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Author has written 21 stories for Star Ocean, Dinotopia, Tenchi Muyo, Star Wars, X-Men: Evolution, MÄR, Jet Grind Radio, Bleach, Pokémon, Sekirei, Kingdom Hearts, and Deadpool.

Old Slogan: Redraptor: You fear the raptor, the raptor don't fear you!

New Slogan: Ice yo' self! Bitch!

Old Motto: "Question all authority. Even the ones that you like."

Favorite Line: "Bad guys do what good guys dream" - Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Favorite Game Titles:

Panzer Dragoon series

Jet Set Radio Future

Musashi: Samurai Legend

Star Ocean series

Tales of Symphonia series

Kingdom Hearts series

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

Pokemon (Color games, Colosseum, XD)

Digimon World series (2-4)

True Crime series


No More Heroes series

Assassin's Creed series

X-Men Legends/Marvel: Ultimate Alliance series

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

Ninja Blade

Soul Calibur series

.hack series

Fable III

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

Things I Dislike: Pokemon shows (you heard), Spiders, President Bush (who doesn't), Digimon shows, Soulja Boy (Tell'em)

Favorite Music: Rap (Snoop Dogg, Ice-T, and the Wu-Tang Clan are my favorites in this genre), Video Game Music (Jun Senoue, Motoi Sakuraba, and Soari Kobayashi are my favorites in this genre)

Favorite Characters:

Deadpool (Marvel) (The Merc With a Mouth and my all time favorite American comic book character. Red and black ain't no friend of Jack where the Crimson Nutcase is involved, but it's a color scheme I can't help but to get behind. Plus what's better than a ninja with funnier potshots during a battle than a drunken insult comic at a stand-up comedy club during happy hour? Still, people always forget that Deadpool is more than just a pun. He's also a badass assassin with skills that are on the level or surpass Wolverine's. A formidable rival or valuable ally who can change the tide of battle in an instant. And while he is a quick-witted man, that is only a blanket to hide the turmoil and pain he has suffered and endured throughout his years. As he had once said, he only acts insane to go from being insane, but also wants the world to know that he isn't just a killing machine without a sense of honor or conscience)

Spider-Man (Marvel) (The Friendly Neighborhood Wallcrawler. When I was a kid, he was my favorite hero. He'd joke during fights, he swung through the city, and he'd get plenty of tail. Not bad for a guy who started as a typical high-school nerd hiding from bullies)

Spider-Man 2099 (Marvel) (The future version of the hero we've all known and love since 1962. He started out as just some punk kid genius, but after an incident at the lab, he became a futuristic hero who fought to keep the world safe from a corrupt company and later became a beacon of enlightenment for the universe. You came pretty far, kid)

Carnage (Marvel) (The sickest, most twisted murdering psychopath to hit this side of the comics since the Joker. Compared to Venom, he'd make his symbiote father look as tame as a pussy cat)

Batman (DC) (Come on! He's the goddamn Batman! DC's resident anti-hero who's a billionaire industrial tycoon by day and one of the biggest badass crimefighters by night. He's one of those few examples that show you don't have to be a superpowered freak to be a legend (hell, the guy can think of ways to stop superheroes and supervillains alike. Though whether it's paranoia or simple shits and giggles beats me))

Deathstroke (DC) (Before there was Deadpool, there was another badass mercenary with a healing factor whose skills could pay for an international chain of restaurants. Slade Wilson was an ex-soldier subjected to torturous experiments that made him one of the deadliest assassins of his universe. Unlike his Marvel doppelganger, he's a man of focus and fury; feared for his cruelty in battle while respected for his skills. Throughout his career, Deathstroke has gone against all manner of opponents: from Nightwing and his Teen Titans, to the undead, and even the Justice League while still remaining on top. He has even fought on even footing with Batman, one of the greatest combatants in the world, and still managed to beat him.)

Dinobot (Beast Wars) (God I loved the Beast Wars and he was the main reason why. A former Predacon who became a Maximal not because he had an epithany, but because he saw his leader as an incompetent purple coward. Even so, he showed that he was a great hero with a sense of pride and honor fit for a samurai. And he died twice as a badass (the second time was after he was a brainwashed clone who remembered his true self))

Blackarachnia (Beast Wars) (The sexy, cunning spider who stayed a Predacon most of the time, and a badass Maximal near the end of the series. What can you say except she was simply awe-inspiring)

Airazor (Beast Wars) (The falcon from the first couple seasons. Though she didn't have much screentime, she was still pretty cool during each appearance)

Starscream (Transformers) (Whenever you think about the Decepticons, the first (or at least second) name that comes to mind is Starscream. While his voice maybe as shrill as most singers using high pitches, his mind is as sharp as ever. He's cold, calculating, and treacherous who more than once made Megatron his bitch. You got to give it to a guy that can overthrow his evil dictator boss just so he can sit in the high chair. And even after the boss comes back and gives him 'a stern talking to', he does it again a month later. And even after all that, Starscream is still in Megatron's good graces. I guess Megs figures it as being a kind of multi-yearly workout regimen until he can fit into his Galvatron suit)

Jack (Samurai Jack) (Jack is the epitome of awesome. His skills in combat and oilshed are only matched by his generosity and conviction. You would think that after being flung hundreds of years in a future filled with more scum and villainy than a Tatooine bar, he'd have thrown away his sword and lived life as a hermit. Wrong! Apparently, he's more driven than before and will do all he can to defeat the evil that is Aku! Someone please finish this story up!)

Daffy Duck (WB) (The duck that always gets second fiddle to the rabbit. He's more outspoken and nuts than the rest of the cast (save for Taz))

Donald Duck (Disney)

Stewie Griffin (Family Guy)

Bart Simpson (The Simpsons)

Homer Simpson (The Simpsons)

Afro (Afro Samurai) (If you're looking for a swordsman that has been consumed and then spat out by the beast that is revenge, look no further than Afro. He's a cold, merciless ronin that wants nothing more out of life than fulfilling his goal. Whether you're man, woman, child, or autonomous abomination, you get in his way, you're only gonna end up as sushi. His skill in swordplay is more than a match for any foe, no matter the fiction)

Ninja-Ninja (Afro Samurai) (You think your imagination runs wild? Afro's is pretty much its own man. Ninja Ninja is a brash, cocky, arrogant, but comedic embodiment of Afro. Born from the feelings the character tossed behind, he is the voice of reason (part of the time) and mania (almost all the time))

Haseo (.hack) (A PC who started out as an innocent and confused Adept Rogue. It was only after he was betrayed by a pair of PK's and met Ovan that his adventure truly began. Now he's a badass PKK and a force to be reckoned with. His only goal is to take down Tri-Edge. Not because he nearly destroyed him, but because his friend Shino is in a coma. However, his trail of vengeance will lead him on routes of conspiracy, and roads to new alliances)

Lloyd Irving (TOS)

Sheena Fujibayashi (TOS)

Yuri Lowell (TOV)

Judith (TOV)

Fayt Leingod (SO3)

Nel Zelpher (SO3)

Maria Traydor (SO3)

Edge Maverick (SO4)

Myuria Tionysus (SO4)

Huey Freeman (Boondocks)

Riley Freeman (Boondocks)

Cereza "Bayonetta" Balder (Bayonetta)

Jeanne (Bayonetta)

Wes (Pokemon) (The badass, blue trenchcoat wearing, silent anti-hero of the Pokemon universe. Hailing from Orre and teaming up with Rui, trusty Espeon, and dependable Umbreon, he was originally a member of a gang of Pokemon theives known as Team Snaggem. Wanting to stop the bandits' new scheme with the underground organization called Cipher, Wes stole a snag machine and blew up the base before starting his trip to liberate Shadow Pokemon. This is the kind of hero you'd want in an anime. Move over Ash Ketchum for this guy should be getting top billing)

Cynthia (Pokemon) (One of the series famous Champions and an accomplished archaeologist. In battle, she is said to have some of the strongest Pokemon ever trained. Outside of battle, she is very refined and wise for her youthful age and enjoys nothing better than to sit on a park bench and eat some ice cream)

Flannery (Pokemon) (The passionate, red hot gym leader from Lavaridge City in Hoenn. While she's wet behind the ears when it comes to managing her grandfather's gym, her style of battling is still fresh and powerful)

Riley (Pokemon)

Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonic)

Espio the Chameleon (Sonic)

Barriss Offee (Star Wars)

General Grievous (Star Wars)

Mace Windu (Star Wars)

Cad Bane (Star Wars)

Galen "Starkiller" Marek (Star Wars)

Yo-Yo (JSRF)

Cube (JSRF)

Travis Touchdown (NMH)

Alice Twilight (NMH)

Ryuji (NMH)

Juri Han (SF)

Hero (Red Steel 2)

Lagi (Panzer Dragoon) (A pure-bred, bio-engineered beast from the forgotten Ancient Age known as a Dragon. This creature has appeared many times in history and took on a number of forms, all of which were powerful enough to destroy power-hungry empires. Its reason for fighting is to finally free mankind from the remains of a destructive culture that had turned the world into a near inhospitable place)

Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach) (When it comes to anime heroes, you can't skip Ichigo Kurosaki, A high school student and a tough-as-nails contender, he became a shinigami after encountering one Rukia Kuchiki. Once he gained his powers, Ichigo vowed to use these supernatural abilities to guard Karakura Town and those close to him from hollows and other threats of the spirit realm)

Nemu Kurosutchi (Bleach) (A relatively silent protagonist who faithfully serves the twelfth division as both lieutenant and research assistant)

Rangiku Matsumoto (Bleach)

Hanataro Yamada (Bleach)

Kenpachi Zaraki (Bleach)

Toshiro Hitsugaya (Bleach)

Shikamaru Nara (Naruto)

Killer Bee (Naruto) (Reppin' from the village of the clouds, it's the greatest rapper in ninja history (perhaps in his own mind, anyway). A powerhouse shinobi, he is both the vessel of the eight-tailed ox and adopted brother of the current Raikage, E. Though despite these qualifications, all he ever wants is to lay back and find inspiration for his hip-hop career)

Temari (Naruto)

Anko Mitarashi (Naruto)

Ruby Tojo (RV) (A witch who resided in a patch of sunflowers with her mistress after her parents were killed in an accident. In the beginning, she once hated humanity with a passion that would have made Magneto applaud. However, after meeting the hero Tsukune and his party, her cold heart melted. Ever since, she became an assistant to the school's chairman and joined the Newspaper Club. All so that she could be closer to Tsukune. She is a skilled spellcaster whose powers rival those of Moka. While she acts calm and level-headed, in reality, she is the biggest pervert in the young man's entourage who exhibits submissive tendencies)

Kazehana (Sekirei) (A lusty lush that you gotta love. This is a woman that lives to party and drink, never far away from a bottle of sake. She's the very image of seduction and will flaunt her luscious curves and large bust to get a rise from those around her. Though despite this, she's a hopeless romantic who's loyalty to her Ashikabi is unwavering)

Tsukiumi (Sekirei) (When it comes to Sekirei, few are as emphatic as this hydrokinetic. Between her classy, though still revealing attire and heavy accent, this blonde is someone that can command an entire room. Still, despite her rough-around-the-edges nature, she's the definition of tsundere and is willing to fight for the death for those she loves)

Haihane (Sekirei) (If life and death are a game, then why not cut loose and have a little fun? That's this Sekirei's outlook in a nutshell. Despite her metal claws, she's a powerful and agile foe who uses her speed and the environment itself to gain an advantage over her enemies. Though outside of battle, even with her frightening appearance, she's really just an easy-going girl who is content with throwing jokes and relaxing the day away)

Favorite Pairings:

FaytxNel (SOTTEOT) (The real canon pairing in my opinion. You can't help but feel the chemistry between these. Also, whenever they're together in a scene, PA or not, they both seem to have a lot in common. Need more proof, check the dungeon scene after you finish the game. This is an underrated coupling that has been overshadowed by the boom in AlbelxNel and yaoi fics. I honestly don't see the draw to those. Just another of those crazy opposites attract situation that wouldn't be for real)

FaytxMaria (SOTTEOT) (Clearly, she began having a thing for him way before they met. And if anything, the ending scene was pretty fun to watch. Though the dungeon part was a little... dry. Still, when it comes to understanding personal situations and their roles as powerful guinea pigs, these two have an instant click as soon as they meet. And if you want to get all fluffy about it, think of them as literal star-crossed lovers who have been separated by time and distance due to unseen circumstances)

AlbelxMirage (SOTTEOT) (Come on! These two are practically two sides of the same coin. It's like they would have a kind of chemistry, if you think about it. A lot more than I can say when paired with Cliff or Nel. Albel comes off as this haughty, confident, fierce loner who strives for a challenge and thrives off negativity. Mirage, though gentle and kind, is more refined and has an unwavering inner strength, though still maintains a sense of mystery and curiosity. Albel wouldn't just see her as a challenge in battle, but someone worthy of thought and focus. Out of all the fics I've seen during the Star Ocean section's hayday, this is the rarest. Aside from my fanfic, there have only been two oneshots and one actual story that used this couple as a secondary pairing. So much potential has been forgotten. Way better than that boom in the same old pairings. Thanks a lot, fangirls)

MariaxNel (SOTTEOT) (It's a good yuri pairing. Or at the very least, a breath of fresh air compared to the NelxClair fics out there. What? I can't get my jollies imagining these two together? )

EdgexMyuria (SOTLH) (I liked SO4. But what it was lacking was the actual importance of how the Private Actions would effect the storyline and endings like the previous installments (and the extra costumes like its predecessor, but I digress). At least in TTEOT, you were able to see pairings with the main hero. Anyway, if they did implement this feature, I bet the scene at the ship's bar would have ended entirely differently. Edge wouldn't had acted snide or cocky and Myuria would have actually wanted to pursue a relationship with the young captain/hero. At least, that's what I think. It's like comparing these two to Ichigo and Yoruichi, if you think about it. Both have very attractive, exotic, yet highly studious female characters flirting with young, prudish, somewhat insecure leading males. And while the women get on the guys' nerves, both know they can rely on them whenever things get serious. Plus, like I said, there are hints that the pairing could have worked out)

EdgexSarah (SOTLH) (I don't know... They just look so cute Besides, it's a welcome change than something so transparent as EdgexReimi)

FaizexReimi (SOTLH) (It's more understandable compared to EdgexReimi. These two are more intellectually sophisticated. Reimi wants to know more about the universe around her and Faize can share his knowledge. Also, I would've seen Reimi doing whatever she could to ease Faize's suffering when he lost the girl to a cult's sacrifice)

LukexTear (TOTA) (A default pairing I actually enjoy. Glad it's canon)

SenelxChloe (TOL) (Has the elements of a good couple. Both are strong and started out as rivals. Then they became closer as the story progressed (though Senel was a bit slow to pick up her hints, you know). Plus that scene at the end of the character quest was pretty nice. Take that, Shirley!)

SenelxGrune (TOL) (Heh. Even I gotta admit, it's just a guilty crack)

SenelxNorma (TOL) (They just look so...

ChloexNorma (TOL) (There's always been a lot of chemistry between these two. They became fast friends not long after they met and became something like sisters joined at the hip)

LloydxSheena (TOS) (The real canon pairing of this part of the series if you ask me. The crimson swordsman and the lavender kunoichi are both so similar yet have enough differences to cover the other's weaknesses. Plus the scene where Sheena gets kidnapped by Mithos shows their mutual affection to one another. And then there's Sheena still gushing over Lloyd in the second game and the show of intimacy if the player chooses her as Lloyd's best teammate. It's too bad that we may not see anymore of Sheena, though. Even with the proven romantic interest between the two and sizable fanbase, the chances of her appearing in the third Radiant Mythology is zero. That's what I call discriminatory considering that the rest of the playable party will be involved)

LloydxRaine (TOS) (It's just funny and cute. Besides, you can see there's some pretty deep respect between intelligence and determination. In the second game, I was pretty surprised that Lloyd actually confessed to Raine. Makes you wonder if this is a possible pairing. Hell, worked in Godannar, right?lol)

SheenaxRaine (TOS) (Just cause it's one of the few yuri couplings I like that hasn't been drowned over and over. The two are both quite intelligent and have strengths that cover different ends of the spectrum)

YurixJudith (TOV) (The flirty, spear-wielding, dragon-riding elf woman and a secretive, poker-faced, smooth-talking ex-knight. Not a bad pair. There's some pretty deep respect and trust between the two, which is hard for people like them in a world where they live. IMO, it's canon)

YoyoxCube (JSRF) (I just like it 'cause they look so badass together. A clever, silver-tongued little nut and a punkish, cunning ex-leader of the monstrous Poison Jam. It's possible that the two might have known each other before the events of the game considering that Cube was the first to realize that the "Yoyo" betraying the GG's was actually an upgraded Noise Tank known as NT-3000)

YoyoxJazz (JSRF) (It's just fun to imagine. Besides, it would be a breath of fresh air from the pairing with him and Rhyth)

MusashixMycella (Musashi: Samurai Legend) (A samurai and a princess. The sword of a hero and magic of a royal. Determination and duty. Nice)

MusashixFontina (Musashi: Samurai Legend) (They had their rough spots when they first met, but the two started to show some respect for one another's ability. Too bad the game doesn't let you explore and build relationships. It also sucks that there won't be a direct sequel anytime soon...)

MusashixIstara (Musashi: Samurai Legend) (The two are both strong and skilled sword fighters. Hell, I bet Istara would've been a great help in the battle against the bad guy)

MusashixClochette (Musashi: Samurai Legend) (Okay, no real reason for this one. I just like the cracked possibilities)

WesxCynthia (There should really be more stories with this pairing. These two trainers are well known in their home regions for their legendary strength, battle styles, and badass trenchcoats. Seriously, when you wear coats like those, all who thought of challenging you start to shiver just as soon as they open their mouth. I wonder what would happen if these two should ever join forces? It would be a battle of the century and would put the "power" in power couple)

IchigoxNemu (Bleach) (Have you heard of that story about Rapunzel? Or how about the one where the knight fights to save the princess against the terrifying dragon? You might be thinking, "this applies to Orihime during the Hueco Mundo arc or Rukia during the Soul Society arc than Nemu." Maybe. But then you have to remember that Mayuri, who fits the role of dragon and inquisitor perfectly, has been riding his daughter ragged ever since she was born/created. The lieutenant has lived life like a servant and became emotionless as a result. Ichigo is like a badass, yet noble, black knight who detests seeing people used and sacrificed. I bet once Ichigo learned of the treatment Mayuri applies to his daughter, the substitute would rush to her rescue in no time. And even though Nemu is strong, capable, and used to the torture, she still needs someone fearless and powerful to stand behind. Someone with the power to set her free and show her what it means to live life)

IchigoxRangiku (Bleach) (I think that Ichigo is the guy who Rangiku's looking for. Someone who's strong, badass, awesome, determined, morally driven, but still willing to do whatever it takes to save those closest to him. And I think Rangiku is the type of woman that would be able to get Ichigo out of his shell. All I can say is that this pairing makes a bit more since than IchigoxOrihime or GinxRangiku (though ToshiroxRangiku is barely enough. This is what happens when you put too much attention on a strong, platonic or childhood friendship). Anyway, I just want to see more interaction between the two and I believe Tite missed an opportunity between Tatsuki pointing out how beautiful she is for a friend of Ichigo's just before the strawberry swordsman went into battle with Aizen to protect her and the rest of his friends. Too bad this pairing is almost non-existent because everyone's still pining over Gin and a childhood bond. He's dead, people. Move on)

IchigoxYoruichi (Bleach) (Just like with Rangiku, I think Yoruichi's the kind of woman who can teach Ichigo more than just fighting techniques, if you know what I mean. Plus, there's never a dull moment between them. One minute they're serious about the situation at hand and are on the same page. The next second, Ichigo's trying his best to avoid gazing at Yoruichi's naked form. Even so, it's clear that Ichigo can rely on Yoruichi at a moment's notice and Yoruichi has faith in Ichigo's capabilities)

IchigoxLisa (Bleach) (When it comes to pairings, I believe these two would have the most chemistry. Both are possessors of a dark inner power within them that was created from experiments which effected their very souls. They fight not for glory or fame, but to protect those who are dear to them. And even though they are surrounded by friends, the two are loners that stay distant from their circles. They're both the same if you look closely, though Ichigo is surprisingly shyer despite his courage. Though where modesty is concerned, Lisa can be considered the reverse (especially with all those porn books in her possession). I bet you that the two would back up one another without any hesitance)

IchigoxHarribel (Bleach) (They stand on opposite sides of the war. Yet they both fight for loyalty and their loved ones' well being. Also, you know Harribel was really curious over the power Ichigo possessed. If they ever resurrect her, she would be a valuable asset to the cause and may even be an interesting love interest for Ichigo)

IchigoxTatsuki (Bleach) (They're childhood friends who've seemed to have grown apart over the years. However, I think there could be some chemistry between the two of them. They're both strong-willed, up front, and the types to fight with all they have. And while Ichigo still considers Tatsuki a friend, the raven-haired karate fighter would be content with a closer friendship if not something more. I bet something like this would happen, if only Orihime wasn't the monkey in the middle)

IchigoxSoifon (Bleach) (A pair of fighters who are focused on the heat of battle. Their personal drives might be different, but their goals are essentially the same. And even though Soifon sees Ichigo as either a novice or someone in the way of Yoruichi's attention, there's a chance that she actually respects the substitute shinigami)

IchigoxNeliel (Bleach) (Whenever these two are together, they're an unstoppable comedy duo. And I have a feeling that if Nel ever makes her adult form permanent again, the situations will get even funnier. And the way these two fight to protect one another shows exactly how much they care for one another)

HanataroxRukia (Bleach) (Even though they were brought together through conspiratorial circumstance, I think there's some kind a connection (though it may be one-sided for Hanataro). Just think about Hanataro's commitment when he joined Ichigo and co. to fight for Rukia's freedom. Then there was the time in Hueco Mundo when he was concerned for her well-being. Clearly, this is the pairing that makes more sense than IchigoxRukia)

HanataroxOrihime (Bleach) (Two healers in a world full of warriors. They know that when it comes to strength and power, they're outclassed. When it comes to gaining the love of their perspective attractions, it's a fool's errand. Perhaps they really need themselves than other people?)

HanataroxRangiku (Bleach) (I like this pairing because it would make great material. Here you have a sheepish shinigami who barely remembers where he keeps his sword, and then a headstrong, beautiful vixen of a woman who makes flirtation a daily pastime. Of course, even Rangiku has her own insecurities and while it doesn't look like Hanataro would be of much help, he has the potential to be something great and an inner resolve that may rival even Ichigo's. In a different world, Hanataro would be trailed by the buxom blond and wouldn't know the reason )

HanataroxIsane (Bleach) (While as a teacher, a big sister, or maybe a one-sided crush, Isane watches after Hanataro like a hawk (well, most of the time if the preview of ep. 289 is ). Isane even said that she admires Hanataro's sense of justice and inner strength. While she might not be combat capable as well as many other lieutenants, it's clear that she will fight tooth and nail to keep him secure)

HanataroxKukaku (Bleach) (A real pairing of complete opposites. The small, meek shinigami coupled with one of the toughest, loudest women to exist in the Soul Society. It's mostly a funny crack pairing, but the possibilities are endless)

HanataroxNanao (Bleach) (They are both held in low regard by most and high standing to a select few. Aside from a select few times, neither have seen the face of battle. While they would rather stay behind the battlefield, both will charge into action if the situation is dire)

ToshiroxRukia (Bleach) (While they might appear to be children, these two are powerful shinigami with so much alike. Aside from being skilled ice-type specialists, they are also intelligent, studious, and focused. Even if their jobs and positions call for their service, they will lay everything on the line for personal loyalty)

ToshiroxHiyori (Bleach) (I just love it when the two bicker back and forth. It's literally like a mix between a lover's quarrel and the bickering of two children arguing over nothing. Though I'm sure that there would be some chemistry between them. Toshiro is more analytical and level-headed whereas Hiyori is loud and active. They kinda balance one another out in a way)

NobaxRangiku (Bleach) (She enjoys flaunting her beauty and charm. He is a more sensitive being who hides under a hood. However, it would appear that everyone's favorite flirtatious nymph has found a new boy toy. And deep inside, he actually doesn't mind)

RangikuxNemu (Bleach) (I see these two women as polar opposites. Rangiku is the more cheery, outspoken one who has no qualms with flaunting her charm and sex appeal to get what she wants. Nemu, on the other hand, is more reserved and silent who keeps acting on logic and rarely uses seduction unless it benefits her goals. Even so, I think Rangiku would connect with Nemu and give her something like big sister guidance. And unlike Orihime, she's the person that needs the support in my opinion)

NelielxHarribel (Bleach) (Both took the spot as Tereca Espada before they were forcefully relieved from duty. They both pride loyalty above all else and see their Fraccion akin to family. Plus, you got to admit, both love to wear unbelievably revealing outfits (imminent wardrobe malfunctions anyone?lol). But jokes aside, I see them as a duo to be reckoned with if they had joined and were kicked out of the order at the same time. Oh yeah, Ichigo would've had his hands full and Aizen would've met his end earlier by these scorned women)

NarutoxAnko (Naruto) (These two were treated as outcasts by Konohagakure ever since their early childhoods (albeit for different reasons). Yet even with the hatred they've faced, both wished to prove themselves by protecting the people that turned their backs on them. Though with Anko, she became more or less a sado-masochist while Naruto only pulled simple pranks. Still, both ninja would make a lovely, though highly crazy couple)

NarutoxHinata (Naruto)

NarutoxSakura (Naruto)

NarutoxTemari (Naruto)

NarutoxIno (Naruto)

HaseoxPi (.hack) (Two people who saw each other as nuisances. Yet they still managed to find common ground and became the closest of allies who would aide the other at a moment's notice. And just like Pi said a couple times, they are a lot alike. If you ask me, this should be the canon pairing)

HaseoxAlkaid (.hack) (The two are warriors to the end and will face any and all problems head on. Though they started as heated rivals, the two grew a strong sense of respect for each other. For Alkaid, that became something of a one-sided crush. And while Haseo was unaware of the girl's emotions, it seems that he may have started reciprocating her feelings near the end of Vol. 3. Plus there's that little card event that occurs at the end of the series)

TsukunexRuby (RV) (While I like the other girls in the series, Ruby is one of my favorites. As put together and sensible as she appears, the girl's a closet pervert and quite the submissive. While she might refer to herself as a 'toy' for her love, she's still an intelligent witch and powerful force to be reckoned with. She also has her own demons to deal with and I believe between helping with training and trying to get through the past, the two could be quite the power couple. If the creator focuses more on her, it's possible Moka would have worthy competition for Tsukune's affection)

GintaxDorothy (MAR) (I think this is better than pairing the hero with Snow. Why? Dorothy's got more chemistry and complexity. And she's also loyal only to Ginta, who helped change her view on life. Not bad for a vertically-challenged kid with a severe astigmatism and overactive imagination)

TenchixKiyone (Tenchi) (In my opinion, the only real pairing in the second OVA. Kiyone's more serious and focused than the other girls in the series. Yet both are driven by a strong sense of justice and conviction. Gotta love it when these two are together. It's too bad the creator didn't experiment with this possibility, though)

TenchixWashu (Tenchi) (The diminutive eccentric and her favorite test subject. She may put up a child-like facade, but if you haven't at least seen GXP, you're in for a shock)

TenchixMihoshi (Tenchi) (One's confused over the situation of having all these people in the same house as him. The other... well, she's just a walking But it's still never a dull moment, right?)

AnakinxBarriss (SW) (One's a brash warrior and the other's a serious healer. Yet these two are so similar in so many ways. They're almost like reflections of one another. In a different universe, if Padme wasn't involved, I'm sure the Mirialan would've been taken by the Chosen. Too bad that Clone Wars doesn't delve into this aspect of her character in the show. Instead, they make her seem like just another padawan for Ashoka to get along with. I'm pretty sure at the time she was introduced, she was technically a knight on the same footing as Skywalker)

DeadpoolxDomino (Marvel) (You can't deny that Deadpool is the embodiment of insanity, chaos, and verbal manslaughter all wrapped up in a red and black spandex package. You also can't deny that he's better at his job and whatever it is Wolverine does. That included the lucky markswoman Domino, though she won't openly admit it. Still, the two have had history with one another and, though mercenaries, will do what they feel is right (though with Deadpool, his ideology on right and wrong is more shrewd compared to a normal person). Besides, both guns for hire have been scorned by love more than once (Death, Cable, Siryn, Typhoid Mary, Copycat, a husband, Wolverine recently). I'm sure fate would bring these two together and the deadliest couple in the world would be born)

TravisxAlice (NMH) (In the game No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, we were introduced to Alice Twilight, the 2nd ranked assassin Travis had to fight before the game's end. Unlike all the other killers and other characters in the storyline, Alice was more sane and was interested in wanting out of the game. This was one of only a handful of people to actually gain the respect of Travis as he fought his way to the top. It's too bad she chose to die than continue on living life (perhaps because of Sylvia's early interference in his fight against Ryuji or for her own prospect of pride and honor). In a just world, these two would've found themselves as lost massacring souls who just want to find their peace in the Garden of Madness)

TravisxDr. Naomi (NHW) (She's a sultry inventor/mechanic and he's a legendary otaku assassin. I'm sure that the good doctor see's Travis as her best client and respects him as a fighter who creates a trail of blood on the road to self-discovery. It's possible that these two knew each other before the events of the first game and Travis' idea of becoming a gladiatorial assassin. The only thing stopping Naomi from turning this relationship into something other than professional is the guy's nerd lifestyle)

Most Notable OCs:

Cyrus M. Splicer: My first character that I wrote when I first started in the world of fan fiction. He was the main character in Star Ocean: Cyrus' Side, Kingdom Hearts: Till the End of Time, and Arcane Legacy. A Sacramento Valley native from the town of Northgate, he has an MP3 Player that plays a wide assortment of music. Besides his street smarts and high IQ, he is a powerful swordsman and skilled in Symbology (utilizing in dark and fire type abilities). In the first version of the story, he would sprout a pair of bat-like wings due to the symbological energy mutating his DNA. Cyrus' best friends are Lude and Jack. He is also known to spend time with Nel and Maria. I haven't used him because of his controversial abilities, though I'm thinking of rewriting his adventure and toning his skillset down. But until then, I use a few of his traits as a template for later characters in future stories.

Shado: The main character of Star Wars: Offense of the Shizz who hails from San Francisco. He is a person that wants to keep it real, no matter what dimension he's in. Like his predecessor, he uses a wide range of slang, if not more so. He also carries an MP3 player with music consisting of rap and themes from Shadow the Hedgehog. His primary fighting style is his pure breakdancing attacks, drunken boxing techniques, dual lightsabers, and the power of the Force. He wishes to be a legend in both his homeworld and in the galaxy far, far away.

Tical O. Zinfandel (Darkstrike): He is the main character in the story, Path of the Dark One, which involves a darker tone. He is an amnesiac mutant who comes to Bayville to learn about his past. He uses umbrakinesis (the power of darkness), which are continually evolving into a wide range of attacks. He is also a gifted fighter and expert swordsman. However, Tical is more serious and tenacious than the latter two and speaks with a surprisingly fluent tongue. Though he has a strong dislike for normal humans (whom he refers to as 'meatbags'), he does have a sense of honor and relies more on intelligence than power. Because of his determination to learn about his past, he will be switching between the sides of good and evil. He has developed a crush on both Rogue and Wanda.

Dante Blaine: The main character in the Bleach story, The Rise of Madness (which takes place during the Soul Society Arc). Modeled after the ever psychotic, gun-trotting, wisecracking mercenary of Marvel known as Deadpool and the loud-mouthed, smack-talking, existential image Ninja Ninja, he shares many of their personality quirks, including insanity, hatred of clowns, vulgar vernacular, and the occasional breaking of the 4th wall. A powerful fighter and the product of an underground genetic manipulation lab, he is armed with two zanpakuto: Akumu hi ryuujin (lit. Nightmare Flying Dragon God which takes the form of a scythe), and Kowa ro Shii Maru (lit. Claw Fear of the New Route which takes the form of a sword). Besides the ability to transform depending on activated zanpakuto, he also uses a unique form of magic known as Berserks (abilities from Panzer Dragoon Saga). His goals are to wreak vengeance on the person responsible for ruining his life and pimpin' out the Seireitei.

Ridley: One of the main characters for Pokemon: Crimson Version. He's a veteran trainer from Grimey City in Kanto who arrives in Sinnoh to compete in that region's Pokemon League. After a battle with his enemy from Team Rocket, Kawagata, he joins Wes and Rui to stop Team Galactic and Team Rocket from creating Shadow Pokemon. He's a fast-talking, flirtatious, and unorthodox person. Because of this, he and Wes are polar opposites and will constantly argue over even the smallest details (Rui is stuck as a referee during their bickering). Even with their differences, the two trainers share a sense of camaraderie and work great in tag team battles. His starting Pokemon team consist of Grovyle, Croconaw, and a shiny Charmeleon.

Kai Kagazaki: The main character of the Sekirei fanfic, Ambitious Wings and the Dubious Ronin. Born in the United States, he moved to Japan at the age of seven. He is the younger of a pair of brothers and is placed second fiddle by his father. Like any person, he craves for a purposeful and meaningful existence, but wonders if such a thing is possible. One night in Tokyo, he finds the scrap number Akitsu at a park. It was because of their union that threw Kai into the world of Sekirei and now he must survive the battle royale while making choices that could have a major impact on his future and of those around him. Unlike most Ashikabi, he is willing to enter the heat of battle, fighting using dual swords for swift combos, a single large sword for powerful attacks, or whip gauntlets that can either deliver fast strikes from safe distances or quickly close the distance between himself and enemies. His friend is Shiro Nakamura, a clever lech who he met not long after his relocation.

My challenge for any writers!

Star Ocean

After seeing all these Albel/Nel pairings and Albel/Sophia pairings, I thought it would be cool to pair Albel with a newer, less talked about character that comes in her own exclusive partnership: Mirage. That’s right, the challenge is of a Albel/Mirage nature. Make it a one-shot, make it an entire story, your choice everyone. It can be any rating you please. Add other pairings if you like as long as these two are the main couple. Spread the word and good luck everyone!


When it comes to anime/manga, Bleach is my favorite I have written stories on. Though when you think about it, most of the fanbase are all focused on the same old, same old, you know? It's either the most popular male character with a female original or something common like IchigoxRukia/Orihime or yaoi. As Shikamaru would say (yeah, I know, different series. What's your point) "It's such a drag." So here's a challenge for anyone who thinks they're up for it. See, I'm a big fan of either IchigoxRangiku or IchigoxNemu and such fics are rare to non-existent. So my challenge is, pretty much, make more with either one of these couplings. A oneshot, full-fledged story, doesn't really matter. Hell, a little love triangle wouldn't hurt to make it interesting. The main method to this madness is simple: spread the word. Start a resistance, a revolution even. It's time for good crack pairings like these to rise! ...Okay, perhaps I'm going a little over-the-top. But still, it's a pretty sweet idea is all I'm saying. So for those who want to take this little offer up, be my guest.


I'm just waiting to see someone pair up my man Deadpool with the lucky sharpshooter Domino. I've always known that these two have had a history together, especially with the "Wade Wilson's War" series recounting their misadventures (though considering who's telling the story, I'll admit that it's hard to be sure whether or not it's all golden). Also, even though Domino did have a steamy relationship with Cable (DP's best friend) and sees the Merc With a Mouth as a psychopathic twit, even she has to admit that he's one of the best in the business. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised (well, maybe a little) if they did have a relationship of sorts in the past. Added with the fact that they both debuted in the same book in 1991, it's just added fuel.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

A Veil of Passion by Phen0m20 reviews
AU. Despite having an Ashikabi and loving her dearly, Uzume feels somehow emotionally drawn to Minato. Unable to suppress her feelings, she offers Minato the chance to become more than just friends...which he eventually accepts, much to the chagrin of his own Sekirei; Tsukiumi in particular. Rated M for suggestive themes, sexual/erotic content, and crude/raunchy humor.
Sekirei - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 26 - Words: 184,782 - Reviews: 386 - Favs: 683 - Follows: 740 - Updated: 12/19/2020 - Published: 12/19/2012 - Minato S., Chiho H., No. 10/Uzume
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Star Ocean - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 3 - Words: 128 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 7 - Updated: 11/23/2020 - Published: 10/27/2007 - Fayt L., Nel Z.
Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, Life Unbound by ricejames reviews
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Star Ocean - Rated: T - English - Humor/Adventure - Chapters: 9 - Words: 57,535 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 9 - Follows: 9 - Updated: 9/4/2020 - Published: 11/11/2015 - Cliff F., Fayt L., Nel Z.
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