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I've been writing fanfiction since 7th grade (a loooong time ago). I've been working on the same story since then, and I'm almost finished with it. No, I'm not posting it on here because I'll probably get loads of people yelling at me and whatnot, so when I'm done with that, I'm posting my Lily/James fanfic here. Until then, I'm afraid it's one-shots.

In any case, yes, I read Lily/James fanfiction. It's the only fanfiction I read because, well, since the Harry Potter series isn't complete, I'd rather read about what people think happened before Harry was born instead of passing the time until the next HP book comes out and then losing interest in the story altogether.

I guess I better give you a preview-summary-thing for my Lily/James fanfic. Erm, let's see. It's called I'm Addicted to You, and it's set in their 7th year. Of course, they're both Head Boy and Head Girl, and no, they're not going out yet. I'm trying to stay as close to the book as I can, but I can't promise 100 percent of it will be exactly from what we know about them, you know, the little tiny details that show up in the HP books every now and then. I might stray into AU at times because I highly doubt James tried singing to Lily to get her to go out with him. I just thought it was funny. Mostly though, it's pretty close to the book. I might put a quote in here from it, depends on how close I am to start posting the story on here.

If you want to comment on any of my one-shots or the Lily/James story when I get around to posting it, please keep it nice. I'd love to get someconstructive criticism, who wouldn't? I just don't want any flames because, frankly, I didn't ask you to read any of my stories, you read them on your own accord. It's not fair to punish someone for something you did.

For more of my ramblings, feel free to visit my homepage and leave a comment, or IM me on AIM: nifflersrspiffy.

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Nobody EVER pranks the Marauders, Evans," snarled James, looking so furious that even Lily felt scared for a moment, "I'll forgive you if you grovel. Now. If not...This-Means-War!" Lily simply looked at him coolly and said, very coldly,"Bring it on."
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The Truth by Foul Ole Ron reviews
‘Now, as you may have noticed, I am continually performing random acts of stupidity, but this really was one of my more idiotic…’rnLily Evans, at least, knows when to laugh at herself. Most of the time, anyway.
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Tripping Down the Aisle by bluebottlebutterfly reviews
James and Lily have decided to make it official. But between the Order, Gideon Prewett, and the fact that they can't agree on anything; that aisle looks pretty far away...with Jealous!James, Frazzled!Lily, Flirty!Sirius, Traitor!Peter, and that inevitable
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