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Real Name: Nikki
B-day: May 13
Age: N/a
Gender: female
Hair: Long and bright pink. Got to have a little fun nowadays.
Height: 5' 3" I'm short.
Weight: N/a
Marital status: Married, not that any of you care, but you never know
Family: Husband, two kids, love them all dearly.
Favorite colors: Silver and purple
Best Friend: Chibi-Sorrow
Orientation: Husband? Kids? You do the math.

Just a little bit about my writing. I am an aurikku writer. So if that's what you're looking for, then you came to the right place. Don't ask me why I like the coupling so much, because if I were to see a man like that in real life I would flip out. I guess I've looked at it as Spira having different standards then what most of the world does. Think about it, would a 15 year old girl be allowed to go off and do whatever she wanted here? Not really. And her father encourages her! So maybe in Spira she is considered an adult.

Some funny quotes that I have said or heard: (I know many of them are from Chibi-Sorrow, but keep in mind she is my best friend so we talk a lot.) Bold ones are some of my faves!

SARKY! - a word Mako-Anima accidentally used during a convo.
Cauliflower- when I was asked to describe what the mashed potatoes at work looked like one day.
I'm a compulsive lier, honest!- when I was talking to my husband shortly after we got married.
Naked idol plushie parts!- Chibi-Sorrow, when I told her that the plushies I gave her were anatomically correct.
Going to the bathroom isn't supposed to be romantic - A co-worker of mine when he used the bathroom and the light was going dim.
Spork! Cake! Bacon! Your Mom!- many of the random words Chibi-Sorrow and I like to yell at each other.
I came from donut world- My daughter after I said a bunch of random words to her. This was her comeback.
It's Boobtasical!- You don't want to know why or by me. (again, Chibi-Sorrow)
Goofy, why are you humping the pole?- Chibi-Sorrow as she was playing Kingdom Hearts and Goofy kept jumping up and down in Deep Jungle.
Give me a sex, I gotta watch the movie- Oh Chibi is gonna kill me when she sees this one.
Froogle Doogle Dipstick- Can't get much more random then that from Chibi.
I almost dropped you in the toilet- Chibi-Sorrow as we were talking on speaker phone. She put me on mute to go to the bathroom. That was her comment after turning off mute. You can't possibly imagine how pathetic she sounded.
I know you're gay, but you don't have to do that! Chibi-Sorrow was reading some manga while I was talking to her on the phone at midnight.
I'm freezing my nuts off! You have nuts?- Chibi-Sorrow was keeping secrets from me it would seem.
Sorry if I space out, I'm spacing out.- And this is why you should not talk on the phone and computer at the same time. Thanks CS.
Black?- my question and answer for many things.
I want a jacket that lets me hug myself.- My response to things when I do something stupid or crazy.
All I keep thinking about now is bed, bondage and Seymour- Chibi-Sorrow was reading chapter two of my dark fic.
living in a mobile home = royalty- I asked Mako-anima about mobile housing because of a show my brother-in-law was watching about housing in England.
Don't mind us, we're just going to the bathroom!- Never carry me on speaker-phone and go to the bathroom. You might end up with me yelling this to anyone in the room.
The speed limit is only 55.- (backstory!) I'm supposed to be at work at 4. My husband gets home work at that time, so I get there as soon as I can. When I arrived one day the other girl tried to tease me about being late. Very calmly I looked at her and said this.
I pulled out quickly and it snapped right off- Looks like another sexually charged conversation at work! (He was really talking about his car)
I want to go to magic swamp world!- Misheard quote...
I want shampoo that makes me orgasmic too!- Chibi-Sorrow
Do it! You're a bitch. You're awesome being a bitch!- Chibi-Sorrow told me this while we were RPing on Gaia.
Purple, get out of pink! That's not where you belong!- Chibi was sorting beads, and asked me to yell at them.
It was like watching her cut a rope.- My husband said this after watching the woman who had cut my hair off.
You can't spell slaughter without laughter.- Stolen from Tari who stole it from VivaLaKitty. I liked how true it was.
If I found a Rinoa plushie, I would make them have plushie sex!- Chibi talking about finding plushies.
I think my brain just exploded.- I cannot read badly written stories or Rp threads. This is what happened when I tried.
I almost just asked a stupid question. "I almost asked is it contagious?"- CS wanted to know about a diabetic girl I work with.
It's a one fry salute!- The cook at work set a basket of fries up so they could be served. In the very middle of the basket a single fry stood straight up. I thought it was funny and he told me that it was saluting me. I responded by saying this.
I wish you were in there too- CS wished I was in her closet. I don't think she realized how raunchy it sounded until I laughed.
Car go boom!- CS told me this when her car broke down.
I WAS PUPLE FIRST!!- Chibi and I were fighting in a chat room over RP colors. She tried to say she was this color before I was. Perhaps she's right...
Sprinkle, sprinkle, AHHH!- I was putting sprinkles on my ice cream. I thought it would be fun to sing as I did it...seems I was wrong. They ended up on the floor and counter instead.
Man, I want a freakin mudslide. White russian. Something good. Or Rum. Southern comfort, even better than rum! - (This is Chibi on Gin's account) Gin said this when I asked her what she wanted to do for a caption for a myspace pic. Her back had my name on it as a siggy. Damn, didn't know I reminded her of alcohol.
Take twenty cats. Put them in a sack. Shake the sack. That's what you sounded like.- Simon Cowell. American Idol Karaoke.
I don't know his name. His name is Mike. -Friend of mine as we passed a fire fighter's house in the car.
I want to wear a bra first semester. I thought this was what Chibi said on the phone. Actually she said, I want to go abroad this semester.
Marion, your clients are retarded!- A friend of mine tried to say she was a good driver after almost hitting three things in 500 feet. Her clients (the mentally challenged) tell her she's good driver. Can you see why it's a bad reason?
What happened? Did you get fired from life?- My husband when I showed him my key ring. It normally has about 15-20 keys on it at a time, but they were all taken off for different things leaving me with only three left.
If you find a bland spot in your design and can't figure out what to put there for a bit of flair, just add more buckles.- Tetsuya Nomura
I want to play with your reed!!!- I was such a bad girl! Accidentally said this when talking about an item from another website. (gaiaonline)
It's just Nacho night!- Said by one of the girls at work when the cook complained about all the nachos he had to make. (Read that fast to really get it)
Oh it's too big!- me as I was trying to eat a piece of cantaloupe at work. I cut it just a bit too big to be able to put in my mouth.
I got a snowman juggling his balls- My daughter opened a poptart that had pictures on them. Mine were of a monkey and giraffe. She got this.

Chain Quote:
"You know, I just realized something."(CS)
"What's that?"(me)
"I haven't bleed out of my vagina yet."(CS)
(silence) "Blink, blink. Blink, blink." (maniac laughing)(me) And yes, I did actually say blink, blink.

"Eight inch or twelve?"
"That's kinda personal, don't you think?"- I was asking a guy what size of sandwich he wanted. Depend on men to say something like that...

"Mmm, I love root beer."
"That's Dr. Pepper."
"Sht! It's Mountain Dew!" Chibi and I were sitting in the car while she drank her soda...

"I told you, his name is Ki-Ya-To. Can you remember that?"
"cockyato? I'll be sure to remember that from now on! Thank you so much for clarifying that"- Part of a role play that I belong to. It made me laugh.

"Oh, a yardsale!"
"We are getting all kinds... they have guitar hero three??" Me and my husband in the car. He hates yardsales and we are getting all kinds of things from his parents anyway.

"I'm putting you in my crotch."
"I don't like your crotch. It's wet and smelly."
"GAH!!" -Chibi likes to set me on speaker phone and put me in odd places. Personally, I just set her on the table next to me.

Some of my fav couplings:

FF7: YuffieXVincent (yuffentines)
FF8: QuistisXSeifer (seiftes)
FF10: AuronXRikku (aurikku) (I'm obsessed with this one so expect a few from me.)
TidusXYuna (tunas) I can't write it, but it is still a sweet pairing.
FF12: Love the game, but there are no expressed couples. Right now I am starting to get into Penelo/Larsa though.

(I will never read or write anything that is yaoi or yuri. I personally don't like it, but don't get me wrong, some of my best friends are gay. I just don't like it.)

Yeah, I'm a bit weird. I know. But I guess I just love the idea of seeing opposites attract. It really takes a lot to see someone put them together in a way that makes it sound believable. And in case you haven't noticed, I do write a lot of au stories. It's just that most of the ideas I come up with cannot be done within the gameline.

It can be hard to do, but if one works hard at it, it can go smoothly. I have read some excellent fics (hint, hint. Update all you who have stopped) that make it sound as if it would work.

Finished stories: When I'm Lonesome- Rikku is living in Besaid. What happens when she realizes how lonesome she is? aurikku song-fic One-shot Could be better, but it was my first try. (because of no song fic rule, we'll say it has been inspired by the song)

Not important- I was feeling depressed one night. So I sat at my desk and this is what came out. Auron and Rikku in the ruins of Zanarkand. What happens when she feels like she has nothing to offer to the group? slight aurikku one-shot. I must say I really liked how this turned out. Check it out if you want just a smidgen of fluff! Edited

The Ball- Hollow Bastion is holding a ball to celebrate the heartless being gone, but Yuffie refuses to go. Who will be the one to change her mind? One-shot It's ok, I just wanted to try and write a Yuffie/Leon fic

Hearing Voices: AU Rikku has become a summoner. The fayth have requested her help to stop Yu Yevon. She agrees, but someone is along for the ride. I was going to put this in the X2 section, but thought better of it, because at the time I didn't know the story very well. That and most of the characters are from X. One of my most popular stories. But be warned it was also one of my first, so without rewriting it, there are many mistakes through out.

Gift of the fayth: AU Sequel to Hearing Voices. Auron is back. But what will happen when he (ex-warrior monk) has to meet Cid (leader of the Al Bhed)?

Rumors and secrets: Gift fic for Chibi-Sorrow. Two members of Avalanche become stuck in a cave during a blizzard. Things are revealed until they are rescued. Cloti and hint of yuffentine.

The Gift: Guess what, another gift fic! Again for Chibi-Sorrow. But as it was for her birthday, I couldn't refuse. Rikku finds out something about one of her guardians. Now, what will she do with that information?

Tears and Pain: I was trying to write a nice fluffy one-shot. Word of warning. Never write fluff when you are feeling depressed. Little different then what I normally write. RikkuxAuron fic again. Edited, added translations

Dark Thoughts: AU One-shot. I was reading rr1063's story SOS and an idea he began presented itself to me. What if Rikku had been the one to die and Auron was the one left behind? This is my take on it.

Love Waits: One-shot. LJ challenge fic. Not my best, but not bad either. Had to include a rose, match and mirror somewhere in the story.

Lucky Rikku: My response to the LJ challenge I proposed. Had to include the line "Rikku you're lucky. You don't know what it's like to lose someone." It could be anyone saying it, I chose Yuna, she was the first person I thought of who would have a reason to say it. I rather liked this one too. one sided aurikku Edited

Rikku Drabbles: Right now 2 short drabbles I wrote to try and unclog my brain so I could write more for Flowers. It kinda worked.

Time after Time/Time once again:AU Live Journal challenge fic. Rikku goes back in time and meets Auron. He loses an eye, she loses a limb. The next part is the continuing story of what happened after she got back to present day Spira.

Flowers: This is AU! Auron had been charged with the care of a child. The temples are searching for all Al Bhed in an attempt to kill them off. Those who know my work should know what to expect. So far this is going to be the best fic yet! (I hope) Epilogue added, but be warned it is very long! In case you don't know, the epilogue is based on PGSM's final act. If you have seen that, you might have a deeper understanding on what's going on.

War Games: AU War time in Spira, NOT the one they mention in game. Two officers are captured outside of battle. So yeah, I had this idea one day and ran with it. My military procedures may not be completely accurate, but I did try. I did research before I even wrote it. Mild aurikku and tuna inside!

I watched: Short little piece written from Shelke's pov. Rather liked how this turned out too. I always enjoyed the yuffentine pairing, and as I played Dirge of Cerberus, my husband watched. He was the one to notice that there was something going on between the two characters. And I figured that if someone who hates the series can see it, than doesn't that mean there must be something there? Now I didn't want to write this from third person or Yuffie or Vincent's so who? Shelke, that's who! So you get a piece of what she could have been thinking after the game and how she deals with Lucrecia's memories about Vincent.

Into the Darkness- Again, AU. Cid had a friend once, years ago. He wanted to repay his friend for what he had done for him in the past. So one summer he sends his daughter to live with him as a servant to help with repairs and such. The only problem one has seen the owner of the house in ten years. But who is this mystery man Rikku meets while she works? No one else seems to know anything about him. I enjoy this one a lot. I think it's one of my better ones too. Though I think I freaked a few people out when writing it. Sorry guys!

Random Lands- Oh man, do we even have to go here? It was a challenge fic from a friend. I came home from work one day so tired I couldn't even add 2and2 (it was 5 right?) if I wanted to. She gave me some guidelines to use. And well, you can see the result. Might I suggest avoiding this one unless you like scratching your head in a whole lot of "What was she thinking?"

Always watching you- AU A twisted Seymour/Rikku pairing to begin with before turning aurikku. My first shot at writing something dark and depressing. I tried to make it as scary as possible, but still holding the T rating. I rather enjoy writing this one because it is something new for me. It has some gore and sex, so I suggest younger readers avoid it.

Heavenly War- AU Sequel to Always watching. Rikku and Auron have both died, but now they are back. Only this time, Auron must save Rikku from Seymour (yes, him.) and herself. Can he do it in time before Spira is destroyed?

Red and Green- Short story written for Drachegirl for her birthday. It's late, but I hit a slump doing it. Anyway, the group has entered Omega Dungeon looking for fiends to fight. Rikku has been poisoned and Auron has gone defensive for her well being. But the question is why is he so upset about it?

Tease- AU Wow, still have no idea what possessed me to write this one. But I like it anyway. Rikku is about to have a birthday. Tidus has found the perfect gift for her. The problem lies in the fact he wants Auron to give it to her. What is this gift, and why won't Auron give it? Second chapter is about Rikku finding out about it.

Traitor- AU Rikku was branded as a traitor, but not by who you think. This time it was by her friends. Wakka was given a sphere with her on it, and now he thinks she is an Al Bhed heathen again. Kinda long, but it goes through several events and how she feels about them.

The storm never stops- Rikku has helped save Spira twice, but now has disappeared. What was she running from? Takes place a year after X2. Rikku has gone missing, but once she had been hurt, the Fayth sent her to Besaid. It was there that Yuna found out why she ran off without a word. Now Rikku must live through one bad date after another. Will she ever find Mr. Perfect? My poor attempt at a lighthearted humor story. A must have after writing watching. That was just too dark. Supposed to be funny as Rikku has to suffer bad date after bad date. Got the idea from a friend of mine who has been having trouble finding a decent boyfriend in the past three years. Cookies to anyone who can tell me where I got the title from.

Because you won't go away? I wrote this for a contest over in Live Journal but I thought you might like it too. To those who may have read it before, you will notice I changed small bits of it. I think it helps run smoother now. Style of writing is different as well, so be prepared.

Sing a song for me- AU Little bit of a double life going on here. Akane is a popular singer in Spira that is loved by everyone. That is everyone except Rikku. Why doesn't she like her though? I'm really starting to like this one best. Akane has become fun to write about, even though she...What? I'm not going to ruin the secret here! I really like this one too. Ending was a little rushed, but I'm learning.

40 Year old stalker-AU began because of a quote I said to CS couple of years ago when we first began talking. She suggested I take that quote and make a story...hence This! It's a modern day aurikku, when a hint of tuna added. complete, but I really don't care much for how it ended. It took a few reviews from several people to get my interest back into it long enough to finish. It still could have been better.

Do what we can- Guess what! A story that is not aurikku! I replayed the ending of X2 again and an idea hit me from something Bahamut says at the end of the game. They promised Yuna they would do what they could, but what if it wasn't that much? Take a look and see what I mean! This came out rather well for being out of my element. Give it a read.

Legends- What does it mean to be a legend? And how do you become one? After falling into an icy hole with her cousin, Rikku finds out the answers to these questions.

Wish- AU story set five years after the first game. Rikku makes a half-hearted wish. It's the fayth that take granting that wish too far. The main characters are Rikku and Braska, but they are NOT a couple. Trust me, it's not the type of story you expect. Something is not right about the whole thing, read it and find out what I mean. I really really like this one. It was fun to write, and confusing the heck out of people made it so much better. I highly suggest reading it.

Rikku in love- one-shot that I challenged to myself. I wanted to see if I could write something that involved no dialog whatsoever. Came out pretty well. It could use some more polishing, but it's not too bad.

See More Deaths-Don't worry, it's not as bad as it sounds. It's going to be a humor story, full of funny deaths. I finally made good on the challenge I proposed to Tari some time ago! Well I saw someone else had begun writing something similar to this.

Stories I am working on:

Legendary thoughts- Story about what Auron was really thinking about during Yuna's pilgrimage. (FF10) Note, contains spoilers! Deciding if I want to continue this or not. It seems so many others are doing a pilgrimage story that mine looks rather pale in comparison.

Outcast- AU Joint project between myself and Drachegirl. We each are taking turns writing a chapter. So may I suggest if you like it, drop her a pm and tell her as well. We choose to use my account to post it because I am known for aurikku stories. Anyway, summery time. A man mysteriously shows up on the island of Bikanel. Who is he? How did he get there? And why doesn't Cid like him?

Crazy Al Bhed- AU Spira has been taught that Al Bhed do not exist. But Rikku knows she is Al Bhed. She's not crazy is she? The idea was supposed to be aurikku, but for some reason right now, I don't see that happening. Guess we will just have to wait and see. One hold! Not quite sure where I want to go next with this. I have the first page of the next chapter done, but I'm stuck for more. So until I do...

Add as Friend- Young woman from around the planet have gone missing and it's up to Yuffie to find out why. At the same time there is a new web app that everyone is into. What do these two things have in common, and what is up with Vincent? Yuffentine later

Upcoming stories:

Photograph: Tentative title... AU, aurikku. Rikku is a little known photographer, Auron is the well known land owner. Braska, well Braska is a well known magazine owner that Rikku works for. I finally came up with a new aurikku idea! Yay me! Reading over my other stuff helped me to see where I need to improve and how. Plus I learned that I love writing Braska. He's so much fun. I'm still working on this one. Expect to be seeing it soon.

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