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(Picture: That's US! Abie (left) and Kairi (right)


Hi! This is where you’ll get to know us better. What’s the use of the Profile section if we don’t have it, right? Anyway, we’re actually two girls so don’t say that Kawaii-abiekairi is only one person! Coz we’re not_ uhm…to start it all off, we want you to know our history! Okay…we’ve been bestfriends since we were in the 4th Grade (that’s in year 1999). Before, we weren’t this close. We used to have other close friends. Back then, we were addicted to exchanging stickers with our classmates. We both liked Pokemon before we became bestfriends. Everything changed until I (by the way, this is Kairi typing. Hehe) invited Abie to come over for my birthday party. Since then, I started calling her on the phone and asked if she could come over. And she did! We noticed that we both like Powerpuff Girls (not anymore! O_o) and we drew them a lot. Since then, she comes on my house during weekends or any vacant day.

Then, we entered the world of Anime. The anime shows back then were Samurai X, Fushigi Yuugi, Akazukin Chacha, Flame of Recca and Yu Yu Hakusho. We realized how cool Anime was. We started to draw them, sing their songs, learn their language and ever tried to look like them! Ever since, our addiction to anime grew bigger and bigger and here we are now, making our ideas come to life! Oh yeah, we had and still have anime CRUSHES! Mine is Tasuki from Fushigi Yuugi while Abie’s was Gary from Pokemon (Gary’s not her crush anymore. It’s Ren Tao from Shaman King. Lol. She’s screaming here!) We have lots of great memories together. And I’m sad because she’d soon leave for the US. But she’ll be back! She’ll never ever dare to leave me! or else! Hahaha! Hmm…I guess that’s all for now. This isn’t our personal website after all. We’ll try to make one…IF we know how! O_o; uhm….okay, just read our profile down there. And please read AND review our fanfictions! Thank you!

UPDATE: October 26, 2007

Hey guys!!! We're BACK!!! And we are still rocking... And we apologize for our 1 year leave and not updating our stories anymore. I (this is Abie typing...) had to leave the country to move in America with my family. And leaving my poor bestfriend alone... =(

But NOW, I went back in the Philippines to finish my college studies here... and we are reunited one again!! Wee!!! AbieKairi is here once again to give you more funny fanfics and more fun! We posted a new story so go check it out!!!

READ and REVIEW our fics again people!!! 0

About the CAT and the BUNNY:


Name: Aubrey or Abie (I'm used to it now...)

Age: 17

Gender: Female (duh!)

Resides In: Naga City, Philippines (mabuhay Pilipinas!)

UPDATE: I actually live in San Diego, California USA now but I came back for my college studies... Noticed OUR one year leave?? hehe...

Distinctive Features:

•Black eyes

•Black hair

•Rectangular eyeglasses with pink frame

UPDATE: No more nerdy glasses!!! Woot!! hehe... XD

•Shoulder length hair

UPDATE: I have LONG hair now OMG!!! for 1 year I didn't have a haircut! XD

Facts about me:

~Likes to read a lot of books... and anime MANGA!!!

~Has another account in ff.net; Abie05 (My solo account back in the U.S. Please READ and REVIEW them!!!)

~A Shaman King Addict... (Check her other account!)

~Add me in Friendster and MSN! marie_aubrey90@hotmail.com

~Add me in YM! marie_aubrey05@yahoo.com

~Check out my Deviantart page: Abie05

~To fellow SK and Anime fans, txt me @ 09283385392

~My favorite number is 5!

~I LOVE Bunnies!!! X3

~Pani Poni Dash Fan!!!

~My GaiaOnline account: x_mesousa05_x

~I LOVE Chocolates!!! 3333

~Male counterpart: Yoh Asakura.

And now the other half...


Name: Kyrie or Khye (rhymes with sky)

Age: 18

Gender: I'm a GIRL!!!!Inside and Out!

Resides In: The country located in the southeastern part of the equator….for short, the Philippines.

Distinctive Features:

•Brown hair (Thanks to my aunt!)

UPDATE: Black hair now!! With brown highlights underneathe! Hehe..

•Black eyes

•Braces! (I’m glad to say that I’m gonna remove these before Prom Day.)

UPDATE: I don't have braces and eyeglasses anymore!!!yay!

•Shoulder length hair (Dang! Why did I cut it! I used to have very long hair. –sighs-)

UPDATE: LONG hair now!yay! 333

Facts about me:

~Loves to draw stuff, sing anime songs, write original stories...

~Absent-minded most of the time (actually whenever LOVE is in the air!)

~Loves this expression O_o;

~Likes the color blue, black, red and green.

~Invite me in Friendster and YM! foxfireshounen@yahoo.com

~I'm happy n0w!!! -hearts-

~ Paranoid to lots of things...STILL.

~Always a random person.

~Bishounen addict! (WEE! Tasuki! Sanzo! –Drools-)

~Oh yeah, I’m emotional and very sensitive (waah T_T)..I'm semi-Emo now!

~ Loves to make friends! Text me! 09182369813/09226786806

~I love the number 18 and 22!!!!! 3333


~I also have a DeviantArt account: timeshadows07

~ To those who have GaiaOnline accounts, just look for me there: - m e o w c h i - n e k o

~ Do you love to Rock? I do! wahahah..i enjoy screamo, emo, metal bands now. XD

~Male counterpart: Hao Asakura.

And that was our profile. Now you know how crazy we are. So don’t hesitate to email or text us. We don’t bite, promise!

“We always wanted to form a band just like PuffyAmiYumi. Just the two bestfriends rocking together!”

~This is kawaii-abiekairi, rocking out!~

Kairi Nootsu! (November 5, 2007) hi guys! kairi-chan here! Okay, i would just like to say that my bestfriend; Abie and I are going to TRY our very best to continue all our fics.It's just that we couldn't find the right time to do it. Since we're both in college right now and our schedules are pretty TIGHT. We have so many ideas stored in our brains and if only we'd be given at least a little extra time, we would write all of them down! To those fans of our stories that are still there to wait and support us, thank you so much. We really appreciate your reviews and time that you dedicated to read our stories. Don't worry, we love you! and we won't leave you guys hanging and longing for what's going to happen next. Just be patient. Well, that would be all. This is Kairi the Cat typing/speaking/writing..leaving you guys with a kawaii buh-bye! Nyuu~! -showers you some hugs and kisses-

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