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This Bio was last updated on December 2-2007

Hi I’m Magnatron, and this is my old bio updated.

Segments that have a significant update, since October 2007 are marked with a star.

1a: Info about me.

1b: Info about my experience making oral stories, written stories, and typed stories.

2a: Info about my Sonic series, Ultimate Life Forms.

2b: Info about my Sonic stories that aren’t connected to my series.

3: Info about my non Sonic stories.

4: Info about my favorite fanfic authors.


Hi y’all. No I’m not a southerner; I just wanted to say that.

My mom dosen’t want me to say how old I am, So y’all have to settle for, I’m old enough to drive. I am a male, I am the second oldest of ten kids, and I love it; I am the tallest one in the house, and I love it; And I am a Roman Catholic, and I love it.

I’m into writing stories, reading, action movies, video games, and humor. My favorite books include most of the Jedi Apprentice series, but not Jedi Quest or The Last Of The Jedi, Timothy Zhan’s Star Wars books, This Present Darkness, Piercing The Darkness, The Cooper Kids series, You get the idea. My favorite games are Command and Conquer 3, Red Alert 2, Super Smash Bros. Melee, most Metroid games, again, you get the idea. My favorite comedians are Paul Aldridge, Ken Davis, Mark Lowary, I think that’s how you spell Lowary, and Mike Williams. I make allot of jokes myself, but most of them are corny, I will try to throw some of my good stuff around in my fan fiction. I plan on writing original fiction some day, and would appreciate your prayers.

I was, and still am, a big supporter for Sonic in brawl. Go Nintendo!

When I’m online I go by either Magnatron, or Robo Knux. The reason I don’t go by Magnatron everywhere is because I couldn’t get it for a Red Alert 2 name, and I really like the way Netraptor depicts Robo Knux in her stories. After that I noticed that Robo Knux, or it’s shortened version, RK works for most online game names. So I go by Robo Knux when I’m playing video games online, and Magnatron when I’m doing fanfiction, or forums. However whether I’m Magnatron, Robo Knux, or the human, who’s name will not be revealed to you, I like saying “I am the Eggman!”. I’m a big Eggman fan, and tend to show a more competent version of him than most people do.

I am home schooled, and I am the most popular person in my school. The little kids just love me.

I suffer from LAIKI, Lazy And I Know It, but I am working on that.


My first bout with making stories, I think, came around the year 1999, when I saw the six available episodes of SatAm Sonic, on VHS. When we, me and my siblings, couldn’t find any more available episodes I commented that I probably could come up with an ending for the series. This idea was met with enthusiasm, and I came up with a five episode ending to the war between Robotnick and the Freedom Fighters. Looking back I see that it wasn’t that good, but at the time we all gave it high praise.

Then me, and my older brother, who is my number two story critic, started working on a three part idea for a movie about Sonic, and the Freedom Fighters, kinda like the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. We finished the first one, orally, and told it to our siblings, once again it wasn’t that good, but still received high praise. We never finished the second episode, and after a while of neglect the idea died, but there were three things that I gained from that story besides experience, and they where the characters Lizard, Andra, and Claddar. These characters where part of a group of characters that where specifically made to get roboticized. Like the extra characters in the new King Kong were made specifically to get killed. Of my original characters Lizard had become a favorite, and the other two had more thought put into them than most, So I didn’t want to throw them away.

The next time I tried making a story was when I heard that Star Wars Episode I was coming out. I got very excited, and even made my own Jedi Knight, Don. I started coming up with adventures for him, for several years, and have several note books with about ten pages of material in them. But Don adventures where riddled with some of my worst ideas yet, and I went back, and started from square one at least twice.

Although Don didn’t die for a long time there where stretches where I was bored with him, and during one of those stretches I started work on another Star Wars idea, with my cousin. We had planned on typing the story together, but as it worked out I did almost everything. Although without my cousin’s feedback I probably never would have finished. This story became my first story that I actually typed to its completion. It was filled with plot holes, and grammar and spelling errors, but the experience helped me become a better writer.

After that it and my Don idea slowly died. I tried typing a completely original sci-fi story, and I finished three chapters of it, but like the story above it was riddled with problems, and has also bitten the dust.

During this time Sonic X came out on Saturday mornings, and we all watched it with high praise, for a while. As time went on our fondness of the Sonic cartoon lessened, and we started noticing the problems that riddle the series. At the end of the first season we were all disappointed in the finally big time, and I decided to make a better oral version.

This was my first story that actually wasn’t bad. And I think some people would think is actually quite good, and my siblings gave me an encore. So I started making up what I called Sonic X Improved. It started where my idea for a finally ended, and went on from there. It had mixed success, but the experience helped me learn what idea’s work, and what ideas don’t. The finale four, or five episodes where the cream of the crop, and those episodes are going to be the basis for my ninth, or tenth Ultimate Life Forms. I started working on some more episodes, but what was going to be the continuing story of Sonic X Improved has turned into Ultimate Life Forms 2.

Anyway that brings us to the end of the year 2004, when I started coming up with ideas for my Ultimate Life Forms series. I posted my first chapter March of 2005, and since then I have added more. I hope I can get myself to start updating more regularly as time goes on.


Ultimate Life Forms, the series.

This series is my first long term attempt at writing stories. The basic premises is that I repeatedly pit Sonic and friends, G.U.N., and Eggman, as well as a few lesser villains, against each other, in plots that I find interesting. There will be a few classic story types, like #1, which is a combination of Sonic Adventure one, and two. But for the most part I try to use original plot designs, without abandoning the things that make Sonic so great, to begin with, in my opinion, anyway. I’m basically trying to write a Sonic series that I would enjoy reading.

I originally intended for there to be about ten episodes, but right now it’s looking to be more like twenty five.

Ultimate Life Forms #1

This is the first episode in my series. The story is a mishmash of Sonic Adventure, and Sonic Adventure 2, but I added in some of my own ideas, including Lizard, and Andra.

Don’t worry the only original character in this story that gets a lot of attention is Colonel Schmit, and that is, because I needed a leader for G.U.N. and came up with this story before Shadow the Hedgehog came out.

This story suffers some flaws, besides the usual spelling, and grammar issues, there was a prologue which should have been done differently, and the fact that a Colonel isn’t a high enough rank to command G.U.N., but Schmit’s rank is important to the stories plot, and I thought that I would confuse people that had already started reading if I tried to fix it.

I recently decided to delete the prologue.

ULF 2: Project B

Sonic thought G.U.N. would leave him alone after he had saved the world. He was wrong.

I haven’t started typing out this story yet, but I thought that the title and summary would attract more readers to my series. There will be a commercial for this story at the end of Ultimate Life Forms.

More to be added.


Although I have quite a few Sonic ideas that won’t fit into my series. I don’t know which ones I am going to work on, and which ones I’m going to chuck; however I am fairly confident that I will be doing a Sonic Heroes 2. Note: I dislike Sonic Heroes, but an article at the Eggman Empire website gave me some ideas.

I have started work on a Sonic story, where he and Shadow don’t get along, and are forced to work together. I am working cooperatively with Sonico The Ultimate Sonic Fan. As of this post he doesn’t have a Fanfiction account. I’ll update as soon as that changes.

I’m also working on a trilogy that I don’t want to go into detail about at this time.

Some of you who read my bio before the last update may remember that I briefly mentioned a Sonic and Danny Phantom crossover. I’ve put a lot of work into that in-between that time and now, and have to say I like how it’s coming along very much. Not too many plot twists in it, but I tried to copy C.S.Bernard’s typing style in first person, and it has produced an amazingly funny, yet still serious chapter. C.S.Bernard was formerly known as Friend Of Republicanism, and before that he was known as Aiglon15.


I’m planning on a Danny Phantom fic, a Spiderman and Batman crossover, and I’m helping my sister come up with idea’s for some Kim Possible stories, including a Kim Possible Danny Phantom crossover. As soon as my sister posters her first chapter I will update this.

I am also planning on writing a humor story where Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Joker, and Harley, from the Batman animated series, that aired in the nineties, will watch the old, old sixties Batman movie, and criticize it.

A new idea I’m working on is something I’m calling my Vs. Series. In it I pit two cool, at least in my opinion, characters, who aren’t from the same story, against each other in a brief fight. There will be little to no explanation as to why these characters are fighting each other, or even how they got in the same universe. The one’s I’m planning to do at this time are, “Zuko vs. Maul” “Samus vs. Iron-Man” and “Eggman vs. Syndrome”.



Also known as Friend Of Republicanism, or Aiglon15.

The first author to make it to my favorites list, C.S.Bernard writes quite a few Sonic stories, and some non Sonic stories. Although I don’t know about his non Sonic stuff, I do know his Sonic stuff is top notch.

C.S.Bernard’s Sonic stories don’t focus on amazing plot twists; in fact most of his plots are based on previously released Sonic stories, but they come out great anyway, because he has, what I like to call, an insane ability to make any segment of a story interesting. Just read a few chapters, and you will understand what I mean.


With my apologies to C.S.Bernard I have to say that Netraptor is my favorite Sonic author of all time. I want to see her series become a cartoon series one day.

Netraptor has written the two Sonic stories that are my all time favorite Sonic stories ever, although she has written over thirty stories. Netraptor’s work is a mixed bag. I would say that about a third of her stuff is some of the best there is, a little more than a third is pretty good, and what’s left just isn’t my style. Don’t miss out on this author’s amazing work, and don’t judge her by a single story, or even three.

Master Tanaab

I like the way his story does action, and he apologized for using a word that offended me, and after he had mentioned that he was a Christian I just had to add him to my favorites list.


Murrquan is an excellent Sonic fanfic writer, who’s stories fit into Netraptor’s Sonic universe. His only story that didn’t turn out too well is Mimicry. All of his other stuff, is almost as good as Netraptor’s best. If you are a fan of Netraptor’s stuff, then you should read Murrquan’s.

Data Seeker

My brother, and a big fan of Lilo and Stitch, as well as Kim Possible, Data Seeker is a writer aspiring to be all he can be. Not without his flaws, but his ‘Lilo and Stitch the Series Rewritten’ has earned high praise from Lilo and Stitch fans. I never really cared for the sequels, but I find myself entertained when I proof read episodes for my brother.


laurajslr is a Jedi Apprentice author who has written an excellent fic titled “Echoes of the Past”. She is currently writing a sequel to this wonderful fic, and I have found it to be equally wonderful.

laurajslr’s writing is so good, I have asked her to inform me if she ever gets anything published.

More info to be added to my bio later, if you think that this version is missing something, please, let me know.

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