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ALERT: To all who are bothering to read this! I am moving! I am roadtripping to my new home! I will be SEVERELY out of commission for AT LEAST two to three weeks from this point on! My apologies to all who like the amusement I spew forth, they'll be cut short, I'm afraid, for the next month. I promise, however, to SOMEHOW post an update for 'The Beginning', and I will get Ramica her drafts back!

Oh, and on a side note, I WILL be doing a re-write of 'The Beginning' (along with a more pizazz-ey title) once I've finished writing and uploading the basic version.It could be a while, andit'll be a mass upload- so never fear,I will be sure to throw in other fun stories every now and then!

love to all, peace be with you, live long and prosper!

~Mikaela's Spade~

Okay, someone beat me up to get a profile (love ya sweetie!) on ff.net, so here's the lowdown on meself:

Sign: I'm a Fishie!

Name: I'll stick with 'The Spade' for now.

Age: Why? lol, Nii-juu (look it up in Japanese books

Favorite movies:

TMNT 1-3


Jurassic Park 1-3

Ghost in the Shell

the original 'Grudge' (new one makes me laugh)

Scream series, because it's funny

The Ring, because it's funny (noticing a trend here?)

Tomb Raider (cuz Angelina Jolie looks EXACTLY like Lara... scary)

... it goes on...

Favorite TV junk:

the original TMNT series (I absolutely DESPISE the new series- no offense to those who like it.)

That 70's show


Favorite foods:

Anything from asia. Eel is really good, tastes like chicken, and so much healthier than it.

Indian (Tamil or Hindu or other provincial) foods. Chapathi are especially yummy with the spicy potato and cream sauce.

Twizzlers. Those things fill you up, and force your body to burn more energy faster. The best thing to throw into a diet- you get sugar and a metabolic boost!

Enough favorites crap- I like everything!

About me: I'm called weird, crazy, oddball, and Fiona (I wear Shrek ears around the area whenever I feel like it). I like drawing (LOTS), and I like writing a bit too. I bartend, do commisioned artwork, and live the military life all in one go- you've probably noticed my opinion on the military by now- and play mommy to a lot of stupid kids that think a great friday night is getting liquored up beyond your limit and spending a night at the Provost Marshal's brig. My idea of a great friday night is a good story, a luxurious bubblebath, and then a hot oil massage buy a hot guy named Ricardo, or Stefan. What is this world coming to?

I love the Stephanie Plum novel series, and I love reading anything (well most things) pertaining to the TMNT, and for the record, even though he's not mentioned very much in the fiction world, and I like to kill him off a lot, Donatello is actually my favorite character. Enigmatic, brilliant, humorous, empathetic, inventive, and emotionally 'there' is a GREAT combo to have. Wish most guys were programmed that way- I'd have a field day with that! Mikey's too pranky for my taste, Leo's too stony, and Raph... woo, lets say every day would be world war three if we hooked up (but the nights could compensate for that ;D).

What else... I'm a rabid editor and a fanatic about punctuation (even though for some reason I can't edit my OWN work. How does that figure anyway!), and I really like string cheese. If you ever want a personalized art piece, just dangle some string cheese in front of my nose. Just don't let me get too close, I'll probably try to bite your hand off too _~.

Anyway... That should be enough 'me' junk to satisfy- hope you enjoyed reading about my eccentricities.

ooh, and I love big, descriptive words! tee hee hee!

Eternally spazztic,

~The Spade

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