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I may be leaving Fanfiction soon, as soon as I wrap up the stories I all ready have going... _ I think I gonna move onto FictionPress and write actual stories instead... maybe, I dunno. But as of right now, I am going for it, trying to finish up my stories, and then I might come out with one-shots every once in a while or somthing, I dunno. NO IM NOT GIVING UP ON DANNY it's just that... i dunno. I have ideas, yes, but its not the same as it was when I first started out on the sight, that's for sure. I'm not exactly loosing interest or anything... I just might start being a reader instead of a writer for this sight or somthing... who knows _

Stories I WONT be finishing:

Midnight High maybe, not sure yet

Phantom Survivor

Tripod Not so sure on this one either

The rest of them SHOULD end sometime this year, would be my best guess. Thanks for reading this.

Last updated January 17, 2006

My name is Sarah, and I'm 17, birthday is February 9th.

I have three dogs, Molly (Border Collie) Snowy (Husky)Phantom (Great Dane)given the name because she is black and white, with beautiful blue eyes. Would have named her Danny.. but she was a girl, and Phantom seemed to fit the best. And my sis's dog Tilly (Papillion)I also have a cat named Shadow.Also, I now have a horse named Skittles, but she lives with relatives, so I don't sactly own her. But i get to ride her, and have her as soon as I move, and get bigger property so i can have a horse.

Description: Short for my age at least, 5'4 I think... Umm... I have brunette hair, with blonde streaks through it, and it's perfectly straight... which can get annoying after a while, kinda hard to style it any other way but straight. Im skinny, only about 100 pounds, probably because I hardly ever eat anything. I'm a prep... yea, so that will probably help out with you guys being able to know what I look like, but I am really nice, I swear! lol.

I have a boyfriend, so Im happily taken. He deals with me all the time, and enjoys dealing with me, so i can't say I have anything to complain about, lol.

Favorite TV show: Danny Phantom... DUH! Danny is the best!

I also like some other shows.. such as Fairly odd Parents, Desperate housewives, Medium, Lost, Inuyasha, Invasion, Grey's annatomy... and Im sure there's more o.O

Favorite Animal:

I Love dogs, especially great danes! They my favorite! I also love cats, Black ones... or black and white, with short fur, I can't stand long fur on cats... don't ask.

My least favorite animal is the snake.. blech

Favorite Music/Band:

Pop, Rock, Adult Alternative, some rap, AND I HATE COUNTRY!


Simple Plan, Avril Lavigne, Nickelback, Rob Thomas, Evenescense, and tons of other stuff, I just dont feel like thinking about it right now _

Favorite Stories:

Well... haven't read much on fanfiction... but I can give you some of my fav. books...

Harry potter series (who doesn't like that?) Where the Red Fern Grows (All time fav! So sad, it made me cry!) Because of Winn-Dixie (easy to read, but a great story!) Last dog on Earth (Very odd book, but description and everything else is wonderful!)

That's all I can think of... not a big book fan or anything. I am a writer, not sactly a reader. usually anything I read it about dogs though.

Favorite Story I've written:

My favorite that I have written outside of Fanfiction is about 6 friends that get in a car accident and the one that pretty much kept them together got killed in it, so now they're trying to patch up their lives although everything seems to be slowly falling apart around them. Sounds a little weird, but so far it's comming out pretty good.

On fanfiction, I dunno really. I guess Hard Times in a way, after all that was my biggest hit on here, but I also enjoy umm... I have no idea. Cuz really, I guess typing about Danny has just started to fade on me, my stories are starting to loose their quality on here really bad sorry guys!

Upcomming Stories:

For anyone who is a fan of my writing, I will be more than happy to let you know of future stories, in which I'm working on right now...

1. Hardest Times: Yea, it's a trilogy. But I guess continuing on it depends on how much reviews you guys decide to give me on Harder Times, so far it seems to be really down. I guess sequals can just never have the same quality as the first o.O

Anyhow... I'm sure your tired of hearing about me by now, right? I'll stop... but if you would like to e-mail me, and become friends or for w/e reason, DannyFentonLuver@yahoo.com

See ya!

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