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I'm a fangirl with many things to fangirl over. Harry Potter, Twilight, Heroes and Gilmore Girls are a few of those obsessions. A lot of my time is spent either reading, writing, listening to my ipod or hanging around with my close group of friends. Everything I write is for good fun, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it!

My ships don't always work well together, but I'm not someone who will throw a large object at anyone who doesn't like them. Favourites in the Twilight fandom include: Alice/Jasper (totally under-rated, imo, and needs as much support as possible!), Bella/Edward (because I'm cliché and follow the crowd -cough- OH, and Edward makes me swoon), Bella/Jacob (it doesn't have to make sense; Jacob needs some love, too!) and Esme/Carlisle (a fic is currently in the works and I've found a whole new love for them). Character wise: EDWARD AND JACOB - none of this 'you-must-choose-like-bella' nonsense. I want the werewolves and the vampires. Jasper comes in a very close third after reading Eclipse, along with Alice.

If you're still reading this and are conscious - not passed out on the keyboard from boredom - you deserve a cookie. -gives you cookie- I'm rambling about myself due to boredom and lack of muse for chapter three of my 'work in progress' fiction.

Deathly Hallows sort of dampened the fandom for me, as I wasn't insanely in love with it like most people I've talked to - I actually disliked it a lot, but I can't deny that the fandom, on a whole, is spectacular. I'm sorta run-of-the-mill with my ships in the series: Ron/Hermione, Remus/Tonks (before HBP, mind you), Harry/Luna, Neville/Luna, Remus/Sirius (i miss my sirius ;_;) and Lily/James (don't even mention the rubbish in DH -_- :P).

Story Review

Of Love and Friendship - Hit a bit of a snag with the plot in this, that or my muse just really hates this fic at the moment. I really do plan on finishing it as long as I can think of a suitable way to join the end plot idea with what has already been written.

At Their Core - Love for oneshots! This is probably my favourite piece written to date, and I'm certainly planning a few more Alice/Jasper shots =

Oh! Sweet Matrimony - I have most of the first chapter written, though it's saved on my old computer and can't finish it until I can get back home to email the file back to me.

Down By The Dandelions - Teddy/Victorie! This was quite interesting to write, what with me hating Deathly Hallows and what happened to Tonks and Remus (not just the end, but the whole relationship to be quite honest) but I actually liked writing it. I'll probably be writing more fics revolving around my version of Teddy - I have a love for awkward guys, lol - and not the Hugh Grant type characters, just for the record.

You can expect the following themes/era/couples in the future

The Marauders! Not quite sure where I'll be taking them, but be sure to see a few fics in that era in the future.

Alice/Jasper! Yeah, my OTP must get a mention in here, even if the ideas for them aren't flowing as they usually do =[ If anyone finds a missing muse that answers to the name 'bloody, stupid git' please return to the owner, Natalie, as she misses her greatly (even if she does give said muse an awful lot of shite).

Ron/Hermione! My first ever fandom couple ... and yet I've treated them so badly of late.

Remus/Tonks - ILYREMUS = nuff said.

27th September - A beta has been found, however I have just moved to university and have a brand new laptop, and the information that was sent to me (aka a username) is on my old comp. If I've asked you to beta for me then could you please pm me again. 3 Thanks so much to all that applied for the position! It really meant a lot =

25th August, 2007 - As I'm starting to write a lot more lately, I've been thinking about getting a Beta Reader. If you've read any of my pieces - and you think you can put up with reading some more of my stuff - would you be interested in helping me out? I'm not the best with grammar, so I'd like someone who has strength in that area; if you've got previous experience that's even better but certainly not a necessity. OH, and the genre I'll be writing most in is Twilight and also Harry Potter, but I'm more interested in finding a Twilight fan as the majority of my fics will be in that area!

If you're interested, send me a message to this account! I look forward to hearing from anyone who would like to give this a shot.

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