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§ About me §

Hello, there! You may call me Stela or Ithil Hareth (meaning Lady of the Moon in Elvish, chosen for reasons unknown). I am a proud Canadian with surprisingly little tolerance for those ignorants who believe we are I-have-a-pet-beaver-eh people. Equally, I have much pride in my native homeland, former Yugoslavia, present Bosnia. My age you don't need to know, of course, and if you haven't guessed that I am a girl by my name, then someone should call a medical doctor quickly.

During my life I have gathered many passions, which I now believe act as the basis of my personality and dreams. For example, I love to read books of mostly fantasy, medieval, romance, action, murder, or comic base. I adore writing stories about life as I see it or wish to see it, love I dream to be lucky enough to have and give, and lessons that I believe shape us into who we are. I also enjoy playing piano with beautiful songs of both classical and popular styles. I like to draw until my eyes fall out of my head, mostly people or nature and currently an anime obsession base. Lastly, I have great passion in bugging the hell out of my sister, which seems to be a talent of mine. This of course is necessary, being a younger sister, and thus unavoidable. Oh, I've forgotten that I adore the outdoors, the place where any sort of inspiration can be born, as well as chocolate, one of God's greatest gifts to us.

My pet peeves are few, but strongly despised without a hint of regret. I often explode in annoyance when people talk in any form (whispering, yelling, whatever) during a movie, even if I don't like the movie. I consider feet a thing of evil with their disgusting stink and sweaty bulbous toes, ugh! Except for animal feet, of course. Dog paws are cute enough to earn squeals at sight. I also hate with a passion people who believe themselves greater than they are. In other words, those with noses being held higher than their foreheads until they walk into walls because they can't see where they're going. I also despise lies of any kind, mostly because guilt comes very easily to me and won't go away until I'm in a coffin. I don't believe I can remember any more for now.

To finish off my rant, I will comment that I have finished two fanfictions:
- The Mayu Flower
- His Last Words
As well as the first seven chapters in my third fanfiction, "Battle of the Shikon".

Never mind finishing off my rant because I have one more thing to say. If anyone who is reading this dares to have even the slightest moment of possibility of not checking out estrela jem's account and reading her fanfiction, I will personally hunt them down and set my lizards of doom on them until only their eyeballs are left. She is one of my best friends in the world and somewhat new to this site, but her amount of talent and determination to succeed is almost frightening. I take off my hat to her. True I hate hats, but if I liked hats then I would take it off to her.

By the way, Sabrina, I will read that series eventually.

"You laugh because I'm different. I laugh because you're all the same." By: Unknown

§ Favourite Books §

The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan
The Lord of the Rings trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien
The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling
Twilight and New Moon by Stephenie Meyer
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
The Naming by Alison Gorggon
Janey's Girl by Gayle Friensen
The Dirt Eaters by Dennis Foon
The Hatchet by Gary Paulsen
The Carved Box by Gillian Chan
The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Currently reading:
Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen

§ Favourite Animes §

Full Metal Alchemist
Host Club
Death Note
Fruits Basket

Currently watching:
Full Metal Alchemist (on episode 31, if I can find it)

§ Favourite Movies §

The Terminal
Forrest Gump
You've Got Mail
The Phantom of the Opera
The Lord of the Rings movies
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective movies
Pirates of the Carribbean 1 & 2
Patch Adams
I Am Sam

Currently drooling over:
Nothing really. Just waiting for a good movie to come out.

§ Updates §

I suppose this is an early sign of the apocalypse, but nonetheless, chapter seven is up. Please don't beat me to a pulp for taking so long. heh Anyway, I added a bunch of humour bits to lift the mood a bit before swinging it by my unofficial editor (the highly talented Sabrina; estrela jem) and posting it up. I'm a little rusty so constructive critisim would be VERY appreciated. I hope you like it and please remember to review! Thank you!

Note: This fanfiction is only a partial sequel to "His Last Words". It doesn't truly relate to the last story, but it does include it in its plot so it does contain spoilers. If you plan on reading this fanfiction, be prepared to read spoilers from the "His Last Words".

§ Reviews §

I must add a small side note to any and all reviews I receive for my fanfictions. If you would be so kind, please do not mention plot spoilers within the review regarding the chapters. Often people read reviews before they decide upon reading a fanfiction or not. From this I hope you can understand that a spoiler within the reviews would ruin the effect the chapter would originally have on a reader. Thank you very much and if you have any questions regarding this, feel free to message me instead. Thank you again and keep reading!

--The Mayu Flower--
Thank you everyone for the awesome reviews! I am so honoured how highly you think of my story, truly I am. lol All of you have been so supportive, it shocked me a little, but I couldn't be more thankful. My goal for this story was to first bring tears to your eyes, but then a smile that hopefully would last for a day or two, and I hope I was able to do so. A few people have asked for a sequel, but I'm sorry to say that I don't think I will be making one. This was a one-time story thing and a sequel just wouldn't fit very well. Anyway, thanks again for everything and I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

--His Last Words--
Many thanks to all the people who reviewed! I was aware that this fanfiction would not have as many reviews (since it is based on Sango and Kohaku instead), but I am very greatful to all the reviews I got. Thank you everyone and I hope you enjoyed reading it! Remember to read the sequel, "Battle of the Shikon". Thank you once more and please keep reading and reviewing!

--Battle of the Shikon--
I'm so thrilled at all the reviews I've been getting! The new chapter is only a couple days old and already I have about six reviews! Thank you so much for doing so and I'm really happy that you like my story so far! Sorry it has been rather sad lately. Don't worry though, the action is going to start real soon and then you'll get to see what I have planned for the ending! I can't wait to see your reactions. lol Anyway, to wrap up I want to thank you all one more time and to remind you to keep reading!

§ Previous Stories §

Name: The Mayu Flower
Category: InuYasha
Genre: Romance
Fiction Rating: T
Summary: Inspired from the Phantom of the Opera play. The well starts to seal itself off as a new romance blossoms in Kagome's heart. This inner battle becomes even more difficult when a sudden mistake nearly tears all of Kagome's trust for InuYasha to shreds. InuYasha is torn in two to decide what to do as Kagome's love weakens for him day by day and the ancient well threatens to keep Kagome from the Feudal Era forever. The race for love and the battle against time begins. Please read and review.
Chapters: 11
Status: Completed

Name: His Last Words
Category: InuYasha
Genre: Angst/Action/Adventure
Fiction Rating: T
Summary: When Kohaku's rebellious soul hesitates to kill on command, Naraku's patience wears thin. He decides that it is time for Kohaku's final task: killing Sango before turning the blade on himself. Little does Naraku know that while he sends the young demon slayer to his death, his plot is forced to undergo many changes. Will Sango survive her brother's attack? Who is changing Naraku's plan? Who will survive? Contains some Miroku and Sango fluff. Please read and review.
Chapters: 6
Status: Completed (with sequel underway)

§ Stories to Come §

Name: Battle of the Shikon
Category: InuYasha
Genre: Angst/Action/Adventure
Fiction Rating: T
Summary: As the problems with uprising demons continues, the danger and need to defeat Naraku once and for all climaxes drastically. Suddenly, the InuYasha group discovers the secret to killing Naraku. Unfortunately, it requires the death of Kagome. Will InuYasha let Kagome make the ultimate sacrafice? What if Naraku finds out about their lead? What of Kouga and Sesshomaru and Kikyou? Strange alliances and betrayals hidden behind every face, the group struggles to continue their run for survival. Comfortable fluff included (there's no chance in keeping that away, lol).
Chapters: 15 (may change)
Status: Incomplete (currently working on chapter 8)

Name: My Heart (title may change)
Category: InuYasha
Genre: Romance
Fiction Rating: T
Summary: (Summary cannot be posted until Battle of the Shikon is finished. Contains spoilers.)
Chapters: NA
Status: NA

New Story!
The Forgotten Age
Category: InuYasha
Genre: Action/Adventure/Drama
Fiction Rating: T
Summary: The time between the death of Izayoi, InuYasha's mother, and the meeting with Kikyou has always been a mystery in the life of the famous hanyou. Nearly a century and a half locked away within his mind, never to be opened. What did all those years contain to forge themselves into the cold-hearted warrior that is InuYasha? A terrible plot in the death of his mother? A fatal scheme between Sesshoumaru and InuYasha? Only the remains of memory in the golden eyes of a demon-blooded man hold the answers. Contains InuYasha's poor choice of curses and adult subject implications.
Chapters: Unknown
Status: In the planning-process

§ Translations §

Here are a few words that I include in my fanfictions some readers may not be familiar with. They are japanese terms I have learned in the past which have somehow found their way into my regular fanfiction lingo. If there are any I have not mentioned that I have used before, feel free to message me about it.

miko: priestess
hanyou: half-demon
taijiya: demon slayer
houshi: monk
kitsune: fox
youkai: demon
kusari-gama: chain-sickle (Kohaku's weapon)
hiraikotsu: flying bone (Sango's weapon)
kazaana: Air Void (Miroku's Wind Tunnel)
Goshinboku: Tree of Ages
neko youkai: cat demon
nomi youkai: flea demon
mo-bakama: apron
kosoda: kimono/dress
kotodama no nenju: InuYasha's enchanted rosary

§ Author's Note §

Tues. Dec. 26, 2006: 5:24 PM
It's official: I'm the laziest updater in the world. I have my story plot written down and everything, but I have no inspiration for InuYasha anymore. I adored the story at first, but my interests had broadened to other animes and novels so I doubt that I will be finishing any current fanfictions. There's always a chance, but slim right now. I sincerely apologize but I cannot force myself to write something without an inclination. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed them while they lasted and happy holidays!!!!

"Life is not the moments of breath you take, but the moments that take your breath away." By: Unknown

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