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Author has written 2 stories for Ranma, and Harry Potter.

Greetings people.

Harry Potter: I am anti R/Hr and H/G, because I don't think that Ron is mature enough to keep a girlfriend like Hermione (dodges rotten fruit from R/Hr shippers,) and the canon Ginny is too much of a fangirl to give Harry what he truly needs. She does seem the type to slip him love potions to get what she wants, along with Romilda from HBP. The canon Hermione and Luna are the best matches for Harry, in my opinion, because they wouldn't put up with his moodiness and help him get over it. I won't read male slash, but I'll read almost any pairing of Harry with a girl or girls as the case may be. No Malfoys or Snapes should be included in the pairings, barring exceptional circumstances, and NEVER with Harry or Hermione. Ron/Draco is fine, if it's minor.

I like some good ol' Dumbles bashing, but I don't mind if he's written as a good (albeit somewhat senile and FAR too trusting) man. Snape, on the other hand, MUST be killed or otherwise suitably punished, preferably by Harry or Neville. A similar thing should be set up for Malfoy, although there are some good stories where Draco reforms. Not many, but it is possible.

Ranma: Again, the 'canon' pairings are those I don't like. Akane comes off as a spoiled, misandric girl who MUST get her way, no matter what others truly think. She really needs to grow up, something she can't do with Ranma around. She also needs a full-time bodyguard given the number of times she gets kidnapped, and Ranma would surely be feeling annoyed at having to do it when she claims to be a martial artist capable of protecting herself. Ranma needs someone who would be far more supporting than Akane, which just about anyone would do, considering the number of engagements he's in.

Crossovers involving Ranma can be very good, or just plain awful. Crossover pairings are often better than those in just one universe. My favourite is Ranma/Minako for Ranma/SM, but I'll read just about any crossover pairing done well.

Mahou Sensei Negima: The fanfiction for this universe is generally far better than the standard of Ranma and Harry Potter, but this could be because the canon pairings are good. Negi/Nodoka/Yue is a very good 'pairing' and I don't see any way it'll be different, without something major happening. It's quite obvious that Asuna is just another older sister for Negi, and the two of them are far better off like this. The other girls interested in Negi are generally fine as well, but I don't see how they would get Nodoka and Yue away from him, unless they joined the harem.

Martian Successor Nadesico is an anime I have gotten into just recently. Again, the canon pairing is one I find to be not quite right. Yurika's obsession with Akito is so consuming that it should (and usually does) drive him away. I think it's amazing that the one female acting most like what he needs in a girlfriend is Ruri.

Favourite pairings:













Negi/Zazie (yes, I am a Zazie fan)


Negi/Ku Fei






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