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You have come to a very boring page!

I am TOLKIENOLOGIST, the mighty, so fear me and my awesome randomness. Mreal name is Katie. Boring, common ol' Katie. I do go by Ari sometimes though, cause of the character in Maximum Ride and because my name in German class is Ariane. So, call me whatever you want. Tolkienologist, Tolkien, Ari, Kt, whatever you prefer...OHMYGOSHAFLYINGBIRD!

The most awesomest (what do you mean that's not a real word!) books EVER are anything by James Patterson, J.R.R. Tolkien (my idol, if you noticed my penname...) Brian Jaques, Christopher Paolini, and... more peeps. Yeah... this is very low grammar... I need to become more grammatically better-er. (see?)

I know I'm not updating any of my past stories or writing new ones- I wrote a ton of fanfiction but I don't really want to put it up here- it's not that great. And I come on this site several times a day... looking for my lost muse (no, not my lost moose.)

Yeah... you all should read stuff by me bestest buddy ever frodowaterjug! I'm her little unofficial advertiser. Aren't you lucky! (Her: -.-)

Ooh. And now I'm into Final Fantasy VII, just cuz it's the most coolest game /ever/.

Hm. Quotes, maybe? butjustcauseeveryoneelsedoesit.

"The letter C. C, as in the word Kitten. Oh... wait." -Me, on the bus.

"Wait, but I thought 'plutocracy' was the democracy on Pluto..." -Me, same day.

"But how can a cloud hold a sword?" -My friend Divya, while my other friend was trying to explain Final Fantasy VII to her. She lives a really sheltered life, OK? Hehe...

"You're going to Berlin? I thought you said you were going to Germany! Berlin is in Russia!" - Chin-ese, aka frodowaterjug. (Her nickname is a long story.)

"Ukraine... oh. They speak Ukranian." - Me on a slow day.

"So that's why we're second best to the other school, and we won't get to perform. Unless, by some odd chance, the band director from that school dies." - My band director. She's scary! I'm serious! Ask Chin-e... hehe... frodowaterjug! (looks innocent)

"What was that about doing Hello Kitty?" - My friends George and Tyler... that was an amazing science class. (laughs maniacally) Ya. I'm mature. XD

"Wouldn't it be weird if someone came to school wearing pointy gold shoes like Vincent?" - My friend Paul... don't ask.

"The Wiggles are effing flamers!" - My friend Forest... We were eating pizza. It was yummy pizza.

"MOM! You got sunscreen on my COOKIE!" - My friend Michael, who's first chair in percussion... we were at a Drum Corps International exhibition.

If you read this, you're crazier than I am.
Words -- so innocent and powerless as they are, as standing in a dictionary, how potent for good and evil they become in the hands of one who knows how to combine them. - Nathaniel Hawthrone
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