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Hi:) Some of my stories will have "UsPplz" jokes. But they're mostly one-shot, and they're clearly marked for UsPplz. LOL.

Well, where to start... I'm a crazy teenager obsessed with HP, InuYasha, and fairy tale (well, writing them, not reading them) fanfictions.

I Love:

GINNY/DRACO! -- seriously! They're so perfect!

Hermione/Ron -- Well, duh.

Draco/Cho -- If you're going to make Draco and Cho look like total and complete idiots, they might as well be a couple... Although, I don't see many people agreeing with me...

InuYasha/Kagome -- As if this isn't obvious enough...

Sango/Miroku -- If only Miroku wasn't so perverted and Sango wasn't so violent...

Rin/Sesshomaru -- This is only OK if you make Rin as old as Kagome, but if you leave her at her actual age, that's just wrong.

I Hate:

SLASH --OMG, don't even get me started. I'm not biased against homosexuals or bisexuals or anything; it's just that these fics tend to be very, very graphic.

Hermione/Snape -- EW... he's like three or four times her age!

Harry/Ginny -- Harry and Ginny... I don't know why I dislike it... I guess it's just too happy for me... Anyways, I kinda like the "dark side"...

InuYasha/Kikyo -- I mean come on people! Yeah, yeah, they used to be in love... but she's dead ok!

Rin/Sesshomaru -- See comment above.

ANYBODY/Naraku -- Sorry, Naraku, but face the facts: you're a mean and ugly butt.

Funny moments (If you dont' get this, you don't have to):



Annie: Sandstorm!

Sej: Allo allo!

Piggy: How do they make the jellies light up?

Me to Annie: Who's Anton? You mean from Challenger? Our Anton? Who's Anton? Oh, my bad...

Pline: Cody! Your stalkers are here!

Winny: Yay! (aligns her desk with the rest of the desks) I'm straight!
Sai: I hope you are!

Cindy: Fine! I'll just play Mafia all by myself!

Me: I'm so fat!
Pline: No you're not!
Me: I'm paranoid!
Pline: Yes, you are... but you're not fat!

Me: 'Cause I'm... just dat cool!

Ann: AHH! Communism!

Pretend phone conversation with me playing "Me" and "Cody" -- a.k.a. Steamboat phonecall
Me: Cody, make the steamboat noise...
Cody: OK, Pauline, Supriya, Samantha Ma, I'm NOT going to make the steamboat noise, so go away!
Me: DO IT! (in scary voice) We can see you!
Cody: But there are no windows in my room...
Me: (in scary voice) We know...
Cody: (looks around)
Me: Stop looking around because you won't find us! Don't move! (in scary voice) or we'll GET you!

Supyash: What the Fish!
Pline: KM Arm!
Supyash: Whatev.
Pline: Gangsta!

Sej: Whatever you do... don't... laugh
Whoever she's talking to: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Ann hits her head on the door frame... That's what you get for being a tall person in China!

Sej: Yoyoyo!

Me and Miche (using the stars in YIM): Let's make a pyramid!

Nikitato Winny: I'm funny.
Winny (blushing): He's not even here!

Sej: You're lying!

Nikki: Code indigo.

Ann = Jack Sparrow (Hahahaha!)

Cody's hair... funny in itself.

Sej: Winny's blushing brown!

Ann: True or false: Turtles are plants
Ann's sis: True...
Ann: Okay, next question--WAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIT...

Winny: I'm hot... What? I don't mean it like that!

Nikita/Danielle: YESSSSSS! (with the Napoleon Dynamite arm thing...)

Sammi's "calling" Sasuke on the plane from D.C.!

Mr. Surkan: ...and women tend to be more graceful than men
Ann: (accidentally falls off chair)

Miche: Really? It tastes just like mine... (Haha... remember the Cheese Shop sandwich!)

(Over if the metallic butterfly decorations were yellow or green)
Me and Adri: YELLOW!
Everyone else: GREEN!
Me and Adri: YELLOW!
Everyone else: GREEN!
Me and Adri: YELLOW!
Everyone else: GREEN!
Lunchladies: SSSSHH!

Sammi hearts Sasuke!

Pling's rock
Renny's sock
and Piggy's Gollum... lol

Ann to Nikki: Stop flexing your Gogurt!

Pauline: But she's not your mom!

Me: And slips of YYYOOOUUU!

Denzy: By Charles Sluts

B.E.M.-- I can't believe that's in the dictionary!

Me to Annie: Let's sue the mango companies for making defective oranges!

Ann and Piggy: Stork in the wind!

Annie: He said he wants 'Most likely to be the next Brett Favre.'
Me: What?
Annie: He said he wants 'Most likely to be the next Brett Favre.'
Me: What!
Annie: He said he wants 'Most likely to be the next Brett Favre!'
Me: WHAT! He wants to be the next 'Butt Farm'!
Sammi, Miche, Annie, and Me: HAHAHAHAHA! (Well, they ALMOST sound the same!)

Pline: Boys suck!
Piggy: Men suck!
Pline: Life sucks!
Piggy: The world sucks!
Pline: Oh look, Marky!
Piggy: PLINE!

(In D.C. at 2 AM)
Annie, Sammi, and Miche: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Everyone: SILENCE...
Me: (Thinking: I'm the only sane one here...) (bursts out randomly) HAHAHAHA!
Everyone: HAHAHAHAHAHA! (We're insane... laughing RANDOMLY at 2 AM!)

(In D.C.) 7:27 AM

Ron: (sigh) Hermione...
Hermione and Ginny: (sigh) Harry...
Harry: (sigh) Cho...
Cho: WAAHHH...

Me: I'LL SEE YOU AT SCHOOOOOLLLL! (With funky hand movements)

About the Stories:

Drisella's Dilemma: New chapter coming up on August 21
Left at the Alter: Currently on hold
Are You My Prince Charming: COMPLETE
A Dream Gone Wrong: Currently on hold

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