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If you have any story suggestions for my C2 groups, please PM the suggestions to my main user account, Keronshara, otherwise it might be months before I even see your message.

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Community: Janeway & Chakotay fics
Focus: TV Shows StarTrek: Voyager

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  1. AU Harry Sorting
    Books Harry Potter
  2. Batman & Wonder Woman ship fics
    Comics Justice League
  3. Harry & James, Lily
    Books Harry Potter
  4. Harry During Hogwarts Years
    Books Harry Potter
  5. Lily Evans and James Potter
    Books Harry Potter
  6. AU Harry Childhood
    Books Harry Potter
  7. Harry After Hogwarts
    Books Harry Potter
  8. Batman & WonderWoman ship fics
    Comics DC Superheroes
  9. Sara & Gil ship fics
    TV Shows CSI
  10. Beckett & Castle ship fics
    TV Shows Castle