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Author has written 4 stories for Dynasty Warriors, Avatar: Last Airbender, and Assassin's Creed.

Hobbies: hockey (I play on and off ice, all positions, inc. goalie). taekwondo (been a black belt in the Han Mu Kwan system for over 10 years). agonizing over 100% completions in video games. not a dedicated runner, but training for my first 5K Warrior Dash for kicks and gigs.

Fav Authors: Brandon Sanderson, Patrick Rothfuss, Robin Hobb, J.R. Ward, George R.R. Martin.

Fav Games: currently on an Assassin's Creed fix, Dynasty Warriors in all it's incarnations, God of War, Zelda (like most of 'em, but am partial to Twlight Princess 'cause Midna is AWESOMENESS), Final Fantasy X - XIII.

Fav Music: METAL BABY! \m/ Metallica, Dommin, Therion, Rammstein, Haggard, Halestorm, Lacrimus Profundere, H.I.M., Poisonblack, Apocalyptica, Kamelot, Disturbed, Godsmack, Breaking Benjamin, the Rasmus, Within Temptation, Nightwish, Lacuna Coil, five Finger Death Punch, Bullet for my Valentine, We Are the Fallen, Korpiklaani, Agalloch, and some of the local bands like Deadwood Stone and Fled Five.

Just for fun, my Assassin OCs (in order of appearance): *story spoilers included, so read up first!*

Alessa Ricci:

Age: mid-twenties

Height: 65inches/1.65m

Features: long dark hair, dark eyes, scar on cheek, amputated left ring finger

Fighting Style: Daggers, free-running

Non-Martial Skills: Metal-working & basic blacksmith, painting

Personality: forthright, sensitive, protector-role, thrill-seeker

History: husband, Vittorio Ricci, killed by Borgia; father, Alessandro Lopresti, died of natural causes, mercenary for Bartolomeo; no remaining family

Dino Demasi:

Age: late-twenties

Height: 77inches/1.95m

Features: finger length dark hair, dark eyes, no distinguishing scars/marks

Fighting Style: brawler/grappler, main weapon TBD

Non-Martial Skills: doctor, herbalist, poisons

Personality: blunt, outspoken, nervous of heights, simple & honest worldview

History: wife, Angelina Demasi, herbalist, killed by Borgia; no known remaining family

Tullio Sozzi:

Age: mid-twenties

Height: 70inches/1.77m

Features: chin length blonde hair, grey/blue/green eyes depending on mood, heavily scarred face and torso, stocky/big shoulders/chest

Fighting Style: primitive, berserker, main weapon TBD

Non-Martial Skills: singing, keyboard instrument, musical composition, poetry

Personality: introspective, perceptive, good judge of social cues

History: youngest son of noble family in northern Italy, enslaved and tortured by the Borgia, family slaughtered to gain access to their lands

Markku Loikannen:

requested by * Potzy375 *

Age: early thirties

Height: 73inches/1.85m

Features: finger length brown hair (usually mussed), reddish beard (when growing), green eyes, broad forehead, slightly tilted eyes, tall & wiry

Fighting Style: long range, bombs

non-Martial Skills: chemistry, explosives, ballistics

Personality: borderline schizophrenic, pyromaniac, intelligent, pragmatic, logical when it comes to social situations as opposed to emotional & reactionary

History: born to an Italian mother in Italy to a Finnish father, spent time in teenage years in Finland, forced laborer for the Borgia

Remo da Roma:

requested by * TL Monkey *

Age: late teens

Height: 68inches/1.73m

Features: green eyes, black hair

Fighting Style: unknown

non-martial skills: unknown

Personality: unknown

History: former Follower of Romulus, betrayed FOR to save Alessa's life

Minor OCs:


Thieves: Adriano (working Thief), Marco (Trainer for Assassin recruits)

Courtesans: Mina

Mercenaries: Orfeo & Luca (bouncers for Rosa in Fiore)


Thieves: Dmitriy (Master Thief), Elena (Independent)

Courtesans: Talya

Mercenaries: Khiril (Dino's trainer)

Nobles: Vitaliy (Prince of Moscow), Nikolai

Other: Irina (novice sister of Orthodox church), Pavel (retainer of Nikolai)

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