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wow. i really can't believe u would actually take the time to read my profile.

some copy and pasters for ya.

Ninety-five percent of the kids out there are concerned with being popular and fitting in. If you're part of the five percent who aren't, copy this, put it in your profile, and add your name to the list. AnimeKittyCafe, Hyperactivley Bored, Gem W, Bara-Minamino, Yavie Aelinel, IwuvMyKenshyPoo, Heidiplease, iNsOmNiAc BiLlIe JoE lOvEr, Black Panther Warrior, kailover 2006, Iluvbeyblade, Lamanth, AnimeGirl329, Kathleen-chan, Life is a Highway66, moviemanic122893, Ham-Kelly, DolphinInsomniac 15, The Bunny Queen

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Who's the last person you talked to and what did you say?

my brother / i don't know

Where are you?

computer room

Look up, now look back. What did you see?

ceiling, closet

What's the last thing you ate?


What's your personality like? can i describe myself...hmm i guess um...well, i can be very wishy washy and i contradict myself a lot. i don't know how to describe myself in other words...

Who do you have a crush on?

. like i would ever put that up here.

What was the last thing you thought?


Say 'George Bush' What was the first thing that came to your mind?

a monkey

You have a million dollars. What do you do?

hmm i'd give some of it to charity...then save 10,000 for college...then go splurging. haha!

What are you eating/drinking RIGHT NOW?

iced tea

What are you thinking RIGHT NOW

hm what i shall do when my friend comes back

well, since u've been so kind to take a glance at my profile, i might as well tell u a few things about myself.

Personal Stuff About Me:

age: i just frequently turned 13

birthday: June 4th that makes me a gemini! i really do hav a dual personality!

personality: hm if u check a gemini's personality, i am most of those. i am scatter brained, wishy washy, contradictory, hm... that's all i can say for now.

Hair: i hav dark brown/black hair.

Eyes: brown.

Height: i am 5 foot 2! recently, i've had growing pains!!! i went to my friends house for a sleep ovr and when i woke up i fell down cuz of my growing pains...which i refer to as arthritis :P

Names I've Been Formally Known As: (this might be rather short or long considering the fact that i have been known as MANY names) well, the one that i can remember that i used WAY far back was... Cherry Blossom Sora i believe, the next one would be, Princess Kikyo Sora, the next one would be Countess Lapis Lazuli, the next one would be, well, it was Princess something... then the one I know most recent is, wat I am now! The Bunny Queen! I'll be sticking to this one for some time cause i like this one!

Now, for a few of my favorites:

my favorite colors: blue and yellow!

my favorite things to do: multi-task, sing, write anything, drawing, playing video games, chatting on the internet, hanging out with my friends, going to parties

my favorite songs: Iris, One Week, Best Friend, I Constantly Thank God For Esteban, Ryuusei, Nagareboshi, and Hero's Come Back

my favorite bands: Queen, Panic! At The Disco, Green Day

my favorite singers: Gwen Stefani, Kelly Clarkson, Ashlee Simpson

my favorite anime: digimon, hamtaro, fruits basket, pokemon, naruto, ouran high school host club, and full moon o sagashite

favorite couples on-

hamtaro: stan/pashmina (they're soooooo cute together!), cappy/penelope (baby love! sooooooo cute!), sandy/kether (AHHHHH! ME AND MY FRIENDS LOV THAT COUPLE SOOOO MUCH!) , sandy/maxwell, dexter/pashmina, jingle/pashmina, pazu/pashmina, bijou/hamtaro

digimon: sorato, michi, koumi, kenyako

full moon o sagashite: meroko/takuto, meroko/izumi, mistsuki/takuto

ouran high school host club: tamaki/haruhi (omg i luv them together!!! but i also love tama-chan!!!)

favorite actors: Orlando Bloom, Ricky Ullman, Dylan and Cole Sprouse, and Johnny Depp

favorite actresses: Brenda Song, Keira Knightley

favorite musicals: The Phantom of the Opera, Grease, Grease 2, The Sound of Music, and High School Musical

favorite movies: Monster-In-Law, Pirates of the Caribbean 1, 2, 3, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the one with Johnny Depp in it), Just Like Heaven, Over the Hedge, Bring It On, Pride and Prejudice, John Tucker Must Die, Finding Nemo, Alice In Wonderland, The Little Mermaid

favorite places to shop: Aeropostale, Hot Topic, Macy's, and American Eagle!

favorite type of earrings: dangly

favorite type of hat: wat! i love hats! it's sooooooooo hard to pick just one!

favorite type of music: hip hop, pop, and rock

favorite sport: tennis and vollyball

my favorite game systems: gamecube, nintendo ds, ps2

favorite drink: iced tea

favorite snack: fruit

favorite animals: monkeys! and penguins!

most favorite characters:



1)Pashmina! She's my all-time favorite!

2)Sandy! She is sooooooooo like me!

3)Bijou! she's so cute! but then it really depends on how people use her in their stories.


1)Stan! I love him sooooooooooooo much!

2)Jingle! Have u seen him as a human ham? he is sooooooooooo hot!

Least favorite characters:


1)Sparkle! Everyone hates her! or do they?

2) Gemma! I think that's mel-girl's oc right?


1)BOSS! I just hate him cuz he is soooooooo dumb! He doesn't realize that Bijou will nevr be his!

ouran high school host club:

Most favorite:


1)Haruhi (haruhi is the best!! she's hilarious!)



2)Hani (he's so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!!)

3)Kaoru (omg i luv the twins!!!)

4)Hikaru(read above!!)

5)Kyoya(he's hot seriously... :P hhahahahaha)

6)Mori (you seriously can't hate these gorgeous men!!)

Least favorite characters:


1)Renge ( i really hate how she just pops out of nowhere!!)


1)Nekozawa (dude...)

2)Kasanoda [is that how u spell it? Casanova...Casadona...hmmm (he FREAKED ME OUT!!)

My Fanfiction friends (or how i think of them. or maybe i forgot they were my friends. whoops. :P)

ketherandsandy4ever (she's way cool and i loooooooove kether and sandy together! yay them! loooooooove kether soooooo much!)

angel73 (she's an awesome writer and an awesome friend!)

nickygirl (she's a filipina just like me! way cool!)

mel-girl (she's sooooo cool and i love her stories!)

xGabriellaxBoltonx (awesome person, awesome writer!)

xXxSoratoxXx65 (awesome person, awesome writer too!)

Ham-Kelly (she's a fantastic writer! i love reading her stories!)

Kerriberri (she's so nice and her stories r worth reading!)

Ringa Ham (she's soooooooooooooooo awesome!)

Tsubaki Munegawa (he's sooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice!)

Moonshine101 (she's soooooooo cool!)

Capybara 773 (he's soooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome!his characters are great!)

Crystalgurl101 (yay! she's a great writer!)

spiralstars (yayyyyyy! she said yes:D she is now one of my newest friends!)

cappyandpashy4ever (she is so awesome! i just love reading her stories!)

Karrigenkitsune (she is awesome and she wrote an awesome oneshot!)

Awesomewriter123 (dude...this dude wrote such a cute story!! please read it!! )

Ribbongurl613 (she's my friend outside of the computer world! and she's my closest friend!)

these people are waaaaaaaaaaaaaay cool and they're all awesome writers! oh and if u need a friend, i'm ur gal:D

note: if u want to send a shout out to one of these people or if u want to send a shout out to urself, don't be shy:D

author's important notes for self !!!

1) Description is very important!!!

2) Don't hold back!!

3) Don't do stories last minute!!!

4) Try to keep the characters in "character"!!

5) Calm down while writing...

and that's pretty much all my important notes:D

My made-up people(s):

Name: Arielle but my nickname is Ari meeeeeeeee! as a hamham!
Age: 12 my birthday was on june 4th
Gender: girl
Personality: happy, smiles a lot, sweet, kind, loves doing lots of things at once!
Interests: cheerleading, rhythmic gymnastics, shopping! reading, singing, and making people happy!
Ham-Ham looks: looks like pashmina except honey colored fur is light brown and has a light pink ribbon in front of both ears with no scarf
Human looks: clothes are mostly mini skirts and skorts with a tank top or spaghetti straps, eyes are chocolate brown, hair is always tied up in ribbons for both pig tails and ponytails, height is 5 foot 1.

technically, arielle is me:D hahahahhaa

name: Claire LaRue

age: 15

looks like: a teenage girl around 5'4" with light brown hair, has aqua blue eyes, and is slim. you could almost mistake her as pashmina cuz they are practically twin cousins. the only difference between them is that claire doesn't wear a scarf and she has a butterfly tatoo on her right shoulder blade.

personality: she loves to play tennis and ride on her customized skateboard, it has a purple and black dragon on the back of the skateboard. she is very social and loves hanging out with her friends. she loves animals and shopping. she can speak french, greek, and italian. she lives in a beach house with her mom, dad, and pet pomeranian Odette, who she likes to call Odie. her hometown is malibu.

related to: Pashmina (they're cousins.)

has a crush on: Dexter

my view of Claire, i think that i based Claire on how i want to be and what i want. but i do love to play tennis. i want a pet pomeranian. i want a skateboard. and i wish i could speak those languages and more. i don't live in a beach house or malibu, but when i move to a different house, i'm hoping that it will seem similar to a beach house.

name: Odette Griffin

age: 14

looks like: a teenage girl around 5'5" with long honey colored hair, has dark blue eyes, is slim, and wears clip-on bunny ears. she has a small rose tatoo below the back of her neck.

personality: she is a girl who loves to swim, shop, hang out with friends, write in her journal, meet new people, listen to her iPod, surf the web and the waters, and she loves to watch movies. she has a pet pomeranian who's name is odie. she lives in new york city but her hometown is malibu. twin sister to antonio. although antonio is destined to be the heir of her family's corporatin, odette has decided to work beside her brother as vice president and a part-time photographer.

my view of odette, i think i based both claire and odette off of me. hahahha. oh well.

name: Antonio Griffin

age: 14

looks like: a teenage boy around 5'5" with short honey colored hair, has dark blue eyes, is slim and muscular, and has a medium-sized dragon tatoo on his shoulder down the middle of his arm.

personality: he is your typical skater boy. but this dude has feelings and he seems to have a bipolar disorder. he likes listening to punk rock and loves swimming. he loves tormenting his younger sister (by 5 minutes) but really does care for her and her safety. he won't let anyone date her unless he knows them well. twin brother to odette. his and his sister's parents own an international corporation and so far, antonio has been the sibling decided to take over the business at the right time.

my view of antonio is that, well, i don't know! he's someone i could possibly fall for! hehe

Stories I am Planning To Write and finish:

A Week's Visit From Pashmina's Cousin

For about 3 months, the LaRue family has been planning to visit Japan where the wife's sister lives with her daughters Pashmina and Penelope. At the airport, the LaRue family is greeted by the Sato family (Pashmina's family) and the two twin cousin's born on the exact same day, at the exact same hour, and at the exact same hospital, took off in search of the Ham-Ham Clubhouse (which is actually a building). Pashmina takes in her cousin Claire and introduces her to everyone. She is greeted by everyone in the Clubhouse and as time passed, she had taken the time to spend time with each and everyone of them. She finds them all enjoyable but finds compassion and security with a certain Panda Mizushima. What will become of the ham-hams and of Claire? Read and you'll find out! (hahahahaha. I sound like Sailor Moon! I feel silly.) (i don't know how many chapters yet but my guess is about 8)

The Ham-Ham Games

It is based off the GBA game. Track, Swimming in the clouds, riding on Chicky-Chicky's, and practically every other sport has been entered in the 1st annual Ham-Ham Games! Special Apperances by, Mini-Moni! Come one and all to the 1st annual Ham-Ham Games to watch your favorite hams play your favorite sports! Starts on July 20th on Rainbow Island! (well, i guess i'd do about 3 sports per chapter, so if i add a few, that would probably be about 10 chapters. yeah.) Characters: In Team Ham-Hams will be Hamtaro, Boss, Oxnard, Cappy, Pashmina, Penelope, Panda, Stan, Sandy, and Claire. Other Teams soon to come!

High School Musical Ham-Ham Style!

I decided to continue this story. So for those of you who liked it, thanks i guess. Well, it's gonna be back up on the 25th or so.

Grease Ham-Ham Style!

Hehehehehe, for some weird/odd reason, I'm just into writing my favorite musicals with the Ham-Hams! Oh well. I'll probably be writing this around uhh...maybe...uhh...the 31st? Maybe? I dunno. Maybe. Couples: Stan/Pashmina, Sandy/maybe Kether if ketherandsandy4ever will let me use him, Hamtaro/Bijou, Cappy/Penelope, some other ones that I won't mention cause I still need to write all of the original characters down I know odd but that's how I organize myself.

Bring It On Ham-Hams!

Hehehehehehe. This will never end! Hahahahahahaha! Oh well. So yes, another movie that has the Ham-Hams as the characters! Yay! I love this movie.

The Roles:

Pashmina will play as, Torrence Shipman!

Stan will play as, Cliff!

Sandy will play as, Missy!

Other characters will be added later!

When Best Friends Fall in Love

Truth be told, I'm already writing this. so it'll be up pretty soon. the main couple will be stan/pashmina. just read the story to find out what'll happen!

I dunno what else I'll write. I might be able to update so fast cuz school's starting soon.

Love Will Find A Way

Oh my goodness! It's approximately 8:06 :20! And i just thought of this idea right now! Well, if anyone has seen The Lion King 2, then they will know that in the movie, there is a song called Love Will Find A Way , therefore the title!I love that song. I was thinking of it just now too! Well, this will be a Hamtaro story, with the hamhams as human hams, with Pashmina and Stan playing the roles of Kiara and Kovu. But they're names will stay. So, if you have seen the movie, then u'll now which couple they're playing as! Or if u haven't, it should be pretty obivous. Hope u like the story!

Pashmina in Wonderland

Wahoo! I hope this will be a cute story! I decided on making this original classic over but with all the Ham Hams in it! You'll be very suprised who is playing who. Except you'll know who will be playing the role of Alice! Oh my gosh I just thought of the most perfect idea! But, I won't be telling any of you! Muahahhahahahahahhah! Joking. Well, this story will be up in a few days or weeks... :P

Don't Steal From Me!

If you like my ideas, well, of course! EVERYONE likes my ideas :D please don't steal any ideas from me! if you need an idea of some sort, just ask me and i'll come up with something in my spare time :D just give me credit! i really don't want anyone stealing my ideas!

Note from the bunny queen -

Some of the stories that i'm planning to write might not be written up! -' i'm just too lazy sometimes. So the ones, that you should be expecting to be up, is Love Will Find A Way and Ham-Ham Games.

Another note from the bunny queen-

i just noticed that my first year on fanfiction has already passed xD oh well i'll be sure to celebrate it next year!

More notes!

wow! i didn't know that i was a favorite of 5 people! that's so cool! xD okkkkkk... i'm gonna go now!


~The Bunny Queen

Even more notes!

umm...omg...i like forgot wat i was gonna write... xD well, i'm hoping to update both of my stories before the middle of September...i wouldn't count on it though... cuz i've started school recently and i need to do hw and all that crap... :D well, for my fellow writers, keep writing, for my fellow reviwers, reviewing stories seems a little easier rather than writing stories doesn't it? xD well, take care evryone!


~The Bunny Queen

A Few Notes From Moi :D

hi again! i haven't updated this since like a month ago. well, i read a really "bad" story just now. it had no meaning wat so ever. so, for the authors who read my wonderful reviews, i love your stories very much! for the authors who hav gotten not so good reviews from me, i know whether or not i'm reading a good story. i have read probably over 100 stories/books. i love reading. i'm gonna cut myself off soon cuz, i just had to type this down cuz the story i read and reviewed was very bad.


happy new year evryone!! i'm really sorry i haven't been updating or anything. too preoccupied with other stuff. i cant believe i've been missing out on a lot of stories. has anyone gotten a review saying that 'oh they r out of character'? well gosh if u hav, u should reply 'well it's my story i can make it watevr i want! if i want to make bijou a whore i can! if i want stan to be a shy little boy then i can!!' those people dont understand wat fanfiction is for. fanfiction is for people who want to express themselves in creative writing. that just ticks me off. ok well laterz evryone take care!!


good ness!!! i haven't updated ANY of my stories!! isn't that awful?! well, hopefully, if school doesn't stop me, i'll try updating my stories, not that anyone should care all that much!! my stories are awful!!! please read some of my friends stories!! they're certainly better than mine!!! adieu!! ~the bunny queen


hehe...i want to write a new story...because i don't plan on completing any of my other stories ;;;; isn't that great...well, i don't know what i want to write about. i just want to write a new story ehehehe...yup...that's all i'm gonna say for now...adieu... the bunny queen

Happy new year everyone!!

i've honestly decided to not continue writing the other stories.. i've been a bit down.. but that wont' stop me from starting a different story.. i'm hoping this one will be easier to finish.. so, the story i'll be writing will be the project i'm working on at the moment and i'm not planning on writing anything else while writing this one.. thanks for checking up.. anyways, please look forward to my new story=)

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