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hi! wow your here! didn't think you'd actually come! cool so...

my name? michee g as some call me...shifty eyes anyways! Stuff I've written: a story called The Real World? about gannon and link of course...but some how gannon comes into the real world...this is what he would be thinking and look link is here too! and 2 girls are in the middle of it all! it's interesting...but i love reviews! if you like it of hate it i don't care just write a review! please?
i just took off a really dumb poem thingy yesterday
To Know or Forget- this is the second best thing i've ever written...maybe...
Can't Think Of A Title- i hadwritten this a long time ago before i even opened my fanfiction account and as sood as i did i decided to put it up...but that didn't happen cause i'm busy and i was using my free time working on my story and ...video games..._; tee hee. but now it's here! YAY! it goes along with the story All-American Girl by Meg Cabot.
Letters- a tragic love story 2 lovers are seperated but their love will last forever...or until they die...i wanted to write a sad story i guess, and don't worry it's not that dramatic. i kinda cried writing the last chapter...yeah it's done! Complete! cool huh?

hehe i'm typing up another zelda thingy and i have to figure out a title cause it'd be stupid to have 2 stories up with no titles! i'm not very good with titles... A We Bit About Myself:
i love manga although i'm not very good at drawing it i don't think but my friends like it...thats all that really matters to me. i wouldn't be classified as a tomboy or a girlie girl but a girl with two older brothers. so i guess that makes me kinda tough. (like playing football in the mud ha ha ha) but i'm still a girl (that doesn't make any sence) and i know how to take someone DOWN! evil chuckel I Read Real Books!! (as my dad puts it manga books arn't real books...i agree somewhat...there for fun)
i like long books cause i burn strait through short ones. that irratates me... so i love to read. but i don't read enough to say "pick a book i bet ya i've read it!" but my few fave authers are orison scott card (i am in the prosses of reading speaker for the dead YAY!), Michael Criten (can't spell his last name...yeah i know that doesn't help any! sorry)doug adams (brilliant!) I Love Movies!
there is a shortage of good movies out there...that's sad i like just about every type of movie...except horror...i like suspence rather then horror...blood's gross...esp when you can see someone getting shot...i'd rather see them get sliced in half with a sward...as long as they're not human, uruk-hai preferably...not that i love violence! but it does have it's place. i like to laugh and when i'm in the mood i like to cry MUSIC IS MY LIFE! well kinda... i'm the lead singer of a band (i'm not sure why) and rythem guitar (i'm getting better!) i love listening to music i don't like all types of it but i like more types then a lot of my friends. Games:
i love 'zelda' and ...metroid prime...i haven't beaten that yet cause my game cube shot up in flames...it's 7 years old and kinda tired. i beat OoT twice (once for my mom but thats another story) i like adventure games not to good at strat games. I BEAT SEPIROTH ON MY FIRST TRY!!! grily screech i'm so happy!!! ADVENT CHILDREN! AAHH!!! girly giggle so cool sigh... well thats all i want to tell you peps about my self so go ahead and read my stuff! read and review. _

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this is kinda sad. it's a MaLink i love maLinks! it's a poem really bad summary R&R plaese
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