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Author has written 24 stories for Fullmetal Alchemist, X-Men: Evolution, Yu-Gi-Oh, High School Musical, Camp Rock, and Glee.

Well it is time to redo my profile again. I have now returned to the fan fiction world after over a year absence. There were many reasons for this:

1. My computer crashed in May 2010 which caused me to lose a lot of work
2. Work really started to occupy my life
3. School was getting harder as it came to a close
4. I was lazy and had a total lack of inspiration

With that said, I am proud to let you all know that my old stories will be getting updated over the course of the next few months, along with some new additions that I concocted over my year absence.

First order of business I am a Phoenix! has permanently been discontinued. I have no inspiration for that story or any FMA story for that matter as I am no longer interested in it. So don’t send me messages asking me to update it. It’s dead. I am only keeping it up to be polite to any people who still may want to read it.

As school has come to a close and I have yet to find a better job, I now have plenty of free time to write (I can always make free time to write.) And I have several stories that I am planning on posting:

Love Me to Life: Yet another Glee story that was inspired by the events of the episode Mash Off (3x06). Thanks to Martel29655 and ShinyModernOcean, this is actually being worked on and will most likely be up later this month of in early December. Based off of the song Love Me to Life from the show Platinum Hit

Hand of Sorrow: This is the Prince Caspian story that I’ve been threatening to post for almost two years now. I have shorted it down to only semi-monster length and hope to have the first chapter out by the end of the year.

Famous Last Words:
The elusive Kaiba/Joey story that I was inspired to write last year but never got around to. Again expect this sometime before 2012.

I am also working on the next chapters to Under Pressure, In Glass Cage, Best Thing I Never Had, A Drop in the Ocean, and Not an Addict. Under Pressure will be out sometime next week, but the other two will be out by at latest December. Best Thing I Never Had will be updated later this month. A Drop in the Ocean will also be periodically updated. I know I have given myself a lot to do, but it’s nice to have goals.

Now onto my favorite pairings:


Full Metal Alchemist (not a big fan of it anymore, but I do read stories about this and I may in some alternate universe write a story for this.):

Favorite Pairings: Hughes/Roy, Roy x Riza, Havoc x Riza, Havoc/Roy, Kimblee/Archer, Greed/Kimbley, Al x Winry, Elricest, Havoc x Winry, Archer/Roy, Kimblee/Roy, and Scar x Lust

Pairings I can’t stand!:

Hughes/Ed (He’s like a father to him, sleeping with your father is just something I don’t approve of)
Ed x Winry (Too overdone, and I can only see a brother/sister relationship out of them… a brother/sister relationship that shockingly doesn’t involve sex!)
Envy/Ed (I don’t need to explain this, you'll be here for days)
Scar/Al (See Hughes/Ed, pretty much the same reason)
Roy x Winry (He killed her parents in the anime for Christ’s sake!)
Scar x Winry (He killed her parents in the manga for Christ’s sake!)

Yu-Gi-Oh! (The Abridged Series has made me fall in love all over again)

Pairings I like: Tristan/Joey, Tristan x Téa, Tristan/Duke, Joey x Mai, Bakura/Marik or Marik/Bakura (I don't know what's the proper order to that pairing), Kaiba/Joey (I can't believe I just wrote that, I can't tell you how long I've hated this pairing, curse you LittleKuriboh!)

Pairings I can’t stand!:

Yami/Yugi (What the crap is up with this pairing, they’re like the same person o.O!)
Yugi x Téa or Yami x Téa (I just think it’s a silly crush and nothing is going to come of it!)
Kaiba/Yugi (Come on! Seriously? What part of Yugi ruined Kaiba's life can you not understand?!)
Kaibacest (I hate to sound like a broken record, so just look up at Hughes/Ed. This pairing is one of the only ones to give me nightmares.)


X-Men Evolution (Still love this, you’ll get more of this)

Favorite Pairings: Lancitty, Bam/Samby, Samara, Jott, Lott (Lance and Scott), Twincest, Lietro, Bobbity, Rietro, Jonda, Rayitha (Ray and Tabitha), Tabietro, Ram, and Summercest

Pairings I can’t stand!:

Kitty and Logan (Too much of a father figure, you don’t have sex with your father!)
Rogue and Logan (Cheesy as hell and overdone!)
Jean and Lance (It’s a little too Breakfast Club for me.)


High School Musical (Guilty Pleasure…)

Favorite Pairings: Trad or Choy, Jelsi, Zarpay, and Troypay (I used to hate this pairing, but it grew on me)

Pairings I can’t stand!:

Chaylor (Seems so forced, I mean, am I supposed to believe they like each other?)
Jartha (This pairing really irks me out, it was created just to give someone for Jason to go to prom with since Kelsi was in Ryan land!)
Ryelsi (Ryelsi was only put together to make the whole Juilliard thing work out. They show her mooning over Jason in the second movie, then in the third they tear them apart.)

Chronicles of Narnia (Could be counted as a book as well, but I’ll keep to the movies as of now. I love The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and Prince Caspian to DEATH, I might be the ONLY book AND movie fan…)

Favorite Pairings: Peter/Caspian or Caspian/Peter, Peter x Susan, Peter/Edmund, and one-sided Caspian x Susan. And if we're going by the book I also like Digory x Polly and Eustace x Jill

Pairings I can’t stand!:

Peter x Lucy (I feel so sick when I read this, Peter is like a father to her and I am not going to repeat my position being in love with your dad that way.)
Caspian x Susan (When it’s double sided it seems a little too good to be true.)

Harry Potter (Sorry Martel, the devil made me do it! By the way, this can NOT be counted as book because I didn't get through The Prisoner of Azkaban, but fully enjoyed The Sorcerer's Stone and The Chamber of Secrets. I won't write this either due to my stigma against Harry Potter.)

Favorite Pairings: Lucius/Severus or Severus/Lucius, Harry/Ron, Ron x Hermione, Neville x Ginny, Neville x Luna, Twincest, Arthur/Lucius, Sirius/James or James/Sirius, Dean/Seamus

Pairings I can't stand!:

Draco x Hermione (He wanted her dead in the Chamber of Secrets, he hates Mudbloods (or if you want the PC term Muggle-Borns), and she punched him in the face earlier. This is destructive and unless they both become self-hating and Malfoy relinquishes all rights to be a pure-blood supremecist this could never happen.)
Harry x Ginny (It's like a grilled cheese sandwich. It's cheesy as hell and it is so cookie cutter. Main Character/Best Mate's Sister, anyone else sick of that?)
Harry x Cho (Cho needs help in general. She's all over Harry, then she's all over Cedric, then Cedric dies and she's all over Harry again. The girl needs to calm down and make up her mind. Clearly she's unstable.)
Harry x Hermione (Hermione goes with Ron, end of story.)
Draco/Harry (These guys hate each other, fully. It's not like the Weasley/Malfoy feuds, there's not that dash of sexual tension. It's full blown hatred.)

Profile Contradiction: This has to be said. I have always seen myself as someone who was against Father/Child relationships, no matter what. I thought they were gross and unconventional. Harry Potter contains one contradiction to the rule. This is the only fandom where I have found a non-canonical (even though it's so canon) Father/Child pairing that actually works even in my eyes. This pairing is Lucius/Draco. It makes sense, it's so obviously there, and there's no escaping that it's not that bad. I can't actually believe I just wrote that.

With that said Arthur/Any Weasley Child is disgusting and has no back-up not to mention is something I don't approve of.

TV Shows

House, M.D. (Will never ever ever ever ever ever EVER write anything for this, but I do enjoy reading it from time to time, even though the show is dead to me.)

Favorite Pairings: Hilson and Chameron

Pairings I can't stand!:

Foreteen (This pairing makes me want to kill somebody, and I'm usually a calm person. It came out of nowhere. It makes no sense. I hate it!)
House x Amber (The last couple of episodes of House's 5th Season made me want to puke. Whenever these two are on screen together with that annoying sexual tension it makes me want to die!)
Wilson x Amber (They don't click. I didn't get it. And not to mention when she died she almost ruined Wilson for me who is my favorite character.)
Thutner (Rubs me the wrong way.)
Hameron (The stupidest pairing I have ever seen.)
House x Stacy (Scratch that last. This is the stupidest pairing I have ever seen.)
Huddy (Was a better idea when it was sexual tension)

Glee (This is my newest guilty pleasure, I don’t know why, but I’m hooked on this show)

Favorite Pairings: Blam (Blaine and Sam, my favorite crack pairing. I don't care what's going to happen between them in Season 3, it will always be a good pairing), Quick (Not Season 3), St. Berry, Cohen-Chang-Chang, Seblaine (I know that this is technically over, but that's why we invented fanfiction) and Kurtofsky (It's really starting to grow on me), Finntana, Sebofsky (I am falling in love with this pairing more and more everyday)(I know there are more, I just can’t think of any right now)

Explanation of Season 3 Quick: I'm not saying that I don't love Quick, it's just that in the season three storyline they are slowly making me lose faith in the pairings. Quinn is a complete nutjob and Puck doesn't have to be around that. In season one it was cute... they were one of my favorite first season parings, but now they have made it so unbearable that I can't see how these two are going to wind up together. If Quinn gets medicated and comes to her senses that Puck is the person she is supposed to be with then fine, I will love it whole-heartedly, but as of late it's been a trainwreck.

Pairings I can’t stand!:

Puck x Shelby (This is wrong on so many levels)
Hollister (I don't really care for either of these characters, especially when they're together)
(I don’t know what it is about this pairing that turns me off. I just don’t like it.)
(Used to tolerate them, now they are just God-awful to the point where I need them gone!)
Bartie (I will never understand this pairing)

Video Games

Kingdom Hearts (I probably won't write anything for this. As of now I don't have any inspiration for it.)

Favorite Pairings: Riku/Sora

Pairings I can't stand!:

Sora x Kairi (This is the stereotypical overdone principal pairing.)
Roxas x Naminé (This is the heartless version of Sora x Kairi, so I put them in the same category.)

Drakengard (Haven't played the game in ages, so probably won't write anything. I don't really have any ideas for it.)

Favorite Pairings: Caim/Inuart

Pairings I can't stand!:

Caim x Furiae (It's probably the only brother sister pairing I don't like. I just don't think they're compatible.)

I also have now gotten a tumblr account (to keep up to speed). Feel free to visit, but I highly doubt I will blog that often.


~Phoenix from the Sun~

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Shake It Out reviews
Nights spent praying, hoping, wishing, and begging that somehow Kurt and Blaine would hit a rock were finally answered. But it wasn't the time that he wanted it to happen. Why did it have to happen now? Seblaine. Set around "Dance With Somebody."
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Diary of Hate reviews
"I never meant to hurt you. I couldn't stop myself. I got too drunk off of my power, my hatred. But I can't take back what I've done, nothing could justify it anyway. I want you to have the life you deserve, and I cannot give it to you." Dark Seblaine.
Glee - Rated: M - English - Angst/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 2 - Words: 3,974 - Reviews: 21 - Favs: 12 - Follows: 23 - Updated: 3/18/2012 - Published: 2/17/2012 - Sebastian S., Blaine A.
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