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I think I'm the old lady here...I have four kids, my daughter is 16 17, sons are 14, 13 and 10 (18, 16, 15, 12.) I will probably only ever write about Charmed (wish they'd do a spinoff) since the CW (WB) cancels all my fav shows, I highly doubt I'll get my wish. That's why I'm here, to continue the story the way I'd tell it. Plus, I'd like to practice writing so that I can be as good as possible. I think I'm okay with dialogue, fairly lame in descriptions and action...I'll get better. Appreciations to anyone who reads or reviews (kinda have to read to review but I appreciate just being read!) Any constructive criticism is definately appreciated.

Just a sidenote: I know I copied alot from the original Charmed series in my AU Pru story, this was fairly on purpose, there are some changes, but the Pru in that universe is derived from what could have happened in the one we all know as canon. There shouldn't be any more plagarizism from me (after the 4th chapter) and I deeply regret that I had to in the first place. X AU Prue is now complete- Please understand that this 'story' is directly related to my series and will give youy spoilers X

Hmmm...what else? I love to read and I like to be entertained which is why I watch (what my husband calls) "teenybopper" shows. (I'm NOT as old as him!) I like fun shows with range and witty dialogue. Loved Buffy but with Joss doing the comic version of season 8 (?) I'm not needed there. I'd like to do a spinoff of Angel but the trouble with that is that it's got 'Mary Sue' opportunity/temptation all over it, and I'm not sure if 'my' character should be with Angel or Spike (I lean a bit to the peroxide king) (bet neither of them would criticize my tv habits...). X The comic version of Angel's next season is also being written by Joss (sure wish some producers would be more like Joss and give the fans what the want any way that they can!) X

I also have notebooks full of original ideas for writing my own books, but I'd like to hone my craft before I put too much effort into an original idea and then get disgusted with myself for it not being as good as I think I can be...and quitting. I'd like to be a published author when I grow

Right now I'm off work for a back problem, which sometimes makes it hard to sit and write sometimes I lie in bed and write in a notebook and make my daughter type it up--all typos are her's ;-) NOT expecting sympathy, just explaining why sometimes I'm slow at updating.

Thanks for visiting. Now go read or write! Ooh or review, it requires BOTH.

I decided to add to this, as it's occurred to me that just reading one story doesn't guarantee that you've read the ones preceeding...although that also means that you probably didn't bother to come here, if you did or if you're wondering I'm going to explain myself. WARNING: probably spoilery.

We all know that I liked Charmed and hope for a spin-off. That said, I am trying to make my characters and situations as true to canon as I can. No unlikely Leo/Phoebe pairing or incestuous relationships. No Leo or Piper as abusive parents, etc...The wb/cw would never have written it that way so I won't either. I may make a character gay (because it was done before in Buffy- and the cw/wb Charmed wasn't always big with the originality) or have a biracial coupling. Then again, I may not. Just not sure where the details of the story will go...

There is some debate on whether Piper and Leo had a daughter. The little girl shown in 'Forever Charmed' could be explained in a lot of various ways; she's one of Phoebe's kids, or she's a neighbor...Piper would have mentioned her birth before saying that she finally got her dream, a restaurant... For me that girl was Piper's daughter. (The writers could have made that clear, but even overzealous fans agree that the writing was sometimes subpar.) She is Piper's daughter because each of her siblings had three kids, it's equal, symmetrical for Piper to have had three as well. 3 and 9 are 'power' numbers in Wicca, why I forget- I'm no expert there.

I also feel that it makes sense that Piper had 2 sons, 1 daughter; Paige 2 daughters, 1 son; Phoebe 3 daughters. Had Prue lived (SPOILER) she would have had three sons. I think.

I never got into the epic Prue vs Paige debate. They were both great actresses. My big disappointment with Rose's introduction is that the storylines revolved less around the sister bonding/dynamics and more about what insane outfit they could pour Alyssa into! And let's not forget Leprachauns, fairies and excalibur... oh my! (I mention them in my story ONLY because they're written history for the Charmed Ones, much as I'd love to forget about the lady in the lake and excalibur...they just won't disappear. For this reason I'll probably have to mention Billie grumble, an idea, what if Billie gave up magic and joined a convent?!) X I have started to use the hated Magic School in my story, I know it's been nicknamed Notwarts but it really is a convenient place for a writer to put magical groups together - sorry, I hated 'Warts too, but now I understand why it was introduced X

I liked the sister bonding but felt that sometimes Paige was part of the family more because she shared magic with her sisters than because they shared blood. My story will be more about the bond the sisters have, while mainly revolving around Chris and Wyatt kicking butt. I also wished that Paige would have gotten to meet/bond with Prue (Shannen), who for obvious reasons was never back on Charmed. (SPOILER) This is why Priscilla and Drew are an AU version of Prue and Andy. I even fixed it so that if it were ever made into a true series (I know it won't, but I'm writing as though it will) the part of Prue could be played believably by a different actress. I chose Tiffani Thiessen (hey she's replaced Shannen before!) and I gave them 3 sons.

I have reasons for casting decisions and character names:

Piper's adult sons have already been on Charmed, no brainer. Her daughter was named Prudence Melinda because when Piper took a trip to the witchtrial future that was her daughters name. I like the idea of Kimberly J Brown playing Mel best because she looks so much like a young Piper. I also name Camilla Belle as a possible Melinda because she's more well known and recognizable. There aren't many pics of Kim Brown. (Check out to see how much she looks like Holly, if you're interested) or Ashley Greene who played Alice in Twilight, unfortunately 'my' actors are starting to look a bit too old for the character; maybe I should do a poll?. Funnily enough I spent days on imdb researching actors. I know that the wb likes to recycle actors, Chad Michael Murray being on Dawson's Creek, Gilmore Girls and, now, One Tree Hill is one example of many, so I went to those old cancelled shows, looked for people who could pull off the ages, had the Charmed look (mostly brunette with brown eyes) and, for the girls, shorter than 5'5.

Okay on to Phoebe's, well Phoenix was named for a play on Phoebe's name; starting with P sounding like F. (SPOILER) As was Phobos. She's played by Rachel Bilson because she fit most of the profile and while not technically a wb/cw actress she was on the popular wb-ish OC I think I like Mila Kunis more-she looks a little younger. Psyche is named partly for Pheebs, starting with P and partly for Coop- in mythology Eros or Cupid was the God of Love and Psyche was the Goddess of soul mates. She is played by Nora Zehetner from Heroes fame because she so closely resembles Rachel Bilson that I had to make them sisters, plus Eden from Heroes is dead I decided if Rachel isn't Phoenix than I might use a different Psyche; I like Lucy Hale and don't think 'Privileged' is likey to last . Peyton was trickier, frankly I was all out of original P names. She's played by Megan Fox because my sons came home and told me how great the Transformers movie was. Looking on IMDB (shock shock) I saw that she greatly resembled a younger Phoebe but with stricking blue eyes "Aunt Pru's eyes", however after watching Gossip Girl last night I might replace the pretty Megan with Leighton Meester who also closely resembles Rachel and Nora (sure she's working now, but keep in mind this IS the wb/cw.)In retrospect I guess Leighton will continue to work so I'm thinking Mackenzie Rosman would work, she's one of those actresses that will look in her mid teens when she's close to 40, I had previously decided that Meghan Fox would be playing a different role

Paige's kids were easiest. Henry Jr being named in 'Forever Charmed' (the writers for the show did half my work for me on this one!) I decided should be played by Penn Badgley from John Tucker Must Die. I thought 'the other Tucker' was a cutie. Oddly enough the cw cast him in Gossip Girl AFTER I'd made my decision (pats self on back) see I can think like the network...cept... um... with more brains, cuz I'd give the fans what they want. I also think he could definetly play the son of Ivan Sergei, same square jaw. The twins were simple, only Sophia Bush (who ironically looks enough like Rachel Bilson etc that they could be related, same dimples and coloring)Sophia Bush has been aged to almost her real age by One Tree Hill, and is working...I think it would be hard to revert her to playing younger roles again besides so I think the part could easily be filled by Kat Dennings who is pale and looks as if she could be a blend of Ivan and Rose could be Samantha/Victoria -one actress, two roles BONUS- who were named after the fathers of the Charmed Ones, no way could I come up with more P names- plus Paige wasn't a 'Halliwell' but a Mathews who, I think, would have been kind/unique enough to recognize the fathers in this way. Also it just fell into place, I need two names for twins, preferring them NOT to start with the same letter...hmmm there's two fathers for the Charmed Ones and both their names have a feminine version, perfect.


Now for Prue and Andy/Priscilla and Drew. I already explained the Tiffani Thiessen link. The Priscilla name was another lazy version of a P name, sorry. I admit that I toyed with the nickname PRu(dence) and PRi(cilla) not like calling a Patience 'Prue'- groan -rest easy, I will not shorten Priscilla, but, when her sisters, who will eventually learn the truth, call her Prue, it won't sound too strange. Timothy Olyphant... I ran across him searching for a Prue (I had considered Neve Campbell - he was the killer in Scream 2 -imdb is soooo much fun) and I remembered that he'd been in Catch and Release and, quite honestly I fell in lust. His character is 'Drew' because it's not such a departure for Andy/Andrew to go to the second half of his given name as an alias. Which fit the character of Andy who, I feel, would have eventually accepted magic but still have lived as independantly of it as he could. Their sons (as explained in au Prue's Miracles Happen chapter) were named for the abililities of the Charmed Ones - in birth order. Parker ('parking' something in a new place- a stretch I know but humor me) for telekenisis is played by Trent Ford because my daughter insisted ;) He also has a delicate facial structure like Shannen, who is what Prue was born to look like. Pace (time's pace) for temporal stasis is played by Teddy Dunne because he was in Veronica Mars (a cancelled cw show) has blue eyes (like Prue) and has coloring just different enough that we don't have clones or too much confusion separating him from the rest of the family ( a la Wyatt being blonde) he also has the female cousins' dimples, Palmer (palm reading) for premonitions is Zac Efron (again, at my daughter's insistence- she spent almost as much time as me on imdb!) because of his popularity and blue eyes. I think I need a less popular actor but I can't find one...any suggestions?

Another case of lust over reason was in casting Carl Urban as Phobos, Phoebe's au child with Cole. He's such a hottie. He's been the bad guy (Chronicles of Riddick) has the look (a bad guy you love to hate but would love to love too!). The only problem with Carl Urban is that he's closer to the age of the actual Charmed Ones. I explain this by Phoebe's advanced pregnancy, full term birth in 4 months, and plan on explaining that the power of the source forced him to age at an accelerated rate so he could come into power, no demon will take orders from an infant! I figure he only had to accelerate his aging for the first few years making him closer to 30 or 35, closer to his true age (Carl's I mean). While it may seem odd to have Alyssa have a son who appears her age, we have to bear in mind that the Charmed Ones may have glamoured themselves a bit (no personal gain, if they looked old, descrepit and outta shape they'd have been demon-fodder ;) ) so they still appear quite young.

Now to explain my plot. The Bennetts (Drew and Priscilla) have been covered. I made magic take a hiatus for @ 20 years so that Wyatt would not be so uber powerful that the fights were one sided. I also added Phobos for this reason, plus it seemed to me that the Source (uncontrollable baby powers or no) would not have vanquished himself. Our reality needed a big bad and personally I like the Source better than the Triad- who seemed too easy to vanquish, even if they had the pesky habit of coming back! And my readers seem to enjoy the duality of Phobos

I hope this explained any questions you may have had regarding my story. I probably gave too much info, but I'm obsessive. lol

Back again to add bio page will be an epic novel by the time I'm done!

I'm adding recurring guest characters. Originally I had not planned significant others for anyone (other than the pairings that are canon for Charmed) but then deciding on a 36 episode season made me realize that I probably only have one good season in me (come on, even the writers for Charmed didn't each write every episode) so I had to change my mind. I'll add new recurring characters here at the bottom as they enter the story.

Bree is played by Mahandra Delfino. (Remember Roswell?)

The Goddess Discord is played by Eliza Dushku (always my favorite slayer)

Marshall the White Lighter from the AU is James Marsters. I can't get used to his regular accent...loved the britishness of Spike...ah well

Jenna Morgan is played by Kristin Bell I want her to be as sassy as VM! Yes yes I know she's on Heros, but they keep killing the heros off and adding new ones. I was right- she's dead

And again I have to add to my bio page...sorry

I have decided to rewrite/rework some of my earlier episodes. Unfortunately my computer puked and I got a new one. I never backed up any of my writing. In doing the rework I have added elements (in epi 2 anyway, which I'm still plodding through) and characters. I apologise for any confusion. The ending of epi2 should be near the same as the original but in reworking it kind of took on a life of its own. My daughter says that my readers will all give up on me...I'm hoping you won't. I'm trying to write 'new' episodes so that I don't have to rework them later. I plan on fixing things up until the halloween episode, I just feel that it could have been much better with tons more action! Anyway I have now introduced Jenna in epi 2 and she shouldn't have shown up...she's pushy though. I will try not to add significant characters in any of my reworks. I will also try to make Jenna behave and wait until a later epi to reintroduce her.

My problem is that I admire so many actors that my cast list along with recurring guest stars has like 30 people listed. I have little notecards as to who is who and who they end up with, what their powers are, etc. I do have pics up on photobucket, but my daughter says that I am set to private. I hope to fix that soon, but my mind wanders alot. Once I have set it so that the curious can peruse my photo albums I'll let you all know. warning, it could be spoilerlike to look through them. Once it's not private anymore I hope it will be easier for people to visualize and keep my extremely large cast list organised in their own heads while they read. I always hate books that have so many characters that I can't enjoy the story because I'm trying to figure out who is who. Sorry for doing that to you folks. my photobucket account is now public

OK so here is the updated cast list- no more reading through the entire bio: (0 denotes characters I haven't introduced yet.)

Piper Halliwell- Holly Marie Combs (Charmed One)...Leo Wyatt- Brian Krause (mortal)

Priscilla Bennett- Tiffani Thiessen (AU witch)...Drew Bennett- Timothy Olyphant (AU mortal)

Wyatt Halliwell-Wes Ramsey (Witch-Twice-Blessed)...Parker Bennett- Trent Ford (AU witch)

Bree- Majandra Delfino (witch)...0 Kayla-Carly Pope (Phoenix witch)

Chris Halliwell- Drew Fuller (witch)...Pace Bennett- Teddy Dunn (AU witch)

Jenna Morgan- Kristin Bell (witch)...0 Lydia Nicholai -Megan Fox (Gypsy)

Mel Halliwell-Kimberly J Brown (witch)/ or Ashley Greene...Palmer Bennett-Zac Efron (AU witch)

0 Alyssa Williams (AU daughter of Billie Jenkins and J.D. Williams)--Michelle Tractenberg (AU witch/whitelighter)

Seer-Daneel Harris...Phobos-Carl Urban (Source of All Evil)... 0 Hope-Nadia Bjorlin (demigod-daughter of Thetis)

Phoebe Halliwell-Cooper- Allysa Milano (Charmed One)...Coop- Victor Webster (cupid)

Phoenix Cooper- Rachel Bilson (witch/cupid) or Mila Kunis...Psyche Cooper-Nora Zehetner (witch/cupid) or Lucy Hale

Peyton Halliwell-Cooper-Leighton Meester (witch/cupid) or Mackenzie Rothman

Discord-Eliza Dushku (Goddess)...Marshall-James Marsters (AU White-Lighter)

Paige Mathews-Mitchell-Rose McGowan (Charmed One/WhiteLighter)...Henry Mitchell- Ivan Sergei (mortal)

Victoria Mitchell- Sophia Bush (witch) or Kat Dennings...Samantha Mitchell-Sophia Bush (witch) or Kat Dennings

0 Kyle Brody- Kerr Smith (WhiteLighter)

Henry Mitchell Jr- Penn Badgely (witch)...Rebecca-Amanda Seyfried (Elder)

I know it's supremely spoilery...and I'm wacked, Kyle and Sam, how wicked! You'll have to read to see how Paige reacts...

Really folks, if anyone has ANYTHING they'd like to see I can try to work it in, my filler chapters are dull for me and difficult because my main episodes are really wanting to come out, but I need to build anticipation etc so any help would eb appreciated... Also I need a demony actor, a half demony actor, a youngish (high school) male witch actor, an early 20s actor to be a carpenter - read: he needs a bit of muscle- I know it seems strange but it's easier for me to write a 'tv show' if I know who my actors are.


Sorry everyone. As you all know I have back issues as a result I had to tighten the financial belt and forego my internet for awhile. I have about 11,000 emails to sift through and I will, hopefully, start writing again soon.

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