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Hey What's up? I write a story called The land of Wonder and Stupid clothes. It's under humor in Fairy Tales. My best friend writes on here too. Here name is Candy Quackenbush. She writes under Lord of the Rings and is really good. She's also writing a Alice in Wonderland story which is excellent. Here's some info about me:

Favs.: Writing, Reading, watching whatever scary movies I can get my hands on, eating(it's my best past time :o)) and of course watching TV.

Dislikes: Shopping( hate it), Preps, and makeup. (Any of you who have read my story would think this is extremly weird because my main character is a mary-suish prep, but I'm basicly making fun of them in my story.)

fav. books: Harry Potter Series(I know it's lame.), Sunshine(If you are under 15 or are weak of heart don't Read!), Goblin Wood, and the Cirque Du Freak Series.

Fav. Shows: Spongebob(HAHA!), South Park, Futurama, and Family Guy. Sometimes Fairly Odd Parents (hey, I'm a cartoon chick.) And of course Ghost Hunters. It's on the sc-fi channel. DON'T DISS IT!

Future Ambition: I wan't to be a 6th or 7th grade L.A teacher.

Phobias: Needles and spiders.

Obsessions:paranormal activities(for you who don't know what that means it means ghosts.) I'm a ghost fanatic and I know a lot about them and if you have a question about them e-mail me.

That's about it. I really don't have a life so that's all I have to say. Byebyebye!

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