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Author has written 6 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh, and Naruto.

The authoressess Status is:ALIVE and revising Genetically Engineered Love (revising chapter 3, probably won't be able to update for forever though (7/13/12))

Name: Scorpia250 (of course!) But you can call me Scorpia (smiles Tohru clueless smile)
Yami: Um Scorpia? somebody else already has that name.
Scorpia:...and your point being...?
Yami:-.- you are so stupid...

Age: 21

Sex: Female who likes male on male action!

Occupation: Student/authoress/ lifeguard/Swim teacher/ crazy psychopath who kills people in her spare time / 1N0 for the air force! (wish me luck in boot camp! leaving 10/16/12)

Orientation: Straight!! get that through your heads!! (stomps feet(frustrated because it's usually girls who ask...well yeah...)) Now I sound like an over-used plot idea for a yaoi fic...

Writting: Um as you can probably tell, my writing sucks. Hmm I usually have NO PLOT what so ever, I write what ever comes to mind. So let this be a warning. MY WRITING HAS NO PLOT!

ahem also, I have great ideas but as I said before, my writing sucks. If you would like to borrow my ideas, please do so, BUT please don't steal my OC's! also if you could email me if you do...I would like to read some of them, seeing as how almost every body is a greater writer than I am!

Reading:Favorites include Smut, Romance, Fluff, Shounen-ai, Action/adventure, angst, Limes/Lemons, and Yaoi(love the Yaoi damit!(holding up little flag that has Yaoi on it with Yugi and Yami kissing)!)
No but seriously, I like well written stories, with well thougth out plots. I do like Romance but if its action/adventure, mystery, angst, or horror, I'll probably read it. Not into Poetry too much, butI do like a good poem every now and then...

Location: Down the street from the Stargate *snickers* Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Interests: books! erm Artemis Fowl, Charley Bone, Harry Potter, anything by Tamora Pierce and/or Garth Nix, erm and lots of others...(animorphs, the Da Vinci code, ect.) cats! Kitties, Neko's. Mythology in Egypt and Greek. Archeology (all over, from Egypt to Peru). Writing, watching anime on YouTube (I worship that site!) GIRLS PLAY VIDEO GAMES TOO! (likes the Bleach fighting game, Ridge racers, and all time fav. Death Jr. , nothing is better than blowing up cows with Hamsters strapped with C4...) Draws (not so well, but has done a few paintings/drawings for Knuckles13, me bestest friend! Drawing was one of Yami B, Ryou, and a sketch of Sonic sleeping, the Painting was of Knuckles just being...well knuckles) and If you have actually read all of that, congratulations...

Life in Japan (If you REALLY want to know... . )

Number1: For some strange reason, the Coke Cola (don't own) tastes stronger and the Pepsi ( don't own that either) tastes like american Coke! go figure that one out...

Number2: While the Japanese have perfected the McDonalds and Wendy's (don't own) They can NEVER get KFC right. Never get japanese KFC 'cause its just too fatty!or boney...I don't know how they do that, but its true!

Number3: never ask a Japanese Police man for help. If you are a teenager, they will stare at you like you are somehing nasty, then you get dragged down to the station and end up sitting there for hours, on absolutely no charge (don't ask, it happened to my brothers best friends friend who is also one of my friends and her friend. They both got held up for supposed 'theft' which turned out to be "surprisingly" false)

Number4: NEVER mess with the buttons on the toilet seat. (cringes)I did that once and my butt froze while water squirted up...well lets just say UP and leave it at that... .

Number5:Don't ask what you're eating at a sushi-go-round. Just DON'T (you might find you were eating horse, whale, or eel...well eel isn't really all that bad)

Number6: If its not on the menu, don't ask for it! .O My friend found out the hard way, trying to get grilled cheese at a Japanese Hard Rock Cafe. They brought out toasted bread with blue cheese spread on it. (You could smell it in the kitchen from where we were sitting!)

Number7: Do NOT give into temptation! I swear, some of the guys over here are drool worthy, but you really need to curb that drool. You find out sooner or later that they are just using you to get American stuff (such as food, clothes, styles, ect.). But I need to say that some guys look like they jsut came out of a manga or anime...

Number8: You know you're in Japan when you are forced to eat salads with chop sticks -.- (hands every body a plate of salad with lots of dressing and some chop sticks) you try it, and tell me its easy! THEN WE"LL TALK! (grumbles while trying to get the stupid cabbage into her mouth)

Number9: You know you're in Japan when You are horrified to hand over a crumpled thousand yen bill, can't bare to walk and eat at the same time, and have to use the embarassing squat toilets.

Number10: for some bizzare reason, unknown to man kind (well maybe known, but kept a secret) people who have come over seas for the first time, have this inexplicable urge to take a camera into the toilets. O.O yeah. They all wanna take pictures...of the toilets! I dunno why, don't ask me, but it's true! all you have to do is type in "japanese toilets" on google or yahoo, and you'll see what I'm talking about...over 300 pics...

Number11: ONLY in Japan will you ever see a 70 plus year old grandmother riding a motorcycle with purple/orange hair. Don't laugh,I am dead serious. well besides purple, they also have blue...

Favorite quotes!

Yup! Every authoress should havea section of crazy favorite quotes!

"I would have taken your brain, but it was already taken." - My Pet Alien

" The innocent is not always guilty of being innocent"-Um I forgot, sorry bout that..blushes if its yours please tell me!

"Every body has a photographic memory! Some just...don't, have film..." - the great mouse detective

" And for the first time in my life, I realized that the earth was always being remade, reborn. That it may have been the afternoon of that very day but it was still the very morning of creation..."- lost years of merlin

" Rhia: Stars? Constalations of stars?
Merlin: of course. What else is there?
Rhia: My constalations are not made of stars. But of the black places Between the stars. The places where your mind can travel for ever and ever..." - Lost years of Merlin

" Why do people say Forever and ever? We always say it twice. Forever and ever. Maybe it means that although it can never be 'forever and ever' we so wish it could be that we say it twice?" - Um I think I read this out of a book but I might have thought of this with my own wacky mind ramblings..and yes I do ramble on in my mind...some times I even bore myself!

" Adults are like butterflies. No butterfly ever remembers being a caterpiller..." - the Theif lord

" let me drop all of my problems and work on Your problems" - a shirt my brother has

" I'm the evil twin."- a shirt me and my brother ahem share coughborrowcoughstealcough

"I'm not mean. Your just a sissy."- um that one bunny that i always forget the name of...

" Why waste your summer when you can waste school time?" - Said by me, on referance to writting more chapters...

"One fine day, in the middle of the night
two dead boys got up to fight
Back to back they faced one another
drew their swords, and shot each other
The deaf cop on the beat heard the noise
He came and shot, the two dead boys" - This freaky and twisted poem came from Holly Blacks new book 'Valiant'

"I Sqeak. Therfore I am...a FANGIRL!" - a friend

"Hope...? Hope is a cruel curse placed upon man kind"

" Trying to stop an insane person from doing anything insane is actually insanity in and of its self..." - House

" No good deed ever goes unpunished" - er um i fergots again..I seem to be doing that a lot lately...

"Dat glowin eyeball on your forehead musta fried your brains or summthin!" -Jou, when Yugi and Malik where dueling in the final round of Battle city finals

"Can we leave? I'm starting to learn again"-Timmy Turner (Fairly Odd Parents)

"Illegal is always faster"-Butler (Artemis Fowl: the Opal Deception)

"Dirk: What took you so long!
Al:Wha-I stopped to get coffee!
Dirk:You did!Did you get a receipt!
Al: well of course! And you know what, In fact I got you one too!
Dirk:Aw thanks Al! your the best!
Al: Yeah and you know what I'll even get you the money from-
Eva:Uh You guys!(points to tanks that are about to fire on them) " - Sahara

"Al: I lost my hat!
Dirk: Again?
Al: yeah..."-Sahara

"Dirk: I think we need to pull a Panama!
Al: a Pa-A PANAMA!
Dirk: Yeah!
Al: We're gonna pull a Panama!
Ruddy:a Panama? Whats a Panama? You were in Panama!
Al: No we were in Niqueragua!
Ruddy: Why do you call it a Panama?
Al: Because we THOUGHT WE WERE IN PANAMA!" - Sahara

Nun1:We can't trust Rosette to go any where! Why, just the other day, I heard she got distracted while she was driving and almost ran into a Car!
Nun2: What? I heard she crasehd into the car!
Nun3:No, no, she swerved to avoid the car and smashed into the shop across the street crashing the car.
-Chrno Crusade

Nun1:So is it true Chrono? Did Rosette really knock down a building?
Nun2: hey wait, I heard it was a whole block!
nun3: Oh I heard it was the whole island
Nun1 and 2: WHAA!
chrono: (sweatdropping and muxhroom sighs)Well... it happens every time...
Rosette: "It happens every time"? (anime anger marks) A whole block was it? An Island. It's so much fun blowing things way out of proportion. But WHERE YOU THERE?
-Chrno Crusade (and Yes this is how you spell it -_-)

"Whats life with out a few dragons?"-Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (the movie)

"Over specialize and you breed in weakness."-Ghost in the Shell

Let me show you just how far in denial can take you!" - Rosette (Chrno chrusade disk #3)

"Zis vorld is going to hell in a hand basket!" Satella (Chrno chrusade disk #4) (Ilove her accent!)

Yami: The rose of beauty is often crushed by the herbicide of technology.
Joey: Deep. But how can an herbicide crush anything? Isn’t it a gas?- "27 Days to Christmas" by Divey

Life is a Sexually Transmited Disease...- Somebodies profile

("yeah, we could even have some fun." Malik said, while slipping his hand into his pocket to finger his rod.)- A HPxYGO crossover.((blinks, then laughs histerically for five minutes)) ahhahahahah! ((blinks then stops)) I just realized how dirty my mind was...This was not ment to be perverted (in the fic((smirks)).

"Hey look! Marik's so scared, his hair's stick'n up! Oh wait, thats how it always is!"-Joey, During Marik and Yami's duel at the duel Tower.

Lemons are yellow and limes are green,
nothing is better than a hot yaoi scene.
throw Ryou in the closet and lock Bakura in,
and with a camera recorder let the fun begin!- I got this off of a deviant art page (sweatdrops) Um I forgot who exactly.(tell me and I'll put you here!)

"hey! Stephanie! Go grab the stearing wheel off the counter and put it in my car!" -Dad to little sister

Dad: Be right back. (grabs laptop and goes into the bathroom)
Me: You know...that gives a whole new meaning to the word Lap top...
Mom: Yeah. And thats MY computer too!

(me and dad on msn)
Dad: (nudges me)
Me:(nudges dad and sends annoying animation)
Dad:(Sends more annoying messages)(lots of loud and verying noises come out of the computers)
(this continues for fifteen minutes)
Mom: (throws down book) You know, you could at least go into different rooms!
Me and Dad: (look at each other accross the room before continuing the war)
Mom: You guys are both moronic -.-

"People have hope
Because they can't see death standing behind them."-Bleach (manga 2)

Some guy I dunno: Do you really think it wise to...provoke them?
Jack: Provoke? That's what I do.-Stargate SG-1( and he was serious when he said this! (cracks up))

"Hi! Welcome to Jazz choir, the only place where you can find insanity on sale." - me to the new alto

Kate: (gasps) bitch!
Me: (raises eyebrow) Whore
Kate:(laughs) I have taught you well! - me an Kate talkin'

"Every one laughs at me when I use a cuss word! they point and laugh and say "she just said ass!" or "I can't beleive you just said Fuck!" (sniffs) I feel like Yugi over here!" -me ranting to myself

The earth and the sky will never meet and the rain that falls shall be the only connection between the two.-erm Bleach (I think...)

"Nothing is cheaper than free!"- someplace...

Geoffrey: That is IT! You're peanut butter is going OUT THE WINDOW!(Throws said peanutbutter jar out two story window)
C.J.: O.O...(rushes at Geoff, ripping off the seat of his swivel chair and hurling it at him) Peanutbutter! NOoooo!
Geoff: (is knocked to the ground by chair seat and slowly starts to get up)
C.J.: (jumps onto Geoff back, hitting him on the head yelling) UKULELE! UKULELEE!
Geoff: OOF!ooff get(oof)-off(oof)-meeee!-
Me: O.o...(thinking on top of the bunk bed where they can't see me) do I laugh and alert them to my presence? Or do i simply watch and wait as my brother get hurt by a peanut butter psyco path? I think I'll go with number two...(grins as she watches her brother getting beaten up)

Me: Why would they put in a gigantic sword that nobody could ever use in real life in the video game?
Alec: Because...they can!
Me: And Why would they have inacurate facts in these video games?
C.J.: Because they can!
Geoffrey: Why would they put a secret passage THERE of all places!
Me: Um...because they can?
(C.J., Alec, and Geoff look at me weirdly)
Alec: Hey Geoff, I think your sister has finally realized the concept of a guys thoughts...

"If guys had boobs they'd never leave the house." - Kate (sometimes I wonder what's going on in that head of hers...other times, I just don't wanna know o.O)

Kate: yeah, I wasn't really drunk, but I was a bit tipsy, and I ended up running all over the Ginza like an idiot. Finally Maggie found me making out with this guy in the bathroom...
Me: A japanese guy?
Kate: I dunno, I guess...-me and Kate

Me: When I go on the plane, I'm gonna buy out the whole supply of Onigiri from the Family Mart and then, when I get to the states, after eating about half of them, I'm gonna cryogenically freeze them so that I can make them last for ever! (insert evil laugh)

"And so my crazy dream continues. I wish I could wake up in the middle of it." -Shuichi Shindo

"It doesn't matter whether it is a man or a woman. As long as you have happiness and hope, it doesn't matter who you fall in love with."-erm the lead guitarist on Gravitation

"I always do my work! Sometimes. well not really. Rarely. When I feel like it. Which isn't often..." -Ray

Anonymous: w00t! IM spiderman (steals a cable cord, swings, and smacks into a wall)
darn that always worked with other guys...ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh O_O food!
Hmmm people always laugh everytime i say im pefrectly normal...i wonder...-(keybord was stolen by annonymous (CoughRayCough))

Ray: ey i heard dat im the other spiderman...SPIDERMAN!

Blu: hot rod flames!
Cheese: Bunnies!
Blu:Hot rod flames!
Cheese: Buuuuuniies!
(change of scene, showing flaming bunnies on the side of the go cart)
Blu: I don't even know you any more
Mac: Shut up! At least the bunnies are on fire!

Me: Hey, who's going to drive us home? all the adults are drinking.
Dr. Gordon: oh your dad's going to drive. He's off the beer and on to Coke. (XD get it?)

"You know, it's okay to be happy."-Random girl who sits infront of me. (confession time! I hardly smile, and never laugh in front of people. I am always told to "Smile". But for some reason I can't. I think I'm like Sasuke that way...)

"My world is ending! My reality has been flipped! I hired a hitman and am passing ALGEBRA! My god, why do you mock me! It is scientifically and theoretically imposible for me to pass algebra! it's just not POSSIBLE!"-Me

This is a quote froma very talented and understanding author. But, I would rather just link you to her profile, so you YGO fans can take in the seriousness of this quote, as opposed to it residing here umong my cluttered Quotes section.

"Where do dreams end and reality begin? In video games, I suppose."- Furi Kuri introduction (first book)

Myles: I was once a model for an art class
Me: (thinks perverted thoughts)
Traci: What was that look for!
Me: What, I know you were thinking it too!
(this gets us started on the road of perverted-ness)

Myles: Okay, get your minds out of the gutter. think of a blue sky!
Traci and Me: (bust out laughing at the thought, minds still in the gutter)
Somebody from across the class room: It's a Cockatoo!
Me: Hey Traci, it's a Cockatoo!
Traci:(laughs) Is it a Blue Cockatoo?
Me and Traci: (busts out laughing)
Me: Why yes, I think it is!(both fall helplessly on the floor, laughing for the rest of the period)
Myles: I'm just going to ignore you two...(a/n: just because I may look like a freshman on a good day doesn't mean I'm not a Junior! oh and on my worst days, I look like a freakin' eighth grader..-.-)

"It sucks and blows"-My aunt talking about...a leaf blower(hentai minds! You sickos!)

"It's to symbolize their bond...-age..."-Rebekah talking about a pic of Daisuke and Dark

"Dark is a purple haired pervy bird!!"- Rebekah talking about dark in an affectionate mannor

"It's like watching a tomato dance. I like tomatos."- Tammy

"Hard dicks and airplanes."- Rebekah's response to the question 'what's up?'

"Here's to Emily, always the Bridesmaid never the bride. Tell me my dear, can a heart still break even when it stops beating?"- Corpse Bride (P.s. Emily is my real name...)

"Stay back! I have a ...Dwarf... and I'm not afraid to use it!"-Victor (corpse Bride)

If I could I would quote a whole fic, but that would make this (already long) page even longer, so here's the link

Our most featured Naruto--It's freakin HILLARIOUS!!

When pandora opened her box and let out the evils of the world, she supposedly closed the box and kept Hope inside. But how do we know it was actually hope that was saved and not some other evil that we have yet to discover? we will not know until some foolish human takes the insentive to open that box and find out once and for all. Do you dare to open Pandora's box?-erm I believe that I reworded that from some anime (I think ((Sweatdrop))

“Want to go to the playground and mentally scar all the little children?” Mariku asked cheerfully. Malik beamed.
“Sure!”- Yugioh get's charmed-Jazhira

“The dead bodies of men and horses had lain there, putrefying under the summer sun for three days…Corpses had swollen to twice there original size, some of them actually burst asunder with the pressure of foul gases and vapors…several human or inhuman corpses sat up right against a fence, with arms extended in the air and faces hideous with some thing very like a fixed leer, as if taking fiendish pleasure in showing us what we essentially were and might at any moment become.”-Union artilleryman Excerpt from “The Civil War” by Geoffrey C. Ward with Ric Burns and Ken Burns

"No one does something for nothing."-Yuki (Gravitation)

Hell hath no fury like an Uke scorned! -The Bees and the, uh, Bees (by hikari no kurai)

"It's a deranged ferret"-me said to my friend rachel

"I'm a dirty buiscut stick."-Tasha

"people are like slinkies. They're completely useless, but their still fun to push down stairs."

Jeff: I believe that it is imposible to study for a rectum exam
Ron: no matter how much you cram-Blue collar TV

Public announcement-split personalities

Beware: Ranting schizo’s are on the loose and are taking over your mind! What, my mind is in danger?

Symptoms are: arguing with oneself and losing, loss of time (missing time from your memory), loss of IQ, sudden change of voice (accent), unnatural behavior, viewing humans as anything other than the same species, talking about having supernatural powers, actually performing supernatural acts,

Treatments other than suicide do not exist. Hey, suicide is bad. Please seek mental asylum assistance immediately or stop wasting our oxygen. Don’t say that! It’s not nice.-written by Me

RANT!!! Warning!! Authoress Rant! Can be skipped!
okay, this is for all you people who make Naruto fan fics, and have sasuke/Naruto/ whatever character an ANBU (Black ops). first off, even though their masks resemble animals, doesn't mean you can just be making up animal masks!! For example, Sasuke as a raven, Naruto as a fox, Sasuke as a wolf, Shikamaru as a Deer. Just don't do it!! the masks are made to represent the ANIMALS OF THE CHINESE ZODIAC!!!!!

Life has moved on in my absense

I just wanted you all to know that I have been on a very long hiatus, and I have changed as people are wont to through their lives. I hope my writing is still passable, although it might be different. Please don't hate me if it is different, I still love to write and review stories, so don't crush my dream and make me go back into hiding. Thank you, I love you all!

That's all I can think of right now...but don't worry, I'm sure I'll add on to this later :-D

Japanese words you never knew. (ok well, maybe you do know them, but still!)

Hmm The words in bold,I use, the ones that aren't, I don't use, I just know them...Warning! I dunno how to use the Romanization, so these are probably spelled wrong. This is all by phonics! (oh and thanks to Emi-Chan, Kudee-chan, and Michi-san, and K-san for some of the words. Arigato! (waves at Emily, christina, Michi and K))

Yami =Dark
Kudaiyami = darkness
Jaku = evil
Akuma = Devil
Imouto = Little sister
onii-san= Big brother

Tenshi = Angel
Hikary = Light
Maka Inu =Idiot Dog
Kame= Turtle!

Baka = Stupid
Gaijin = Foreigner
Baka Gaijin = Stupid foreigner
Kawaii = Cute
Kawii = Scary
Hai = Yes
Doshte= Why?

Usura nai!= I won't forgive you!

Bakagaki = stupid brat
Baka Yarro= stupid Bastard!
ah so desne= ah I understand(ruff translation is "you are right")
So des ka= so that is it
Kimono = Traditanal Japanese Dress
Yukata = Summer kimono (a dress with only two layers instead of the original five)
Obi = The belt that goes around the middle of the kimono

usuratonkachi= dumbbutt
dobe= dead last
teme= ruff translation of bastard
Chekuso= shit!
kuso= damn
Che= crap

Yakuza = Japanese Mafia ( I have a friend in the Yukuza (smiles)...K-san and I stay in touch...)
Seppuku = ritual Suicide
do zo = go ahead (or) Help your self (Pronounced do as in dough and zo as in zo)
Onigaishimas= Please(formally) Onigai(informal)

konpyuta = computer (smirks) (come on people, say this one out loud...)
paso-kon = Personal computer
denwa = telephone
ketai denwae (other wise known as ketai) = cell or 'mobile' phone
Noto = notebook
ningyo = doll
terebi gemu ='tv games' or video games
Daisukie= Love (like strongly)
sukie= like (friendly)

ai= love
aishitaru=love (as in cute love, i.g."aishiteru your kawaiicat drawing!")
koi=love (love of your life)

Mosi moshi = hello ( over the denwa)
oishi= Good! (describing food)
Sugoi= cool!(actually means bad or terrible, but its japanese slang (swetadrops))
kakoi= awsome!
semimusen= I'm sorry
Gomenasai= excuse me
ekura desu ga= how much does this cost?
Arigato= thank you (formal)
Arigato gosaimus dai = Thank you (EXTREMELY formal)
Domo = thank you (familiar)
Acumbla = tease ( you say this while pulling down your eye lid and sticking out your toungue. Surprisingly, a lot of people us this while around their friends...)
Doi tashi mash de= you're welcome

kon bon wa = good evening
ohayo gosaimus = good morning
konichi wa = good after noon (also can be usedas a general hello, with no time attached)
Owari= the End
Oyasumi= good night

henna oto-ga = I hear a strange noise
memai-ga shimasu = I feel dizzy
Imananji desu ga?=what is the time?
Ii nio-ga shimasu = something smalls good
Chotto isogashii-n-desu-ga =I'm afraid I'm too busy
Chotto matte kudasai = just a minute please
Chotto matte=Just a minute!
Ja Ne= Later
Ja Matte ne = see you later

Shitsuree = excuse me
shitsuree-itashimashita = Excuse me, I'm sorry
(watashi-wa) name -des = My name is name
kochira-koso doozo yoroshiku (onegai-shimasu) = how do you do?

1 ichi
2 ni
3 san
4 shi (it can also mean death O.o, so four is not viewed as a very lucky number...)
5 go
6 roku
7 nana
8 Hachi
9 qoo
10 jue


Japanese National Anthem!(bet you don't know this!)
Kimiga yo wa chi yo ni
Yachi yo ni
Saza re ishi no
Iwa oto na re te kokeno
Mu su ma de...

(this is in the traditional japanese. I asked Emi-chan what it ment and she just blinked and said it was hard japanese, so she didn't know)
(after asking several other Japanese people (k-san and Michi-san) They said it ment something about moss growing on a rock and the rock being strong...)

MWAHAHAHAHA! Um letsee...what else can I write here...ummmm Oh! I know!
Favorite Pairings!Yeah, their all yaoi. So sue me -_-...well not really @_@...

Yugi/yami (bestest pair in the worlds!)
Atemu/ Yugi ( Once again Bestest!)
Jounouch/ Seto(I LOVE this! Go read "The Experiment"! It's in my Favorites...)
Seth/ Jou
Bakura/Ryou ( AWWW! I love this pair...)
Theif King/ Ryou
Malik/ Marik ( very fun to write about this pair, as you can tell from G.E.L.(winks))
Malik/Marik/Ryou/Bakura (foursome! ((giggles madly)) I know this is weird but...I can't help but like this pairing, even if its slightly disturbing sometimes...)
Malik/ Ryou ( Um just in case I confused names, Malik as in the hikary, not the Yami)
Seto/ Yami ( Umm I guess I don't mind...just as long as its not Atemu and seth...I know I'm weird)

Other Anime (besides YGO)
RoyxEd: (Fullmetal alchemist) Gotta love the love/hate relationships!
YukixKyo(Fruits Baskets) YAY!(this one reminds me of SetoxJou!)
ChronoxAion (wierd I know...but...)
Harry x Draco (Me wuuuuvs this one!((hugs harry and draco)))

Naruto pairings
Naruto x Sasuke
SasukexNaruto (don't really care really who's seme or uke)
KakashixNaruto (weird, but still cool)
NarutoxKakashi!!(not a lot of these are on this website...shame)
ItachixSasuke ((laughs sheepishly) erm incest any one?)
and basically any guy fucking the other (perverted smile)) I like to think I have mind.
Four-somes and three somes of the Naruto kind are also looked upon with glee

Fav. Het. pairings
Kaoru x Kenshin
Chrono x Rosette
Inuyasha x Kagome
Inuyasha x Kikyo
Tohru x Yuki
Tohru x Kyo

In my favorites you'll find a pretty much even amount of everything, of the YGO pairings. I seem to have slightly more Y/YY than anything else though...

Pairings I Don't really Care for!

Tea(anzu)x Anybody! I HATEHATEHATE HATE this pairing I don't hate Anzu, I just don't think she should be dating any YGO guys...
OCxBishies: Um I don't really like this pairing, simply because I don't like Oc's as the main characters. I like Oc's they are fun and I even have several Oc's (not that I have used them) But I like them as side characters

Fav Crossovers

YGOxFullMetalAlchemist (only read one so far, by Panmotto-Chan, called Cold Alchemy)
YGOxStarGate-1 (second favorite)
YGOxHarryPotter (third favorite! well, I love White Angel Chan's The New Students)
YGOxYuYuHakusho ((shrugs) whatever, its ok...I guess...)
YGOxX-MenEvolution(I love The Fourth 'God' ...)
DPxTT (Danny Phantom x Teen Titans) (this is a really cool crossover, if you can pull it off!)
NarutoxHarry Potter (FAVORITE!!!!)
YGOxCharmed (interesting. I suggest jazhira's "yugioh get's charmed" fic. Tis cute.)

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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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Yu-Gi-Oh - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 15 - Words: 150,322 - Reviews: 88 - Favs: 63 - Follows: 78 - Updated: 3/16/2017 - Published: 11/2/2011 - [K. Jounouchi/Joey W., S. Kaiba] [H. Honda/Tristan T., R. Otogi/Duke D.]
Catalyst by Yami Y666 reviews
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Yu-Gi-Oh - Rated: M - English - Fantasy/Romance - Chapters: 18 - Words: 80,811 - Reviews: 155 - Favs: 153 - Follows: 160 - Updated: 12/30/2014 - Published: 12/8/2006 - Yūgi M., Yami Yūgi
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Crossover - Stargate: SG-1 & Yu-Gi-Oh - Rated: M - English - Sci-Fi/Adventure - Chapters: 20 - Words: 56,137 - Reviews: 113 - Favs: 112 - Follows: 130 - Updated: 4/26/2013 - Published: 2/1/2005 - J. O'Neill, Yūgi M.
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Yu-Gi-Oh - Rated: M - English - Hurt/Comfort/Romance - Chapters: 11 - Words: 85,912 - Reviews: 120 - Favs: 94 - Follows: 55 - Updated: 2/18/2012 - Published: 10/26/2007 - S. Kaiba, K. Jounouchi/Joey W. - Complete
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