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Name: Saddened Melody

Age: 17

Sex: Male

Weapon of Choice: Running if possible but I'm also known for beating up people to a bloody pulp with my X-box.

General Mood: Annoyed

Favorite Animes: .Hack//SIGN, Noir, Gundam Series and Inuyasha. I have a wide range of tastes.

Favorite Mangas: Chobits, Love Hina, .Hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet

Favorite Games: Disgaea, Dead or Aliveseries, SoulCalibur series, Guilty Gear seriesand the Harvest Moon series...yeah I tend to lean towards fighting games so HM seems a bit out of place doesn't it? And finally, Tales of Symphonia.

Favorite Characters: Ayane and Kasumi from Dead or Alive, May and Dizzy from Guilty Gear, Cassandra and Seung Mina from Soul Calibur, Candy Cane from Rumble Roses, Lloyd and Sheena from Tales of Symphonia and Laharl and Flonne from Disgaea.

Overall Favorite: Ayane obviously. Though Dizzy runs close second.

Writing Style: Unknown

Likes: Video Games, Playing Sports, Anime, Reading and Writing.

Dislikes: People who hate all of the above.

Hi there, my name is Saddened Melody and i'm a beginner to this author buiseness. You can always go check out my only fic on the site called Blossoming Swallowtail, which I tend to update around Sundays.

I'm obviously quite a fan of the Dead or Alive series, my favorite characters in fics being Kasumi and Ayane. Can't say I have anything against them being ahem closer than that in some fics althought that doesn't necessarily mean that my fic will end up being an AyanexKasumi fic, I just enjoy seeing them getting along.

I'm also quite an anime afficianado, meaning, I just love the stuff lol. I read a bit of everything and watch lots of them as well. From Dragon Ball to Inuyasha, from Chobits to Love Hina you name it.

Other than my love for DOA i'm also a big fan of the Guilty Gear series as well as Soul Calibur (i'm gonna kill the guy who decided that SC3 should be a PS2 exclusive I aint got the cash to buy me a PS2 -.-!) and I'm one who partakes in Mr. Tomonobu Itagaki's search for beauty, so I'm not much of a fan for fighting games with blood and bruises and crap like that. In fact, I don't really think that it's necessary to make a good game.

Just look at Soul Calibur!

Quick Note: Darn it, writing my 7th Chapter is getting kinda hard. I'm having alot of trouble handling the fight scenes...hopefully, I'll be able to finish soon enought.

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