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I know you're out there...watching me...waiting for me to update...

My fave animes are:

Death Note


Fruits Basket (Actually, I've never seen the anime, but I've read some of the manga.)




Rurouni Kenshin

Does Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi count?

Fave anime characters:







Kyo (Fruits Basket)






Youko Kurama

My favorite video game characters are:







Riku (Kingdom Hearts)

Rikku (Final Fantasy)

And last, but certainly not least, you can find me at or you can always give me a shout on DeviantArt. here's where you can read my poetry:

so that's all for me, I gotta go annoy my friends. Ciao.

November 1st, 2005

Hey, all! Dark's Angel here. I want y'all to give a big thanks to my best friend, oOforeverobsessedOo, because without her, you'd all be JONESING to read the rest of Terror of Azumano and Everything You Want! Now, incidentally, I have not had that many brainstorms on EYW, but I've come up with at least ONE new chapter. I am looking for ideas and will accept any you have for me. If you have a good idea on what should happen next, please e-mail me and let me know.

Also, I want to give a big thanks-in-advance to my voice actor idol and friend, Vic Mignogna, for taking the time to read and review Everything You Want. Now that I think about it, in a few ways Dark is WAY OOC, and now that I reread it I feel pretty silly. And now that I know Vic is going to read it, it feels really strange trying to write Dark. Hooray for weirdness!

oOforeverobsessedOo will be on soon to post chapter 9 of Everything You Want, and I guess...that's it. Good to be on, but the ban sadly has not been lifted. I'll try to update this page whenever I can. (And as I type this, there goes my Computer Applications grade...right out the window...-watches it go.-) I'm away laughing on a fast camel, leaving you these final words of wisdom: Bring out your inner llama. Ciao! --Dark's Angel

January 25th, 2006

Hey out there, to my loyal readers! Author formerly known as Dark's Angel, here! I just thought that, partially for myself and partially for my bestest friend and poster of our chapters oOforeverobsessedOo, I should change my PenName. Therefore, I am now.../dah-da-da-DAH!/ ChibiToriNekoEllieChan! Meaning behind the name: literally means "Little Bird Cat Elephant." I was feeling a bit hyper when I made it up, yes...Anyways, just checking in and making sure you guys know! Not that you wouldn't, considering you trail my stories...o.O

Alright, I'm out for now. Stay in school, if you're in school that is, and if you're not, well, have a good life! I shall leave you with the greatest quote in the history of quotes, from the fic Witchcraft and Demons:

"Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot kill, courage to kill the things I cannot accept, and wisdom to hide the bodies of those who have pissed me off today." --Hiei. Ciao! --CTNEC

April 8th, 2006

Wow it's been awhile since I updated this...Well peoples, I have changed my drives my 'little sister' crazy. My new penName, subject to change at any moment, is Queen Luffie of the Mole People. It is subject to change, IT IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE because I NEVER STICK WITH ONE THING FOREVER. I actually wanted to change it to The Darkness of the Heart, but sadly for yours truly, that name was taken. -pouts-

I am currently very sweaty from too much Dance Dance Revolution, the greatest game in the world next to Kingdom Hearts one and two...haven't played two yet, but my BESTEST MALE BUDDY Lenny is going to buy it for my birthday_ I heart him so much! And meanwhile, the person who I call my onee-chan is losing what little bit of mind she has left over my ranting and raving. So I'll say ja ne, and I'm in the midst of one EXCELLENT chapter of Everything You Want! It's taking forever...but I'm trying to make it fluffy for the fluff-lovers, no names...SeLeNa MoUsY...well, anyways, I'm outtie. Catch ya!

--Queen Luffie of the Mole People. (All hail the queen of randomness and moles!)

December 8th, 2006

It sure has been awhile, huh? I've changed my penname YET AGAIN, so GET OVER IT, TARA! (Insert maniacal laughter at your leisure.) So much has changed...guys, don't look forward to a new chapter for We Are the Transfer or Midnight's Curse. I've had major writer's block on those fics, so it may be years before I put the pencil to paper with them.

For those who have read Everything You Want, I've drawn a pic of Jenny onstage, singing. Go to my DeviantART page to see it! It's not bad, I suppose, it could be better...

Also, an important notice, I'm attempting to switch my focus off DNAngel a little. I'm hoping to post a Kingdom Hearts story or two, but don't badger me for updates. They'll come when they come.

Is there anything else? I think that was it...OH, I've actually been suckered into a love for YAOI!! Fave pairings include Sora/Riku, Naru/Sasu, Axel/Roxas, Hiei/Kurama, and Dai/Sat. There are more I like, but they're rather sporadic. Another notice is for Kitsune Onna1, telling you that YES, I changed my penname again, and actually I might keep this one for a bit longer. But if you had my stories on your faves, you wouldn't have issues FINDING me. All aboard for the logic train!

I suppose that's it. Ciao, everyone!

--Axel's Stalker

January 18th, 2007

Welcome to the new year!!! I know, I know...I'm a little late on the uptake...but whatever.

I e-mailed Greg Ayres!!! I'm so pathetic sometimes, honestly...I'm also glad to hear that you guys think Stitch is pretty good! I worked hard trying to get it just right...And now for some quotes from my favorite little Apathetic Princess!

"It'll kill you to hear this...but I can live with that."

I lurve Lar-chan! Alrighty, ta-tah!

November 2nd, 2007

Just a little note to let everyone here know I'm still alive and kicking. Updated the favorites lists above, click up to see...meh. Created a brand new prologue for my newest fic, Light Side of the Moon. It's in Death Note, a category I've found I cannot easily survive in. It's so difficult! But, I suppose it's even harder to live in the Naruto fandom, where there's a million other fics and yours is only one...les sigh. Wow. I feel like I'm being very depressing. But then, I'm having a fat day, so. Uploaded my very first icon, and it's mah Chocopathic wonderful Marsh-Mello! And then I went out and discovered that I'm not the only Mello-obsessed girl out there. Too bad. I wanted him all to myself...aww...

Anywho, just letting everyone know I'm conscious. And give my Death Note fic a chance, it's barely been born! It will get better, I promise! Toodles!

--Axel's Stalker

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