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Name: Ravnika

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Age: 18

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Favorite Fandom: Harry Potter

I had no idea what to put here, so I decided to put up some story idea's that I have. But, since most of them are idea's for novel lenght stories it'll probably take a while before I actually start writing, let alone finish one of them. You'll probably see within the story idea's that I like AU story's, and HP fanfiction.

Outside of Time:

This one is least likely for me to start on, since I can't get some technical issues worked out. But, anyway, the idea is that the Dumbledore of 1997 (Harry's last year) and the Dumbledore of 1977 (Marauders last year), place Hogwarts outside of time to protect the students of both periods from Voldemort. The idea is thus simply a more organized version of the old time travel fic. But, as I said before, I can't work out the technical issues to such an extent that the storyline remains believable.

The Fugitives:

This one runs through my mind quite a bit. The idea that after Harry's seventh year (after he kills Voldemort) the Department of Mysteries announces that their reality becomes a save haven for fugitives from realities where Voldemort has all the power or is about to seize power. Only people that do not exist in this reality can come over or a magical backlash will be suffered (Stargate's Entropic Cascade Failure or something). At some point after that a Potter family arrives at the Department of Mysteries, fleeing their own dimension or reality. An bit of an inverse version of the Harry travels to AU storyline.


And then their is my latest story idea. And it probably is the vaguest one. Since everytime I think of it I see more possible storylines.

Firstly there is Harry Potter, orphaned at age one prophisized to vanquish Voldemort. After the death of his parents Harry gets raised at Hogwarts by Dumbledore, learning magic at an early age.

Secondly there is Susanne Elddir (name is officially still in R&D), born as Ginny Weasley, taken from her family as a baby and raised as Voldemort's heir.

That is about all the certainty I have of this story. Storylines that have entered my head are: Both at Hogwarts from year 1. One at Hogwarts at year 1 other starts at seventh year of the first one. Both start in Seventh year. Or, the story doesn't take place at school, but at the battlefield.

30/31 Oktober:

This is more a story that I want to write than that I really have a storyline idea. The idea is of a twoshot covering two days in the live of HP's daughter. Namely the first time she can go with her dad to the Remembrance of the Dead (remembering those who died in the two Voldemort Wars). And the day after, in wich they celebrate they freedom from Voldemort's terror. (Based on the dutch tradition of the fourth and fifth of may, remembring World War II)

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