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Author has written 15 stories for Aliens/Predator, Bleach, District 9, Avatar, Assassin's Creed, and Wrestling.

I thank each and every one of you who take the time to visit my page, I appreciate it!

What can I say about me? By day, I work at a hospital as an RN and by night, I spend my free time writing too much fanfics as a form of therapy and to entertain others (while also working on my master's). At the same time, I'm trying to develop my writing skills to the best of my abilities that I can- particularly plot and character development. I love the sci-fi/fantasy/history categories and humor never steers me wrong- I love making people laugh! Music plays a large part in creating my stories so a lot of the links I use will relate to classical, orchestral, or Celtic pieces/artists because of the emotion they can convey and I try to be diverse internationally because I love music of all languages. I also love to travel to not only immerse myself in different places, cultures, etc. but also gain ideas for my stories. Now that I've finally updated my main as of 2020, my focus is finishing at least one of my many ongoing fanfics and finish the rest.

5/2022: Color the Sky and One of the People are still the priority to finish with Adventure Time coming in third (can't ignore my most humorous tale).

5/2020: As of right now, Color the Sky and One of the People are the two stories being worked on. All others, unfortunately, will be on hiatus because I've stretched my life too thin between work, study, and life (the pandemic has crippled already short-staffed hospital units). I've gotten PM's regarding my stories and unfortunately, some will continue while others will not. But, as a reader, if you have any questions or wondered about a specific story, please feel free to PM me. I'm trying to reply to all of my mail in my inbox. Thank you for taking the time to read my profile!

Story Covers: http:///user/Mystic-Blade/library/
Deviant Artwork Link:

Story in Cameron's Avatar

One Of The People (main story): In Progress. One of The People: Vignettes (oneshot spinoff): Completed
Story Wallpaper
by RippahGoneWolf

The story starts during the last battle on Pandora and the aftermath as Neytiri finds help for Jake's human body, Dr. Patel takes over Hell's Gate to help the Na'vi, and Tsu'tey doesn't get his queue chopped off and doesn't die like in the script that deleted those scenes. So who will be leader of the Omaticaya? The humans that remain and are chosen from the Avatar program begin new lives, told by the main OC Joanna in this story, and their path to be one of The People. Will they succeed or fail? Other clans will appear as they end the war and everyone heals from the battle while the Omaticaya search for their new Hometree. A story with an array of emotion genres so I can't name them all. JakeXNeytiri, Tsu'TeyXOC, NormxOC.

Sketch of the friendly but feisty (well, to Tsu'tey): http:///#/d2xhhp7
Sketch of the stubborn Tsu'tey and smartalecky Joanna: http:///#/d3ec97d

Music that help the chapters flow along: (Full video songs- support the composers!)
Volume One
0) Heroic Theme for the entire Avatar Saga: "Bill Brown- Riding The Plains"
1) "James Horner- War" (Chapter 1- Eywa's Will, Chapter 2- Pandora's Triumph)
2) "Leona Lewis- I See You" (JakexNeytiri centric- because it literally is a theme for them)
3) "Loreena McKennitt- Penelope's Song" (Tsu'teyXJoanna centric- the lyrics are perfect for them since they will be of two different clans)
4) "James Horner- Shutting Down Grace's Lab" (Chapter 2- Pandora's Triumph)
5) "Mychael & Jeff Danna- Lament" (Chapter 3- Expulsion of The RDA)
6) "James Horner- Pure Spirits Of The Forest" and "Lorenna McKennitt- Dante's Prayer" (Chapter 4- True Olo'eyktan)
7) "James Horner- Gathering All The Na'vi Clans For Battle" (Chapter 5- The Omaticaya Kelutral and Chapter 6- We Are Home)
8) "Enya- Wild Child" (Chapter 7- My Skxawng Teacher and Chapter 8- All Work And No Play)
9) "Enya- Adiemus" (Tsu'tey's and Joanna's training/adventuring before the Atykwe return)
10) "One Day In The Village" (Chapter 9- Cupid's Wayward Arrow)
11) "An Elegy" (Chapter 10- Falling For You)
12) "Do As Infinity- Song Of Truth" (Chapter 11- Unbreakable Friendship)
13) "Hans Zimmer- Under The Stars" (Chapter 12- Command The Sky)
14) "James Horner- Gift Of A Thistle" (Chapter 13- Stare Death In The Eye)
15) "Hans Zimmer- Reunion" (Chapter 14- The Power To Protect)
16) "James Horner- Wallace Courts Murron" (Chapter 15- Threads of Budding Love)
17) "Howard Shore & Enya- Aniron" (Chapter 16- I See You)
18) "Audiomachine- The Messenger" (Chapter 17- An Idyllic Afternoon)
19) "Howard Shore- Evenstar" (Chapters 18 & 19)
20) "Hans Zimmer- Taken" and "Sagisu Shiro- On The Precipice of Defeat" (Chap. 20 & 21)
21) "Clinton Shorter- Prawnkus" and "Inon Zur- Love Scene" (Chapter: Farewell To The Omaticaya)
22) "Howard Shore- Minas Tirith (extended version)" and "Sagisu Shiro- Soundscape To Ardor" (Chapter: The Seafaring Atykwe; because that movie scene is similar to my intro to the sea of the Atykwe)
23) "Two Steps From Hell- Earthgirl" and "Immediate- Onward To Glory" (Chapter: The Shattering Cliff of the Eastern Sea)
24) "James Horner- Jake's First Flight", "Two Steps From Hell- Peace Of Mind", and "Two Steps From Hell- Love Suspended" (Chapter: First Breath Into Adulthood and Looking Towards The Future)
25) "Immediate- Reluctant Warrior", "Immediate- Pandora", and "James Horner- Jake's First Flight" (Chapter: Conquering Uteho'awkx)
26) "Audiomachine- Doors of Perception" and "Ramin Djawadi- There Is A God In You" (Chapter: Joanna of the Atykwe)
End of Volume One.
Finale Theme: "Immediate- Turning Home" (Reminds me of the Lord of the Rings)

Volume 2 of 'One of The People':
1) "Inon Zur- Destiny of Love"(Joanna x Tsu'tey Love Theme)
2) "Two Steps From Hell- Fill My Heart" (Anaya x Arat Theme)
3) "Two Steps From Hell- Eria" (Neytiri x Jake Theme)
4) "Anre Rieu- Romeo & Juliet" (Norm x Tarazi Theme)
5) "Two Steps From Hell- Clair Voyant" (Nitari's Theme)
6) "Immediate- The Waltz" and Nitari's Theme (Chapter: A New Path In Life)
7) "Two Steps From Hell- I Love You Forever" (Chapter: A Reunion For The Ages)
8) "Two Steps From Hell- Forever In My Dreams" (Chapter: Forever In My Mind)
9) "Two Steps From Hell- After The Fall" (Chapter: Dream For Tomorrow)
10) "Two Steps From Hell- Friendship To Last" (Chapter: Fairy Tsahik-mothers)
11) "Inon Zur- Love Scene" (Chapter: Ripples in the Water)
12) "Jesper Kyd- Enough For One Life" (Chapter: The Eternal Bonds of Family)
13) "Two Steps From Hell- Titan Dream" (Chapter: Pieces Fall Into Place)
14) "John Lunn- Story of My Life" and Benjamin Bartlett- "Giant of the Skies" (Chapter: Son of Two Clans)
15) "Adiemus- Kayama" (Chapter: A Home of Our Own)
16) "Liara's Song" (Chapter: Merging Roads)
17) "Homecoming" (Chapter: Eternal Bonds)

Story in Assassin's Creed: Hiatus

Adventure Time with Altair: STORY COVER (there will be a lot more in the main folder)
Twenty-one year old Vivian wishes the game franchise was nonexistent when she pops into 1192 AD in Jerusalem in the unlikeliest of ways. After avertinga nervous breakdown, she meets the popular Assassins and is manhandled all the way to Masyaf to learn she's stuck where she is. Alongside Altair and Malik, she undergoes a humorous but dangerous adventure spanning the entire African continent as Altair looks for all of the Pieces of Eden gathered there.

Inspired by humor (Adventure Time, baby!), insanity (I loved the humor and mythology of this show as a kid), family (because Ezio's family rocked), bravery, fellowship, and AC goodness.

Character models:
Altair- Franscisco Randez truly is a gorgeous man): Grand Master of the Assassin's Order. He's pretty self-explanatory. Image
Malik: Altair's right hand man and best friend as he travels alongside him. He's the master of subtlety and charisma as he works the crowds for information. No longer an able bodied assassin like Altair, he now favors using a sword in combat but maintains his cat-like reflexes to investigate. Image link
Vivian: The quirky and bright-eyed woman that quickly becomes Altair's bane but wins his favor with her flawless disguises and uncanny ability to distract a crowd. She favors halberds and staff weapons in a fight. Image link: 1 and 2
Ilias (because Oded Fehr is a handsome man too): Altair's current second in charge as he is stationed at Masyaf to carry out orders loyally as Altair and company travel south. Despite his calm demeanor, he can be driven insane by his subordinates, especially when he has the explosive prone Bashir, a picky falcon, and a hormonally pregnant Maria to contend with. Image link
Bashir: The friendly and accident prone scientist who's basically locked away at the top of one of Masyaf's towers to carry on his word but helps Ilias during his free time. He'll be joining Altair's team later on in the story. Image link
Maria: The Ex-Templar who now joins Masyaf to help the Assassin's Order by teaming up with Alias and Bashir to carry out Altair's orders.
More to come

Unofficial Sountrack (Themes contain AC goodness)
Story Theme: 'Two Steps From Hell- To Glory'
Altair Theme: 'Two Steps From Hell- Protectors of The Earth'
Vivian Theme: 'Two Steps from Hell- Merchant Prince'
Malik Theme: 'Two Steps From Hell- False King'
Ilias Theme: 'Two Steps From Hell- Sons of War'
Bashir Theme: 'Two Steps From Hell- Shoot To Kill'
Malik, Vivian, and Altair Theme: 'Two Steps From Hell- Friendship To Last'

Masyaf, Haven of the Assassins: "Jesper Kyd- Meditation Begins"
The Land of the Pharaohs: "Alan Silvestri- My First Bus Ride"
The Mother of Egypt: "Two Steps From Hell- Day Becomes Night"
Traversing the Nile: "Immediate Music- Believe"
South to the Wilds: "Jesper Kyd- Chase Theme"
Quelimane- A Temporary Life: "Two Steps From Hell- I Love You Forever"
The Stormy Coast of Madagascar: "Inon Zur- Mage Pride"
The One To Touch All Continents In Seconds: "Immediate Music- Lord Of Realms"
The Fellowship Scattered: Jesper Kyd- "Ezio's Family"
Onwards to South Africa: "Immediate Music- Def Con"
By Sea To Mali: "Immediate Music- Pandora"
Stormy Detour: "Ramin Djwadi- It's Almost Human Of You"
A Bond To Transcend Time: Two Steps From Hell- "Undying Love"
Clash of the Orders in Morocco: "Two Steps From Hell- United We Stand, Divided We Fall"
The Shield of Mars: "Immediate Music- Akkadian Empire"
To The Lost Land of Avalon: "Immediate Music- Emergence of Empire"
Wield the Sword of Eden: "Audio Machine- King Arthur"
There And Back Again: "Clint Mansell- An End Once And For All" (EC version)
Separated By The Sands Of Time: "Jesper Kyd- You Have Earned Your Rest" End of Story!

There and Back Again: Planned Sequel
Story Theme: "The Road to Masyaf" (Lorne Balfe)
Altaïr and Vivian: "I Was Lost Without You"
The Assassins: "Union of Warriors" (Immediate)
Darim and Sef: "Nero" (Two Steps From Hell)
Vivian & Sef: "I'm Proud of You" (Sam Hulick)
Chapter 1: "Lead Me Home" (Jamie N Commons)
Chapter 2 : "Reconciliation" (Bear McCreary)

Color The Sky: In Progress
A Connor/OC tale based in Davenport Homestead as he grows up alongside the people who will become his adoptive family as he walks the path expected of an assassin. Ongoing story.

Character Models:
Caroline: The female protagonist of the Burnett family that dreams of equality for women and won't hesitate to cross dress to earn a good living once she's of age. Teenage era 1772-1776 (link) Adult era 1776-onwards (link 1) (link 2)
Amelia: The peacemaker of the bunch and the smart one that immerses herself in books to make a living as a teacher by scrapping together her money. 1776-onwards model image (link) (link 2)
Martha: The rational and law abiding one of the five sisters as she contrasts Caroline in appearance and personality but loves to sew alongside Ellen in her shop. 1776-onwards model image (link) (link 2)
Elizabeth: The headstrong witty girl that resembles modern day women in colonial times as she aims to strike life like a man and enjoys mining alongside Norris and making ales alongside Oliver and Corrine. Late teen-adult model image (link 1) (link 2)
Alice: The kindest soul of the sisters as she represents the friendly aura of Davenport and Late teen-adulthood (Link 1) (Link 2)
Samuel: The fun loving boy of the bunch that idolizes Connor as his older brother and tries to set himself apart from his horde of sisters so it's safe to say he'll be stumbling into assassin shoes one day. 1783-onwards adult image (link 1)
Ann: A giddy little girl that finds adoptive sisters in the Burnett girls and sticks to Alice like glue as she grows older. (link 1)
More To Come

Colonial Assassins Theme: Alan Silvestri- "The Avengers"
Chapter 2: Lorne Balfe- "Homestead"
Chapter 3: Two Steps From Hell- "Earthgirl"
Chapter 4: Immediate- "The Waltz"
Chapter 5: Hans Zimmer & John Powell- "Peach Tree Of Wisdom"
Chapter 7: Lorne Balfe- "Beer & Friends"
Chapter 9: Immediate- "Glorious Victories"
Chapter 10: Two Steps From Hell- "Big Sky"

Story in District 9: Hiatus

Strings of Hope
Paradise Reclaimed

Amaya Turin was the new kid in town when the Poleepkwa were allowed to walk the city openly before being shut in District 9. She meets Christopher, a Poleepkwa, despite the rules and the two bump into each other as they age, when D9 is set up, she continues her friendship with the forbidden alien. All events will lead up to his leave of Earth as Wikus begins to learn to live as a 'prawn' and Christopher must embark on finding the rest of his people on the homeworld, completing Wikus's cure, and gathering aid for his people from the Intergalactic Republic- who isn't keen of the planet called 'Earth'.

OC characters (Earth-bound):
Amaya Turin (link) (link): 26 year-old criminal lawyer who's very protective of Christopher's people and their rights after growing up alongside him secretly until she leaves for college at 18. You'll see what happens. She's fiercely loyal of Christopher and will do whatever it takes to make sure he leaves District 9 and returns to the stars. Unfortunately, she's dragged along by Christopher despite their first plan and she will join him as he searches for his people, Wikus' cure, and reestablishing his people back together.
Elenor Turin- 24 year-old nurse who's Amaya's younger sister and currently helps her plan her reluctant wedding. Once all the hell Wikus and Christopher cause in D9, Elenor is brought in from Cape Town to watch over D10 residents. Unlike Amaya who's always been curious about their culture, Elenor is neutral at first as she lives in a MNU bungalow in the outskirts. However, she'll help Wikus survive there and enters a love-hate relationship with a human hating prawn.
Laura Johnson (Theme)- Christopher's mother who's the last family member he has but she will be deceased by the time little Oliver's born. She was the mate of a brilliant scientist and belonged to a tribe of island dwellers, her passion lying in the oceans. She's the cautious mother but scientific teacher Christopher learns from to continue her project to escape D9. She's of a pearly white color with sapphire eyes, lacking many spikes due to her oceanic lifestyle.
Jane Williams- Laura's best friend from the home world who lives in D9 and is the certified hatcher per MNU regulation, watches over expectant Poleepkwa, and teaches younglings the needed languages to survive in Jo'burg. She was the private hatcher of Oliver per Christopher's wishes and Oliver hates learning but likes to hear her stories of the home world. She's an orange-brown Poleepkwa who lacks spikes due to her tribal origins and is very passive, especially with younglings.
Paul Smith- Christopher's older childhood friend who's classified as a 'smart' prawn by MNU. He's a black toned Poleepkwa with silver eyes that towers over any human due to his tribe originating from the mountainous regions but lacks the heavier build. He's the responsible caretaker of his friends and befriends Wikus since the human made Poleepkwa man keeps to himself. In D10, their tents are side-by-side so they're neighbors and the human eventually warms up to survive among the Poleepkwa.
Adam Jackson- Another of Christopher's pals who doesn't trust humans but tolerates them. Once Wikus pops into the picture, he tends to knock him out continually so the transformation can quicken and just for the fun of it. Paul usually tries to keep him at bay as he assures the human won't do anything. With Elenor, he's paranoid and she tends to pop out mace to keep him still. He's a brownish-gray Poleepkwa who hails from tribes similar to Paul's and has a heavier build and spikes to allow him to travel through rough terrain. Paul's kids like to use him for piggy back rides.
Henry Taylor (Theme)- Paul's friend who's always watched over since he's a little eccentric. He's a total scavenger and piles up his tent with just about anything and doesn't like to share with anyone. He laughs at nothing and babbles nonsensical things. Paul's kids like to chat with him since his attention span is similar to a youngling's while Wikus hopes he'd just shut up. He's a brown toned Poleepkwa with green eyes that always twinkle in merriment.
Mary Smith- Paul's middle child and the most that will pop out in the story. She always pops by Wikus' tent to leave him things and through rummaging sessions, he'll give her childish items she can play with.
John Anderson (Theme)- Paul's reluctant friend despite he's a bit anti-social and hates any humans, picking fights with Wikus for being one. He doesn't make it easy in D10 despite Paul's assurance and he's incredibly resistant to any medical aid Elenor tries to give him (he gets in a LOT of fights). He's quite crafty and can escape D10 to wander the city using sewer and subway tunnels to head to the surface. He's a silver-red Poleepkwa with yellow eyes and has one shorter antennae from a fight with MNU.
Homeworld OC characters:
Zairhok- Christopher's father who's a renowed scientist and discovered the cure for the plague ravishing their planet. The city he lived in is now in decay like all the rest and he resides with the remnants of his tribe as second-in-command in the forested outskirts. He's a green toned Poleepkwa due to his forest tribe roots with green eyes to match to give Christopher his golden yellow when combined with his mother's blue.
Garcanuk- Christopher's childhood friend who remained on the homeworld after catching the plague but survived. He has breathing issues once in a while from the effects of the airborne disease but is quite the happy fellow and looks up to Christopher once he returns, following him everywhere with questions. He's a fisherman for their tribe and Oliver likes to tag after him. He's the same shade as Christopher except with green eyes.
Reivanakh- 2nd in command of a rocky desert tribe and a skilled expert in fighting. Amaya meets him as she heads out on her adventure to gather the tribes as one to begin helping Christopher return their people back to the homeworld. He will join Christopher's group as they head out to a summit to meet the leftover tribes and come up with a plan. He's a black-silver Poleepkwa with yellow eyes and always cloaks himself to match the sands since his coloring is nothing like the sand to help him blend in. He's quite proud of his skills and always lends a hand but is easily angered if they mock his intelligence due to his tendency to fight himself out of a jam.
Serelok- Scientist from a remote forest tribe on another continent of the home world. His people are sought out because of their engineering skills and they're the only ones with blueprints to remake the motherships needed to help the Earth bound Poleepkwa. He's the representative for his tribe that joins Christopher and the two get along perfectly while he clashes with Reivanakh that smarts are better than brawn. He's a deep green shade to blend with his forested lands and gray eyes while he dresses himself like a scholar but ditches the outfit once he travels the planet on foot.
Tahyrne- Tracker from a grassland tribe that attacks Christopher's small group believing them to be invaders but he warms up to them as he learns of their plight. As an expert tracker of people and wildlife, he joins them and helps them transverse the land. However, he's not much of a talker unless it's something important in which Garcanuk takes it upon himself to make him but only ends up in a coughing fit. He's a sandy beige shade to blend in with the yellow-beige fields with green eyes that oddly resemble hawk eyes to sharpen his perception above all others.
Virheil- A sea huntress from an island tribe similar to Christopher's mother and meets the group as they head to an oceanic capital that meets in the middle of the planet to allow equal journey to all leaders. She's an expert trapper which makes Garcanuk depressed to her advanced skills. She joins their team as they head to the summit and can practically beat down all the males in the group, except Reivanakh, but is quite friendly despite her gruff personality. She's a pearly white and silver color to blend in with the sands of the ocean and hunt in the waters.
Posgo- A mountain tribe member who meets the group at the summit and his bulky build adds the needed brawn to their group which makes Reivanakh depressed since his fighting can match his while his build is slim. He can decimate in seconds and scares Christopher when he takes down trees to make way for the group as they journey. He's a black-brown toned Poleepkwa with brown eyes and longer spikes than the others to grip terrain better.
Arawnan - the last member of the group and belongs to the humid forested areas that hold the rarely seen tribes. His people survived the disease since they rarely journeyed far and he meets them as they pass through his lands. Unfortunately, he pins down Serelok with knives as he talks out loud about the area but Tahyrne catches him due to his sight. Arawnan blends in flawlessly with his surroundings due to his blue, green, and brown coloring but can easily be seen in the open. However, his skills practically rival human ninjas so he and Tahyrne make quite a duo once they land on Earth. Unlike the tracker, he's quite funny in public but is serious once business in underway.

Unofficial Music (links are either video or song):
Part 1
1) "Goo Goo Dolls- Slide" (Christopher/Amaya theme for first part of the trilogy)
2) "Hans Zimmer- Tennessee" (Flashback years)
3) "Lang Lang- Morning Tears" (Wikus/Tania theme for 1st part of the story)
4) "Hans Zimmer- Drink Up Me Hearties" (Trilogy Theme- Adventure, Romance, Action, Angst)
5) "Clinton Shorter- District 9" (Theme before Christopher's leave and end of the first saga)
6) "Sagisu Shiro- Invasion" (Theme for MNU's battle against the Poleepkwa and Intergalactic Republic- final chapters so it's still long away)
7) "Hayley Westenra- Let Me Lie" (Oliver's theme with Amaya)
8) "Beautiful Memories" (Chapter 5- 'Carnation Blossom' Theme)
9) "Sagisu Shiro- Perishing One" (Chapter 6- 'Memories of Yore' Theme)
10) "Hans Zimmer- Kings of the Past" and "John Williams- Padme's Destiny" (Chapter 7- 'Lament For A Mother' Theme)
11) "Mychael & Jeff Danna- Lament" and "John Williams- Anakin's Dream" (Chapter 8- 'You're Not Alone' Theme)
12) "Dearest" (Chapter 9- 'Breaking Regulation' Theme)
13) "Howard Shore- Evenstar" and "Loreena McKennitt- Dante's Prayer" (Chapter 10- 'Don't Let Me Go' Theme)
14) "Longing" (Chapter 11- 'Save it, Christopher')
15) "Hans Zimmer- And Then I Kissed Him" (Chapter 12- 'Oliver Johnson')
16) "Dario Marianelli- Denouement" (Chapter 13- 'To Sacrifice Is To Protect')
17) "Sagisu Shiro- Never Meant To Belong" and "Hans Zimmer- Taken" (Chapter 14- 'You Belong With Your People' )
18) "Sagisu Shiro- Turn The Tables" and "Clinton Shorter- Exosuit" (Chapter 15- 'Bite The Bullets')
19) "Clinton Shorter- District 9" and "Immediate- Turning Home" (Chapter 16- 'Break The Heavens')
20) "Misfortunate Priestess" and "Clinton Shorter- Back To D9" (Chapter 17- 'Karma's Wicked Twists') End of the 1st part of the story.

Part 2
: Paradise Reclaimed
1) "Clint Mansell- Leaving Earth" (Start Theme) Link:
2) "Two Steps From Hell- Nero" (Middle Theme) Link:
3) "Thomas Bergenson: A Place In Heaven" (Final Theme) Link:
2) "Bryan Adams- I Will Always Return" (Wikus/Tania Theme for the 2nd part of the story)
3) "John Williams- Across The Stars" (Christopher/Amaya Theme for 2nd part of the story)
23) "Bryan Adams- This Is Where I Belong" (Christopher and Oliver Theme for 2nd part of the story)
24) "Herald Kloser- End Credits" (Theme for Christopher and his group as they gather the tribes)
25) "Steve Jablonsky- Prime" (Christopher's theme on the homeworld)
26) "Happy Friends" (Christopher's theme whenever Garcanuk tags along- which is always!)
27) "Swordsmith" (Garcanuk's theme with the ever curious Oliver)
28) "Comical World" (Reivanakh's and Serelok's arguing theme)
29) "Can't Back Down" (Garcanuk's theme when he jokes with Tahyrne but gets squat)
30) "Ditty For Daddy" (Paul's theme with Wikus, his friends, children, and practically everyone he plays parent to in District 10.)
31) "Howard Shore- Houses of Healing" and "Clinton Shorter- Lots of Secrets" (Chapter 1- 'Dreams Become Reality')
32) "Two Steps From Hell- Missing Letters" (Chapter- Fork In The Road)
33) "Dario Marianelli- The Half-Killed" (Chapter- 'District 10')

Story in Bleach

Lieutenant's Mayhem
Ruka never wanted to be a lieutenant and was happy with her third seat position in the seventh squad but after a pressured promotion, she's sent packing into it. She comes to dislike everything in it and poor Hisagi can't do anything to make his lieutenant get along with the squad. Ruka then begins to find out her rank's not all that it cracks up to be when she has to bond with the other captains, lieutenants, and survive life with crazy shinigami tasks. Plus, a crazy scientist she's had a past with begins to clash against her own work making it worse. Expect a lot of Yachiru's adventuring and an eventual survivals in the wild with Zaraki. Pairings are Ichi/Ruki (it took time deciding between that and Renji/Rukia), Ukitake/Unohana, Kyoraku/Ise, and OC/?. Takes place after Aizen's war and will mostly be in the Soul Society.

Unofficial Music (Video links):
1) "Daughtry- What I Want"
2) "Nickelback- Someday"
3) "Dido- Take My Hand" (Romantic theme)
4) "Sagisu Shiro- Showing Off" (Fighting and training theme)
5) "Sagisu Shiro- Soundscape To Ardor" (Emotional clashing theme)
6) "Sagisu Shiro- On The Precipice of Defeat" (Ruka's and Monosugoikaze's theme)
7) "Ikimono Gakari- Hanabi" (Friendship Theme for Ruka with Nanao and Byakuya- though it kinda sounds more RukaxByakuya. . .weird)
8) "Bond- Samba" (Ruka's and Yachiru's theme)
9) "Sagisu Shiro- Comical World" (Theme for most humor-filled chapters)
10) "Yui- Life" (MayuriXRuka past theme)
11) "Namie Amuro- Come" (IchigoXRukia because they deserve a theme)
12) "Utada Hikaru- Sakura Drops" (RukaXByakuya theme- the birds, the sakuras, it fits 'em)
13) "Late Night Alumni- Nothing Left To Say"

Stories in the AVP section: 2 Complete

Partner of a Bad Blood is finished.

Story Cover: http:///albums/ll403/MysticBlade_album/story1cover.jpg
Iliana (1st draft): http:///albums/ll403/MysticBlade_album/Untitled-2.jpg
Kantra: http:///albums/ll403/MysticBlade_album/kantra.jpg
Eliok: http:///albums/ll403/MysticBlade_album/eliok.jpg

My unofficial soundtrack for this story: Links are music videos and/or sample song.
1) Nickelback- "Feeling Way Too Damn Good"
2) Decyfer Down- "Fight Like This" (Kantra's and Malkor's theme)
3) Foo Fighters- "The Pretender" (Kantra's theme)
4) Goo Goo Dolls- "Stay With You" (Iliana's and Kantra's theme)
5) Metallica- "St. Anger"
6) Course Of Nature- "Anger Cage" (Kantra's and Eliok's start theme)
7) Sheryl Crow- "Always On Your Side" (Iliana's and Kantra's ending theme)
8) Chris Daughtry- "It's Not Over"

-Kantra: Age 83, a disgraced hunter of the Bad Blood caste. He was on the run for over five years before landing on Earth and making it his temporary hideout until he met Iliana and decided to hunt her down. Their dangerous entangle brought in the attention of the human government, a bounty hunter, and an assistant to his clan's Arbitrator. Unfortunately, the poor lad's innocent but can't prove otherwise since the culprit is deep inside their executive branch ready to bag him and bring him home for death. However, Kantra never gives up without a fight.
-Iliana: Age 25, a veterinarian in a zoo but previously an agent tracking down extraterrestrials. After coming to an agreement to aid the fugitive Kantra, the two banded together to prove his innocence since she's highly against improper justice. She clashes a lot with the hunter due to their methods but she's determined to help him while she's on the run herself.
-Eliok: Age 65, an intergalactic bounty hunter for hire searching for Kantra to bring him in and to seek revenge after he mutilates his body during attacks. Despite the tough guy facade, Eliok can be outright goofy and paranoid in private but in public, he's a hard guy to take down due to his height, strength, and advanced cloaking technology that even the yautja envy.
-Malkor: Age 83, an assistant to the Arbitrators in Kantra's clan and an old friend of the disgraced hunter. . .right, he's actually the one fabricating every bit of evidence to kill off the fugitive to gain the glory. He's relentless in his search and smarter than anyone really gives him credit for to the point that not even the Arbitrators believe little innocent Kantra.
-Sau-Trul: Age 150, the top Arbitrator of the clan ship Ade'k'ra and Kantra's bane. Malkor has made sure Sau-Trul never forgets to track Kantra and the cold, logical male will stop at nothing to bring him down and restore justice in his clan. He's a tough Arbitrator and will never let Kantra have a say in his own trial as he believes every Bad Blood deserves death.
-Lar'Ain: Age 469, the Elder of the clan ship Ade'k'ra and Kantra's great-grandfather. He tries to give Kantra the benefit of the doubt in the beginning but the evidence piles up to the point where duty must overcome family. Once Kantra breaks out of jail, the Elder allows for him to be brought in alive or dead.
-Aru'Kar: Age 95, a captain of his own ship and Kantra's oldest brother. He met Iliana on Earth when she helped him escape imprisonment for experimentation and will help his brother in any way once they meet up again.
-Kahet: Deceased at age 76, a hunter that traveled with Kantra and was his best friend from childhood. During a hunt in a remote planet, Eliok attacked both and killed Kahet, pinning the blame on Kantra as he left him unconcious to be discovered by his clan.

This Thing Called Parenting
is the mini interlude before the sequel and is complete. It consists of 16 chapters since it's a transitional story.

The unofficial sountrack for this story: Links are music videos and/or sample song.
1) Jaci Velasquez- "Something Beautiful" (Kantra's and Iliana's start theme)
2) Within Temptation- "Stand My Ground" (Iliana's theme)
3) Celine Dion- "The Greatest Reward" (Kahet's and Leitjin's theme for Iliana)
4) Within Temptation- "All I Need" (Iliana's and Kantra's darker theme)
5) Linkin Park- "Somewhere I Belong" (Kahet's and Leitjin's theme)
6) Sheryl Crow- "Lullaby For Wyatt" (Iliana's motherly theme for Kahet in Epilogue)

Sketches for this story:
Iliana and Kahet- Chapter 2: http:///albums/ll403/MysticBlade_album/kahet-1.jpg
Iliana and Leitjin- Chapter 7: http:///albums/ll403/MysticBlade_album/leitjin.jpg
Iliana and Aloun'Da- Chapter 12: http:///albums/ll403/MysticBlade_album/ilianaalounda.jpg
Iliana and Kantra- Usual Mornings: http:///albums/ll403/MysticBlade_album/ilianakantra.jpg

Ties That Bind Across the Stars is the sequel to 'Partner of a Bad Blood' and on Hiatus. It will take place in the year 2016, ten years after the interlude, and will consist of over 50 chapters filled with humor, romance, adventure, action, angst, and probably more. New characters will appear and most of the main characters will take a seat to become more like secondary characters. The settings will take place on Earth, then other planets, as well as the yautja clan ships and their world and will conclude in the earth year 2023.

Main Characters:

-Bakuub (Sketch): Age 32, a Young Blood and captain of his small crew on his private ship. He is the son of Elder Nassor and a deceased huntress; he has two full blooded siblings, Eshin'Ga and Su'Resh, and five half-siblings from his father's second mate. Bakuub is serious about his rank and wants to succeed by his own right, not his family's lineage to boost his respect quicker. He lives on the Ade'k'ra while the rest of his family lives on another clan ship, the Iru'ya-kei, and spends his time with his childhood friends. Unlike others of his kind, he doesn't treat the hybrids with disgust and was the first child to reach out to Kahet for friendship and the two call themselves brothers, trusting him more than any of his real blood brothers. But like most of his kind, he's easily prone to anger especially when someone's irritating (Aru'Dre) or just picking at him (the humans).
-Kahet (Sketch): Age 30, a Young Blood and second-in-command of Bakuub's ship. He is the oldest child of Kantra and Iliana and has one brother, sister, and two newborn twin brothers. His life has been hell due to his background as a child but he's honed his skills to match any in his age group and has developed a cold persona to any hunter he's not on a friendly basis with. However, if one reaches out in friendship, he'll warm up to them in time. He keeps his whole team in check when they piss off Bakuub and is mostly breaking up fights caused by Aru'Dre but he's obeyed immediately just like any of his rank. He's friendly to other species who mean him no harm and gets along with the humans easily.
-Aru'Dre (Sketch): Age 28, a Young Blood who's the hothead of the group and the loudest. He is the oldest son of Aru'Kar and Zia, and has one brother and sister. He wants to take the hunting world by storm despite his age and is usually scolded by his family for his delusions of grandeur. He's easily angered and fierce to strangers or species unlike his own and makes sure to treat them like crap. With the fairer sex, he's a casanova who switches partners more than he eats meals. He's warmed up to Shadow despite he hunts his people and hates it when they have to spend time with the humans for safety measures. He has a knack for intruding people's personal spaces and digging through their things, mostly food and clothing.
-Sau'Nak (Sketch): Age 29, a Young Blood and pilot to Bakuub's ship, currently training to be an Arbitrator. He is the son of Sau-Trul and Sali'ah, he has a twin brother and little sister. Apart from Bakuub, he has a very authoritarian view on other species and their place and often clashes with the humans, namely Christina and Marissa. He is a lot more serious than Bakuub but never loses his composure in tight situations and is highly intelligent, enjoying the irk he causes on the humans for their lackable knowledge. He rarely has fun unless its piloting or reading and has a phobia against any kind of germs which annoys his crew when he scrubs everything down, which proves to him he's not perfect.
-Leitjin (Sketch): Age 26, a medic of the Ade'k'ra and Bakuub's ship. He's the younger brother of Kahet and always follows him into adventure, that is until his brother locks him inside the ship to make sure he stays safe. Leitjin is as friendly and innocent as yautjas come which will always have good and bad consequences as he experiences life. He's not biased against other races and will help anyone in need, daring himself to attack enemies when they mean harm. The other hunters usually try to keep him in safe zones when he explores or will tell him to watch from behind a window. He's awkward in social environments and keeps to himself, eating sweets to pass the time, until he's needed.
-Eshin'Ga (Sketch): Age 35, scientist on the Ade'k'ra and explores with Bakuub's ship. She's the oldest sister of Bakuub and lives on the clan ship with him to make sure he stays out of trouble. At first glance, she comes off intimidating but it's only due to her protectiveness of the younger hunters and will mentor the human women as they become acquainted. Usually, she keeps to her beloved lab and loves to study foreign species in order to expand the knowledge of her people. Shadow is her sidekick in the lab and she'll kick out any bothersome people, mostly Aru'Dre who she fights constantly with.
-Shadow: Age 20, a Xenomorph warrior who travels with Bakuub. He was kicked out of his Hive for showing independent thoughts apart from the Queen and was exiled because he was a threat. He met the hunters after he followed them and they decided to take him in for further study and to see if he was truly neutral. Now, he spends his time in the Science level of the Ade'k'ra with Eshin'Ga to study or be studied and doesn't go around the ship alone in case stubborn hunters decide he's worth the catch. He's very calm and intelligent, similar to Sau'Nak without the attitude, and welcomes the humans since they jump into a situation with the yautja he's gone through.
-Bianca: Age 21, a nursing major living in Los Angeles and cousin of the other humans, along with being the youngest. She's the middle child of an average Hispanic family and enjoys spending time with her cousins. Bianca is extremely shy of others and constantly nervous of the unknown but her dedication to help others never falters, which Christina hates when she helps Leitjin. She doesn't trust the yautja but doesn't want to be impolite so she speaks only for mannerisms. Once they meet, she warms up only to Leitjin and Eshin'Ga and is usually frightened by Aru'Dre, who only sees her as an innocent little sister.
-Marissa: Age 24, psychology student living in the same city as Bianca and is the only child of divorced parents so she sticks with her remaining maternal family members. Marissa thrives on knowledge and isn't afraid to question the yautja's motives which Sau'Nak hates. However, she reluctantly lends them a hand and easily befriends Leitjin and Kahet due to their calm manners. She's the peacemaker between Christina and her fight of the day, mostly the yautja males. She hates being minimized by others and often clashes with Sau'Nak while she indulges Kahet's taste for knowledge about his mother's world.
-Christina: Age 26, a real estate business owner who lives in Reno and is a twin sister to William and has two younger sisters. She is relentless, cold, and harsh towards anything standing in her path and will make sure she gets her way. Unlike her brother, she isn't friendly with any of the hunters and is blunt about everything she finds suspicious. She clashes constantly with Aru'Dre due to their similar personalities and only familiarizes herself with Shadow, the rogue, and the friendly Leitjin. Once she learns she has to leave her city for safety, she raises hell against both her family and Bakuub's crew.
-William: Age 26, an engineer who hates his rookie office job in Los Angeles and thirsts for adventure. He's friendly to strangers and always carries a peaceful vibe around him which his sister complains about. He always keeps his rabid sister at bay and stays out of conflicts, mostly his female family members, and enjoys talking with Leitjin about space while Aru'Dre complains in the background. He's the first to befriend the yautja and nudges his cousins to do the same as they come together. He's seen as the leader of his group which he disagrees with constantly and Christina picks up the slack happily.

Unofficial soundtrack: Links are sample song and/or music video.
1) "Rooftops" (Group Theme #1) (Video)
2) "Shine With Me" (Kantra and Iliana's final theme) (Full Song)
3) "Disarray" (Bakuub's Theme) (Video)
4) "Champion In Me" (Kahet's Theme) (Video)
5) "Headstrong" (Aru'Dre's Theme) (Video)
6) "Break Free" (Sau'Nak's Theme) (Video)
7) "If Everyone Cared" (Leitjin's Theme) (Video)
8) "Decode" (Eshin'Ga's Theme) (Video)
9) "When Angels & Serpents Dance" (Shadow's Theme) (Video)
10) "World On Fire" (Bianca's Theme) (Video)
11) "Change" (Marissa's Theme) (Video)
12) "Hole In My Pocket" (Christina's Theme)
13) "Everybody's Screaming" (Will's Theme)
14) Group Theme #2
15) "Barracuda" (Chapter 7)
16) "New Divide" (Earth Saga Ends) (Video)

Ancient Kingdom: Desert Winds is still in the works and will continue after 'This Thing Called Parenting' or the sequel, it depends on how many chapters are done by the end of my other series. But I will not abandon it, it's a pretty long story of over 50 chapters and will be split into two books. Desert Winds will be the first book which will deals about the rogue war and Kaen'Dre's and Kiara's forbidden marriage. Desert Maelstrom will be the next which will deal with the Hunt ritual at the temple and Kaen'Dre's fate along with Kiara's. The story will contain its usual romance but more personal angst as Kiara hides the truth from her people and her new marriage will take several twists and more action as more battles occur throughout more books. Also, character deaths will happen so expect that.

Main Characters:
-Kiara: Age 21, Princess of Memphis, Egypt. She starts as a happy, witty, and endlessly stubborn princess who discovers a yautja warrior, believing him to be a god and lets him access her kingdom secretly. As she entangles herself romantically, she's in for tough times, heartbreak, and a wiser persona as she endures a war and a ritual Hunt all while keeping her marriage and pregnancy a secret. Expect to see her in battles she should've kept out of but her stubborn mind will never register it. That's all of the spoilers I'm giving.
-Kaen'Dre: Age 23, Young Blood who learns more about the human world than he thought he would as he hides his human mate, separating from her for a time after she realizes his people are there to have a Hunt, and tries to keep her out of trouble. He's an anti-social guy that keeps to himself and his small circle of friends, and is fiercely protective of his loved ones who he fears will be lost due to being the only surviving member of his family. In the end, he'll have to choose whether to stay with his mate or return to his own world.

My unofficial soundtrack: Links are music videos and/or sample songs.
1) Goo Goo Dolls- "Iris" (Kiara's and Kaen'Dre's theme)
2) Utada Hikaru- "Sanctuary/Passion"
3) Hayley Westenra- "My Heart Belongs To You" (Chapter 24)
4) Paramore- "We Are Broken" (Theme for Kaen'Dre's and Kiara's separation)
5) P.O.D- "Goodbye For Now"
6) Nickelback- "I'd Come For You" (Kaen'Dre's Maelstrom Theme)
7) Sarah McLachlan- "Answer" (Kiara's Theme)
8) Within Temptation- "Never-Ending Story"
9) Chapter 25
10) Chapter 26
11) Chapter 28
12) "Stay With Me" (Full Song)
13) "Lux Aeterna" (Ancient Kingdom: Desert Winds Theme)
14) "Tree Of Life" (Ancient Kingdom: Maelstrom Theme) (Full Song)

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Elder Scroll series - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 19 - Words: 70,638 - Reviews: 194 - Favs: 125 - Follows: 171 - Updated: 5/5 - Published: 4/8/2012 - [Farengar Secret-Fire, OC] Vilkas
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