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Sorry, about the long waits inbetween chapters, but I'm having a hard time getting stuff down, plus I've been rather busy. I'll be honest and say the I haven't even started the next chapter, but I'll try to get that up before April. Thanks for all the reviews, and remember "Patience is a virtue" (and one in which saiyans don't have)

Hi my name is Lavender the Drama Girl (not really but lets just pretend it is). I live in Denver, Colorado and I'm 17 years old. I first stumbled across this site about three years ago, when I was big into Harry Potter. I really wasn't into the site that much then, but I did register myself. Lavender was my nickname in 8th grade to my other Harry Potter fanatic friends, but I barely use it anymore, and a lot of my friends don't even know of it. And I'm in drama (hence the second part of the name).

Two tears ago my onisan and my biology teacher(dead serious) got me into DBZ. This Christmas break, I was bored, remembered this site, revisited, and haven't left since. I'm addicted and I have yet to find a cure. (I'm thinking it might be a boyfriend)

Random Shit:

Favorite Anime: DBZ (of course), Neon Genesis Evangelian, Trigun, DBGT, The DB manga (it's uncut), Cowboy Bebop, Oh My Godess, X, Ayashi no Ceres, ect.

Favorite Character: Trunks in first place with Vegeta at a close second.

Favorite Fanfictions: B/V, and V/T father-son bonding, Goten/Trunks (Yeah for Yaoi!)

Favorite Books: LOTR, Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass, Chronicles of Narnia, Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and my bible-The Catcher in the Rye

Favorite Movies: Spirited Away, Matrix, LOTR, Fight Club, The Crow, Moulin Rouge, and DBZ: Super Android 13(giggles just thinking about it)

Favorite Bands: LINKIN PARK!!!!, Staind, Disturbed, Audioslave, System of a Down, Offspring, Green Day, and Outkast to name a few

Favorite TV shows: I really don't watch TV too often, except for Everwood

Reasons why I can't get a boyfriend:

I own five geek shirts, which I love to wear-2 DBZ tees(one I got from the little boys section at Kohls), 1 Oh My Goddess shirt, 1 "anime freak" shirt, and 1 LOTR-The Two Towers shirt(I get some compliments on that one)
I can beat up pretty much every guy I know, and often wrestle to prove my strength
I read and write fanfiction in my spare time
I dressed up as Videl for last Halloween. However, I wasn't alone, my friends dressed up as Trunks, Goten(they did the fusion dance), Piccolo(yes, we painted him green), my bio teacher(same one) was Bulma, and then there was the Great Saiyaman(we did the saiyaman 1+2 dance in the middle of the hall) Later we tried going out (me and saiyaman that is) but that didn't work out, seeing how he was sorely disappointed that I was not a boy.(Another story, another time)

That's all for now, kindas, so I'll finish you off with my quote du update:

"Sometimes, life is too complicated to have regrets"-Goku

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