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Author has written 4 stories for Star Wars, and Harry Potter.

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About the Author:

What’s there to say about me? I’m neurotic, obsessive, and a bit perverted. But only when it comes to my writings. Around people, I’m rather quiet, unless I’m talking to my online people, then they can’t get me to shut up. Funny how that works. I go to college, studying to get my Bachelors in Literature. My family is my life. I love them to pieces except for the frequent occasions they piss me off.

I live in Texas, and I do not drive a truck, or ride a horse to school. I don’t work at a ranch or a farm. I live in the city. I do not have a hick accent, nor do I wear a cowboy hat. I do know how to ride a horse, and I do own a cowboy hat which hangs on my wall. Most of my decorations are posters of bands I like such as: Coldplay, Poets of the Fall, Linkin Park, and one nirvana poster.

I like pizza, and I drink my coffee black, no sugar. I have one cat, I named him Jaq. I like Star Wars, Harry Potter as long as I can rewrite the whole story, The Celestine Prophecy, and a few other unknowns.

About the Stories:

Most of my stories are unfinished. The only one(s) that is finished are the short stories. I haven’t written an actual story in few years, and they are all Star Wars based. I’m starting to branch out with my own OC characters from Role-Plays I do. They are all meant to be background stories, or ideas for future plot lines. So, if for some absurd reason you like my writing, be on the look out for that.

About the Characters:

Adam McFarlin- My first good character. He’s Scottish, from Glasgow. I wrote him for a Harry Potter Role-Play. He is an all around nice guy who has the tendency of putting his foot in his mouth on several occasions. His first love is Avidana Bald (not my character). Those two have a long and literally painful history.

Alec McFarlin- Alec is Adam’s older cousin, by 8 years older. He is a new character for me. I have so far enjoyed writing him. He is flirtatious with women, he has a ‘doesn’t give a shit’ attitude around his enemies and enjoys annoying the one woman he actually has interest in, Jade.

Kara Ous- She is not in any of my stories as of yet. But she will be appearing The Deepest Circle later on, You may also find her in a few of my friend’s stories. Valius is my RPing buddy as is Mythra., so don’t be surprised if you notice we borrow each other’s characters on occasion. Kara is not one of my favorite characters, but Valius and Mythra seemed to like her. She is energetic, happy-go-lucky blonde. She is intelligent in the subjects she enjoys.

William Colt- By far my favorite character I have ever written with. William is a grumpy young man who hates the world, and has serious proximity issues. He hates it when people try and get close to him, physically or emotionally. I have written him in a few different kinds of genres but he really does suit HP better than anything else. I am currently working on a new story that are the chronicles of his life. Specifically the years he had gone missing, with no account of what he had been doing during that time. This story reveals that part of his past and will head on into history, most people who know me and my character have read.

-More to be added later-


All of my stories belong to their creators, George Lucas, JK Rowling and Stephanie Meyer. The only Characters that belong to me are my original creations listed above. Any association with real life people is purely coincidence.

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The Deepest Circle reviews
Alec McFarlin has been trying to reorganize his team after a disastrous mission. With enemies at the gates and suspicion among his own team, Alec has to find the truth behind the lies.
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