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Hi and welcome to my profile! My name is Wendelin (well not really, but call me it on fanfiction) I am female, from district 5 and Ravenclaw. I am aged between 15 and 25! I'm new to fanfiction so please be nice. Oh, by the way, I know weird is spelt wrong, I'm not stupid!

I enjoy reading and writing, especially Hunger games and am currently hosting my first SYOT the 54th hunger games, which is now closed, but still read ;)

Here are the 24 ill fated tributes

District 1- Luxury

Ronan Adderly, 18

Victoria Winters, 17

District 2- Masonary

Lena Helberg, 17

Alexis Mason, 17

District 3- Technology

Rizaleia Azuleu, 12

Remmerick Azuleu, 15

District 4- Fishing

Aditi Matara, 18

Chavez Belasco, 18

District 5- Power

Beryl Fallin, 16

Jack Archadea, 16

District 6- Transport

Amelie Blunzon, 14

Acai Gears, 15

District 7- Lumber

Bladen Axle, 15

Gabi Pine, 17

District 8- Textiles

Virginia Meadow, 14

Auster Worthing, 16

District 9- Grain

Esme Perkins, 18

Quint Farro, 13

District 10- Livestock

Andromeda Banks, 15

Roy Lenfield, 18

District 11- Agriculture

Ebony Storms, 13

Orchard Shields, 17

District 12- Coal

Benson Kovak, 15

Roselyn Woods, 13

So, this SYOT is now officially closed!

Will tomorrow ever come- submit your own stylist!


No Cinna Clones

You can submit a stylist for any tribute, but the submitter will have priority over that tribute, if you know what I mean

You can submit up to four stylists.

Please PM me the stylists.

You don't have to have submitted a tribute to submit a stylist

Now here’s the form:



District they work for:



Appearance/Fashion tastes:

Generally, how do they treat their tributes?

Generally, how good are their ideas?

How long have they been styling for?

Have any significant events occurred in their lives in their lives?

What is their opinion on the games?

Anything I missed?

Form completed!

My tributes in other SYOTs, still fighting for their lives

Alenia Duprix, D2 Female, aged 15- Elements: The 49th Hunger Games, By AKLNxStories

Aston Rhodes, D6 Female, aged 14- The 76th Hunger Games- A matter of life and death, By IndecisiveDreamer

Lukas Barren, D8 Male aged 18- The 76th Hunger Games, a matter of Life and Death

Esmarelda Barren, D8 Female, aged 13- The 76th Hunger Games, a matter of life and death

*Just one more thing: I absolutely HATE, and I mean hate, unfinished/discarded SYOTs. I mean, what's the point in writing an SYOT if you are just going to abandon it after not even 2 chapters. Us submitters submit tributes because we want to see them in action, not because we just want to waste hours of our lives. If I ever send a tribute to you, PLEASE finish your story* Rant over.

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