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Hey, this is Ghost. I'm a writer for fun.

I try to write fun, funny stories with good action and enough emotional ups and downs to keep my beloved readers guessing. I am terrible at finishing things although that is NOT because I don't want to finish them, once my inspiration for a story runs out, it's just simply gone and I can't write if I'm not feeling it. Sad but true ya know? Most of my stories do have considerably more planned out than what is currently written and published, but given the fickle nature of my mind, it's a tossup and anyone's guess as to whether or not they'll ever actually get done. I apologize in advance for any stories you may fall in love with which go on stupid long hiatus due to my inspiration flying off to chase down random plot bunnies.

I love comments, positive comments are of course automatically loved, but well thought out and reasoned criticism is also welcome so long as the critic isn't a complete ass about it. Criticism helps me think about my stories in ways I might otherwise not and has led to more than a few really good plot twists. I would much rather have a review/comment than a fav or follow, but I'll take whatever I can get, either way they usually make my day.

I prefer to read either light hearted, fluffy, fun things to soothe my soul or epic badass ones to stoke my creative fires although a good romance is never unwelcome.

I mostly write Naruto fics because Naruto is an incredibly easy series to write fanfic for due to how much good but terribly mishandled material it provides. This is in stark contrast to One Piece which I find incredibly difficult to write fanfic for because of how incredibly well written it is. If I really like a story but don't write any fanfics of it, it's probably because I can't think of anything that I really want to change about it other than me wanting to be in it.

I currently only really have two stories which are seeing regular updates and those are The Princess and the Prophet, and Mad Little Slice of Heaven.

I have a grand total of one finished work, that being Brilliant Minds and Black Hearts which will probably be receiving a reboot one day since I'm not entirely satisfied with the ending.

All of my Naruto works other than Brilliant Minds and Black Hearts have been discontinued as I intend to roll all the best ideas from them into the eventual reboot.

For those interested, here is a list of all my currently published stories and what they're about:


Brilliant Minds and Black Hearts: A Naruto story, this one follows Koga Kurohyou, the most brilliant shinobi mind of his generation, as he works to secure the future of Konoha and tries to keep his ever leaky love life afloat while dealing with the incredibly inconvenient situation of being stuck in a child's body with a fully adult mind.

Ongoing Stories:

The Princess and the Prophet: Reiju is not amused with not knowing where she is, and it's becoming increasingly apparent the guy in the boat with her is insane. Luckily she has the gun and the upper hand (she hopes), but the more he talks, the more she wonders if he might actually be trying to help. Is this some kind of conspiracy, or is Bones somehow telling the truth when he claims to know the future?

Mad Little Slice of Heaven: My name's Jerry. Fairy Tail is without a doubt the most insane place I've ever been. The brawls are frequent and immense, the jobs and guild members are outrageous in every sense of the word and the magic they use is just as wild as they are. The longer I'm here the more convinced I am that there's really only one way to describe Fiore's number one wizard guild...

Discontinued Stories:

(These I'm mostly listing for those who are just interested in seeing how far I've come since the three above are all better)

Atlas and the Big Black Book of Piracy: A One Piece story, we see the Strawhats pick up a new member right at their inception and as the story rolls on, more and more new characters start popping up, bringing with them lost memories that couldn't possibly have happened, but inexplicably did. This story has been rebooted as The Princess and the Prophet.

Fairy Tail Oberon and Fairy Tail Oberon: Reboot: Both of these are attempts to write a decent self insert Fairy Tail fic. I abandoned both of them because the title character Oberon (Oby for short) was just entirely too overpowered and had a bad habit of solving most if not all of the story's conflicts within twenty chapters. The third version, Mad Little Slice of Heaven is now up and ongoing.

Jiraiya-Sensei: A story where someone from our world wakes up as Jiraiya and immediately sets out to start righting all of Jiraiya's blunders and screw ups, something which becomes a bit more difficult as he slowly begins to realize that he's in a very very different world from the one he was expecting, with a whole new set of baddies and problems on the horizon, he has to immediately begin adapting or else.

Naruto Fallen Leaves: This one's pretty simple, after a catastrophic sneak attack by Iwa and Kumo at the end of the Third Shinobi World War leaves Konoha in ruins, Konoha is down to less than two dozen people. This is their comeback story.

Naruto Four Gates to Chaos: This one would be in crossovers, except it's kind of not. Basically I took half a dozen anime I liked, stuffed them all into one world, shook it up and let it settle. It actually turned out extremely well, and I think it's one of my best, but for some reason it receives the least love of any of my stories. It's highly AU, but I think it's a very interesting story and I'd love for someone to show interest in it.

Naruto Vermillion Thunder: My first attempt at a Naruto fanfic, this story takes place in a vastly alternate universe where the shinobi nations are all part of one great empire besieged on all sides by nations ruled over by Demon Lords of the same caliber as the Nine Tailed Beasts. OC's galore in later chapters and vastly AU, it's a pretty big and fun world which I really quite enjoyed building.

Shooting Straight: Starts off as a pretty simple AU where Kakashi quite bluntly refuses to teach Squad 7 jack diddly until he helps them work past their personal issues. This leads to them making leaps and bounds in their personal growth in short order, with Kakashi's talks and team quickly becoming well known for their effectiveness. Much zaniness and epic action ensues as things spiral further and further into AU territory as the story goes on.

The Cheat Tank: My first attempt at a gamer story, this one is on hiatus and possibly up for revision because I realized after I had started and published the first few chapters that there was one very fundamental flaw with my plan: I'm not a gamer and have no idea about video games! (Well, except for Pokémon but that's a whole different ball of mess...) If any game gurus/enthusiasts like this one and want to help me write it, feel free to shoot me a message or something. I've got a full stats system, a character roster and a story, but no knowhow at all regarding how to put them together effectively.

Ok, these next few are updated super sporadically because several of them were intended to be one shots. Some grew, some didn't, but they are all posted under the banner...

Kunai Thrown in the Dark

If any of these get your attention and leave you wanting more, drop a comment and you just might receive!

The New Kazekage: One of my one shots that has thus far actually stayed a one shot... In this world it has been illegal for over a century in Nihon for any but samurai to carry weapons. Just over a decade ago, the country was shattered into a brutal civil war which has come to be known as the Onin War. Many predict that despite the peace that has settled in its wake, it will be the first of many. The Land of Fire dominated its foes in the Onin war largely thanks to its shinobi forces recruited from the Village Hidden in the Leaves. Hidden Leaf had never disarmed and continued to train in secret defiance of the law for the day when their services would be called upon once again. When the call came, their forces, most notoriously the Uchiha who could summon and compel the spirits of the land to battle in addition to their own formidable abilities, bathed in the blood of those they were sent against. Now those who were bested by them are beginning to regroup and plot their vengeance. The Warring States Period has begun.

Destiny in Deep Winter: It's Match Making Day in Konoha, a tradition whose original purpose of maintaining a high shinobi population has evolved into a holiday devoted to romance. Will Naruto get a match made in heaven or get left sitting out in the cold all by his lonesome again?

A Shinobi First and Foremost: ~or~ Call Me A Girl ONE MORE TIME... a twist on the common happening of a self insert getting reincarnated as Sakura, Akaryu is a grown man who wakes up in the body of newborn Sakura Haruno. Needless to say, shenanigans ensue.

All's Fair in Love and War: When the Fourth Hokage splits the Nine Tailed Fox among his triplet children, the Fox's Yin energy kickstarts the mind of his eldest child Menma. What does Menma do with his suddenly fully developed intellect? Cut a deal with Death itself of course!

In the Wild West: It occurred to me one day that I have never actually seen/read a Naruto western. Thus, this story was born! It has several parts including new takes on Blazing Saddles (now starring Naruto), Hot Lead and Cold Feet (now starring the Sand Siblings), The Mask of Zorro (starring Kakashi and Sasuke), and at least one more which I'm keeping a surprise for the grand finale. Needless to say, this one is quite possibly the most zanily comedic of all my works.

Steamy in Sound: When Iwa's Jinchuriki "Steam Armor" Han passes away, the 5-Tails is sealed into the body of young Kishu. Kishu is ignored and feared by the citizens of Iwa, and when his Jonin Instructor to be introduces himself by making the lethal mistake of attacking Kishu, Kishu is left with only one real option: escape.

Konoha Blast: When a recently defected Deidara saves a little boy from an angry mob on a whim, he's captured by Konoha ANBU and given two choices by the Third Hokage himself: become Naruto's new big brother or die. Hilarity ensues. This was originally just a one-shot, but due to its incredible popularity I made the mistake of expanding it. This became an unbearable hassle as I got writers block on every single chapter and after a while I decided I'd had enough and I erased it. However, time is the great mellower and I decided to repost it here, possibly rewriting it as I go because it did have quite a lot of fans who I feel kind of bad about leaving high and dry with this one.

Lastly we have one of my two attempts at coauthoring a story (the other was on the other author's profile)...

The Kinjutsu 3: When two viciously tempered and mildly power hungry Naruto fans wake up in the bodies of Shikamaru and Hinata a few days before graduating the shinobi academy, violence, shenanigans and all manner of daring do ensue. This one, like the other one not posted here, was discontinued due to scheduling conflicts and an eventual loss of interest from my coauthor. There's a lead in for a Part 2, but that Part 2 is currently severe back burner fuel and may never actually get done. If I could get my coauthor back on board we'd keep going, but that's about as likely as me actually waking up in Naruverse since I haven't heard from her in years, so, don't hold your breath waiting. I feel rather comfortable labelling this one discontinued.

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When Danzo uses an exorcism genjutsu on the infant prodigy Sasuke Uchiha to banish the ghost controlling his body, the ghost of Sasuke's past life is relegated to the position of split personality as the real Sasuke is finally allowed into his own body. Nearly Road To Ninja crazy AU, lots of surprises, intrigue & awesomeness galore. Adapted characters from other animes will appear.
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What do you do when you wake up in the body of your favorite Naruto character with all their memories? Start fixing their mistakes anyway you can. When that person you've become is Jiraiya of the Sannin, there's a lot to fix. Then comes that awful moment when you realize you've been written into a fic with an author determined to mess with you...
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A look at a possible near-absolute-worst case scenario for Konoha. At the end of the Third World War, Stone and Cloud launch a surprise last minute assault with three fully realized Jinchuriki. Six years later, Itachi kills all remaining Uchiha except for Obito and Rin. Now with scarcely two dozen people left in the Village, can Hidden Leaf make a return to glory? Naruto thinks so!
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An AU where Naruto says what needs to be said and knows what needs to be known. He is every bit as wily as the fox whose power he draws upon when things get tough. Jiraiya's been around upholding his duties and Naruto has benefited appropriately. I've taken considerable liberties with the world at large, so the geography, politics & etc are new and I think rather original. Enjoy.
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