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16:00 When I receive mean-spirited reviews, I usually don't reply to them, because the people in question have a right to their own emotional opinion. Today, I am in a different mood, so I've decided to write, answer and criticise criticisms! My reasons for doing this is because I have read many story reviews which are fair and others which are quite unkind to writers; reviews that personally insult the authors, reviews that aren't constructive and/or opinionated. So here are my replies to some (summarised) reviews and criticisms, not just for me, but for everyone who is too polite or not bothered to answer them. It may sound bitter and sarcastic, but I don't hold a deep, seething grudge against reviewers; some, on the other hand, need to be told. Blame it on miscommunication over letters and emails (which happens approx. 73 percent of the time). Hopefully, this might educate people before they write a review. I might and will offend some people, but it's expected.

What the doolie happened in the story arc?!

A/N: Some people tend to question non-canonical ideas presented in fanfictions, to the point where people have to repeatedly mention the words 'non-canon' in their introductions. People should expect the unexpected and take it in stride, that's what makes the story exciting! Also, I don't think there's a need to actually tell the readers it's non-canonical; it's seems to insult the writer's creativity (with expectancy to conform) and the intelligence of the reader.

People write stories 'cause it's what they like and hope that in publishing it, they can find like-minded people and share the same feelings about it too! It's called expressing oneself.

I don't like the way you've written -insert character here-! He's not like that and is acting out of character! You've interpreted them wrong!

Polite answer: I understand that your perceptions are different than mine about this character and even if we may not see him/her/it in the same light, I hope we can understand each others views and opinions.

Answer to the undesirable gits: I guess that's why this is called fanfiction, on fanfiction.net. Non-canonical. -Character- may not be poetic to you, but it's not a flaming, angst-ridden, doomed-to-prostitution gimp either! Who died and made you king/drag queen?

A/N: Misunderstanding a die-hard fan is understandable, but unjustifiable arrogance is not. The worst is when people think they can discard their manners, just because they've built a false sense of self-worth on themselves based on 'popularity', through reviews and page counts. Porn sites get lots of page counts too. No one's measuring anyone on a giant Popularity Meter, because that's reserved among the superficial/deluded.

Your English sucks (moan, gripe, nit-pick)...

Rude answer: Of course it does. Do I look like a poet laureate to you?

A/N: Unless the person asks for critique, lay off. If you want to be helpful, be polite. People make mistakes all the time, whether they know it or not.

British/American English?!

(The comma to the answer below is optional)

Rude answer: So? You can still read, right?

A/N: I personally like British English (or what's left of it), but I don't see why people have to make a big fuss over this issue. I do whinge about it once in a while, but I'm not going to pitch-fork anyone, anytime soon. There are so many different variations of English, so there's no need to worry over something small, like colour. Or color. If it's a genuine spelling mistake, then tell the author politely.


A/N: Do I have to explain this? Fine. Yaoi is Japanese for super, ultra gay guys. Sometimes having sex. All the time. If you know what it means and don't like it, why are you still clicking on the fanfic clearly labeled 'YAOI-WITH-EVENTUAL-BUMMING'? Also, this may not be an accurate, textbook, P.C. meaning of yaoi, but I'm sure it's pretty close.

Your story is shit!

Reasonable answer: I guess that explains why you're hovering over it.

A/N: Insults are cheap.

I don't like it!

A/N: Then stop reading it. fanfiction.net and its writers have given their stories enough genres, ratings and warnings, yet people still read what they don't like, out of sadist curiosity or just to remind themselves of the bitter after-taste. If you don't like something, don't take it out on people who enjoy it.

I can't think of any more, but if you've received an unfair review or just wanna share opinions, 's cool. All in all, maybe it's just a misunderstanding, a miscommunication, or verbal misconduct, but I hope people don't get cranky or jump to conclusions. Live your own lives! Have a good day.

01:53 Hello everyone. It's been a while since I'm here and I apologise to those people whose reviews I haven't replied to yet (I have now, hope you got them). I'm not sure which are new and which I've already sent a reply to, 'cause of the new FANTASTICcoughshitcough settings on this site; thanks a bloody fecking lot, fanfiction.net. I don't see why I have to stare at a loading bar for GRAPHS, detailing people's nationality and frequency of visits to stories by chapters, months and even days from reading a fanfic. Wow, if I wanted to know where they lived, I'd a/s/l them, not unintentionally stalk the poor viewers of this site. I'm up for new things, not new BS thrown in my face.

Rant aside, thank you to those people who've enjoyed my fanfics, whether they are members here or not.

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