused and startled, saddened and scared, finds herself in India where she's worshipped as THE God, them finally becoming monotheist (this is a tribe). And now Edward, suddenly- for he had lost his power to read minds because he was so sad and all...after two years finds out through Alice's mind that Bella IS alive after all, and after this new tad bit of information...he makes up his mind. He wants to end Bella's life for her now- what she had always wanted from when they'd first met. And then he decides, he'd do his own. Except he doesn't know she's thinking the same thing. COMPLETE!!- ALSO MY BIGGEST HIT THING~!

It's your fault- My first story. It starts out with Bella finally getting sick of Edward never changing her that she gets Alice to change her instead. Except things don't go out as planned...Bella dies in this. Edward's away for hunting and doesn't know. Alice and Jasper then claim that Bella had a surprise waiting for him, Charlie being gone for some event during this, that she was getting ready for the next two weeks with. Though now, with Bella dead and all...Edward finally finds out, and goes to the only point and place he knows where to. The Volturi. In hopes of dying...what they do for him though, causes him even more pain than losing her. They give Bella her life back, somehow through what they know- apparently she was still alive somewhat, and she is turned human, Edward turned human as well. Because it was Alice who changed her, she knew what Alice's thoughts were, since she could somehow read them inside her head (explains more clearly in the story). Edward and Bella confront now, both human...except Bella, knowing that Edward wanted to LEAVE her, and had given up his immortality for her...thinks that it's gone too far and leaves herself. Commiting suicide, jumping off a cliff, in the process. Only to be found by another group of non-Vegetarian cold-ones...COMPLETE- JUST GOT BEAT FROM BIGGEST HITS!!- HAS A SEQUEL!!

Can't do it Anymore- Bella finally realizes she can't stay with Edward anymore and breaks up with him, leaving him confused. She can't stand it either though, and her mind throws little excuses up to herself for why she's doing it- though she never really understands. She finally begins to lose it however, mentally, to a point where she can't even recognize him when she sees him. And she stays this way while he blames it on himself. Eventually, her gut sums up the courage to go see him, and the very first thing he does, is that he asks her if she loves him. She says yes. But when he asks her to say it, she finds she's not able to.

One More Life to Live- Sequel to "It's your Fault", and it has Bella and Edward coming back to life as ghosts while the rest of the Cullens are in mourning, and are blaming it upon themselves and mentally breaking down. Alice, however, makes a deal with the Volturi to bring the beloved Edward and Bella back from the dead.

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Stupid Montana reviews
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