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Hello! this is the profile of Vess and lilsmash... as for my self*lilsmash* i'm a major anime fan as you can see the picture was drawn by me and the story ' Back Again' was writen by my friend Blood yeah..

Oh, hiya,this is blood thirsty, all you peeps who have nothing better to do than read my lame story, i know that lilsmash is SO much better than me at writing, i will take some requests, but if ya ask for anything over R, i will concider it as long as the rating aint for lemons,and is for gore, but if it is, i will laugh at you, and tell you to get help, cause if you READ those kind, a) you are just plain disgusting, or b) you are very very VERY lonley. And no offence to peolpe who write lemons, cause some of them are REALLY good at writing, but i am just not... apealed to by those high ratings... Oh, an Me and lilsmash both say, KENYAKO ALL THE WAY!!!!!! And i support Sam/Osamu and jun, and, thats about it. well, i have nothing against any one,(exept that retard who wrote all digimon die, or some crappy title like that, named Jerry springer, that was the only story i ever flamed, I am also known as blood thirsty digimon fan,) But I have a bone to pick with yaoi/yuri/incest/slash/hentai ect ect ect.Thats just NASTY! No offence to anyone who is like that, but for 12 year old cartoons, it's just wrong. And people who can find the stomach to write lemons about those, well... i will just get off that , if ya have a request, that aint like kenari, or miyori, or anyone with those two, cause they are soul mates, i mean, have you ever seen a good kaiyako piccy? Well, they go together like this! well, ya can't see, but go find one, and if you can't tell, i am ranting, and when lilsmash finds out about this, she will probably call me a freak, but hey, thats what i am. and dang proud of it, too! So, if any one has even read my story, I will be very greatful if i get a review, aside from Tai's gurl, but thanks, and i have lost my desire to write it. But i have a few ideas roaming in my head, well, i should, considering i have LOTTSA space in my head for voices, and thoughts, and all KINDS of things, and if you start to giggle, cause you have a sick mind, SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!! I am sort of decent, still, i have no time for those kinda thoughts! Well, i guess you probably want me to shut up, so, buh bye!

Back Again reviews
What happens when your past comes back to haunt you?When the people around you hate you?... sorry LAME title but hopefuly a good story...No flames PLZ...and R&R!!^-^
Digimon - Rated: K - English - Romance - Chapters: 2 - Words: 5,814 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 2 - Updated: 6/24/2001 - Published: 6/7/2001