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Author has written 3 stories for Super Smash Brothers, Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, Life is Strange, and Undertale.

At some point in late 2014, I joked around with a friend about writing a fan fiction. We brainstormed this bizarre crossover between Game of Thrones and Adventure Time where Lemongrab killed Rhaegar instead of Robert Baratheon. I've since deleted everything I wrote of that, and tried to think nothing of it. Yet, The taste that I'd gotten from that brief experience was pleasant, and at some point I started throwing ideas at the wall in hopes that something sticks. I made this account because I think I've finally got something that I want to work with. It might not be amazing, it might not be terrible, but for all the rights I don't have over its characters it feels like it's mine.

Stories: Every other Section of this page is solely me rambling, and can be skipped without any impact to your reading experience. This section is me rambling about the stories I'm writing, and could be useful.

World of The Dragons (Super Smash Brothers/Nintendo Mega-Crossover): 'Five years ago, the worlds were merged into one, a planet larger and more diverse than any ever known. But whilst some worlds have only brought its people, each and every one has brought demons.'

This story started in early 2015 as a Fire Emblem crossover, where Fire Emblems 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 13 would be merged into a series of interconnected stories. They would have all been connected by Robin, who would awaken on Fargus's ship(FE 7) at sea instead of a field in Ylisse. He would become a pirate, and eventually build up a force that would go on to combat the villains of the games. This idea was dropped when i couldn't think of a way to bring these games and stories together that would make sense.

So instead, I dropped all pretense of sense and wrote an origin chapter that brings together all of the series represented in Super Smash Brothers. Even though this chapter likely won't be seen for a long, long time, knowing I had somewhere to go has made writing everything else a much, much more exciting prospect.

The new story still stars Robin as one of the main Protagonists, but he is joined by Meta Knight, King Dedede, and Pikachu. The first part of the story will tell an altered version of the first war in Fire Emblem Awakening with hints of how the changed overall world poking in before I throw open the floodgates. This part of the story may seem tedious, but I don't feel comfortable enough with my pen and quill to throw it aside for my own larger deviations just yet. For those of you who have played the game, this part will dip into the familiar often, but at the same time it'll be massively changed. After all, who wants to read about repelling the bandits in Southtown again? That's no where big enough an introduction to the mess that I'm calling 'The World of Dragons.'

Because it is a successor to a Fire Emblem story, and Fire Emblem is one of my favorite franchises, those games will likely be over represented compared to others that I haven't ever played. I will do my research, of course, but characters like Cloud, Snake, and Bayonetta aren't likely to receive much of a role. Other characters aren't likely to receive a large role just due to their character in their source material. Captain Olimar, Duck Hunt, Pac Man, Mr Game & Watch... This isn't a Subspace Emisary story, so their implementation will have to be changed to fit the world.

The last disclaimer I have is that most of this story is just being written as I go, with only a loose outline of ideas in my head. That isn't normally a good thing, as a well planned story could be shorter and much more fluid. But this was never completely about the story. It was about trying to blend these worlds together in a way that makes sense without liberal use of inter dimensional portals. Instead, there are only two portals currently planned for use, and both are Nintendo's story mechanism, not mine. And my use of one is my favorite thing I've done so far this story.

In Time (Undertale/Life is Strange Crossover): 'The Underground has gone free. Even Prince Asriel, long thought dead, has returned. The human child who accomplished this is now faced with a question, one that he hadn't even considered: what comes next? He finds his answer when Sans detects another human, messing with time.'

This story came out of nowhere for me. It really just started with a question, something like 'who would win in an argument, Max or Frisk?' That question became answers about how differently their time travel functions, and that became ideas, and we are.

Since I dropped my other Undertale crossover, due to a loss of interest on my end in the other series it was crossed with, I've had a backlog of ideas of things I've wanted to do with the Undertale cast. Mainly, of course, Frisk, Asriel, and Sans. When I played Life is Strange for the first time in early December, 2016, I found something that I can work those ideas alongside. Not only that, but a number of them blend together well.

As different as these games are in tone, they also have bunch that works well together. Most obviously, time travel, and the theme of consequences.

Blackwell won't be the same, because we're going into one hella crazy week.

It Changes (Adventure Time/Undertale Crossover): 'A child emerges from the Underground to find themselves in a whole new world. After meeting Finn and Jake, this child will change the course of Ooo's history through their will alone.

This one is a side story. It works on a smaller scale than The World of Dragons as a diversion I can work on with less planning and concentration. The difference in the setting and world allows me to get more creative with my language and story structure without it seeming out of place. It also allows me to write smaller chapters, if I just want to feel like I'm getting something out, as each chapter only needs to be one or two long scenes instead of a bunch of shorter scenes through a bunch of different characters.

'It Changes' is currently on indefinite hiatus, as I've lost interest in Adventure Time recently, and trying to get to writing for it has felt like a chore, and I didn't have much of a plan. I'm not sure when or even if I'll get back to it. I might do something different for Undertale in the future, but I'd rather focus my spare time on 'The World of Dragons' now.

About Me: A bit about me, Galliar.

As a preface, I dislike writing about me. I either feel like I'm heinously overselling myself, or grossly underselling myself. Reality is a bit more in the middle.

As of writing this, I am working towards a degree in Computer Science. Computer logic works well with how I think. Actions have consequences, and the smallest misstep or error can have unexpected results. Making a program is like seeing several different veins of the Butterfly Effect, where every single choice is a different degree of disaster. Occasionally, that disaster might be functional.

Despite having such a logic based way of thinking, I did participate in my high school's Drama Depaetment in the day, singing and dancing on stage like you'd expect an insecure, introverted shut-in to do. I didn't reall you I it because I loved it. I didn't really fit in amongst all of the bombastic personalities that made up the core of the acting kids, nor have I ever really had the best voice. I did it because I wanted to believe I could.

And that's what writing Fanfiction started as, too. Wondering if I could, without thinking if I should. My only regret is that I can't concentrate well enough to write more. Well, and that I didn't write out a more concrete plan for The World of Dragons before starting it. I have been working on that between chapters though. Well, I also regret posting It Changes at all, because I feel like such a tease for not wanting to write it anymore.

I've spent a lot of time reading other Fanfictions recently. Even for fandom's I'm not into. I'm trying to improve myself by looking at what other people do, and what they do well that I need to improve on. The biggest flaws I've noticed in my writing is the lack of body language and interesting movement during conversation.

Not sure what else to say about myself. I could write about my favorite characters.

Actually, let's do that.

Favorite Characters: Covers every medium. Games, Movies, Plays, Writing. Organized by medium. The rest of the profile is this, or other favorites if I feel like it. You might want to skip it, as its glorified blog. I'm also completely merciless with spoilers.


Gilgamesh(Epic of Gilgamesh): Don't complain about spoilers, the story has been out for, like, 8000 years or something. The origin of the Hero's Journey. His character has aged quite a bit, considering he is the oldest recorded protagonist in history. Something about his desperation after his friend Enkidu's death resonates with me, as does his failure. This was a dude who had pretty much everything, but ended up so lost. In the end, he could not cheat death, and his friend stayed dead.

Iago(Othello): This guy is such an ass, and it's so entertaining. It's hilarious how one dimensional this guy is, but I can't help but like him. He has one of my favorite Shakespeare lines of all time: "You shall mark many a duet out and knee-crooning knave/ That (doting on his own obsequious bondage)/ Wears out his time much like his master's ass." Classic.

Jay Gatbsy(The Great Gatsby): Yeah, I liked this book somehow. Even in school, being forced to read it. And Jay was the main reason why. It was hard not to fall for his dream-like mannerisms, which perfectly shadowed the dream he lived in his head. He contrasted especially well against the cynicism of every other character in the book. And then his dream comes crashing down in the end, becoming a lesson in how the past can consume us.

Lennie Small(Of Mice and Men): I read is book on my own time. As we were meant to, I felt bad for Lennie. Poor dude never stood a chance. Not much to say, really. "Tell me about the rabbits, George."

Roran(The Inheritance Cycle): I read these books in middle school, and I don't care how poor they might be now that I have standards. I'd loved every chapter that centered on Eragon's human, non-magical cousin. The dude had no magic nor supernatural powers, nor any actual combat training. Despite this he manages to pull off amazing things time and time again, and generally creating a more impressive spectacle in my head. He even pulled off Zhuge Liang's fake-out strategy against a larger force.

Tywin Lannister(A Song of Ice and Fire): In a series with so many great characters, I have to give one of my favorite spots to Tywin. He's an awful dude, who perpetuates terrible things for the sake of his own family's power. His emphasis on family power is overshadowed in his personal life by how little he seems to actually care about the individuals he in his family. Despite these things, I couldn't help but feel he was right, time and time again. The show has also affected my view of the character, so I might be remembering him a bit too fondly.

Davos Seaworth(A Song of Ice and Fire): Again, the show may be coloring my perceptions. But in either case Davos is wonderful and you can't convince me otherwise. He has the moral compass of Ned Stark, without as much honor playing into his actions. Rather, it is his loyalty and genuine desire for good that makes him act in ways that others would say is unwise. There is a reason that Stannis Baratheon makes him Hand of the King, after all.


Luigi(Mario Series): Who doesn't love an underdog? It's served in Luigi's benefit, as it has let him have more character than Mario has ever been allowed to have. He's a wimp, he's jealous of his brother, and he has an entire year dedicated to him. Mario doesn't have that.

King Dedede(Kirby Series): The definition of an antagonist, not a villain. Bowser and Ganon are villains, Dedede is an antagonist. He serves as a greedy foil for Kirby, but he never wants to do actual evil. His schemes are mostly harmless, if ill-willed and selfish. He never actively tries to conquer the world or destroy it. He even has a bit of a good heart, joining Kirby on his adventures in Kirby 64 and Return to Dreamland. There is a reason I put him in such a prominent role in The World of Dragons.

Bandana Dee(Kirby Series): As a child, my only Kirby game was Kirby 64. The only Waddle Dee in the whole game is only ever helpful, giving you a ride time and time again. Only recently have I gone and played the others, but my first thought whenever I see a Waddle Dee is 'helpful.' The implementation of Bandana Dee gives me a distinction between those other ones, and the one that helped me as I replayed the first levels of Kirby 64 at the ages of four and five.

Mewtwo(Pokemon): Kind of cheating here, as I never really played the Pokemon games. I did watch the show when I was younger with my brother. And together, we both watched that first movie so many times. If it were in a different environment, Mewtwo's arc would still hold up pretty well. Created and used for power, he became bitter trying to discover his purpose and thinks that he was made to destroy humanity and free Pokemon. And in the end, he is proven wrong. "I see now that the circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant. It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are."

Midna(Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess): Midna is one of the best partners in video games. Her teleportation and stasis fields are essential to play without feeling obstructive, and you don't even have to defend her from anything! As a character, she starts the game as almost cruel in her teasing of Link, going so far as to transform into his missing friends to make fun of him. As the game progresses, she gets softer and softer on Link. I know was scared for her as I rushed to the castle with her dying form on Link's back. "See you later."

Queen Elincia Ridell Crimea(Fire Emblem 9/10): A damsel in distress when she's introduced, her growth is slow. She was sheltered and hidden away from the world as a child. Across two games she grows from a dainty and shy princess into a leader. One who has to make hard decisions to defend her kingdom, one which nearly cost her friend's life. It's hard to say everything I want to, as she comes from two games full of wel developed characters, and I can't really justify why she's one of my favorite without giving away the whys and how's. Y'know, not that anyone can afford to buy these games anymore. Nudge nudge wink wink Virtual Console, Nintendo.

Gregor(Fire Emblem Awakening): He makes literally everyone around him better just by existing, An wise old mercenary with a heart of gold and a Russian accent in a world where Russia doesn't exist, Gregor's supports with other characters almost ubiquitously make both characters look good. Despite this, almost every Fire Emblem story I read kills him, and it's a damned shame.

The Masked Man(Mother 3): Spoiler warning! Dude has a light sword, and that mask is bloody cool. He is my number 1 obscure character I want in Super Smash Brothers. He is foreboding, and you know something bad is about to happen every time he appears in the game. The final battle against him is heart wrenching. "Come to your mother. You must be exhausted." There is an obvious transition to make here towards non-Nintendo characters.

Asriel Dreemur(Undertale): Don't give me that look. I love this game. And I love Asriel. Not because we get to know him well. Hell, most of what we know about him is him at his worst, with him only being sane for a short time. But much like The Masked Man, he is a well-crafted tragedy. The two echo each other, likely intentional on Toby Fox's part. They both die young, only to be brought back to life for a 'higher purpose.' They hurt people, and become an entire different Pierson. They don't remember themselves until the end of the game, where each of the makes a sacrifice of themselves. I got too bloody immersed in these things, I don't want to let go. Save Goat bro. Save Claus. Save Brad and Buddy Armstrong.

Brad Armstrong(LISA the Painful/Joyful): Brad is a bad person. Before the apocalypse, he was addicted to painkillers. After it, he's addicted to a super drug known simply as Joy. He's prone to violent outbursts, likely a side affect of his addictions. He is ready and willing to kill for what he wants. Sounds bad, until you realize what he wants is a result of years of abuse, and the suicide of someone he cared about. He wants to protect the girl he found, and raised as his own from the world. His little Buddy. He's not a good man, Brad Armstrong, but He's My Dad.

Clementine(Telltale's The Walking Dead Games): "Keep that hair short." Go play the games if you don't know why my baby girl Clementine is here. I know that won't be satisfactory, but despite all the other spoilers I'm throwing around, I can't really verbalized this one.

Chloe Price(Life is Strange): A very recent find for me, and probably the hardest sell. In a game where pretty much everyone is an awkward teenager, Chloe is undoubtably the strongest personality. She has very obvious flaws, such as her tendency to lash out at others, and reluctance to take the blame for anything. She does drugs, dropped out of high school, and got into very much illegal things. That said, she also serves as a kind soul who whilst not always there how you need her, is in fact there. She's a hella rad girl, with hella punk style and a unique flair.

Garrus Vakarian(Mass Effect 1-3): What a bro. Whilst the Turians don't have as much development as the Asari, Krogan, Quarians or Geth, Garrus gets more attention than most anyone else in the series, barring Shepherd, Liara and maybe Tali. Whether you're playing as a male or female, there is no Shepherd without Vakarian.

I'm having fun with these, I'll do more later.

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