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Note that I really am a grateful guy whenever you send me reviews / feedbacks ; so don't hesitate to do so If you read my work !

Also : keep in mind that I always feel the urge to edit my chapters, because I'm the kind of guy too that is never satisfied with his own work !

Hey there ! It's Cosmic Creator here, but you can also call me Martyx, Rubik or still : Hawk Moth (Sucks that users already picked up those user names -_- )

Because I'm still new here and I know myself for being a very disorganised person, I'll be following - Copycat style - a bit the way a certain user did his Bio layout to start things out (Don't Bash me) :

Age : 17 / Gender : Male / Nationality : French / Languages spoken : French & English

Likes : Gaming, Watching movies, writing dialogues, Listening and discovering electronic music, it watching Tarantino and Chris' Nolan's Filmography, Imagining scenes and stories with the help of Music or being able to develop ideas and story elements till they flourish ; Animals, the wild, using emoticones, being alone but being with others too (it all depends on the mood), enjoying leisures with other people and also family, Drums, being sarcastic, help other people, solve problems (Call me Mr. Wolf, the problem solver ;) ), end arguments, avoiding trouble, understanding people's actions, quite a bit of philosophy (but not so much don't worry !), tension building, Horror innovations, new ways of using a camera in my head, registering every single quote or action of the day that are worth keeping !

Dislikes : My printer, people that are mad, waiting for something to happen, thinking about my life when I'm alone, jerks and pretentious people

Random Facts about me :

1. A scar runs through my left eye brow because of a Rugby injury

2. Favourite animated franchise ? Drum roll --> Ice Age ! I totally don't understand the hate the sequels are having, except for the 4th one.

3. Favourite genre of movie : Fantasy (love Harry Potter films to death), Science-fiction, Superhero movies and Animated movies (CGI)

4. Favourite gaming franchise : Pokemon (especially Mystery Dungeon), Halo and Zelda

5. I began showing interested in Fan-fiction after being given good clues for the sequel when Contienental Drift came out. I love writing now ! Especially dialogues and tension filled scenes.

6. My favourite Ice Age's in order : 1 2 3 (kind of a tie with the 2) 4

7. I'm kind of a Shy person most of the time, but when I'm invited to join a group, i become extremelly social with others and love to joke around

8. For a superpower I'd like to be able to warp reality itself (it kind of sounds Selfish but its the truth :p ) : make specific things happen, disover new grounds, creatures etc ...

Well that's all !

For anyone who wants to check a French Fan-Fiction I wrote centered on Buck from Ice Age, tap "Univers Givré / Buck le Retour" and I hope that you will find it ! ;)

For Fans of any type of Electronic Music, follow me on Soundcloud ! I'm under the name : Juicybox ;)

Have a great Day !!!

Projects in mind right now :

- My vision of a final for the Ice Age franchise (Say an Alternative sequel that has nothing to do with Collision course)

- The Guardians of the Galaxy are looking for new recruits, and it's on to Starlord to find the perfect addition to the team [I'm introducing a whole new character created by me that I hope will ring with you, can't wait to reveal him in this Fanfic !]

- This is a BIG project still in works : a Naruto / Pokemon Mystery Dungeon crossover where the vast land is populated with anthropomorphic Pokemons (standing on two legs)

Ice Age : Teeth Tales reviews
As they set foot on the island, our little troupe is now dealing with a new member in their midst . Shira does her best to create a relationship with every member of the group , and of course with Diego. But soon their quiet little life will be bothered by events that will suddenly bring them to worry and also disrupt Shira's deepest dreams. The alternative 5th sequel to C.Drift !
Ice Age - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Friendship - Chapters: 5 - Words: 14,280 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 5/8 - Published: 6/25/2016 - Diego, Buck, Shira