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Author has written 9 stories for Halo, StarCraft, Dawn of the Dead, Warhammer, Resident Evil, and Elder Scroll series.


Name: Robert K. Anderson
Age: 21
Gender: Male

Check out my account at for my original work. Account name is the same.

Also, if you've noticed, I get a lot of story ideas at once. I'll write them when I can and I'll do my damndest to complete them. Hope you enjoy.

Note: My Resident Evil story dosn't seem up to my own personal standard. I plan on starting afresh with it, hopefully for the better.

Note: Despite the good reviews, I'm quite unhappy with how my Reclaimer series is coming out. I'm scrapping the third one and completely rewriting the second when I get the time. It will be as close to canon as I can get it this time around.

Recommended Reading:

Anything in my favorites list, check it out. Also if your a Halo fan and havn't already done so read the Halo novels, they add lots of backstory, essential if you want to write a good fanfic. Check out George R.R. Martin's 'A song of Ice and Fire' series (A Game of Throne, A Clash of Kings, A Storm of Swords, A Feast for Crows, and coming soon (hopefully) A Dance with Dragons) if your a fan of fantasy. John Marco's 'Inhuman' trilogy, once again another gritty fantasy (no wizards and fireball magic here folks), the three books are 'Eyes of God', 'The Devil's Armor' and 'The Sword of Angels'. For those of you afraid of Christianity, don't worry it doesn't involve any real religions. Have just started the Gaunt's Ghosts series by Dan Abnet, very good Warhammer 40k fiction.

If you have the time, check out my stuff too.


Anything posted on this site is the property of whoever came up with the original premise. Of course while I do not own the universes or any characters I may borrow from said universe,most of the story ideas and characters are owned by myself. eg. Fenris, Nathan, Jimaelhae, Danny, Jill, Mark, Jackie... and so forth


Most of what I've used here to describe whats in my stories I've stolen from the Canadian movie rating system, and a bit from the ESRB for video games.

Shattered: Rated M for strong brutal violence, strong language, sexuality
State of Emergency: Rated M for strong, brutal violence
Stranded: Rated M for strong violence, strong language
Rise of the Reclaimers: Rated M for strong violence, strong language
Frontline: Rated M for strong violence, and some strong language, drug use (once work starts on this piece again this is the rating it will go by)
An Eagle's Baptism: Rated M for strong brutal violence
Golden Eagles: Rated M for consistent strong brutal violence.
Resident Evil: Ashes: Rated M for strong brutal violence, strong language
Knights of the Stone Dragon: Rated M for strong brutal violence, language, drug use


Reclaimers Trilogy: Video Games/ Halo- Begining half way through the second Halo game the series follows the exploits of UNSC marine Nathan Little as he fights across the alien ringworld and discovers an ancient secret that holds the fate of the world in it's hands.
Stranded; Rise of the Reclaimers; War of the Reclaimers

Shattered Saga: Movies/ Dawn of the Dead- The dead have risen from their eternal slumber and have begun an unholy assault on the living. Follow the survivors as they struggle to find life and meaning in this new world.
Jackie Hunter series: Shattered
Offshoots: State of Emergency

Golden Eagle Series: Game/ Warhammer- Young Conner is inducted into the Golden Eagles Space Marines chapter. Follow his exploits across the galaxy as he fights off the enemies of man, and gives his life to service of the emperor.
An Eagle's Baptism, Golden Eagles

Upcoming Stories:
don't expect any of these too soon

Starcraft: Frontline- Game/Starcraft- but... this is already posted isn't it? Yes it is, but after the announcement trailer for Starcraft II I have decided to return to this story and rewrite the first few chapters, for the better in my opinion. Storyline is the same.

Snowflake- Movie/ Dawn of the Dead- 10 years have passed since the dead started to rise, 10 years since humanity was pushed to the brink of extinction, and 10 years since one young woman was pushed beyond what she had believed possible. Now as humanity struggles to survive in the harsh wilderness Jackie Hunter must continue her personal war against the undead.

The War for Middle Earth- Book/ Lord of the Rings- TheLord of the Rings trilogy as seen from the eyes of four different warriors. A warrior of Rohan, an Orc of Mordor, an Uruk-Hai of Isengard and a soldier of Gondor. (Based on the movie versions)

War of the Reclaimers- Game/ Halo- The final battle is about to be fought on the planet Earth. The outcome will determine the fate of the entire universe. As the factions close in to deliver the final blow to their enemies, five veterans who have fought across the void will return to Earth to fight for the most precious prize of all: survival. (plot still developing in my head)

Knights of the Stone Dragon- Game/ Oblivion- After Martin sacrifices himself the empire is without an emperor. Trouble begins in the provences and the legion are scrambling to keep the empire together. Back in Cyrodil, a rebellious faction is preparring to strike against the Imperial city itself. Three adventurers must rise up as heroes, and save their land.

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