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HI! Im Darknessitself and like ive said before im a Rob/Rav junkie.

Im also a music adict( evanescence, The Rasmus, Linkin Park, Nirvana, Nightwish,.)

My Fics:

Haunter: Im so happy almost everyone liked it, i wasnt sure if i should post it i thought the character werent being themselves. I think i going to re edit the end one of these days.

So answering the two most polimic reviews i got for this fic( i could not mail Forgooten truths because ishe doesnt have a passport acount but hey im anwering here, the other review was a flame from ,obviously, an anonimous reader)

this goes for Smarterthanyou:Thank you you made me a believer, now i´m convinced people Can´t be STUPIDER THAN YOU. And just i was wondering if you are smater than me how come that you cant spell believe you wrote belive. And besides how dare you say that my pairing was illogical. Because maybe brainless persons like you, are not capable of imagination, or wondering dont get all angry with me. I writte whatever i feel like writting, Fluff ,silent tears, smut , all the others. i certanly dont give a fuck about what you believe is ¨obviuously obvious¨.

ToForgooten truths: Well your review was quirte a surprise i enjoyed your criticism.

About Me:

My Name is Emily Anne... But i prefer people to call me Ann. Here my penname is Darknessitself. I used to be Musicjunkie in another fic page (wich now has closed).

I love Evanescence, Handsome actors and me.

IMPORTANT NEWS IVE BEEN BANNED (someone complained). SO YOU WILL HAVE TO WAIT until the site let me upload my stories..

My stories:

Haunter: SO gladyouall liked it. I was kind of nervious about that one. Almost everyone asked for a sequel. And umm i dont know, maybe if i get more reviews. winks

Lesson: Ummm i´kind of ashamed of that one really don´t know where that came from but i appreciate the reviews i´ve recieved.

Second Hand Goods: Just to clear things, this story is one shot,(sorry crerry jade). And i like this one because i love twisted sickening fics and i´m a twisted sickening writter so sue me. Love and flowers to everyone who left a comment.

Silent Tears: My favorite fic, it completely captures my imagination. And it seems is your favorite to, I´m not making a sequel (sorry again Cheery Jade, dont hate me)although i´ve been asked by almost everyone to do one. I´ll tell you why, because i believe is pretty complete as it is. And NO Raven is never, NEVER gonna say it ´cause those words are the only weapon she has, the only revenge she´ll get. After all he as done for her she wants to hold him forever and after all he has done to her she wants to kill him. Regarless of the revelation at the end that fact will never change.

What´s In A Firytale: This one was meant to be a humor fic, but it came out that way so enjoy!

A Game Of You: I have no excuses for this one so go on HATE ME.

Fics that might come:

Untitled: May have a title like Shadow Keeper or something

Damaged: ummm...Not sure if i should post it...umm...Summary : Sometimes the only way to deal with your personal demons is to set them free. Rav/Rob


AGHH!. Im so angry what the fuck happened first someone complined and i got banned for 1 week and someone removed Whats in a Fairytale. Its okey now i get a mail telling me that the site has decided to remove A Thiefs Treasure . And just to add more karma to my day i ve been acosed by the rob/star fans that wont stop treating me with deleting my srories GODS IM GONNA LOSE IT . and imseriously consideringsending all to hell and writting nothing else IM SO SICK, AGHH!

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