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Hey, all. For some reason, I found myself able to write fanfic this summer. My goal is to do so without mutilating the English language.

About Me and all that Jazz:

I am Millennium Spatula, as you can see. The name is a throwback to when I was obsessed with Yu-Gi-Oh and my friends and I all came up with quack Millennium Items. Still, I like the name, so it's stuck.

I'm working on a comic project of epic proportions, know as the Perdition Project. Should you find yourself dying of boredom, you can check out my artsite. -points emphatically at the "Website" link above-

Two completely useless facts that make me (not particularly) cool:
1. My birthday was 9/9/1989. Not quite as neat as 9/9/1999, but if that were the case, I'd be rather young now.
2. I have a gimpy mutant thumb. Which is ironic given that I'm majoring in Clarinet Performance.

That and Psychology. Wahey!

The Fandoms:
My favorite fandoms are probably Kingdom Hearts, House, and Golden Sun.

Favorite games/shows/etc. include some Obscure of the Obscure: Violinist of Hameln, Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon, Pilot Wings.

I still play Pokemon (love love love classic rpgs) and am a bit obsessed with Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro.
I also love these little line things you can use to separate the sections. -points above-

As to pairings, I tend to care more about how they're done than exactly what they are. Humor can make me love pairings I'd never thought of. Should you still be curious as to the nature of my favorite pairings, you may consult my Page of Ship.

The Stories:
-GASP- What was that? Stories, plural? Indeed, it is!

The Vagrant Mind: This is basically made of what's been going through my mind as I've played Golden Sun: Lost Age. I fandom spazz in the worst way over this game. I rather like Felix/Piers, but Felix/evil!Sheba amuses me greatly. Hence, Felix/Sheba/Piers. (Also, there's kind of an awesome age dynamic with that triangle, hur.)

Give My Regards to Hades: Pokemon OC trainer fic, because I am nerd. Kind of a reworking of an ancient suckfic.

House Fic: I have a very odd AU House fic spinning around in my brainmeats at the moment. Hence, I am deadset on getting characterization as canon as possible, but haven't gotten anything substantial done.

KHII Fic: This is actually one that has been kicking around in my mind since last summer, but I never made the occasion to actually write much out. AU OrgXIII highschool fic. Gah, these (when done well) are like the bane of my existence. I love them.

Note: Just so no one goes sounding the grand bugle of plagiarism, I'm also posting my Pokemon fics on the forums.

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