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Author has written 5 stories for Beyblade, Final Fantasy VII, and Ouran High School Host Club.

You know, I like to think I can write. I like to think I can sing, make songs, draw decently. I also like to think I can play the piano, that I'm loved, that I can dance (vaguely). And I guess all these things are true. What's also true is that I have a heck of a temper that's taken years to tame, that however much I try, I won't grow any taller, and that my moods and mind are, and always will be, highly mercurial; a result of which is huge amounts of energy and chutzpah, dissatisfaction with anything mediocre, but the lowest of the low depressive states when I happen to have artist's block, musician's block and writer's block all in one fell swoop. (Happened once. Urgh. I was ill at the time too).

Ah me. I've never felt so damn alive in all my 17 years!

Location: England. I thought there weren't any cosplayers about. I'm basically the only one in my group of friends who likes anime and games. Then again I'm oriental, so it's considered part of the package. (so not! I was born here!) And then Lo! I go to the London MCM Expo with my brother who finds some beeeaast afro wig that made me disown him there and then, and I see The Light. Practically everybody but me was cosplaying. Gawd. At least I had on my Haruhi t-shirt.

Loves: My friends. My piano, music, particularly Rachmaninov. I've finished the impressionist Debussy stage. My family, who I dominate because I'm the only girl, middle child, short and angry, and therefore have the power. Drawing, writing, dancing, watching sad sad films, walking through tree-lined avenues when it's autumn because of that glorious crispness in the air and the colour of the leaves. Life in general. Ahh cookie dough ice cream, spearmint polos, Impulse body scent, dressing up, though I've never cosplayed in my life. Am I missing out?

Hates: Superficial people who talk in that stupid whiny voice and wear short skirts! Clingy people. Er... I don't hate much. In the end, what have you got to gain in hating someone? Plus I lurve food. I also love how dad used to be a chef. Mmmm good food. Then again I do hate the fact that at school, you're not even looked at for sports teams unless you can run like the wind and get away with wearing teeeeny tiny skirts. I'll stick to teaching dance. And pwning all on my dance mat.

Height: Just not very tall: about 5"ish. I will bite your ankles. Arr.

Dream: to make a vegetable orchestra. No jokes.

Characters: I can't deal with yaoi I'm afraid, but I love pairings such as CloTi and Yuffentine. I spose I'm just an old-fashioned romantic at heart, though in those hilarious days when I wanted to buy goth boots and dye my hair blue, I wouldn't have admitted it to the dead. (I never did dye my hair blue, or buy the boots. I did borrow a pair for dress-up once though. To my consternation a friend said they suited me.)

OC's: Chris Mikasuke. Full name Christiana Alanna Mikasuke. She was the first OC I ever made, and I've never used any other, because in my mind she was made specifically for Kai. Hahaaa, isn't that cute folks. Yeah I was 13 when she first popped into my head. Typical tsundere!

Liliana Ketchnikov, made solely for Smile for Me, my most popular (and not even that) BB fic. She sort of just strolled into my head, which was nice as I didn't have to try and make a person to fit the role as Bryan's little sister. And she works :)

Fics: Gosh the old ones are horrendous. I only did BB back in the day. One discontinued FF. Thing is, I don't have time to write that much any more about anime, because I'm generally out saving the world. Me and my piano, that is. So I sit back and read whatever you people come up with, and more than one time I've been very, very impressed.

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