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UPDATE MARCH 13, 2012:

Well, it's been a while since I put anything here. So I thought I'd update and move some stuff around. Why? Because I'm bored. And because A Certain Character is being Uncooperative at the moment, so he's crusin' for a bruisin'. So I thought I'd do this for a little while instead of whacking him upside the CPU with a wet noodle...

ANYWAY, I iz a huge Transformers dork, have been since 1985. Lately, however, Knight Riderhas totally eaten my poor beleaguered brain. (The original show, that is. I haven't even seen the remake...yet.) Why, I don't know. It's just one of those things that just is. I do occasionally dink around with other things, as well as with (gasp!) original fiction, but that stuff generally doesn't see the light of day. Heck, a lot of the TF stuff I write doesn't see the light of day, either, if I deem it too embarrassingly fangirl. (Given fangirl extravaganzas like "Remembrance" and its sister stories and "What Goes Around," you should probably greatly fear my TRULY fangirl things. BWAH!)

What else? I iz a female, so my long-disused nether bits indicate to me, and I'll be 47 in a few weeks. And I'm menopausal, therefore I am periodically cranky. (And periodically sweaty, but that's beside the point.) So, given my venerable age, I am likely far more ancient than you are. Hell, I might even be older than your parents. So get off my lawn! (Although, if you're of an age with/older than me, then please do stay on my lawn. Note me so that we may throw things at the darned whippersnappers while enjoying a nice tall glass of prune juice and a side dish of strained peas.)

Long ago, in a previous life, I was an English teacher at a private boarding school. As such, I tend to be...Well, let's just say "picky"...about grammar and little things like spelling and punctuation. If you suck at that stuff, I'm not reading your story. Sorry. You are perfectly capable of getting up off your lazy arse and learning that stuff. In fact, if you want to be taken seriously in a world where communication via text is becoming ever more prevalent, it would indeed behoove you to do so. Right now. And THEN I will read your stories. I DO make (great) allowances for people for whom English is not their first language, but I expect MUCH of those of you native to the English-speaking world. (And yes, that DOES include the United States, although sometimes you'd never know it...) I'd offer my services as a grammar beta, but in general I'm not reliable, being something of an Internet flake who comes and goes all willy-nilly. I also get so very into it and so very grossly detailed that it will take me approximately 100 years to beta a 1,000-word story. BUT! If you have grammar question-type thingies, I'm your snob. I mean, woman. ;) Feel free to note me. I don't bite...hard.

I write a lot of slash...and, lately, a lot of not-slash. I used to have an overwhelming preference for the former over the latter; my initial forays into "serious" fiction-writing -- at the tender age of 12 -- were homoerotic/slash. What can I say? I was flush (In more ways than one! Bow chicka WOW wow!) with having read Interview With the Vampireshortly after its publication in '76ish, in all its homoerotic subtextual -- and not-so-subtextual -- glory. I became totally obsessed with zee slash, mostly of the Star Trek flavor. That obsession eventually, after a long period of digging-in-my-heels resistance, bled into my TF writing. For instance, all of you who like -- or, I suppose, hate -- Prowl/Jazz ultimately have me to blame for it. (BWAH! I haz corrupted an ENTIRE FANDOM!! I die happi nao...)

But of late the slash/not-slash ratio has been kind of evening out. After long insistence on the whole "TFs is robots, so TFs is physically genderless" thang...I've been toying with the whole idea of (gasp!) the womenfolk TFs and what POSSIBLE use they could have...thus resulting in things like "What Goes Around." And things like...oh...the Sunfall Chronicles. So, it'll be interesting to see where THAT all goes. I guess everything truly does go in cycles...although quite honestly, het has NEVER truly been in my "cycle." It's a whole new and terrifying element staring me in the face. And then, of course, my currently-active ongoing story contains no romance whatsoever. (Gasp!) It also contains no robots, alas. It DOES, however, contain an adorable, albeit currently uncooperative, AI...

All THAT said...You can also find Stuff What I (Co)Wrote here at under the user name "NightwindandFrostbite." This includes the slash epic "Redemption" and other not-nearly-so-epic slash stories. No go there if you no like slash because I cannot guarantee the safety of either your brain cells or your moral code. I have been known to completely corrupt the innocent with my slashiness.

You can also, if you're inclined, find me at Livejournal, where I am at . I haven't seriously updated it in...forever, because I've just not been into the whole journaling thing. But feel free to friend me anyway, if you like, in case I do one day get back into the groove. I will say that I sometimes post bits of writing there that never become complete stories and so never end up here or anywhere else. If you want to skip right to that stuff without the rest of my blather and occasional TMI, you'll want to click on the "Writey Things" tag. You can also find me at , which is an archive of writings. There's nothing there that isn't here, though. At least, I don't think there is...

Anyway, now...I need to go buy some groceries. Food is required when one wants to stay alive long enough to write stuff, after all...


Y'know, I never know how many people actually read the stuff I put here...but I'm just gonna stick this up here mostly as a reminder to myself, in case I ever decide to bite the bullet and follow through. Of course, if anyone does read this and likes the idea...Well, have at it. :)

So...I have a wild hair kind of idea. I was writing, and I queued up all of my ABBA stuff, 130 songs, for "background noise." (Yes, I am a HUUUUUUUUUGE ABBA fandork. Shut up! But do not speak to me of the travesty that is Mamma Mia. Not the song, mind you, but that damned play/movie thing.) I let it play randomly while I worked on one of the stories I'm working on. (It's called "Intersection," it's very emotional/angsty, and it's part of the "Monkey" continuity.) And while the songs played and I wrote, I found myself thinking that the titles of some of the songs that played would make great fic prompts. Not to make songfics, mind you, not stories that suit the lyrics of the song at all, but just to use the song title by itself as a prompt around which to build a story.

So now, God help me, I have this strange urge to do exactly that. With ABBA's discography, no less. They actually have some almost poetic song titles, especially amongst their lesser-known, non-single/hit songs, that give me grand visions of angst, drama, and/or mush...and they also have some really silly ones. To wit:

"The King Has Lost His Crown"
"Hole In Your Soul"
"Like An Angel Passing Through My Home"
"The Way Old Friends Do"
"I Let the Music Speak"
"The Day Before You Came"
"He Is Your Brother"
"I Am the City"

And many, many more. Or, on the sillier side there's:

"King Kong Song" (I have visions of Wheeljack watching King Kong, like he once said he did...)
"What About Livingston?"
"Sitting in a Palm Tree" (I have visions of Bumblebee stuck in a tree, like he once was...In fact, I think it might have been a palm tree, even, but I'd have to see the scene again...)

Heck, they even have a song called "Free as a Bumblebee." BWAHAHAHAH!

Of course, the Moody Blues would also be good to use for this purpose; they have fun song titles: "Talking Out of Turn." "22,000 Days". "Tuesday Afternoon". "Ride My See-Saw". "Your Wildest Dreams." "Bless The Wings". "Gemini Dream". "The Story in Your Eyes". "In My World". "Painted Smile". "Nights in White Satin". "Voices in the Sky". "Isn't Life Strange?" "The Other Side of Life". "No More Lies." "Breaking Point". Even silly ones like "Veteran Cosmic Rocker." *laughs*

And then there's Enigma and... ARRRGH! Too many choices! And it isn't as if I don't have enough prompts to write, what with the Dinobot ones and all. Still, this is tempting...and I could use any character(s) I wanted in any continuity...Oh, God help me.


Firstly, happy birthday to me. Yay. I'm now halfway through my 40s, as of today. Why the hell am I still writing silly, smooshy-gooshy fanfic about Giant Alien Robots? Will someone please tell me? Because God knows I've tried to figure it out. And can't.

Ah well. It keeps me sane, so I suppose it's somewhat of a good thing. Maybe. I hope.

Anyway, the main purpose for this update is to point you at my Livejournal wherein I am archiving fics. Just in case you might want to go there or something. It's at . My other LJ, , is still alive and well, too. I'm just...not going to post fic there anymore, although all the old stuff is still there. Why? Well...for many reasons. Mostly so as not to bombard uninterested LJ friends with smooshy-gooshy fanfic about Giant Alien Robots, since not everyone on my flist is a TF fan. Plus, it gives those who like/want to read my crap an easy and organized place to go to find it. Besides here. Because not everyone wants to slog through the whole-lotta-crap that is FFdotNet. Y'know? :)

Finally, I want to make it known that Jalaperilo is evil. Just in case anyone didn't know. Be on the lookout for her because she WILL kill you with rabid, brain-eating plot bunnies that will not quit until every last neuron is devoured. But then...Well, I'm writing what I think is a good (albeit a bit freaky) story thanks to her, sooooooo: Thank you for you evilness, Jala. I lovehate you. ;)

UPDATE 2/9/2010 (Or, 9/2/2010, if you're not American ;) ):

So! I'm officially completely off my rocker now. Yes, it's true. Why am I off my rocker, you might ask? Because I've decided to do a modified version of the "Fanfic 100" challenge. With Dinobots. Why? Because they have eaten my brain. There is nothing left in there but Dinobots. And Starscream. Starscream is Not Happy about this arrangement...

At any rate, just to make things more (or maybe less, I'm not sure) difficult for myself, I changed the prompts, using various prompt generators that can be found in various Intertube locales. I don't particularly like the "official" prompts of the challenge in a Transformers context, so I changed them to ones that don't require strange literary contortions and/or the inclusion of humans in order to apply them to Giant Alien Robots. Most of them are single words.

Then, to take it one step farther into the snuggly-warm embrace of insanity, I rolled a die to randomly assign a given Dinobot (Or, if I rolled a 6, all of them) to each prompt. So, my list looks like this:

1. Mistake (All) -- DONE! (Posted 2/9/10)
2. Need (Sludge)
3. Grumpy (Snarl)
4. Loud (Sludge)
5. Bitter (All)
6. Beginnings (Snarl)
7. Damaged (Slag) -- DONE! (Posted 2/26/10)
8. Picnic (All)
9. Awkward (Grimlock)
10. Unworthy (Swoop) -- DONE! (Posted 3/10/10)
11. Neurosis (Snarl)
12. Beautiful (Sludge)
13. Terrified (Grimlock)
14. Children (All)
15. Toasted (Slag)
16. Grudge (All)
17. Forgiveness (Grimlock)
18. Alone Together (Slag & Swoop)
19. Sick (Swoop)
20. Beloved (Grimlock)
21. Repulsive (Swoop)
22. Endure (Slag) -- DONE! (Posted 11/20/10)
23. Touch (All)
24. Gentle (Grimlock)
25. Kinky (Snarl) o_O
26. Formal (All)
27. Outside (Grimlock)
28. Anecdotes (Sludge)
29. Conspiracy (Snarl)
30. Trapped (Slag)
31. Power Struggle (Grimlock)
32. Defiant (Sludge)
33. Mouth (Slag)
34. Sunlight (Snarl) -- DONE! (Posted 2/16/10)
35. Prickly (Swoop)
36. Dominant (Grimlock)
37. Takeover (Sludge)
38. Fighting (Swoop)
39. Lost (Sludge)
40. Involuntary (Snarl)
41. Regret (Sludge)
42. Assumptions (Swoop)
43. Traitor (Swoop) -- DONE! (Posted 2/4/11)
44. Newcomer (Snarl)
45. Asleep (All) -- DONE! (Posted 2/20/11)
46. Frigid (Grimlock)
47. Addiction (Grimlock)
48. Protocol (Swoop)
49. Pet (Grimlock) -- DONE! (Posted 1/24/11)
50. Damp (Swoop)
51. Unusual (Sludge)
52. Pressure (Grimlock)
53. Nervous (Slag)
54. Predatory (Swoop)
55. Trustworthy (Sludge)
56. Habit (Swoop)
57. Holiday (Swoop)
58. Falling (Grimlock)
59. Intelligent (Grimlock)
60. Irresponsible (Slag)
61. Ambition (Swoop)
62. Chained (Grimlock)
63. Technicality (Swoop)
64. Grieving (Sludge)
65. In Need of Repairs (All)
66. Hungry (All)
67. Fuzzy (Swoop)
68. Generous (Grimlock)
69. Toy (Slag)
70. Violent (Slag)
71. After Midnight (Grimlock)
72. Penance (Slag)
73. Possession (Snarl)
74. Cybertron (Grimlock)
75. Morals (Grimlock)
76. Denied (Swoop)
77. Captured (Sludge)
78. Practice (Sludge)
79. Memory (Grimlock)
80. Like an Open Book (Swoop)
81. Desperation (Slag) -- DONE! (Posted 3/9/10)
82. Bad Touch (Slag)
83. Dark (Grimlock)
84. Saved (Slag)
85. Monotony (Swoop)
86. Inside (Snarl)
87. Shy (Slag)
88. Finally (Swoop)
89. Neglected (Slag)
90. Disagreement (Sludge & Swoop)
91. Happy (Grimlock)
92. Duty (Slag)
93. Learning (Snarl)
94. Annoyed (Slag)
95. Overeager (Swoop)
96. Elegant (Slag)
97. Fluffy (Sludge)
98. Tiny (Grimlock)
99. Brilliant (Sludge)
100. Tired (Snarl)


My goal is to make all of these 1,000 words or less. I am notoriously bad at going short, however, so I'm quite certain that a number of these will not live up to that goal. I also have no timetable to complete these, though I hope it will be somewhat less than 100 years from now. ;) And I'm NOT doing them in order

And as of today: One down, ninety-nine to go. Oh yeah, this is a forever kind of project...

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