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Author has written 8 stories for Inuyasha, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Harvest Moon, Ouran High School Host Club, and Storm Hawks.

Name: Just call me Nikooru

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Education: Second Year University Student

Location: Canada

Favorite Anime(s): Inuyasha, Ouran High School Host Club, Avatar; The Last Air Bender, Full metal Alchemist, FLCL, Damekko Dobutsu, Red River, Hetalia: Axis Powers

Favorite Cartoon(s): Invader Zim, Storm Hawks

Favorite Movie(s): Nightmare on Elm Street, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Titanic, Rent, Disney, Face/Off, How's Moving Castle, Wristcutters: A Love Story

Favorite Game(s): Harvest Moon Series, Legend of Zelda OoT, Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy

Favorite Book(s): Harry Potter series, Earth Children series, Most Steven King, Battle Royale, Twilight series, The Host, Anne Rice's Vampire Series


I'm so intensely busy with school, work and life that writing doesn't happen very often anymore. I still pick away at some stuff, but theres a good chunk of work that I will probably never finish. I'm working on "Sapphire Scorpions" and "Tak" mostly, though both are still a long way from being done.

Love ya lots ;


Future Fanfic Ideas:

The Mysterious Mika and the Promise of Yore - IY

A girl with a past she'd rather forget. A boy who's presence makes it impossible. A mistake that ruined lives, and a promise that lasted a lifetime. Her name is Mika, and she is on one hell of an adventure.

Kicking and Cheating?! - IY

The Sengoku Jadai Canines are a soccer team in the edge. They do drugs, smoke and when a chance arises, cheat. But when a new team comes and threatens to overthrow them, they must ban together and fight. But, the new teams coach is also a cheater.

The Enchanted Beach - IY

Naraku's defeated, but with on last attempt to ruin Inuyasha's chances, shatters the Shikon-no-tama again. Now, after Koga has gotten his heart broken by Kagome, and having his own tribes members turn on him, swears that he will never be led astray by another human. But on his shard finding search, he meets a girl that could just change his mind.

Titanic - IY

She needs to escape. He is the key to her cage. But her fiance is the iron bars. But as the ship they are all stuck on shows them, even iron can be broken.

The Bird and the Worm - IY

A hanyou tori is being wrongfully accused of devouring the children and elderly of a small village. Inuyasha and the group are going to make sure that justice will be served, because if there is one thing Inuyasha knows, its that no matter who you are, if you're a hanyou, then you're always the first to get blamed.

Queen of Forty Thieves - IY

Cho is a 16 year old girl who is the daughter of the most feared bandit leader in all Japan, but when three groups demons, hanyou and humans slaughter them all, Cho, wounded, is all alone. Soon she finds herself at a fortress, where she is being cared for by a demon who also hates these groups. And when feeling for him start to arise, will she find out the truth of what this beast has done?

Gaijin - IY

An unknown Adventurer docks on his homeland of Japan with a gift, a girl from a country she calls Canada. She had been battered, beaten, broken and is now claiming that the man the brought her here is a demon. But she just might be able to get back home, with help from the Inu-tachi!

Monster - IY

Kagome and Inuyasha find a girl in the future with the same scent as Naraku. Taking her back to the Sengoku Jadai with them, the Inu-tachi doesn't take kindly to her. Can she prove she's nothing like Naraku? Is she really that different?

Shattered Hearts - IY

Naraku has a plan. He knows how to kill two birds with one stone. He will destroy Koga, and at the same time, show the rebellious Kagura how powerful he really is. But something went terribly wrong, something he didn't expect. And that something caused one bird to fall in love with the other.

Yume Youkai - IY/NoES x-over

" What are you?" Naraku asked the figure before him, who's dark youki could compare only to his. The lips of the figure turned upward, making its scared, burnt cheeks wrinkle. " I, " It said in a rasped voice " am a Yume Youkai."

Lonely - NoES

Do the dead get lonely? Nicole, a thirteen year old girl will soon find out, when none other then the nightmare master himself starts to haunt her dreams. Is he after a companion, or something more.

Freddy vs Freddy - NoES

Robert Englund had a son. His son was names Charles. Charles had a wife, her name was Lora. Lora and Charles had two children, an adopted daughter named Nikki and a birth son named Freddy...

Plusle and Minun; The Great Adventure - Pokemon

Plusle and Minun have been friends since birth. They have a bond with each other that might even be stronger then Ash's and Pikachu's. But their bond will be tested, when a strange force turned the 4 (basic) types of Pokemon on each other, turning it into all, out war.

Fear - FMA

(Post Movie) Ed and Al have been living in our world for about a year, and have been housing happily with a Jewish girl named Evangeline for a few months. But when Ed and Al find a way to get back to their side of the gate, they leave her and her Jewish family to the mercy of the approaching Holocaust. They will meet again, but in a very unexpected way.

Night Rider - Zelda

(AU) Link, given to Lon Lon Ranch by his mother, has always known there was something different about him. But when things get out of hand while trying to impress the fiery haired girl at the ranch, he is forced to join a group of thieves, all to be with the women he loves.

The Other Side of the Mountain - Zelda

Does anyone really know what lies on the other side of Death Mountain?

Miss Murder or Knight in Shining Armour - Zelda (Undecided title)

(AU) Seven years after Fairy Boys' strange disappearance, the red headed ranch girl he left behind has had enough. Based on the song "Miss Murder" By AFI

Empty Space - Zelda

Malon is marked. During a fire at the ranch, she receives a scar on the back of her hand that greatly resembles the Triforce. But why is the space in the middle glowing instead of the three triangles, and why are the shadows around Lon Lon Ranch suddenly moving on their own?

Sphinx and the Sapphire Scorpions - Sphinx

(Post CM) After defeating Set, Sphinx and Tut must face a new threat. A soul swallowing demon, a sun-hating snake, a long dead lover, and a once docile Hathor reformed into a destructive Sekhmet. Everything is at stake, and the power of blood will decide the ending.

Second Love - HM

He swore he was never going to fall in love again. She ran from her feelings until it nearly killed her. It wasn't their first love, and it will never have the same magic as their first love. But it was the next best thing.

Second Life - HM

(Sequel to Second Love) Life is either a great adventure or nothing. - Helen Keller

Three of a Kind - HM

One was shy and distant, but his heart was in the right place. Two was charismatic and handsome, but was a player who couldn't keep a relationship to save his life. Three was your average Joe, just trying to live his life and keep his late fathers wishes. What will happen these three all end up working on one farm?

Love is like a Flower Bud - HM

Jack, fearing the future of his late grandfathers farm, takes over where his grandfather left off. But when he gets a little strapped for cash, begins to work night shifts at the bar. The problems arise when farming turns into something Jack can't see to handle on his own, and has fallen for the barmaid with a bad temper, who doesn't take kindly to strangers.

Fatal Trust - HM

(Based on the movie) After her husband is killed, Elli returns to her her hometown, her son Stu in tow. But when the good people of Flower Bud Village start dying, Elli suspects the the local doctor is to blame.

The Last Unicorn - HM

Winter is a beautiful time in Mineral Town. But it cannot rival the beauty of a creature that Jack found while venturing on Mothers Hill. With soft downy fur, as white and pure as fresh snow, and a sparkling horn, clear and sharp as ice.

Revenge - JTHM

When Nny brutally murders the younger sister of a rookie cop, she becomes determined to avenge her kin. But she finds herself in a battle with the killer, one of wits, and domination, and full out survival. NO ROMANCE !

Haunted - JTHM/Dexter x-over

(Sequel to Revenge) Dexter isn't all that different from Nny.

The Speed Breachers - SH

After the Storm Hawks are contacted to help the woodsy nation of Terra Conifer against a Cyclonian invasion, they are introduced to the Sky Knight Squadron of the Terra. It consists of Albatross, a young Galian with a knack for crystal technolgy, Bobbi-Lee, a outcast Blizzarian whom hates cold and flying, Heron, a tiny but mighty navigation expert, Phoenix, a tall, blond and handsome carrier pilot with a rasict attitude, and Skyler, the Sky Knight and leader whom has to try and keep them all from tearing each others head off.

Betrayal - SH

This story starts at the end; the conclusion is the beginning. The fall of the Liberty Birds; the Squadron of Terra Urbaine, and how they got to the point of no return.

The Beginning - SH

One year ago, the Cyclonians succeeded in taking over Atmos, and have captured most, if not all, of the remaining Sky Knight Squadrons. As punishment for their resistance, she put all the Sky Knights to death, and sent their squadrons to toil in Cyclonian Prisons. That is where what is left of the Storm Hawks reside, living out the rest of their teenaged lives in virtual isolation, until the day they are old enough to work in the labour field. However, their dismal lives will change, when their leaders sixteenth birthday rolls around.

Oblivion - SH

Aerrow is blasted with an Oblivion crystal, courtesy of Master Cyclonis. But, the realm of "oblivion" is far different from what any Atmosian would have ever thought.

Pharoh - SH

Master Cyclonis orders a handsome young Talon scientist to create a ship that can transport them to the other side of the Barrier Cliffs. But what awaits the Cyclonians on the other side? Will it tip the scales of the Second War in Cyclonian favour, it will it give Atmos the boost it needs to be victorious?

Tak - IZ/SH x-over

Anyone else notice the queen of Cyclonia looks suspiciously like a certain Irken Invader?

Record Breaker -IZ

She was destined to be tall, but had a secret that could destroy her. He'd barely grown since he was a smeet, but had the heart that beat only for the thrill of Invading. And a certain human boy was in the middle of it all, wanting to put them both on an autopsy table.

Crazy House of Doom -IZ

Due to funding problems, the Crazy House for Boys and the Crazy house for Girls had to combine into one big building. Thats where Dib had been rotting for the last six months. And while he's locked in a padded room, Zim's up to something that is making even Gaz worry. What's Professor Membranes "poor insane son" to do?

Behind Blue Eyes - IZ

(Set before and during Record Breaker) When an Irken defective is given a second chance at life, she will do anything to keep from being deactivated. She is sent by the Tallest themselves to destroy growing resistance from the inside out. But this resistance treats this defective like the Irkens never did. Like an equal. Will she really be able to go through with her mission?'

Irken Wrath - IZ

Eight years ago, Dib finally proved to the world that Zim was an alien, and has become world famous for it. That's eight years Zim had to endure scalpels and tests that made him beg for death. But he's still alive, and now he's escaped. And due to some freak side-effect, he's now taller then the Tallest.

Rent - IZ

Dib is making a documentary about life, Zim is an aspiring singer/songwriter, Gaz is a stripper, Tak is a lesbian, Red's friends call him Collins, Purple is gender confused, Tenn's a flirt, and Dwicky's first name is Benny. What could possibly cause so much chaos? Rent of course!

My SMEETheart - IZ

Three OC's get together to create the biggest conspiracy in the history of ZADR. Objective: Create the perfect child, comprised of both Zim and Dibs DNA, and send it out to be loved and cherished by its parents, causing both to fall deeply in love with each. Only one problem; they'renot being loved and cherished. And Dib and Zim can't seem to stop hating each other long enough to fall in lurve...

Twice in a Lifetime - IZ

" Very well." Judge Othneil said. " You will have three days, and three days only. You will return with all your memories intact, and no one will recognize you. You are a free agent in the universe, with the blessing of God Almighty and his court. And Dib Membrane, I sincerely hope that you can succeed in saving the Earth this time."

Dib and the Sapphire Scarabs - IZ/SatCM x-over

(Post Sapphire Scarabs) The city museum has a new exhibit. Treasures lost in the sands of Egypt thousands of years ago. And when Zim learns what these treasures can do when placed into the wrong hands, its up to Dib to stop him. But this time, Dib has an unexpected companian.

Invader Zim: Ultimate Invader - IZ/BR x-over

After hearing about the famous Earth novel, Battle Royale, the Almighty Tallest decide to hold a Program of their own, bringing all the Invaders from the Great Assigning (and a few others) together to battle to the death. When your race is bred to be the perfect killing machine, who is the come out on top? Who is the ultimate Invader?

Battle Royale: Glorious and Free - BR

After Japan and England adopted the program, it was only a matter of time before our faggoty leader jumped on the bandwagon. But we're the second largest country on the entire planet, so what were the chances of our small, fishing-village school would have to take part in Battle Royale, right? They were bigger then we thought.

Eyes of a Gryffindor - HP

(AU of GoF, OotP, HBP and DH) " Ugh, what's wrong with your eyes!" Pansy hissed, sticking her pug nose in the air snobbishly. A ghost of a smirk appeared on Canin's face, her bright, golden eyes gleaming. " They, Puggly-Pansy." She said, much to the delight of the other Houses. " Are the eyes of a Gryffindor."

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Invader Zim - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 11 - Words: 51,324 - Reviews: 105 - Favs: 99 - Follows: 66 - Updated: 5/25/2008 - Published: 10/14/2007 - Gaz, Zim
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