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So, I forgot to put a disclaimer on Covered In Snowhere it is (let this also apply to any future fics. I may or may not write):

Disclaimer:I do not own Harry Potter and characters, blah, blah, blah, JKR and whoever else owns them. No money is being made and copyright infringement is not intended. That should take care of that . . . right?

AN: Please review and tell me if I suck or need to improve or if by some crazy(and you must be insane)reason you actually like my writing. Although I must say many thanks to those five insane individuals who have already reviewed Covered In Snowand they were all very nice and sweet and made me feel all warm and fuzzy and tingly inside!

Oh, and one more thing . . . my favorite ships are Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione and Remus L./N. Tonks. I HATE slash, well most of the time just because I don't think that that's how the characters are, but if it floats your boat, whatever. I also HATE with a fiery passion Harry/Hermione romantic relationships, that's just sick to me, as is Draco/Ginny and Draco/Hermione(do you really think that with all that mudblood crap Malfoy spouts that he would ever be attracted to Hermione! Or to Ginny, for that matter, since he views her as a traitor!) However, again, if it's your cup of tea, have fun.

Okay now I'm really done. Happy reading!

Uh, yeah. That was seriously years ago. I have since gotten into Law & Order: Criminal Intent and NCIS. I've been working on some things. Boredom sets in then the ideas bouncing around in my imagination won't go away. So I typed them. Also being 22 some of them are adult in nature so be warned, I shall rate stories appropriately. But please don't let that deter you as I will rate cautiously so something that is really T I might put as M. That and I will always warn content with an author's note when I see fit. Also, my posts have only been edited by me and the best of my abilities. Forgive the mistakes and if there is a spelling error or something a review pointing it out kindly would be much appreciated. It is taking a lot to screw up my courage and post things I have written involving other people's characters and universes for other real people to actually see, I admit I can be sensitive so tact and kindness with the constructive criticism/reviews is very much appreciated.

I have completed two short stories and am going to post those shortly. I am, however, working on a much longer Law & Order: CI fic involving Goren/Eames (who else?!) that is already like 26 pages and I've barely begun. I would like to start posting it but I'm always frustrated waiting for the next chapter/post to a WIP fic I'm into so I prefer to have finished before posting. But that might be a while so I (don't have a title yet) will give a plot summary and tell you I am working on it on a regular basis so you can tell me if I should just start posting it now.

WIP: Goren/Eames; Eames discovers her heart's desire; to have a baby. Problem is time is running out (that old biological clock ticks louder and louder) and she does not have a significant other to procreate with. Alex finds a solution which actually sounds pretty damn good to her. Have a baby with her partner. But what will Bobby say, how will he react? Does he want a child? Will his fears stop him from fulfilling Alex's dream? Is there a bouncing baby on the horizon or just trouble (or perhaps both)?

Also, I haven't fully committed to titles of the short fics I've finished so if you read them and have any suggestions, pass 'em along. Thanks.

For All Current and Future Postings of Fics (No Matter the Birthing Copyrighted Media Entertainment Material) Disclaimer: None of my postings/fics are meant to make money, nor do I own any copyrighted materials, characters, etc. which all belong to their respective owners. This is simply for fun and to exercise my imagination while connecting with other FanFic members and sharing our deepest desires and opinions as to our favorite characters and what we want to happen to them.


Hey All! I'm sorry that it has taken me this long to even put a note up. I have been a slacker with my fanfics though I have made some progress on the lengthy law & order: CI fic I haven't posted but is described above as a WIP. I have had a lot going on (I also have a chronic health condition on top of everything else to deal with). Your amazing reviews and wonderful encouragement has given me another spurt of confidence and itch to write! And, I'm sorry, but no, I do not have any other stories posted any where else on the web. What I have put onto the internet is only here on and this will most likely be the only place I "publish" the fanfics I write.

I guess part of why I haven't really been writing much over the last few months was a combination of exhaustion from the craziness going on and a bit of depression. I've been depressed because of what's been going on in the beloved series' I watch. Okay, I know law & order: CI just started back up a few weeks ago, but its heartbreaking that there is no longer Goren and Eames on the new CI episodes. Though I have had a follow up idea for sometime for Sliding Doors. I will start working on it this week. I just can't say when it'll be finished and posted (please don't hate me!).

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you again to all you lovely, lovely reviewers! You guys are awesome and have given me a great deal of encouragement which has boosted my confidence and allowed me to get over the novice jitters (especially with posting M rated prose; though I TOTALLY read and love it it was kinda embarrassing to post Sliding Doors not knowing what the reaction would be. But you guys overwhelmingly, pleasantly suprised me). You guys rock! Your kind reviews give me the warm, fuzzy, tingles of happiness and pride!

I shall write on.

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