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Author has written 3 stories for Naruto.

Name: Trinity Effect

Favorite Color: For the moment it is Green :)

Favorite Pairings: SasuNaru, SasuHina (favorite, as if it isn't obvious), NaruHina, NejiHina, GaaHina


Some Tips on Writing (and inspiration for those who need it :))

Writing is not something that comes naturally, as most people think. It's something that is built up over time. No one is a 'great writer' we all have room to improve. This is because writing is an evolving situation for the author. Peoples' styles can change according to what they feel at the moment, or if they just decide to make it so. There is no right or wrong way to write.

We all learn in school how to 'write'. And just because they tell you in school that "you shouldn't start a sentence with because or but" or "short simple sentences will get you no where", doesn't mean it's true. What you learn in school are the guidelines to writing. Now, your job as a writer, is to stretch the limits of those guidelines. My english composition teacher in 11th grade told me once when I asked if I was writing something wrong, that "there is no wrong way to write. All the stuff you learned in elementary school and stuff about writing was all lies. It's not a crime to write with incomplete sentences. It's not bad to write with run on sentences. Because that's your style."

People have asked me how I learned to write so well. First off I'd like to to state that I'm by no means a good writer. I'm still learning, and I still make mistakes. And if you were to check my grammar, it tends to suck. But that's my style. But if you'd like to 'work on your writing' and learn how I learned to 'write so well', I will tell you my tricks.

Read. Absolutely everything.

And I know what your thinking if your a manga fanatic like me, "I am reading mangas...there are words..." That's not acceptable. Read newspapers, watch the anaphora they use, and adapt it to your style. Read stories in the first person and analyze how the author portrays the personality of their character. Adapt it to your style. Read poems and watch how simple words mean big things with alliterations and synecdoche. Adapt it to your style. The same English teacher from above always told us "It's not copy right infringement to copy the way an author writes, only their words. Steal everything except that from them and use it to your advantage."

If you didn't know what all the english terms above were, don't feel bad. You don't need to know what they mean. If anything in an authors writing catches your eye or makes you think twice, it means it's something worth looking at again. Which you could potentially use to build your writing arsenal. Although I haven't written many stories for fanfiction, I can tell you for a fact, that reading is the best thing you can do to make your writing style more satisfactory for you.

Never write for other people, only yourself.

That may seem selfish, but it's very true in the writing world. Some of the most amazing novels of all time were written for personal enjoyment and only by happenstance got shown to the public. If you can't enjoy your writing, and force yourself to do so, it will only show to the readers through your writing and the story will become taxing to read. If you really like a story plot you've thought of but can't write anything for it, don't force yourself to. Write it out on paper, think about it, and if you have to, scrap it for a while and pick it up later. If you do this, I can guarantee that the writing experience will be more relaxing, and the reading experience more enjoyable.

Some Tricks of the Trade~

Some things you can work on, on your own. Here are a few tricks and pointers to help your writing style grow. These are tricks I use, and after a while, it'll become second nature to you to write this way. Don't use these if you don't want, remember, as I stated before, there is no right way to write. I'm putting this here to help my fellow writers:)

Use any kind of sentences you want, even run ons and incomplete sentences.

You've gotten that lecture before right? Don't run on, and finish your sentences. Well here I am saying don't conform. A few examples as to why. Read the following sentence as ask yourself if it's appealing (disregarding the stupid subject;) :

"The dog ran quickly because he needed to find his master before it was too late."

Sure it's appealing in its own way, it's what we've been taught to do. It's seems kinda dull though. You can always jazz things up with interesting words, or you can clip the sentences to physically capture the rushing of the dog.

"The dog ran. He needed to find his master. Before it was too late."

The sentence was barely changed except that it was cut into three parts. The quick, short quality of the sentences shows the urgency in the dogs actions without doing much. It doesn't seem as dull. Of course this is a terrible example, but look for it in other authors' stories, actual novels or right here on fanfiction. Or trying making your own and seeing how it works. This also works in the opposite way. Though I won't give ou a terrible example again, think of run ons. What do they do? They run on. Forever. But when you're trying to convey the seriousiness of a situation, or gracefulness in a character, use loose sentences.

How to write Dialogue

Some people have a problem with this. this would be an exception where this is the same for everyone, it's universal. When writing dialogue, the key rule is when a new person is talking, regardless of how much they say or what action they do while saying it, you always start a new paragraph. If you follow that simple rule, then all dialogue will come easy and readers won't wonder who is talking now? Read novels, they're perfect for learning this technique.

And that's all I got for now. If there's anything you'd like me to elaborate on, just ask and I'd be glad to help. Beta-ing is an option too. :) Good luck writing and I hope to read the stories!!


Story Stuff

I'm used to writing very dramatic and angsty pieces, but I've decided to write a very manga-ish story, which would be "The Little Things in Life". It's really a highschool story and it resembles arcs where the main character, Hinata in this case, goes through highschool life in her circumstances. Kinda like how Naruto goes through the Chuunin arc, and the Pein arc, etc. The story's premise is that of a shy hinata who comes back to konoha after a long time, bringing along a surprise with her for one Uchiha Sasuke. Fluffy in nature, the story will get a more darker tone as the story progressed but not to worry, the fluff will be there in huge amounts!

My Second Sasuhina story "Libido" is taking shape! It's a mature piece, more angsty like I said it would be. For those of you who actually read this, here's a plot preview ;) Something happens that makes Sasuke yearn for Hinata, and they get into a very...sexual based relationship. "Libido" Is a story about this relationship and the conflicts and angst surrounding it, and their lives. It has all the ninja action and passionate love story you could ever want! :) Lemons had been posted on my livejournal account and will continue to do so, don't worry, though the relationship is sexual at first, Hinata nad Sasuke will end up falling in love; in the only way they know how ;)

I've started a third sory! Sasuhina of course, the story is called "Towards the Sun" and is a samurai fic about Hinata trying to find her blonde haired, blue eyed savior and Sasuke a ronin who helps her on her quest. During their adventures they meet all sorts of people from different walks of life, learn more about themselves and each other. Hinata will learn what the mysterious last words Chiyo spoke to her really mean and find out the truth of her heritage as Sasuke continues his quest to finding and killing his one true rival. Action packed, and full of all different types of characters from the Naruto series that don't usually get a chance at the spotlight, this story will be sure to keep the drama alive!


Story Art

I've never been able to put this on my profile before, but I'm quite excited! This section is dedicated to all the art made for or inspired by my fanfictions, hopefully I'll be able to add to the collection; they definitely put a smile on my face! I'm happy that something I'm passionate about and love as an art form can translate in others' passion and art forms as well!!

-Libido Art: A lovely diagram depicting the love triangle...square...pentagon within the story of Libido. Rendered by the wonderful Hinaxanyone! Libido Attraction Diagram

-The Little Things in Life Art: None yet :(

-Towards the Sun Art: None yet :(

If you want to add to this, please tell me how to get to your art and I will definitely put a link up here for others to see! XD


Lemon Link

A continually awkward topic for me...Lemons. I've decided (after a vote of 25:1 by you readers *Must be influenced by Kakashi...*) that I will be writing the lemons for the story Libido and will be posting them here. Look for the links as they come, there will be ALOT of them. (around one for every two to three chapters, maybe even more) Now as I will tell you in my author's note I have no experience in this area whatsoever, so if they suck I sincerely apologize.

Link to lemons:

News: Don't worry once school ends I'll start updating again! I'm sorry I haven't replied PMs or reviews recently, Organic Chemistry is kicking my butt... :( (4/8/2012)

Please enjoy my fanfics, and review!

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