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2. Confessions From Chiba Mamoru

This is actually one of my favorite pieces. I love trying to get inside Mamoru's head, and write what he's feeling. I would feel worse about the amount of hits and reviews, but this is a completed piece, and so, I'll just leave it up there for anyone to come across. Please review, it lets me know what your thinking guys! The summary: (Sailor Moon) Mamoru thinks about Usagi and their love after he wakes up from dreaming about her; His darkest emotions are revealed, as well as his insecurities.

3. Confessions of a Warder

I am much happier with this piece than with previous ones. I happened to stumble across this when I was cleaning out my documents folder, and it seems I wrote it, and never posted it (must be my scatter-brained nature kicking in again hehe), anyway, the hits for this one are much higher, but I still have few reviews. This one is complete C'mon guys, is it really that difficult to take five seconds and write 'awesome', or 'terrible', or 'boring'? This happens to be another of my favorites, and I think I do rather well at these short confessionals. The summary: (Wheel of Time) Lan is dying on the battle field, and he thinks about Nynaeve. Reveals his inner turmoil and his devotion to a woman he thinks he should never have had.

4. Confessions of Tsukino Usagi

Once again, I am thrilled to have a number of hits. I actually didn't like this piece as much as my other confessionals, but, I think it's still worthy of more reviews. It's complete. This one was actually written in response to a comment somewhere that I should write a return confessional in response to Confessions of Chiba Mamoru, and, here it is. Now, I've already begged with you, and even snapped at you, but, if you read it all the way through, at least write one word in a review! The summary: (Sailor Moon) During their seperation, Usagi's thoughts on Mamoru are revealed, her pain, her confusion, and her undying love.

5. Coronation

I actually really love this story. This one is not complete yet, however, I am planning to write more of it soon. I suddenly got inspired to write When the War is Over, and than I got inspired to write When the War is Over's sequel, so I'm leaving it at this: I'll be getting back to this one, but it will take a while. Please be patient with me! I'm very happy with the number of reviews, so hang in there, your comments do make a difference! The summary: (Xenogears) Bart is about to be crowned King of Aveh, however, he is told that tradition demands that in order to assume the throne, he must marry Nissan's Great Mother, or the next available person in line. Margie, on the other hand, returns to Nissan on urgent buisness, only to find da da da daaaa-- read and you'll find out. Anyways, can they keep their easygoing friendship, or will they be forced to marry, and how will they deal with the news together?

6. To Wish Upon A Star

This was actually my first piece, can you believe it? I wanted to write a SM fanfiction, and this was born. Others followed, but I consider this my first child. I'm so very happy with the number of hits and reviews. This one is complete. Also, this one almost made me pull my hair out because I wasn't used to working with fanfiction.net, and so I couldn't fix the chapters when they had problems. I couldn't figure out how to go in and edit them, and people were reviewing how things were off, and aaaaah!-- Anyway, I eventually did settle down and get comfortable with fanfiction.net, and now I'm seasoned hehe! The summary: (Sailor Moon) Usagi is sick of being seperated from Mamoru, so she makes this wish on a shooting star, and wakes up back on the moon kingdom! She can't remember anything about her other life. Will history repeat itself, or will she find a way to change it?

7. When the War is Over

Cheer for me! I've gotten over a thousand hits on this one! It's completed, and a sequel is defiantly in the works. Thank you to everyone who reviewed this, and yes, I have to say, I did steal horribly from the Alias plot-line, however, it's my fanfic and I can do whatever I want with it so sticks tongue out at everyone. Reviews on this one have been wonderful! The summary: It's all about the love. Love between Ginny and Harry that is. What happens when Harry is captured by the enemy? What happens when Ginny joins the order, to search for him? Will they ever be together again? (PS, I tried to dish out the sexist, sweetest, most handsome Harry moments I could, so please have a towel close at hand in case of unintentional drooling).

8. Searching for Love

This is the sequl to the above 'When the War is Over' story. It's not complete yet, so please be patient.Also, I am not responsible for anyone who goes straight to this story without readingthe above, it's your own fault if you don'tunderstand what's going on, so please don't flame me if you don't like it. And remember! REVIEWS-- REVIEWS-- REVIEWS! This is the only way I'm going to know whatyou guyslike and don't like!The summary: Ron swore he saw Ginny on a street corner with another man, but what was she doing with him? More to the point, what was she doing alive? She was supposed to have died months ago! Now Harry is left with his infant daughter, searching for the woman he loves. Please remember to have a towel close at hand (as well as a box of tissues!).

9. Knight of Hearts

This fanfiction is based off of the Kingdom Hearts game, as well as it's sequel. If you haven't played Kingdom Hearts II, than don't read this fanfiction, because it will involve major game spoilers for you, or just plain confuse you! There isn't much more to say other than I will be playing mostly on the Kairi and Sora relationship (not that I don't like Riku, but c'mon, Kairi and Sora make a much better couple!) The Summary: Sora awakens from a dream (after the first chapter) and finds that Kairi has been kidnapped while he has been battling the heartless (he seems to have lost track of the time). He learns that she is the key to kingdom hearts, the last kingdom he must lock. He searches for her, wondering if he will ever see her again.

Now, go out there, read these stories and review them! On top of that, check back often for information regarding any changes, additions, drops, or sequel information!

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Sequel to the story 'When the War is Over'. Check my profile page for information regarding this story. Harry is looking for Ginny, who was thought to have died a few months ago.
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