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Man, this thing is sooo cool!

-Name:I have no name and no existence...I'm joking! My name'sReiko.

-Age: I will not reveal that but my B-Day's on June 26!

-Looks: I'm Chinese! lol! And I've got dark brown eyes and long dark brown hair! Fairly tall bout 5 ft sumtin and skinny as hell... I'm 13 and I weigh 80 pounds I'm lighter than a girl younger than me!

-Bio: Hi! I donno well i'm just here writing wateva comes to mind or wateva there is to write... But N e wayz. I have flamed alot of ppl but i don't use my name. Plz don't kill me. Just a healthy way to avert my anger differently. I have anger mangement problems all my teachers say so andI have a habit of cursing in public.I thinkI draw alot of attention to myself.;; I kicked my door down once and i almost burnt my friend with my lighter. YesI have a lighter a green one and a red one.I hav a scissors obsession... Icarry around my scissors and try to stab ppl. Yes i've stabbed about 18 ppl so far in my high skool... AND I'M GOING FOR MORE HAHAHAHA! I will kill no lad! I am afraid of gays... I'm sorry I have a phobia...very afraid... My friend told me what to write in the the story with the gay guy... I freaked my self out... seriously... I'm homophobic stay away from me if gay...I HAVE A SCISSORS! I pretty purple one too!Okay i'm not that homophobic... just if you do weird stuff infornt of meI run away...YeahI read a yaoi fanfic it was soo cute yea it was good... See I'm not that homophobic...

Favourite Quotes

AHHH! Aliens are coming to take over the world! Again!- Me

Holy crap it's Arthur!- Me

Michael Jackson cock sucker- Bad word war- Me(i hav nutin agaisn't him)

Miss Hobson- Monique

Rite... and I rule the world.- Me

Goddamit! -Saied

Hey! Hey u dere! Hey I’m talking to u! Hey! Hey! I'm not done yet! Hey! Hey I'm talking to you-Arthur

Yeah and - Holy shit!- Saied

Dani: That's my twin sir!

Mr. chambers: i won't want to be related to that thing

Me: Well, who'd want to be related to you.

Mr chambers: (hit me wit chalk)

Dani: Sir didn't you wear that yesterday?

Mr chambers: (hit her wit chalk)

Spooky talking toaster! Spooky talking toast! Human hand!- Cash and Dyane

Hn.- Hiei

I'll just go and pick up some girls.- Dark

Why do I always come in when there's sumting nasty- Nickola and Bri

Vote for me to rule the world! - Me

If ppl were dead and dying they wouldn't vote for you if you were to give them life-Monique.

You seem less evil...- Tristan


I know this counter can't hold me up. - Missy Eliot on punk'd

Noo, Reiko Nooo.- Rochelle.

What! What!- Rochelle

WhenI met Rochelle she broke my crayon and told me it was possessed- Justin ;;

She's Nanny of the Maroons and I'm the sacrifice!- Justin

Justin:(reads script wrong) I am the Sheep boy!

Me: It's Sheepard Boy.

Justin: Oh ;;

Justin: I'm gonna regret this.( Puts toy bone in mouth and comes up to me) Ruff Ruff.

Me: Yay! He picked me! good boy Popcorn!

I sentence you to one day of Teletubies! MWHAHAHAHAHA cough cough cough.-Rochelle

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(Me and ma frend trying to be gansta)

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Me: Wuzzup on the flip side?

Melissa L: Iz all dat...

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Mathew: Jack

Jordon: Ass

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"It died."
"Did you do what I told you do?"
"Yeah, I poked holes in it."
"You were supposed to poke holes in the JAR, you idiot!"
"It WAS a jar!"
"...Your jar died?"
"Oh, sorry dude." - Monique and Me

It takes an idiot to do cool things. That's why it's cool. - Haruko (FLCL)

Ya it's usually me and my friends that make up these stupid things.

Guess what!

I cut my pretty long dark brown hair... nah not realli just the bangs... I think i look like a boy :s... And it won't go behind my ears! And a boy came up to me today and told me he loved me and guess wat i did...

...Run away... Scared to death was what i was...

Then i was dared to kiss this realli cute guy at skool...

I ran away again...

My friend has my manga and she's buying me a new one for keeping it so long...

My friend told my crush that i liked him after i ran away from him after he tried to run into me...



I just found out nothing at all is wrong with me! As in personality and looks...

AND! During the Panama trip that my friends went on which I wasn't allowed to go because of certain things... They talked about me alot! I feel so flattered! Go Rei! Go Rei!

Guess who's getting a PSP? Rei is!


On July 19th at 10.28 pm. At my house playing on my gamecube. I beat the all time champion Mathew at Smash Brothers Melee! GGGGOOOOO RRRREEEIIIIII!

AHHH! My hair is so long I'm getting so annoyed with it! Must cut it!

Cannot beat that goddamed Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories game! Kill Marluxia! Is dat how you spell it?

This profile is soooo messy... Grr... I need to fix it...

Okay yes i knoe you ppl have been waiting for chapter 3 in Ice Cold but... I realli need help...realli... It has no fucking plot! I'm soo mad at myself! It wasn't meant to be a funni fic it just started to flow...i dunno...So i have to give it alot of thinking esp with the Emperor Raider and Zaider...Oh yea Zaider is his son...Grr...I hate how their names rhyme...Zaider's name was orriginally Zack and then I thought to put in Zaider... Yea now... lemme think more of it and do major webbing on this thinge and make sure everthing lines up good and nothing's out of line...Oh yea!Has anyone heard of some one denying Hiei becuz they don't love him and then they start to realize that they realli do like him...and being totally hyper and stuff...If ya haven't read Gone by Shadow Skillz she's ma bff! Oh and if you love random kingdom hearts stuff and want to drop off your chair from laughter read Kingdom Hearts Randomness after the game by The Funky Bubbly Gurlz yes they are my bffs too!

Yes like i said i need major re-thinking of Ice Cold...Grr... I hate the name that what i used to write my essay in the english exam...

Um...Yea I'm working on some original fics... The boys in my class want me to write porn...Ewww...i dunno how to write that...Then one said you can have it with me to find out... and I ran away...It was soo scary..

Yea original fanfics for y'all!


Ice Cold - HieiOc Yeah, this story is very orginal and stuff but it's my best so far. From what I've written. But I mean who has heard of Hiei being captured and being sent to a Colosseum to fight and stay with a mad psychotic girl. Kinda orginal If you ask me.

Sweet Scents - HieiOc It's a one-shot deal with it! I do not want to write any more of this! Plz don't make me... It's kinda corny but good I guess


Dolls and Dice

Yumi Kishimina has a fascination with cold, dark and distant anti social people. Now that a new boy comes into her class she is completely fascinated by him and won’t stay away. Talk about stalking… but will sparks fly… “I think not…” Yumi glared, “I’m just fascinated by him…” She ends. “But sometimes your fascination is your infatuation of your love for him…” Kitty warns.

The Fighting Spirit

Ruki was a fighter raising money enough to survive. Then her father falls in to a state of sickness if not treated within 2 years time he could die. Not having enough money she seeks help and tries everything to get the money. Now enter Kyo he’s had a crush on her since forever and her next-door neighbour to boot. He tells her about a tournament that she could enter to get enough money that she needs and more but to win she has to go under immense training. He trains her but the training lasts for a year and the tournament is the beginning of the year after. “Hey, I can do it!” Ruki smiles. “This isn’t no baby course you’ve gotta put everything in it your life and soul.” Kyo said sternly. “The tournament is harsh… And I don’t want you to get hurt.”

Firefly Gazing

She loves them, but guess who hates them… She always gets him to go. But then he’ll do the thing he hates the most just to make her happy. She smiles and he sulks just because one perched on his nose. (Oneshot)

I haven't posted any of my original fanfics. If you like 'em just... um... Tell me! Kitty makes an apperance in alot of my stories u can guess which one of my friends she is!
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