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Deepest Descent now on .

CURRENT PROJECT: Deepest Descent

Introduction and Description:

Founding is still here, defiantly sticking its fist in the air even though it's been discontinued. I don't really approve of what ultimately became of the Organization, so I'm not -that- embarassed by the concepts presented there (just the writing =P).

I would LIKE to say that my love for Birth By Sleep made me write this fic, and it is true that it provided the impetus for the gears turning in my head. But honestly? This is a labor of rage. I've explained this on the forums below (as this project is half fic, half dissertation about how NOT to make Kingdom Hearts)Dream Drop Distance is the source of the rage, again, more details on the forum. But if there is one thing about D2, it is this:

This story is how I would write the finale of Kingdom Hearts, using all of the loose threads; keeping the other games relevant to the meta-plot, and not creating a macguffin for the final chapter IN the final chapter.

Do I take liberties? Yes. Are there OCs? One. One half. Forums, do it. But there are no Deathly Hallows in this story, as I fully expect will be in KH3, beyond the time traveling Xehanort. This fic adopts the stance that almost every detail of every game has been a Chekov's gun.

Like Founding, this is all based on CURRENT canon information. I am doing extensive research on Wikis to try to keep everything on the level (because I do not currently own a handheld device and cannot play Birth or Days personally). So if my facts regarding information revealed in those games is off, my apologies (I disagree with certain "official" interpretations given regarding information from the games I have played so I'm incredibly wary of this).

Please note that Deepest Descent was started BEFORE Dream Drop Distance. As such, I have only partially incorporated details about the plot from that game into the fic, most noteworthy, there is indeed a revived Organization XIII in D2, but it is a slightly different composition than the one that will feature in KH3.

And remember, the chapters posted on are first drafts, with minimal editing (mostly spelling and some grammar). The revised editions will probably be posted on my professional site, but that will probably only be after it is completed, or at the least, nearing completion, and we aren't yet halfway through.

Finally, I am making several choices regarding "uncertain" canon in the KH universe. Do not worry, I will make them apparent, and if they require explanation, it will somehow be provided in the narrative. But, for your own reference, here are a few to follow along with:

-Early on I reference the conversation between Riku and Zexion. In it, Zexion tells Riku that he was the Darkside that destroyed Destiny Islands (hence why Darkside appears immediately after Riku enters the Darkness). Riku seems shocked, even on the verge of crying, before declaring it a lie. Official sources have since presumed that Riku was correct and Zexion was only trying to deceive Riku.

I am not one of these sources.

Personally, I don't see how lying about that to Riku would serve Zexion any purpose. There is no hole in that theory either, we never see Riku and Darkside in the same place. In fact, like I said, Darkside appears IMMEDIATELY after Riku surrenders his heart to Darkness. To me, Riku is in denial when he calls it a lie, like Luke Skywalker's "That's not true, that's impossible!" Just because the hero says it, doesn't make it the truth. So this is one place where I am officially checking off a box the games have not.

-Keyblades have not been described in a meaningful way yet. I have taken the approach of the Trinity that was displayed in Kingdom Hearts Two, with the symbols for the Keyblade, Heartless, and Nobodies all in equal positions. I am deliberately taking the stance that Keyblades are hearts made out of Light, just like Heartless are hearts made out of Darkness, and Nobodies are both and neither at the same time.

I understand this somewhat contradicts established canon, we have already seen several examples of hearts made of pure Light, though in Ventus' instance, his heart did indeed become a keyblade. Sort of. The flip side of this is that we haven't seen a heart DIRECTLY fall to Darkness in a vacuum. I am instead making the assumption that because multiple hearts can be connected, if there are pieces of one's heart in a vicinity, they cannot fall to Heartless or Keyblades. Whereas Heartless multiply by devouring the Light within someone's heart, and the remaining Darkness turns into a Heartless. I imagine a similar process would be needed for keyblades. I am rolling with the idea, that the absence of any light, anywhere, connected to a single heart produces a Heartless, and the reverse is also true (which would explain why Ventus did not transform into a keyblade as his heart was split, the Darkness wasn't "devoured"). On top of this, as an added stipulation, I am making the assumption that Heartless can only be created in the Realm of Light, and Keyblades only in the Realm of Darkness. You are free to correct me if I'm incorrect in this assumption, but I can't recall actually seeing someone become a Heartless in the Realm of Darkness.

"What about the Princesses of Heart?" you ask? Well, let's just say I will remain consistent.

So, there will be places where my lore of Kingdom Hearts may be a little different from what you're used to (in areas beyond those which I have described). I do assure you, each of these interpretations exists for a definite reason. I won't be saying "Oh Riku and Selphie dated when they were 14" just because their childhoods are blank points and it's space to fill. I wish for Deepest Descent to still FEEL like a Kingdom Hearts story, the approach I try to take in all my other fics.

That being said, Deepest Descent is rated Teen for being more dark, more depressing, and less "friendship is magic" than the canonical games. My only criticism of the series as a whole, has been that none of the characters ever seem to bleed (both physically and emotionally).

In Deepest Descent, they do.

I hope you enjoy it.

The story avatar was graciously supplied by RoxasTsuna on deviantart.

Also, Deepest Descent, it is my hope, can be something of a collaborative process. There are details in the writing, that I think of as "cosmetic" details. Things like which Disney worlds the heroes will visit are inconsequential to the real plot, that is of all of the Kingdom Hearts OCs (Kairi, Riku and co.). A wild west showdown between Kairi and Xehanort can take place in the Enchanted Dominion or Agrabah, the Disney world itself is a cosmetic step in the journey. Just as an example. If I am lucky enough that you enjoy the story you've read so far, and would like to see what I do with a specific scenario, please, I invite you to the feedback forum below.

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