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Hey... this my page thingy... not sure what to do... so watever.

About Me: Well, all I am going to say is that i like Teen Titans and am planning to write a few stories 'bout them, mostly Rob x Rae and Rae x Malchior stories... that's all. Oh and im a gorl in 8th grade, you can call me Rose. - I have also taken a recent liking to Rae x Red X stories... i have no idea why.
My Favorite Pairings for Teen Titans :

Robin x Raven, (They both have dark pasts and therefore can relate to eachother, also Robin needs someone as deep as him, and, well, they just looks good together)

Malchior x Raven

Red X x Raven

Pairings for Teen Titans I don't like:

Robin x Starfire (hate, hate, hate!)

BB x Raven (tolerable, but Raven would never put up with BB's jokes)

Raven x Cyborg (ewww... Cy is like an older brother to her... that would be scary)

Teen Titans Quotes

"I have to say Raven, when I found out the truth I was very impressed. All this time I had no idea the power lurking inside you. The glorious destiny that awaits. It's always the quiet ones, isn't it? "
"But honestly, did you think you could just blow out the candles and wish it all away? Today is the day it begins. You've known this all your life. It is going to happen. And no matter what you wish... no matter where you go... no matter how you squirm... there is nothing you can do to stop it. "
- Slade

Robin- "Do you have a problem, Tin Man?"
Cyborg- "Yeah, it's about four feet tall and smells like cheap hair gel."

Starfire: "Why does the punk rockett wish to hurt people with his music? Music is a glorious expression that is suppost to make people happy."

Raven: "You oviously haven't heard any of my music."

Raven: "A couch potato with a supped up remote... I'm petrified."

Adonis: "You wimps think you can take down Adonis? Bring it on!"

Beast Boy:"Dude it is totally brunged... branged..."

Raven:"Oh, bad grammer, that ought to scare him."

Teen Titans pictures and stuff that I like:

Awesome trailor for the second season of Teen Titans... so cool... check it out if you can.

Teen Titan's Bios:

Beast Boy: Beast Boy has the unusual ability to morph into any animal that he chooses, even extinct varieties such as the Tyrannosaurus Rex. The lighthearted jokester of the group, Beast Boy's cheerful outlook on life combined with his silly humor help to lighten up the atmosphere when things get grim around the Tower. While he sometimes gets on his teammates' nerves with his annoying wisecracks, erratic behavior (like always borrowing Cyborg's stuff and then losing it), and idiotic pranks, he is very valuable both in battle and as a companion and friend.

Beast Boy's relationship with fellow Teen Titan Terra went from good, to bad, to good, to horrible. Though they both cared for each other, Terra's betrayal of the Titans drove them too far apart, until the very end. The two embraced one last time before Terra sacrificed herself to save the city and it's inhabitants.

After a fight with Adonis, Beast Boy had his "inner-beast" unleashed. A fearsome werewolf type creature that was triggered when Beast Boy became extremely angered. The creature, a side-affect of a chemical that had fallen on him and Adonis, was eventually subdued by a serum that Cyborg concocted.

Raven: With a mystical power over inanimate objects, Raven is the most mysterious of the Teen Titans. Under her grim and sarcastic demeanor this puzzling Titans member is of invaluable aid to the team. With an unusual love for the dark and creepy (especially horror flicks and haunted houses), Raven often prefers the comfort of being alone and retreats to the comforting emptiness of her room in times of leisure. While not grim to the point of depressing, her more passive nature provides balance to a team of lively and often hyperactive members. While Raven often exudes creepy vibes and never hesitates to give her fellow team members a piece of her mind she is still a supportive and caring member of the group.Raven controls her power by maintaining a calm state of mind and restraining her emotions. When Beast Boy and Cyborg took a trip into her mind, they realized that behind Raven's calm exterior there lie many conflicting emotions and identities, including an "angry raven" that is represented by her father, Trigon. She often uses meditation to pacify her mind and keep her multi-faceted identity in check.Rising from his hardened lava encasement, Slade returnedand this time it was for Raven. Striking a deal with a new "master", Slade delivers a message to Raven that she will bring about the end of the world. Who's Slade true master is remains to be seen; but Raven undoubtedly knows more than she's letting on.

Cyborg: After a horrific accident, metal and flesh were bound together to create Cyborg. Cyborg is a hybrid of a human and a machine, and wields a massive sonic cannon capable of unleashing high-decibel blasts. Blessed with a powerful grip, superhuman strength, and a variety of other gadgets, Cyborg is the backbone of the Teen Titans. While Cyborg's robotic components are susceptible to digital assault and his power battery can run out of juice, his steadfast friendship provides strong physical and emotional support to the group. Despite the fact that Cyborg often loses his temper (especially in the face of adversity or significant annoyance), he is incredibly loyal and dedicated to his teammates. Having designed the T-Car all by himself, Cyborg is also an adept mechanic.

When Cyborg first infiltrated the H.I.V.E. academy as Victor Stone, he hoped to take down Brother Blood on his ownbut when he failed both the first and second times, Cyborg began to question his place in the Titans.

Cyborg later headed up the eastern division of Teen Titans, Titans East. Leaving the Titans in the West, Cyborg served as leader of the new Titan team, up until Brother Blood got involved. Using his technology against him, Cyborg was only able to defeat Brother Blood once he realized that it was his spirit that was able to resist Blood's control, not his tech.

Cyborg went back west with the Titans, leaving Bumble Bee in charge of Titans East.

Starefire: A powerful extraterrestrial being from the planet Tamaran, Starfire is the innocent newcomer to the group. Although she is still learning about the strange habits and foreign customs on the planet Earth, she remains a fierce fighter capable of firing extremely powerful energy blasts from her hands and flight. She is a warm-hearted, kind, and gentle friend that gets along well with all the other Teen Titans. A dedicated optimist, Starfire may have powers and abilities that she's not even aware of yet.

Like her sister, Blackfire, Starfire can now shoot bolts out of her eyessomething she gained when she went through a process called "transformation", in which a Tamaranian evolves. She was one of the few who went about it by a process called "Chrysalis", where a horn sprouts from the forehead, two additional horns from the neck, longer ears become visible, and the feet swell to a larger size as well; this all leads up to forming a cocoon around herself, which lasts only a few minutes. Unfortunately, during this stage of Chrysalis, she is defenselessand, had it not been for the other Titans, she would've been eaten by a Chrysalis Hunter, a white and red monster that goes through life waiting for a Tamaranian to go into this phase.

Starfire received a summons from Tamaran to come and wed her betrotheda man she had never met, but was forced to marry. Though it turned out to be a giant ploy by Blackfire, Starfire almost spent her life with the snot-monster Glgrdsklechhh. After she found out about the plan, Starfire overthrew Blackfire and gave the throne to Galfore, so she could return with her friends to earth. (too bad she had to come back, lol)

Robin: The undisputed leader of the Teen Titans, Robin relies on nothing more than his wit and fearless nature to hold the team together. Once the partner of the legendary vigilante Batman, Robin's leadership abilities, analytical skills, and raw courage are of invaluable aid to the team and the cause that they uphold. Along with his unbridled speed and agility, Robin also has a utility belt at his disposal which houses a variety of projectiles with a vast array of different effects, a retractable bo-staff and a cape made of high-density polymerized titanium that is ten times as strong as steel. From razor-sharp Bird-a-rangs and freeze-disks to complex circuitry capable of hacking the most intricate of portable computer systems, Robin almost always has the perfect tools for many different situations. His high level of preparedness for any battle combined with his unparalleled daring make him a fearless opponent ready for almost any situation.

Robin also brings his expertise to the Teen Titans as a group. His years of hardened experience and mental training allow him to effectively coordinate battles and provide the Titans with invaluable leadership skills. While he spends much of his time putting himself through rigorous training exercises, he is never too busy to chill out and have some fun with his fellow teammates. Robin realizes that effective leadership requires both respect and friendship, and he's always willing to help out the Titans with their problems or to just hang out.

While a dedicated and capable leader, Robin's got his fair share of issues, too. When crud goes down, Robin sometimes loses control of himself in his obsessive fervor to "catch the bad guy". This trait was expressed multiple times in Robin's attempts to catch the manipulative Slade: In one instance, Robin doubled as a criminal "Red X" for the express purpose of tricking Slade into forging a partnership with him. In another, Robin's fervor to leave his friends behind and catch Slade led him to be captured by Slade for the purpose of turning Robin into his apprentice.

Throughout everything that he's been through, his friends have always been with him. Even though Robin has proved himself multiple times to have the skills to defeat the rest of the superpowered Titans, he still considers his buddies to be his most valuable asset. With the help of his friends, Robin seems to have gotten a handle on this particular issue.

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